I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 265

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◈ Episode 265 Reichenbach Falls (2)

After coming to the ground, Ludger knelt down on one knee as his legs gave out.

In the aftermath of moving not only herself but also a large capsule, her head hurt as if it would break.


The voice of the gods that penetrates your head.

Rudger gritted his teeth and endured it, pouring the remaining magic potion into his mouth.


“Write. Whoa.”

Rudgar took a moment to catch his breath. The headache that engulfed his head was gone and the ringing in his brain was gone.

However, the mental fatigue inflicted at that moment was too intense.

‘Is this the nearby forest?’

His vision was slightly blurry, probably because of the process of rapidly consuming and refilling mana.

As I took a breather, my blurry vision slowly returned to normal.

Rudger immediately looked at the capsule he had brought.

Inside the capsule, an automaton in the form of a boy was soundly asleep.

Rudger immediately opened the capsule.

Chi profit.

The front of the capsule went up and white smoke came out.

Rudger looked at the boy quietly.

The appearance of the automaton with Arte’s soul was distinctly different from Arte’s.

Appearance as if the best engraver of the time carved it with all his might.

I was sleeping with my clothes on to look like a real person, but no matter how I look at it, there was not much difference from a real person.

And in the body of this automaton, Arte’s soul was contained.

As Ludgar watched, the automaton boy opened his eyes.

The boy’s eyes were bright and clear.

Like a pure white jade that shows no emotion or dirt.

Despite knowing that the eyes were artificially created, they could not be distinguished from real human eyes.

“… … .”

“… … .”

Rudgar and the boy stared at each other in silence.

Rudger didn’t know what to say.

No, maybe he was waiting for the boy to speak first.

The boy, who had been staring at Ludger for a while, opened his mouth.

“Who are you?”

“… … .”

Rudger removed his tightly closed lips, then closed them again.

Unknowingly, a lot of strength went into my clenched fist.

It was the moment when hopes that you didn’t know about collapsed.

‘Didn’t you expect it to turn out like this?’

Even if Arte’s soul was transplanted, it would be a completely different existence when this automaton opened its eyes.

I knew.

Maybe that’s what you wanted.

May this child call himself teacher again.

“… … Do you remember who you are?”

At Ludger’s question, the automaton boy shook his head.

“I don’t know. nothing.”

The boy, completely out of the capsule, looked around the forest.

The first step was dangerous, but the boy immediately wandered around the capsule, probably getting used to walking.

Rudger said to the boy.

“I am your master.”

The automaton boy, who was walking barefoot on the dirt, turned to Ludger.

He stared at Ludger with innocent eyes and nodded.

“is that so?”


“okay. I don’t know anything, but I still have a vague idea that I need to do something. To have to follow someone’s orders.”

The Iron Choir automatons are machines built to carry out given orders.

Naturally, they were basically given an order, and the perception that they had to carry it out was embedded.

“Is there anything you want me to do?”

“I am… … .”

That was when Rudger was about to say something.



There was a violent vibration under the ground, and I saw a huge fountain gushing out from across the forest.

There was no sudden burst of underground water, so it was easy to know who the water spouted from there belonged to.

Ludger narrowed his eyes as he watched the droplets of magic spread slowly around him.

‘Are you specifying my location?’

He then looked down at the hem of his clothes.

While fighting Casey Selmore, part of his clothes were wet, but when he concentrated, he felt a weak magic power from there.



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‘… … You’ve got it marked. I didn’t use this method back then.’

In order not to miss Ludgar, he probably devised this method during that short battle.

As if to prove it in practice, the water droplets that had been spread began to approach Ludger as if they were being drawn to them.

“… … You wait here.”

“Ah yes.”

“Don’t be seen by anyone, stay hidden.”

“yes. All right.”

After saying that, the boy went into a nearby bush and crouched down.

Rudger looked at the figure with a worried look for a moment, then quickly left the seat.

At least Casey Selmore didn’t have to reveal the identity of the automaton.

‘okay. Come get me.’

Ludgar deliberately used his magic to lure Casey Selmore.

I could see Casey Selmore coming towards me on a huge stream of water, probably sensing this way from the other side as well.

“James Moriarty!”

“In the end, I’m chasing you to the end.”

Rudgar first decided to get away from this forest.

I don’t know the geography of the neighborhood.

I just kept running away with the thought of increasing the distance.

Casey chased after him tenaciously, as if he would never let go.

Rudger didn’t look back.

Even if it wasn’t so, the gigantic presence felt from behind was telling of the pursuer’s existence.

Occasionally, spears and arrows made of water flew from behind, but Ater Nocturnus, who was wrapped in his body, took care of them.

Every time that happened, this side also consumed the corresponding mana.

After blocking the magic a few times, there were no further attacks.

Casey was also chasing hard with his own two legs instead of pulling up the water, as if he had consumed a lot of strength.

Even if you’ve never really done any exercise before.

Even though he was out of breath and struggling, he did not stop running to the end.

To be honest, I thought it was embarrassing.

Although he is an enemy now, he didn’t really hate her in the first place, and he had no intention of killing her.

Rather, there was no feeling of sorry for using it in this situation.

Even though it wasn’t such a good impression at first meeting.

Nonetheless, through a few encounters, we got to know each other.

There were things we were hiding from each other.

Still, I thought I was an understanding person.

Of course, in the end it was Rudger himself who ruined the relationship.

It was all the result of this side’s choice that she betrayed her expectations and tried to do this to the point of becoming a criminal who shook a country.

If you ask me if I regret it, to be honest, I regret it.

maybe there’s a better way.

If I had thought about it a little more, there might have been a much better way.

I thought about it over and over again.

He wouldn’t have to run away from being stigmatized as a wicked person.

He wouldn’t have to fight to push his mind and magic to the limit.

Even so.

‘I couldn’t stop.’

He just walked that way.

No one can live his life for him.

It’s all your own choice.

So, even if you have regrets, put them in a box that no one can open and throw them into the depths of the lake called the heart.

Even if it settles and sinks below, it rots and rots the entire lake.

Once you have chosen this path, you will never stop.

‘Because that’s how I’ve lived.’

How far did you run through the forest and deep into the mountains?


A huge roar came from afar.

It is the loudest noise that nature can create.

Before long, what greeted Ludger was a waterfall that spewed out a more majestic figure than anything else.

“… … under.”

The moment he saw the waterfall, Ludger burst into laughter because he was speechless.

“Is it the waterfall that the vicious criminal James Moriarty finally faces?”

Isn’t that a funny joke of fate?

“I didn’t choose this pseudonym with this in mind.”

Rudger stood at the edge of a cliff.

There was nowhere left to run from here anymore.

Rudger slowly looked back.

there she was

Out of breath, the clothes he was wearing were a mess and he was sweating profusely.

Even so, under the full moonlight, her beauty did not fade and she was staring at us intensely.


you also don’t stop

“ha. ha. There is nowhere to run anymore. James Moriarty.”

Rudger suppressed his rising emotions.

I didn’t know if it was joy or irritation or something else.

But for now, he was just doing his best in his role as James Moriarty.

“It sure looks like that.”

“So you intend to surrender?”

Rudger shook his head.

Casey didn’t show any reaction, as if he knew it would happen anyway.

Rudger opened his mouth as he watched the huge revelation.

“Casey Selmore. Do you know what the name of the waterfall in front of this is?”

“How do I know that? This is a place where no one comes.”

“is it. It was a waterfall without a name. Then I will name this waterfall Der Reichenbachfall.”

Rudger grabbed the cane from his waist and pointed it at Casey.

Casey also pointed the wand in his hand at Rudger.

“This is my last.”

Casey didn’t answer.


The magics that were spread by gathering the few remaining magical powers collided with each other.

At the edge of the cliff on a moonlit night where the waterfall flowed down, the two continued their magical dance.

A short dance that was desperate and, on the other hand, dreamy.

The noise it made flowed somewhere, buried or mixed with the roar of the waterfall.

And the dance is over.

The winner of the fight, ironically, has not been decided.

“Your magic has run out.”

“That one too.”

The two aimed their wands and realized that they could no longer wield magic from each other.

Extreme horsepower depletion.

Casey, who had never experienced anything like this in his life, found it difficult to stay sane due to the immense mental fatigue that came from far away.

But Ludger was different.

“Looking at the situation, is this fight my victory in the end?”

This side had to live in an oppressive environment, struggling with the amount of magical energy for the rest of their lives.

Mana was depleted, and with the amount of mana discharge and effective control that forcibly replenished it, he crossed the line of fire.

Although Rudger was almost at his limit, his condition was not as serious as Casey’s.

Still, he couldn’t help breathing fast, so Rudger calmly picked it up and stared at Casey.

Her face with her head lowered was so dangerous that it wouldn’t be strange if she fainted right away.

Even if you approach and touch her, she will collapse helplessly like a doll with a thread cut.

The feeling of defeat that was eating away at Casey’s body was proof of that.

The fight between Casey Selmore, the detective of the century, and James Moriarty, the criminal of the century.

In the end, it ended with the victory of evil.

“Is that the end?”

justice is defeated

Even if it is a novel, it is the worst ending that has no choice but to be criticized.

“What are you going to do now?”

So it didn’t work.

At least in the end of this story, evil shouldn’t triumph.

“Are you about to fall already? Are you going to give up after putting me in front of you and driving me to the edge of the cliff?”


Casey’s gaze, which had been looking down, returned to Rudger.

Her eyes, which were not properly focused, regained their light, albeit slightly.

“What are you doing, Casey Selmore? What are you here for?”

“Noisy… … .”

“Didn’t you say you would do justice? Didn’t you say you would root out evil in the world?”

Casey bit her lip.

I couldn’t respond in any way to the words that criticized this side.

“Wake up.”

Rudger’s voice soon contained anger that could not be known whether it was disappointment or anger.

“wake up!”

Casey clenched his fists and tensed his trembling legs.

The body, which seemed to be about to collapse as it staggered, stood tall again.

“I am still here!”


Casey kicked off the seat with a screaming scream.

Its movement was so precarious and slow, but the momentum that radiated from the depths of its soul was stronger than ever.

It was only for an instant, but to the extent that Ludger’s body froze from being pushed by the momentum.


A blue light appeared behind Casey, who was running, and then a lump of water flew towards Ludger’s face.

The last magic that gathers all the remaining mana from the floor to the floor and spreads it.

‘Are you saying I was still able to use magic?’

This side ran out of mana to use defensive magic.

It’s a surprise attack, so it’s hard to dodge.

Rudger raised his right arm holding the cane and stopped the water ball the size of a baseball.


Drops of water that hit the forearm and scattered.

The water imbued with magical power made my muscles vibrate and I felt pain even down to my bones.

But Rudger persevered.

This alone couldn’t bring him down.

‘Then what next?’

It was then that Casey was about to think about what to do.


Shock felt in the chest.

Rudger lowered his head, wondering if it was a new magic, and what he saw was Casey Selmore’s proud blue wavy hair.

It was a blow that not even Rudger could have expected, no one would have thought of.

The last choice Casey Selmore chose in the atrocious situation where all magic power was consumed and mental power was exhausted was.

It was just a throw.

To prevent future disasters the moment you lose sight of the man in front of you here.

Even with the determination to immortalize one’s own life.

Ludger’s body, pushed back, began to fall down the cliff.

with Casey Selmore.

Casey Selmore held onto Ludger’s body with both hands, even in her fading mind.

Like you’ll never miss it.

This man didn’t even have the energy to recognize what face he was making.

Her mind had already reached its limit and was slowly going dark.

“You won.”

It might be hallucinations.

It was as if the man had said this to himself at the end.

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