I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 264

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◈ Episode 264 Reichenbach Falls (1)

Casey Selmore, floating high in the air, looked down.

The night sky seemed much brighter than usual.

It was partly because they moved away from the city where the light on the ground was strong, but it was because the moon in the sky was exceptionally huge.

It was a full moon night today.

Under the moonlight pouring in like a spotlight on a stage, Casey stared at the place where the other person was hiding under the ground.

Perhaps the man is also aware of the existence of this side.

Casey knew where this place was.

An abandoned coal mine where James Moriarty’s crimes were first discovered.

At that time, I missed it right in front of my eyes because of the sudden explosion, but I can’t believe that there was a secret laboratory deeper.

Casey Selmore thought.

How can I capture James Moriarty here?

If it were that man, no matter which passage this side moved to, he would immediately notice and run away to another exit.

Didn’t it even show an unusual movement that was difficult to guess the method from this side?

Besides, unless you knew what he was up to in there, it was unreasonable to rush into the entrance.

Casey Selmore thought.

Taking it slowly, one step at a time, is so meaningless.

From now on, it was a speed battle, and that’s why this side should do their best.


At the moment of judgment, a huge body of water gathered under Casey Selmore’s feet.

The water on the floor, the moisture in the air, and the clouds in the sky.

The water that would fill several water tanks in the reservoir swayed as if floating in the air.

The hanging clouds disappeared and the moonlight became clearer.

Casey worked his magic.

The water gathered in the air began to change in response to her magic power.


A huge volume of water slowly began to rotate clockwise.

Like a whirlpool descending from the sky.

The tip of the terrifying whirlpool began to sharpen like an awl, and then slowly descended and touched the ground.



They began digging tunnels hundreds of meters underground.

The unbelievable weight of water rotated at high speed, grinding away all stones and rocks.

Super-large drilling machine using high-pressure water flow.

The drill, which pierced the road to the basement without any resistance, dug downwards in an instant.

Casey went underground through a huge drilled passage.

Under. deeper down.

And, the road that had been blocked for an instant opened up, revealing a wide open space.

The moment Casey felt the familiar wave of magic power, he stopped the spinning drill, slowly descended and landed in the clearing.

The water that made up the drill collapsed and spread widely around the area.

Looking ahead, the man was there.

The criminal of the century he wanted to capture without fail.

He didn’t have a crow mask, but he still had a mantle of shadows draped over his shoulders, and he looked daunting.

“… … .”

James Moriarty looked up at the path Casey had broken through.

A dazzling full moon was visible above the great hole in the ground.

Perhaps because of that, the underground vacant lot, which must have been dark, was filled with bluish moonlight and felt dreamy.

“It’s quite savage.”

James Moriarty lowered his head and met Casey’s eyes.

“You won’t knock even if you die soon.”

“What were you planning to do by digging such a deep anthill?”

The two stared at each other.

On the one hand, with eyes that have no composure.

the other with eyes full of hostility, defiance, and anger.

“The fact that he came so early must mean that Ludwig is not dead.”

“I’m sorry, why? The purpose you hoped for has failed.”

At that, Rudger shook his head.

“You always interrupt me.”

“Then do you think the detective should stop the criminal and leave it alone?”

Casey immediately got to the point.

“So you probably weren’t waiting for us to have a casual conversation like this, so what’s the purpose?”

“Don’t you think that I’m going to surrender now?”


Casey smirked as if he had heard a funny joke.

“A person who doesn’t know how many people he’s killed so far suddenly surrenders? Don’t say anything you don’t mean to say.”

At that, James Moriarty shrugged.

“Well, that’s just what I said.”

“Why are you saying that all of a sudden?”



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“To make you an offer.”

“proposal? What a sudden suggestion.”

“All these pointless chases. Isn’t it time to stop?”

“… … what?”

Casey suddenly had the illusion of a large piece of metal falling over his head.

If not, I couldn’t understand what this man was talking about in front of him.

“Casey Selmore. No matter what you do, you can’t capture me. The difference in skill between you and me is obvious, so let’s end it. There is nothing more meaningless than fighting against an illusion that can never be caught.”

“… … Is it pointless?”

Casey Selmore contorted her face and tried to vent her anger, but soon she realized something and quickly cooled her anger.

“you. You are wasting your time.”

“… … .”

did you notice

He deliberately tried to provoke the other person’s anger and focus their attention on him, but Casey noticed right away.

“Why are you deliberately provoking and wasting time?”

Casey narrowed her eyes and looked around, then looked down.

“Look at something down here?”

“… … Tsk.”

Rudger clicked his tongue.

Casey got the feeling that something was being drawn in his head at the appearance that could not be seen as acting.

“Abducted child. Experiment. okay… … . It was here.”

Casey noticed, so this was the end of buying time.

Rudger calculated how much time he had earned.

‘If it were Hans and Sheridan, they would have escaped long ago.’

Arte couldn’t confirm if the synchronization of the soul was over yet.

I was thinking of taking the opportunity and escaping with Areth.

‘Looking at the reaction now, I don’t think even that will work.’

Casey Selmore, who raised her vigilance to the extreme, did not feel any more gaps.

In addition, a large amount of moisture that had been brought in while penetrating underground surrounded the surrounding space and surrounded him.

only like this

‘I have no choice but to fight.’

Rudger raised his right hand and slowly ran it from his forehead to his chin.

A shadow was cast following the touch, and a crow-shaped mask was placed on the face.

‘I’ve consumed too much magic and mental power on the way to this place.’

And that opponent is someone who is considered stronger than anyone he has ever fought in Delica Kingdom.

Wizard using single element properties.

If this side wasn’t in the best condition, the possibility of losing could not be ruled out.

Looking at it positively, this side was not unconditionally disadvantageous again.

Casey Selmore was also busy these days, so she couldn’t sleep properly, and she consumed a lot of horse power by bringing a large amount of water to this place.

It is said that Casey, like this side, was pushed to his limits.

In the end, both of them were in the worst condition.

Rudger and Casey thought at the same time about the strange equality that was set in a situation of injustice.

Even so, if you’re not careful, this side will lose.

The two of them used magic at each other without saying a word.

Chow ah!

Casey Selmore used the surrounding water to press Rudger from all sides.

In that action, I felt the will to capture alive somehow, not to kill.

However, water with its huge mass becomes a hideous weapon by itself.

The use and purpose is suppression, but in the process, at least one or two bones will surely be broken.

‘It’s impossible to block.’

This side had to reduce the consumption of magic power as much as possible, and the attacks coming from all sides were not enough for defense.

Knowing this, Rudger responded by evading all incoming attacks.

Ludger’s body, integrated with the shadow, moved quickly through the space and approached Casey.

The huge streams of water that Casey Selmore shot turned into hands to catch him, but Rudger moved them as if to play with them.

A huge hand of water passed over the body that was lowered as if it were sticking to the floor.

An extreme stunt that spills with a single piece of paper.


Casey Selmore gritted her teeth at the sight.

A move that doesn’t look like a wizard at all.

The way he roamed the space freely was like a swallow moving quickly through a dark forest.

‘Then there is no room to escape at once!’

Rudger moved and unleashed his magic.

With the spell being completed in midair, a pure white fog spread around.

3rd tier ice magic.

[Breath of the Ice Queen]


A stream of water approaching Ludger began to freeze at high speed the moment it touched the fog.

Casey pushed back the unfrozen water.

If the water itself was frozen, it would be difficult for her to handle carelessly.

This was due to the power of a kind of ‘recognition’.

Casey Selmore handles water, but in a big way she could handle anything that could be called liquid.

At least if she recognizes it as ‘water’.

Conversely, ice is another form of water that is below the freezing point of water.

It is the perception of ‘ice’, not ‘water’.

Of course, if I squeezed my strength somehow, there was nothing I couldn’t handle with ice.

The consumption of horse power increases, and the handling speed becomes considerably slower, so I did not like it very much.

Above all, it didn’t seem like the opponent in front of him would ever wait for it.

Casey boldly cut off the frozen part.

There was still a lot of water here.

The amount of water she drew showed that she was sincere.

No matter how rude it is, you can’t freeze all the water.

As if that action was correct, Ludger did not use cold magic any more recklessly.

It was because he knew that no matter how much he tried to freeze the water, it wouldn’t do much good if Casey, who handled it, was fine.

‘I have no choice but to quickly aim for the main body.’


Rudger quickly replenished his lack of mana with magic potion and focused his mind.

Ludger’s technique was manifested again.

This time, it was quite strong, and a huge magic power wriggled over the completed spell.

Casey also noticed that and prepared more.

This time something pretty big is coming.

She also raised her magical power to the maximum and injected her magical power into the water to transform its form.

Right after that, Ludger manifested magic.

5th level brain attribute magic.

[Ballista of Lightning]


The attribute it embodies is lightning.

A huge arrow made by twisting five huge lightning bolts into a fivefold spiral was fired like a cannon.

To confront him, a giant knight made of water raised a round shield the size of himself.


The two magics collided in the air and a huge shockwave spread.

Beyond the underground cavities, even throughout the laboratory, which extends farther out.

Kigi Geek!

The situation was unstable because Casey touched several pipes while penetrating the basement.

On top of that, the underground base couldn’t stand it when the magical powers of the two wizards collided.

Chii profit!

The screws of the plumbing pipes installed here and there bounced off, and strong steam gushed out.

And that wasn’t all.

Mechanical parts malfunctioned and started to catch fire, and debris from the ceiling fell softly due to a huge vibration.

Worst of all, the extra booby traps Sheridan had set up to fend off the scavengers went off in the aftermath of the crash.


Rudger turned around involuntarily at the sound of explosions echoing everywhere.


Rudger left Casey as if he were running away.

Casey, who was blocking debris from falling from the ceiling, found it belatedly.

Seeing Ludger disappear across the aisle in an instant, Casey bit his lip and followed him.


Rudger, who was running through the shaking underground laboratory, quickly checked the situation.

Debris slowly beginning to crumble.

Smoke billowed from broken pipes in various places, and explosions occurred one after another.

The precarious interior began to collapse in the aftermath of the fighting.

At this rate, it was self-evident that they would not last long and the underground laboratory itself would collapse.


Inside was Arte, who was still in the process of stabilizing.

Maybe because of the collapsed wreckage, Artedo… … .

Rudger shook off his negative thoughts and accelerated his run.

Some debris fell and hit Rudgar, but he didn’t care.

Rudgar managed to reach the final, deepest laboratory.


Inside, a bright red emergency warning light was on and blaring loudly.

“… … .”

Fortunately, the glass coffin in which Arte was sleeping and the capsule containing the automaton Alpha were intact.

It’s all just a little scratch on the surface.

‘Stabilization work… … Is it over?’

The machine no longer worked.

Since all processes were completed, the operation stopped by itself.

Rudger looked at the capsule containing Arte, or now Alpha, and placed his hand on it.

“… … Let’s go.”

Shadows moving slowly began to cover the capsule.

In the process, Rudger looked at the glass coffin placed next to him.

The empty body of a boy whose soul had now been lost.

Ludger, who was looking at the figure with a calm and heavy gaze, slowly removed his hand from the capsule.

Rudgar pursed his lips, but no further voice came out.

In this place where you don’t know when it will collapse.

In this situation where no one can even hear the voice.

There was no need to speak out.

Even if he spoke, it didn’t have any meaning.

Even so, Rudger couldn’t help but say that.

“I’m sorry.”

I was just sorry.


Eventually, Ludger’s body was covered in shadow along with the capsule.

The two figures disappeared as if collapsing from their seats.

Kugu Palace!

Immediately after Ludgar disappeared, the burning ceiling collapsed.

* * *

Casey, who had been following Ludger, frowned at the collapsed wreckage.

‘here is… … .’

There were fires all over the place, but Casey noticed that this was a place where some kind of experiment was made.

What on earth was James Moriarty hiding here, so he hurriedly vacated his seat during the fight?

‘What about James Moriarty?’

Trying to find clues somehow, Casey looked around and noticed something strange.

‘What is this?’

Originally hidden inside the wall, one side of the wall collapsed, revealing the contents inside.

It was a huge capsule.

And inside, a girl with yellow hair closed her eyes as if she were dead.

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