I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 258

◈ Episode 258: The Shadow of d’Artense (1)

Arriving in the big city of Dartens, Ludger and Hans came out a reasonable distance from the factory area.

“Let’s rest here for a while.”

Hans was carrying a large suitcase, and while listening to Rudger’s words, he said it was a relief and put it on the floor with a thud.


Then, a scream was heard from inside the suitcase, and then the lid opened and a little girl jumped out.

“hey! You deliberately put me in pain!”

A dwarf girl with sturdy tanned skin and long, waist-length white hair tied in two pigtails.

Sheridan Iron Feet raised his twin wick and glared at Hans.

Hans blatantly cheated.

“No, what do you mean? Rather, do you know how much trouble I had to move there? I didn’t even have an ID, so I barely hid in my bag. You don’t even care about heavy things, do you?”

“Am I heavy? Where in the world is a light dwarf like me!”

“Do you think you are the only one in the bag? It’s because I put in all kinds of junk and let me carry it.”

“what? Did you say everything?”

“evil! Did you ask me just now?!”

Ludger sighed as he saw the two fighting each other.

It didn’t look like it would end at this rate, so I intervened in the middle and separated the two of them.

“stop. It doesn’t matter if we get closer, but that’s not the case right now.”

“No Nari. What kind of relationship is this?”

“That’s right, brother. Do I look so good with this little kid? ouch I bit it with all my might.”

“I know you are lucky. Because I didn’t see any blood.”

“I agree too. If I became a dwarf after being bitten by a dwarf, my dream would have been wild!”


Seridan’s pigtails rose with anger.

Rudger rubbed his forehead to suppress a subtle headache, then slapped Hans in the back of the head as he teased Sheridan.


“Kek! no brother Why are you beating me?”

“Hans. You’re not a child, until when will you be like that? That’s not the case now. We have to find the hidden factory here.”

“That’s right, but. Any clues?”

“They’re the ones who make gunpowder, so there must be something.”

At that time, Seridan raised his hand toward the two people who were troubled.

“for a moment! If it’s gunpowder, I think I know a little bit.”

Ludger and Hans’ gazes turned to Sheridan.


“Come to think of it.”

Sheridan Iron Feet.

A rare Dwarf who knows how to make homemade bombs in that environment, despite being caught as a slave in the mines and suffering from heavy labor every day.

“Leave it to me if it’s gunpowder related. I have a really good sense of smell.”

The two decided to trust Sheridan’s words for once.

* * *

Surprisingly, Sheridan faithfully kept his word.

No, even Rudger and Hans admired beyond what they kept, and were at a loss for words.

“I can smell it from here. It’s the rare scent of white gunpowder. It’s almost odorless, but the unique scent, like salt mixed with the smell of dwarf sweat, can’t be fooled.”

“What kind of smell is that… … .”

Hans asked, bewildered.

“I don’t know! It just smells like that. It’s like that. Just do it.”

“Uh, um. Are you sure? Just for the smell… … .”

“Look at this.”

Sheridan put his hand on the floor near the factory alley.

There was something like white powder, and Sheridan touched it with his fingertips and then blew it with his mouth.

“I mixed magnesium powder with white powder. There’s no way you’ll see something like this unusual.”

“is it?”

“Normal factories do not use gunpowder. I don’t know if it’s military equipment. If you use such a place, use black powder. White gunpowder is difficult to handle and not very common.”

As the story of his field of expertise flowed from Sheridan’s lips like rapid fire, Hans clutched his head as if he didn’t understand.

Then Rudger stepped up and said.

“Whatever it is, it seems certain that something strange is going on in that factory. Now I’ll have to take a sneak peek and check it out.”

“older brother. If that place is really right, what will you do then?”

“What can I do?”

Rudger replied as if it didn’t matter.

“You have to blow it all up. Without a trace.”

“lily. That’s a nice answer!”

Saying that, Sheridan took out a small bomb from his pocket and held it up.

“Let’s start right away!”

“Let’s start with something! Besides, when did you make that again?!”

“I just made it because I was so frustrated while being locked up in my bag.”

“No, when was the time for that…?” … ?”

Hans muttered in vain with a dazed face.

You made a bomb in a cramped suitcase where light doesn’t even come in properly?

No, more than that, doesn’t that mean that the bag in your hand might explode if you do something wrong?

I don’t know how powerful it will be, but considering the power of the explosive that collapsed the tunnel that day, it’s definitely not small.

A cold sweat broke out on Hans’ back.

“Wait a moment. You never know how many enemies there might be inside. I will check first.”

It was the moment Hans tried to stop him, thinking that the whole area might be blown away if he continued on like this.


In the distance, several cars could be seen speeding down the street in a line.

Rudger, Hans, and Sheridan naturally hid themselves in the alley.

“older brother. that car… … .”

“okay. At first glance, this is no ordinary vehicle.”

The vehicle painted black was a military vehicle, not a regular vehicle.

“It’s a new vehicle made by Garten. People with a lot of money and high social status usually ride it.”

“If you see that even the car windows are stained black, you must be someone who shouldn’t be seen.”

“The surrounding vehicles are probably escort vehicles. After that, if you look at the dump truck, it is clear that it is a model used only by the military.”

“That means it is certain that the person in that vehicle is at least a military general.”

“I guess so. It will be enough to dispatch a war mage to a place like an underground tunnel.”

Sheridan’s eyes widened as he looked at Hans and Ludger, who got along so well.

In the meantime, the two people’s reasoning continued.

“Hans. What do you think would be the reason for a military general to come to such a remote factory area where people are rare?”

“With this humble head, no matter how much I think about it, nothing comes to mind. If that’s the only thing I can think of… … There may be secret weapons inside that would interest a military general.”

“It’s a secret weapon. How secretive do you think it must be?”

“well. At the very least, wouldn’t it be gunpowder that is not affected by [Silence of Fire] magic?”

Just in time, the car stopped, and people rushed out of it.

Most of them were moderate and sharp, so it was clear that they were soldiers.

Among them, there was one who stood out in particular, an old man with rich gray hair.

“That person… … .”

Hans looked at him and his eyes lit up.

“Why is that, Hans? Does anyone know?”

“Lieutenant General Ghetto Davinho.”

“I didn’t know you would remember your name even if you were a general.”

“I can’t help but remember. That’s right, that person isn’t an ordinary idiot.”

When I said this, Hans did not understand, so Hans gave an additional explanation.

“Lieutenant General Ghetto Davinho. He was born as the third son of an aristocratic family, and since he could not inherit the family, he served as a military officer. With the support of his family, he quickly rose to a high position. But that man had too many problems.”

“What if it’s a problem?”

“First of all, the ideology and arrogance unique to the aristocratic family caused accidents big and small, and above all, that person is a fierce supporter of imperialism and a supporter of war. He believes that war is right, even though he himself has never fought.”

Certainly, that was enough for Hans to remember.

“It’s a funny story that such a person wears a star.”

“It’s not because I have a strong stomach. Besides, it’s not just that person that’s the problem. Looking at what’s going on now, the military itself seems to be full of people who advocate war like the ghetto lieutenant general.”

With a military escort, the ghetto lieutenant general entered the factory.

Some soldiers stood around the factory as if guarding it, thoroughly monitoring the surroundings.

“… … It doesn’t seem like it would be easy to get into. What will you do, brother?”

“It sure looks tough.”

The security was so tight that it seemed difficult to break through.

Most annoying of all were the officers with swords at their waists.

“These are knights belonging to the military.”

“A knight of a wizard. Considering that they aren’t usually the ones to be dragged around like that, I’m pretty sure that’s over there.”

The question is, how do you penetrate that depth?

“It’s a munitions factory that makes weapons, but that’s why it must have been prepared for fire.”

Even if it was Sheridan’s bomb, there was a high possibility that it would be useless.

As long as there is a wizard, the explosives outside will be affected by [Silence of Fire].

“It is virtually impossible to blow up the factory through impenetrable security.”

Hans shook his head.

“… … You can’t pierce this in the first place, can you?”

I wondered if I should aim for a major figure, the ghetto lieutenant general, but even that was not feasible.

Even if you succeed in getting rid of him by breaking through that level of escort, you will not be able to handle the aftermath.

Moreover, given the scale of this incident, simply killing the lieutenant general in the ghetto was not going to end.

“Why do you think it is impossible?”

At the words that Rudger said at that time, Hans couldn’t erase the question from his expression.

“Is there any good way, brother? It’s not a place that can be pierced by piercing it.”

“Why are you thinking of breaking through? You have the option of just blowing it up.”

“No, how? Bombing it from the outside would be useless. Quite a few external explosives won’t work either.”

“Isn’t it inside?”

[Silence of Fire] Doesn’t even work with magic.

There is no need to bring in special gunpowder piled up inside.

The preparations were already sufficiently prepared.

“for a moment. Wait a minute. older brother. No matter how you think about it, it is not.”

“What do you mean?”

“Unless they’re fools, the gunpowder must be stored in an important place. The weapons made are also strictly managed so that there is no risk of fire.”


“That’s right, I mean no. Do you think you can get there under tight security and in a situation where you don’t know what else might be inside?”

Hans’ point was valid.

It couldn’t have been better if the gunpowder was set on fire inside, but the method itself was close to impossible in the first place.

“no. possible.”

But Rudger said with conviction.

Hans pondered what to say to that figure.

“No, even if I say so clearly… … .”

“I need help instead. Hans, you should go inside and find out where the gunpowder is stored.”

“that… … .”

“Is that possible?”

“… … I will try.”

Hans finally raised his hands.

He immediately closed his eyes and tried to communicate with the rats in the city.

However, it wasn’t as easy as it was, so the effect didn’t come out as much as I wanted.


“Okay. Please wait a moment.”


“You can. No, I will try.”

“It is difficult in the current situation.”

“… … .”

In the end, Hans opened his closed eyes and looked at Ludger.

His eyes were quivering with anxiety, and he already knew what Rudger was going to say.

“… … Do you really have to?”

“Isn’t it necessary?”

Rudger said that and held out his hand to Hans.

Hans was displeased and accepted what Ludger had given him.

It was the sharp front teeth of a rat.

Seeing the tooth fragment, Hans let out a deep sigh, his face crinkling as if the world was collapsing.

“Oh really. The first day it behaved like a mount, but this time?”

“Are you not going to?”

“… … Mr. A. Do it, do it.”

Hans closed his eyes and poked the rat’s teeth.

The response came right away.

Hair began to grow on the body, and eventually it became a half-man, half-beast with the head of a hideous rat.

“… … Take.”

Hans wrinkled his beard and wept dissatisfiedly.

Rudger crossed his arms in silence, and Sheridan, who had been watching the scene from the beginning, murmured admiringly.

“omg. crazy. Absolutely disgusting.”

“… … Oh really. That’s why I hate it!”

I’d rather have wolf teeth, but what is a rat?

Wolves are cool too.

Hans grumbled, but did not forget his role.

As soon as Hans tried telepathy, rats began to appear one by one from the cracks in the sewer.

It was because after transforming into a full-fledged wearlet, the control over the rats rose.



As soon as Hans spoke, the rats scattered and headed for the factory.

The guards guarding the factory knew the area was filthy anyway, so they didn’t seem too surprised to see the rats.

I just thought I saw a lot of them today.

The rats that had infiltrated the inside of the factory roamed around the complex and delivered information to Hans.

Before long, Hans opened his eyes after discovering a place firmly protected by something in the deepest part of the factory.

“older brother. I found it.”

“Where is the location?”

“There is a warehouse in the center of the factory. They say that wizards are guarding it closely.”

“There you are.”

“So what are you going to do now?”

“I know when I see it.”

Rudger inspected the factory in the distance with his eyes.

“Street 300.”

Calculate the distance from the factory, measure the width and width, and figure out the location of the warehouse that will be in the center of the inside.

“Finally, ask for confirmation. Is the center of the factory right?”

“I am sure.”

“i get it. Hans, get all the rats back.”

Hans did as Rudger told him to do.

The rats who received the order stampeded out of the factory.

Rudger confirmed that and raised his mana.

“Set coordinates. Assignment complete.”

Ludger, who had been performing some complex magic while watching the factory, eventually manifested his magic.

“A manifestation of magic at the specified coordinates.”

Ludgar used magic, but nothing happened around him.

It was the moment Hans was about to ask what the hell he was doing.

A huge explosion occurred inside the distant factory.

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