I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 256

◈ Episode 256: Dean Gord (1)

After arranging the War Mage, everything was over.

The now reversed captives were huddled in the middle of a large plaza, and mine slaves pointed their guns at them, unleashing bloody murder.

When Ludger appeared, they bowed their heads as if expressing gratitude.

It was because he knew very well that all of this was his acknowledgment.

Rather, they had feelings of awe beyond gratitude to Rudger, and the fact that he had come forward and organized the War Mage spread widely among them.

If the war mages had remained, their rebellion would not have succeeded.

Therefore, it was as if everyone in this place owed their lives to Ludger.

But how do the authors know the news?

“older brother. What will you do now?”

Rudger noticed that it was Hans, but he tried his best to ignore it.

“The cleanup here is over. Now, if you just collapse this tunnel, you won’t be able to mine any more rare metals.”

“What are these guys doing here?”

Hans asked, pointing to the captives.

They were already battered and full of bruises here and there, but after hearing what Hans had to say, they raised their heads and tried to say something to Ludger.

Oops! town!

However, since the corners of his mouth were gagged, all that came out instead of a voice was a wild moan.

Rudgar looked down at them coldly.

“Even if I save these people, will I really live an honest life if I get out of here safely?”

“No way. When you come to a place like this, there is a very high probability that you will be treated as irredeemable by the outside society.”

They are armed with firearms, working as slaves in underground mines.

In the first place, they are those who only do things that are dishonest and illegal.

“But a chance must be given.”

Rudger said that and looked at the slaves lined up around him.

“It’s the one who suffered, so handle it the way you want.”

The opportunity he wanted to give was not an opportunity for captive humans.

It was a choice for those who had suffered a lot from them and who had accumulated resentments for many years.

Rudger turned his back.

As soon as the two left, countless gunshots rang out behind them.

* * *

The Delica kingdom was overturned once.

Subhumans who claimed that they had been captured as slaves rushed in and reported it.

If it was just one or two people, they would have dismissed the Ain-jong who came to travel as being scammed, but the problem was that the number exceeded hundreds.

The traces of violence and overwork at the time remained intact on Ainjong’s body, which was not washed properly, and it became clear evidence.

The reporters who were thirsty for a scoop because the atmosphere in Delica Kingdom was turbulent these days didn’t miss this opportunity.

Slavery was long since abolished after the colonial wars 100 years ago.

However, now that the subhumans were enslaved, and hundreds of people were captured in the mines, rumors spread like wildfire with the wind.

The Kingdom of Delica was taken aback by this incident, but announced that it would conduct a thorough investigation.

Rudger, who saw the article on the front page of the newspaper, folded it carefully and left it nearby.

There were piles of newspapers from other newspapers covered with the same articles.

“Like my older brother said, we spread the information to all the newspapers.”

“Good job. If this is the case, there must have been considerable confusion in the higher ups related to this matter.”

As the slaves escape and talk about the existence of the underground mines, the Delica Kingdom will not allow them to be tampered with.

“Will those who were freed as slaves be okay?”

“It will be fine. Rumors have spread this far, and no idiot wants to get rid of them.”

Rather, they will do even better to prove that they are not criminals.

“Isn’t the whole kingdom in trouble?”

“There were a lot of national-level experiments this time, but that doesn’t mean that the entire Delica Kingdom did something like this.”

“But it’s not clear that at least those in high positions held hands.”

“okay. Since there was a War Mage at the scene, someone related to the military must have done this secretly.”

“If you can show this level of influence despite being in the military, you will be at least a general.”

“Since such a general has no money, there must be companies or nobles who supported them.”

The two had a conversation and sorted out the information.

At that time, Seridan, who had been quietly touching the machine nearby, raised both hands as if he had finished something.

“I made it!”

What Seridan made was a gauntlet that could be worn on the forearm.

The material was padded with leather to make it easier to wear instead of metal, but that wasn’t the important part.

Protruding from the wrist of the gauntlet is a wire launcher that can shoot grappling hooks.

“As Nari said, with a design like this, it would be nice not to have to take it out and use it!”

Sheridan handed Ludgar a gauntlet equipped with a wire launcher and said.

Rudgar silently accepted the gauntlet and examined it with admiration.

‘I didn’t know, so I offered an idea to see if I could make it this way.’

Wanting to make it and actually making it are two completely different things.

However, Sheridan must have been inspired by those words, and even after coming out of the mine, he had not slept or washed properly, and had been concentrating on making them.

And to her surprise, she successfully did what Rudger said.

Mounting the gauntlet on his forearm, Rudger shot it toward the ceiling.

The place where they were located was a factory where people did not come, but the shot hook hit the steel frame of the factory and got caught.

When I tested the tension by pulling the wire moderately, one person had the power to pull it up.

“I would really like to make it like this.”

Rudger thought.

Seridan’s invention technology is definitely amazing.

no. It’s beyond amazing, to the point of being rather strange.

“I feel proud for nothing that Nari evaluates me like that! Now I’m tired, so I’m going to lie down!”

As soon as Sheridan said that, he sprawled on the floor and fell asleep.

The way he snorted and snored was like a cat.

Hans looked at it with a puzzled look.

“Aren’t bombs made on the spot, and strange things made all at once? Besides, everyone said they would leave, but I insisted on being with my brother. What a strange dwarf.”

“Isn’t that what you say when you insert a beast’s teeth into it and transform into a beast?”

“Ah, brother. I am a constitution, and this is a personality. It’s completely different, but what?”

“Catch it like that.”

“Eh. I can’t live because I’m sick. So bro. What’s your next goal? Have you decided anything?”


Rudger opened another newspaper.

There was also a newspaper dealing with non-race slaves, but there was one more thing that caught my attention.

Casey Selmore exposed the crimes of James Moriarty and condemned him.

Hans glanced at it from the side and said with regret.

“… … Are you okay? My older brother has now become a criminal pursued by this country.”

“That’s why we’re hiding in these abandoned factories.”

But James Moriarty’s notoriety didn’t spread that way.

This incident was so big that it had a big impact on being buried, but it wasn’t to the extent that you could wander around in broad daylight.

Hans picked up a newspaper, read the article written in it, and sighed deeply.

[A heinous criminal. The hidden side of James Moriarty.]

Hans immediately crumpled up the newspaper and threw it on the floor.

“damn. No matter how you think about it, this is strange.”


“Think about it. They took children and used them as biological test subjects, kidnapped people of different races and used them as slaves in mines. They made the mistake, but why does Hyung-nim have to take the curse?”

After all, Ludger was nothing short of a hero who revealed their misdeeds.

Rescue sub-species captured as slaves, and destroyed the laboratory.

However, the rumors about James Moriarty that spread around the world did not do that at all.

“Brother, you haven’t done anything wrong.”

Rudger was rather a victim.

I couldn’t even protect the child I cherished like a disciple.

He was just one victim.

“Hans. Just like you said, I could definitely have remained a victim.”

Rudger certainly had that option.

just a victim There are some really bad guys out there.

“But when he really chooses that path, will the person who instigated all of this really be able to pay for his sins?”

“that… … .”

“They will hide. I’m going to cut off the tail. If that is not enough, they will deceive you as if it is not their fault.”

Rudger has seen that kind of thing a lot.

History so far has proved that.

“Hans. Sometimes simply appealing is not enough.”

People will sympathize when they hear your appeal.

They will be saddened by the suffering of the victims, and they will be angry at the person who committed the evil.

But what next?

People will forget about this one day.

The true culprits of the case will still eat well and live well without proper punishment.

The victim’s sorrow is eternal.

A cry for justice is just like a passing wind.

“Someone has to move while risking getting their hands dirty.”

I have no intention of listening to the voices of people who are grieving.

Sympathizing with the victim’s words and nodding his head was just a superficial consolation.

“Is that your brother’s justice? To act while sacrificing yourself?”

“Hans. This is not justice. Not even self-sacrifice.”

Being cursed at, being pointed at.

Even if muddy water splashes on your body.


I can’t let the evil that flickers in front of my eyes.

That was all.

“At least that way, wouldn’t it be a consolation for the dead?”

“Brother, it seems that you are regretting your choice now.”


At Hans’ sharp point, Ludger smiled self-deprecatingly.

“I always regret it. From the moment I was born into this world. everything I did.”

“… … .”

“But did I have the right to give regrets to things I couldn’t save?”

Perhaps he was too rusted to be sad about this.

Tears have dried up, and even laughter has disappeared.

“Why are you even doing that?”


Even so, there was only one reason for not turning a blind eye to the truth and stepping out directly.

“Because I live in this world.”

* * *

night when the sun goes down.

In the dean’s office at Ordo University, the light did not go out even in the middle of the night.

Dean Gordes Himbel rubbed his darkened eyes while reading books and papers.

A lot of noisy things have been going on lately, but it had nothing to do with him as a scholar.

It will probably calm down soon after time passes.


At that moment, the window of the dean’s office was wide open.

Even though there was no rain or wind outside, a strong wind blew and scattered papers stacked in the dean’s office into the air.

Gord Himbel opened his eyes wide.

Someone was standing on the window sill by the open window.

“Who, who is it?”

he asked in a trembling voice.

The opponent was covered in a shadow assimilated with the darkness outside, so it was impossible to know his identity.

All he had was a crow-shaped mask worn over his face and a black cape.

From the inside of the crow’s mask, bleak red eyes emanated.

“President Gord Himbel.”

Gord’s eyes widened at the voice without any alteration.

“That voice… … Professor James Moriarty?”

Gord did not understand the current situation.

Why is James Moriarty here?

Rather, how could he, who had become a criminal and was being chased, come this far?

After calming down his trembling breath, Gord gazed at him with a calmer gaze.

“… … Once I’m here, I won’t leave you at the door.”

At that, Rudger came down from the window sill and entered the dean’s office.

He casually walked into the room and sat down on the sofa on one side.

Gord Himbel swallowed.

“I heard rumors about you.”

“What rumors did you hear?”

“… … Isn’t it already in the newspaper? Professor James Moriarty was promoting heinous crimes behind the scenes.”

“Does Dean Gordes think so too?”

At that question, Gord Himbel was speechless for a moment.

He immediately regained his composure and shook his head.

“I don’t know. The ones I’ve seen so far are indeed… … .”


“He was a really good professor. And he was also an outstanding scholar. Anyway, no one at the university would disagree with me on that part.”

Then he turned into a criminal.

It was difficult for Gordes to understand.

“Are you confused?”

“To be honest… … That’s right. And it’s weird too. Why did you come looking for me all of a sudden?”

“The dean helped me to come to Ordo University.”

“… … okay. It did. I didn’t know you were that kind of person.”

“It’s not the dean’s fault. It was just because I was so good.”

Gordes stared warily at what the man was trying to say.

“Dean Gord. Aren’t you curious?”

“… … What do you mean?”

“Why did I do this, and why did I come looking for the dean?”

Rudger, who was sitting on the sofa, stared at Gord with his fingers interlaced.

“So I will give the dean a chance.”

“opportunity? What opportunity do you mean?”

“Ask me questions, and I will answer them.”

“Is that all?”

“Of course there are conditions. As much as the dean asked me, I will also ask the dean. Of course, the dean must also answer the truth.”

“It’s about exchanging questions and answers with each other.”

“yes. That’s right. It’s more like a game than an opportunity. The first question can be asked by Dean Gordes first.”

Gord took a deep breath and asked Rudger a question.

“Hey, how did this happen? How could a brilliant professor like you suddenly get involved in a crime?”

“There was one unfortunate incident. Originally, I had nothing to do with this, but I unintentionally got drenched in muddy water.”

“Is that the answer? Please explain in more detail.”

“I found a laboratory. It’s a laboratory that uses humans as test benches. There, people kidnapped children and tried to take their souls.”

Gord opened his eyes wide.

“oh my god. Did you do something like a warlock like that?”

“I witnessed it, and instead of trying to expose the secrets of the lab, I became guilty of it.”

Gord was silent.

He must be thinking about whether or not he should really believe that.

“Dean. Now it’s my turn to ask questions.”

“… … okay. What are you curious about?”

Ludger stared at Gord from behind the mask and asked.

“Dean. Why did you do that?”

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