I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 249

◈ Episode 249: Each person’s choice (2)

Casey Selmore fell asleep.

To be precise, it would be an accurate expression to say that he threw himself into the muddy stream of memories.

A huge flow that I had seen before.

Casey thought calmly in the environment, as if she had been suddenly thrown into a raging river.

It was a dangerous moment to be swept away by the flow of unwanted memories if I stumbled even a little, but this is a place I have already been to.

‘It’s different from before. I can find it right away.’

Casey retraced the memory stream.

The first time was not as difficult as I thought, but the second time was much easier and faster.

Casey finally reached the point where he stopped reading.

In front of the nose of the memory where you can feel the reverberation of the water.

‘let’s go.’

Let’s not miss this time.

Thinking so, Casey threw herself into her memories.

As before, the vision was dark and the light was restored.

The scene that follows is the next story of the memories I saw that day.

This was after James Moriarty became a full professor at the University of Ordo.

Casey watched James Moriarty’s actions with a slightly calmer mindset than before.

Even though he became a full professor, nothing changed in his life.

Study the discipline, study, return home and teach arte.

The only change is that, after becoming a full professor, he regularly lectures to students attending Ordo University.

‘I was wondering why I was doing well as a teacher at Seorn, so this experience was helpful.’

Research, training, and lectures that are similarly repeated every day.

Nonetheless, James Moriarty was building his reputation step by step.

“professor! hello!”

Even if I was just walking around the university grounds, female students would come up and talk to me.

It was to ask something I didn’t know, but it was an excuse no matter who saw it, and the real purpose was to try to talk to this handsome professor somehow.

‘Hi go. If you’re a student, you’ll just study.’

Casey, watching the scene in a translucent state, crossed her arms disapprovingly.

‘Anyway, these days, they don’t know. Why are you attracted to such a dangerous man?’

“Everyone take care and go home.”

“yes yes!”

“Kyaa! The professor took care of us!”

And what was unexpected was that Ludger was subtly kind to the students who approached him.

Of course, after the female students left, they immediately returned to their usual expressionless and cold faces.

A look made up of a strict mask.

Casey caught the difference right away.

‘More than that… … Doesn’t the case still happen?’

I looked at Ludgar’s every move, but he didn’t do anything suspicious to Casey.

Just repetition of research.

Just a repetitive lecture.

Rudger doesn’t try to build a network with other people, nor does he hang himself on it.

As for the one who approaches first, he accepts it without throwing it away, but it is no different from a kind of sorcery, not for a purpose.

No matter how you look at it, isn’t it the typical life of an innocent professor?

After sending the students, Rudger returned to his office.

After becoming a full professor, I was given a fairly large office, with a bookshelf full of books on one wall and a large blackboard hanging on the other.

Written in pure white chalk on the blackboard are things related to topology mathematics, which he is researching in full swing.

James Moriarty didn’t have a teaching assistant.

That’s why, when I drink coffee or tea, I ride it myself.

Rudger slowly savored the taste of coffee while reading the newspaper.

Soon after, Rudger had finished reading the newspaper, put it aside and began to read.

‘what? Then I saw this sight. Like I’ve seen… … .’

It was around the time when I was puzzled by the strange feeling of deja vu, even though it was said to be a repetition of similar daily routines.


The door to Rudger’s office suddenly opened, and the sound of clattering shoes echoed clear through the room.

Rudger, who was looking through the book, raised his head slightly and glanced at the intruder who had suddenly entered.

That figure staring at one side with a sharp gaze in the sunlight coming through the window behind his back.

The moment Casey saw the sight, he remembered what had happened in his memory.

‘that’s right. It was at this time!’

Immediately after Casey’s inner cry, a roaring voice like hers echoed through the room.

“I hear there is a man named James Moriarty here?”

What entered the room was Casey Selmore from three years ago.

You look younger than you do now.

He was himself at the time when he was wandering all over the world, raising his reputation as a genius detective.

Casey three years ago had a very confident and challenging personality, to the extent that it was fully revealed in his expression.

‘uh… … Did I originally look that unlucky?’

Casey stared at her past self with a distrustful gaze.

What should I say to myself 3 years ago… … He seemed to be a man who was full of pride.

Of course, there were no excuses.

It had no choice but to do that, at that time, it was around the time when he was in the midst of solving a series of unsolved cases and his nose was getting higher.

Then, I heard rumors about a genius professor who made his name known by researching topological mathematics.

Even though I visited out of curiosity, it was only natural that the mindset of ‘this body will take care of me personally’ was implied.

‘Ah, something… … .’

I’m embarrassed.

It was when the present Casey thought so.

“okay. I am James Moriarty. Who are you? He doesn’t look like our student.”

Instead of being angry at the uninvited guest who came in without the owner’s permission, Rudger asked in a quiet voice.

“Who are you? Do you really not know who I am?”

“I don’t know if I should know about someone who enters someone else’s office without the owner’s permission.”

“You are an interesting person. I don’t know if you’ve heard of it. The name of that Casey Selmore.”

‘ah… … .’

The present Casey held his head as he looked at his past self as he put his hand on his chest and spoke.

‘What are you doing now!’

No matter how much he regretted what he had done in his immature days, the current situation did not change.

“Casey Selmore… … . It’s a name I’ve heard before. He is called a genius detective and has solved several cases.”

“oh. Do you understand?”

“Because it appeared in the newspapers a lot.”

Rudger, who reads the newspaper every day, couldn’t forget Casey’s name, which was often written on it.

“So why did a famous detective come to such an insignificant professor?”

“Purely out of curiosity. Recently, a new professor has been appointed at Ordo University, and it is said that he is very famous.”

“That’s too much to say.”

“I thought it was like that at first too, but when I heard the story, it wasn’t just like that? You can be proud of it. Because I’m praising you.”

“… … .”

Rudger said, ‘What the hell is this guy?’ He stared at Casey with a curious gaze.


As she watched the scene, the present Casey wanted to kill her past self.

It was a time when I was seriously contemplating whether to stop memory storming and run away again.

Casey from the past handed out a book to Ludger.

“Can you sign it?”

“It’s a book I wrote.”

“yes. I enjoyed reading the books on topology and geometry. It was full of really interesting stories. To come up with this theory at such a young age. He deserves to be called a genius professor.”

“It’s not enough to be called a genius. Still, since you like it this much, I’ll give you a name that’s lacking.”

Rudger said that and wrote the name James Moriarty on the first page of the book Casey had handed him.

Written with a quill dipped in ink, it was so neat that anyone who saw it could admire it.

Casey looked at it and said intrigued.

“Professor James Moriarty. Do you know anything about graphology?”

Rudger glanced at Casey at Casey’s question and answered.

“I heard. It is a so-called pseudoscience that recognizes a person’s inner side, psychology, personality, and uniqueness through his handwriting.”

“Pseudoscience. Of course I think so too. Phrenology, coronary artery, blood type. Kind of like these things.”

“Why are you suddenly asking that?”

“It’s called pseudoscience, but I think there are some things we need to pay close attention to. Professor James Moriarty’s handwriting is really neat. It’s as if you typed it out and put it out.”

“Is there anything wrong with that?”

“Usually those people are neat to the point of being paranoid. It’s because of my perfectionist tendency that I don’t want the stroke endings of each letter to be ruined in the slightest.”

Saying that, Casey looked around the office.

Books and papers scattered everywhere.

The bottom of the blackboard was full of white chalk powder, probably because it hadn’t been cleaned.

“How long has it been since you didn’t clean?”

“well. It shouldn’t have been that long.”

“is that so? Oh, if I continue the story from before. Usually there are two of these categories. One, as I just said, is a person who never overlooks the smallest things because of his perfectionist personality. Aren’t you curious about anything else?”

Rudger asked without losing his composure at the blatantly revealing question.

“When you say that, I wonder. So what about the other one?”

“He is someone who desperately hides his true face from the public.”

“… … .”

How is Casey? He looked at her with her gaze, and Ludger stared at her in silence.

Eventually, Rudger smiled and returned the signed book to Casey.

“An interesting analysis.”

“oh. is that so?”

“That’s right. And if I had to say one thing out of my lack of knowledge, it would be better to read the book I already bought to the end.”

“… … Why do you think so?”

“Since this book is the first edition, it uses paper from Philepissos, which is not yet of very good quality. The turning of the pages is good, but if you handle it even a little rough, your hands will burn and the paper will easily press down.”

Casey took the book he handed over and stared at Rudger with a provocative gaze.

“From the way I held the book in my hand when I entered the room, to the way I handed it to you. I could tell right away that you’re not a book lover. Even so, the book was surprisingly clean from the middle. There are no signs of pressure or burnt hands. You only read half of the text.”

“Have you seen it in the meantime?”

“I didn’t see it, I just saw it.”

“You are very observant.”

“It wouldn’t even be something to brag about in front of a genius detective.”

The eyes of the two collided in midair.

like sparks fly.

“It is interesting. Professor James Moriarty. I have a feeling that we will see each other often in the future.”

“Right. I hope to see you often too. Detective Casey Selmore.”

It was the first meeting of the two.

‘I was like this at this time.’

Casey, now half-given, stared at the self-conceited self of three years ago.

Then I met James Moriarty, what should I say?

She felt an electric current running through her head.

It was when your Casey felt that everything was getting boring.

He did not hate solving cases, gaining fame, and being admired as a genius by those around him.

But the satisfaction was short-lived.

Casey felt a strange emptiness the more people floated him up.

I felt stuffy when I saw people making a fuss over trivial things and not even understanding what they should know.

Even though I met many people, I felt isolated on an uninhabited island.

The feeling that there are no people like you around you.

That this is the loneliness of a genius.

And she didn’t know at the time that it was an arrogant attitude that only a genius can have.

So, when he heard rumors about the young genius professor, Casey Selmore became curious even though he had nothing to do with him.

And the Professor James Moriarty she actually met was, at least, different from the other stupid people she knew.

I realized instinctively.

That this person is of the same type as you.

Rudgar might have felt it too.

‘okay. It was.’

After that, Casey Selmore stayed with people at Ordo University and naturally visited Ludger’s office.

Ludger also found Casey annoying at first, but he immediately became a companion for her, perhaps because he was interested in her unusual personality.

Even if it was a conversation we had with each other, it was closer to throwing each other with a sense of sharpness rather than a sound conversation.

It was a sign of favor that Casey could show at the time, and Ludger didn’t bother to point out that part.

However, this routine, which seemed to continue, did not last that long.

Strange things began to happen in Delica Kingdom.

That people go missing in the middle of the night.

What it was not known at the time was that it was mainly children who disappeared.

Most of them were poor children who could not eat or sleep properly.

No one cared whether the people at the bottom of society were dead or not.

There were no newspapers that dealt with serial missing people, and even newspapers that dealt with them occasionally had only a little bit of ‘finding missing persons’ in the back corner.

However, Rudger had a strange feeling in that small part.

“It’s mostly children who are missing… … .”

I was worried.

It was something I didn’t have to worry about, but I didn’t feel good about it.

When you return today, tell Arte and Sally to be careful.

There is nothing wrong with giving advice.

Rudger promised so.


Ludger, who returned home from Ordo University as usual, had no choice but to face Arte, who was calling him anxiously.

“My, my brother! Celie is gone!”

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