I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 245

◈ Episode 245: Faculty of Magic Planning Director (1)

At Ludger’s words, there was a moment of commotion inside the conference room.

“What did you just say?”

“Candidate? Rather than that, the planning director?”

It was only after the teachers pondered over Rudger’s words that they realized what was happening.

“What are you doing here!”

It was, of course, Hugo Brutegue who screamed and kicked out of his seat.

In his voice, as he shouted in a huff, there was a lot of dissatisfaction with the situation.

Ludger’s emotionless gaze reached Hugo.

“What are you doing?”

“What happened? Are you asking because you don’t know that now!”

Hugo’s face flushed red with anger.

Hugo’s reaction was that he wanted to punch Ludger right away for asking him a shameless question.

“A candidate for the head of the planning department? Nonsense! No, why are you doing it your way in the first place!”

“I never said I would do it my way.”

“Then what did you just say! Are you trying to play with me now?!”

When Hugo exclaimed, his clique, the noble teachers, are right! and agreed

At least in the case of Chris Benimore, he just kept his arms crossed, but he was equally uncomfortable with the situation itself.

“Hey, what the hell is this all about? Miss Merylda.”

“Do you know? It’s just as embarrassing for me.”

“Huh. The atmosphere suddenly becomes strange.”

Selina, Merilda, and Brino were quite nervous about the strange situation in the meeting room.

Meanwhile, Hugo’s protest continued.

“I called people out of nowhere and said something was strange, but this is way too far beyond the line! Do you think Ceorn is so funny?!”

“Stop it.”

President Elisa stepped out while restraining Hugo.

However, Hugo glared at the president with a hostile gaze, as if he could never back down this time.

“President. It was all up to you.”

“Are you decorating? I don’t know what you’re talking about?”

“Don’t be fooled. I have turned a blind eye to the president’s countless abuses of power, but I can’t possibly go over this time.”

Until now, Hugo had been at odds with the president, interfering with her in everything.

Even so, he kept the line, but one of them was to take a step back if he felt he was at a disadvantage.

Elisa also glared at Hugo with a puzzled look.

‘What’s so shameless about the subject who pulled out of his body knowing that he would face a backlash if he overdoes it, let alone tolerate it.’

Hugo didn’t know that gaze, but he decided to go out more confidently.

I could never back down as long as I arbitrarily decided on the position of Director of Planning.

“Does it make sense to suddenly substitute a new teacher for the position of Director of Planning, which had been vacant until now?”

“I would rather ask. Why are you saying no?”

“What are you asking about something so obvious? You don’t deserve it! deserve it!”

When Hugo shouted, the president’s expression turned cold in an instant.

“Miss Hugo Brutegue. Lower your voice. Do you think this is your home?”

“… … .”

Hugo, who tried to argue further, shut his mouth at the huge spirit that flowed from the president’s body.

Only then did he realize that he was too excited.

But Hugo, who in the past would have turned pale and averted his gaze, but this time he did not.

Seeing that, the president regained his momentum and smiled again.

“Miss Hugo. Did you ask for qualifications just now?”

“… … big hmm That’s right.”

Hugo seemed to have calmed down a bit as well, and replied in a more relaxed tone.

“How good is it when you talk softly like this? If so, I’ll ask. Have you seen the theory that Mr. Rudger recently presented in the Arcane Chamber? You wouldn’t say you didn’t see it, would you?”

“That, that… … .”

Hugo broke out in a cold sweat.

It had already spread as quickly as it could among magicians, and even Hugo himself had no choice but to listen to it, even if he didn’t want to.

Anyway, it was an experiment that increased the amount of mana emitted, so it would be shocking.

Because of that, he even contemplated whether to put an iron plate on his face and give Rudger a reconciliation handshake.

Then, an amazing thing happened.

Rudger had disclosed to everyone the achievements he had explained in the Arcane Chamber.

It’s something you can’t do unless you’re crazy.

Rudgar’s actions were divided among wizards who were busy making great discoveries as their own.

But most of them praised his great aspirations.

The name Ludger Celish has become a much bigger wave than just Ceorn’s teacher.

Hugo took out a handkerchief and wiped the sweat.

“I saw it too, but… … .”

There was an agreement that only those who made achievements worthy of the position of Ceorn’s planning director could sit.

But considering Rudger’s recent moves, it couldn’t have been more fitting.

If this continues, Rudger will sit in the position of Director of Planning.

Not his own person, but the person who reached the president’s breath.

“Yeah, but… … Skills right now… … !”


When Elisa smiled and asked back, Hugo felt sorry for him.

As far as he knew, there was no teacher as good as Rudger in Seorn.

A new magic or theory that Ludger showed you in class?


If so, the only thing worth poking at is the actual battle, but that part wasn’t easy either.

Didn’t Ludger even win the championship in the magical sparring on the festival day?

Rudger Celish not only excels in theory, but also proves himself to be outstanding in practical magic.

Many teachers were even surprised when it was revealed that he could even handle light attribute magic at that time.

“… … Above all, isn’t your career short?”

In the end, all Hugo could claim was to take the point of Rudger being a new teacher and pursue it as a career.

Hugo decided to go out brazenly now that this had happened.

“It is against fairness if a new teacher who has not yet been in his first year sits in the position of Director of Planning!”

Elisa smiled as she looked at it.

“Oh my goodness. Teacher Hugo also says something strange. Since when did we care so much about our careers?”

“Ugh! Don’t neglect your career!”

“In that case, Ms. Marie Ross could sit in the chair of the planning department.”

“Isn’t that what you meant to say now? Why are you trying to fill it all with the president’s person?”

“Are you mine? Where is this person and that person in Seorn?”

The president opened his eyes wide and showed an expression of no understanding at all.

Hugo’s face contorted.

‘A pun that doesn’t even work now… … !’

Ceorn is nominally fair to everyone.

But that’s literally nominal.

In reality, the class was divided among the students, and factions clearly existed among the teachers.

There’s no way the president doesn’t know that.

Nonetheless, the reason why he came out like that was because he had the opportunity to show off because he was in a really advantageous position.

“… … Even so, can’t other teachers feel deprived?”

“is that so? Hmm. Certainly not.”

Elisha smiled and clapped her hands as if it was a success.

“Then let’s go by majority rule!”

“… … yes?”

“Of course, Mr. Rudger has already proven his skills, and has made achievements that are more than enough. I’ll go by majority vote. Wouldn’t it be nice to ask other teachers’ opinions as well?”

“… … .”

At the word majority, Hugo sensed that something was wrong.

There weren’t that many teachers in Seorn, but the aristocratic faction he led didn’t account for more than half of them.

Neutrality cannot be ruled out.

In the case of Mr. Vierano of Elemental Science, he was one of the representative neutrals.

‘But in this clear cause, will neutrality really take our side?’

It was this that Hugo was anxious about.

In the case of moderate disputes, teachers who insist on neutrality remain neutral because they do not want to get involved in troublesome matters.

However, this time, it was not one of the ‘reasonable’ situations that I have been doing so far.

No matter how neutral they were, they were certain about right and wrong.

“ruler. Then we’ll proceed with a show of hands. Raise your hand if you think Mr. Rudger Celish is not fit for the position of Director of Planning.”

The noble faction teachers started to notice.

‘no. Anyway, I figured out a way to increase the amount of mana released. Can I disturb you like this?’

‘If the justification is this clear, I don’t think this side will be able to win no matter what.’

Even if the nobles formed a faction, they were not warlike enough to engage in meaningless fights.

They came together just to maintain a stable life as nobles, not to fight to protect the authority of nobles even at the risk of such a risk.

Besides, deep down they had anxiety about what to do if they hated Rudger.

Even if this side opposed it, Rudger would be the head of the planning department, but the main reason was what if he raised his hand here and was instead stamped out by him.

‘These things!’

Hugo’s eyes widened as he glared at them, and some teachers raised their hands, but some still didn’t.

Among them was Chris Benimore.

When Chris stayed still, other teachers also sympathized with Chris’ behavior and stayed still.

‘Miss Chris! What are you doing!’

Hugo reprimanded him with his gaze, but Chris shook his head instead, refusing Hugo’s order.

Anyway, because this wasn’t it.

“ruler. Then, please raise your hand.”

Most of the teachers raised their hands along with the president’s voice.

Seeing that, Hugo’s complexion turned pale.

Even if you look at it eye-to-eye, the number in favor was overwhelmingly large.

Even Vierano, who always remained neutral in any situation, voted in favor.

The result of the vote was very clear at a glance.

“I don’t need to count this, the number of approvals is overwhelmingly large. Does Mr. Hugo think so too?”

The president asked, but Hugo could not answer.

He wasn’t in that situation right now.

“Then, I declare here that Mr. Rudger has become the head of the Planning Department by the majority rule. Now, Mr. Rudger. Please tell us what you think.”

Standing next to the president, Rudger glanced over the audience.

Most of the teachers had interesting expressions on their faces, but some members of the aristocratic faction hurriedly averted their gaze the moment Ludger’s gaze landed on them.

“First of all, I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude. Thanks to everyone’s support, I was able to sit in a position I deserved.”

Rudger’s tone was stiff, but his voice was extremely polite.

“However, many of you may not have been able to clear your doubts yet. That part is something I am fully aware of. So, I will show you through my future activities that I did not simply use my gamtu.”

In a way, it was an obvious statement, but it was strangely persuasive to say that Rudger said it.

That this man might really do something.

The teachers gathered at the table had the same idea.

clap clap clap

Applause broke out in the conference hall.

When Ludger bowed his head and stepped back, Elisa stepped in and changed the topic.

“ruler. Then we’ll talk about the next item. Everyone knows that the field trip is coming soon, right?”

At those words, some of the teachers looked like they were finally here.

“This time we are going to the capital, Lindebrunn. There, I will collaborate with the Imperial Magic Society and other mentors, so please prepare well.”

* * *

Rumors that Rudger had become the head of the planning department quickly spread throughout Seorn.

However, rather than being surprised, the students now nodded and took it for granted.

“Planning Director? Well, Mr. Rudger deserves it.”

“Still, I’m a new teacher, but didn’t I get a great position?”

“no way. Still, it’s better than nothing.”

“but. We also revealed a method to increase the amount of mana released this time.”

Considering what Rudger had done so far, there was nothing so surprising.

It was a different agenda that the students considered more important than that.

“Is it soon? field trip.”

“that’s right. You said you were going to the capital this time?”

“I’m curious. What’s in the capital?”

The students who had not been to the capital had high expectations for the capital of the Exilion Empire.

“I heard there are so many foods in the capital?”

“I want to go to downtown!”

“As expected, the Crystal Palace is the capital.”

Ledervelk is also a huge city worthy of the capital of Lindebrunn, but even so, the capital had its own romance.

In addition, mentors guide them on this field trip, which stimulated students’ curiosity about which wizards would come this time.

“Did you hear the rumor? They say the mentors are especially splendid this year.”

“really? I’m looking forward to it.”

“I want to meet the wizards of the New Mage Tower. After I graduate here, I plan to go to the Shin Magic Tower.”

“I am the Magic Society!”

While most of the students had conversations with their own bulging dreams and expectations, there were some who did not.

Leo, for example, was like that.


Leo frowned and let out a small sigh.

He didn’t usually have a bright expression, but he seemed particularly worried today.

Leo also knows about the field trip going on this time.

Knowing that, I couldn’t help but worry.

Just recently, it was because of a personal contact with him.

[Leo. I received a report from Seorn that I was heading to the capital this time.]

The Liberation Army, to which Leo is a semi-forced member.

There, he gave Leo a tip.

The day Seorn’s students head to the capital.

They were making plans to move.

[The time of revolution has come. Comrades who have been suppressed will rise up.]

At that contact, Leo had no choice but to wrap his head around it.

It was because they did not know what the revolution they were talking about was.

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