I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 243

◈ Episode 243 Rhapsody on a Rainy Day (2)

“Do you have any business with me?”

Despite Ludger’s lack of emotion, subtle hostility was revealed in his voice.

That much, the opponent in front of me was a person I couldn’t think well of.

Because the headquarters of those who stigmatized themselves, denied their very existence, and tried to kill them was the Bretus Castle.

Above all, the Church of Lumensis is a fanatical group that extremely praises only the Lord Lumensis.

It wasn’t like that in the past, but now they are those who have only pure obsession and madness left.

How many atrocities they committed in the name of believing in God.

“It’s just a coincidence that I met such a famous magic teacher. My name is Freden, the lamb who believes in the Lumensis you gave me. He’s lowly, but he’s in charge of the parish of Leather Velk.”

Freden, the parish head of the Ledervelk branch.

She had the kind of friendly religious person you see everywhere.

From a benevolent smile to a body that is not at all overbearing.

If you’re seeing her for the first time, you’d believe the kind lady next door.

But Rudger knows.

That that figure was a mask created to deceive the other person and created by deceit.

His voice, tone, and every little action are impeccable.

That’s why I felt rather artificial and even displeased.

“Mr. Rudger Celish. right? I wanted to see you once.”

“You haven’t answered my question yet.”

A voice so cold that even the rain that fell from Ludger’s mouth came out.

Even a strong hearted person would be surprised and have enough spirit to step back.

However, Freden bowed his head without changing his smile.

“Maybe I just said too much, didn’t I? please forgive me.”

“I didn’t mean to ask for an apology. Please explain the purpose of your visit to me properly.”

Freden showed up pretending to be a coincidence, but Ludger knows.

That she had been hiding and watching this way for a while.

“yes. okay. I came to see Mr. Rudger Celish because I wanted to meet the rumored person.”

“Are you saying you waited for me on a rainy day just for that reason?”

“Rain is Lumensis-sama’s grace that makes crops grow abundantly. There’s no reason to hate it. I am even feeling grateful.”

“Too much rain causes the roots of plants to rot and causes rivers to overflow. Are you grateful for that?”

“If grace harms, that too is his will.”

Rudgar didn’t object to Freden’s words, who laughed and said.

It didn’t even feel worth refuting.

“Mr. Rudgar doesn’t seem to like me very much.”

“No one welcomes guests who come without a promise. Not to mention that he is a member of the Church of Lumensis.”

“Hmm. That’s strange. We, the Church of Lumensis, would have had no contact with Mr. Ludgar Celish.”

“Now we have a point of contact. That too is very unpleasant.”

“You don’t have to be so vigilant.”

“In the first place, the church that defines magic itself as a heresy, isn’t it very suspicious to begin with the reason why a mage who is said to have gained a reputation is visited?”

At Ludger’s words, Freden covered his mouth with his hand and laughed.

“Ho Ho. Did you see it that way? It may have been like that in the past, but our church has changed. Now, even wizards are the children of Lumensis-sama.”

“You seem to be talking too long.”

Rudger said as if cutting off Freden’s words.

“I just want you to keep it simple. Right now, I’m not in the mood to talk to anyone.”

“… … .”

Seeing that, Freden let out a small sigh.

He realized that no matter what he said, Rudger would not take it favorably.

“All right. First of all, the reason I came to Mr. Ludger Celish is out of curiosity, but also to make a suggestion.”

“What do you mean?”

“Please don’t be surprised and listen. Others may not feel it, but I can. Mr. Ludgar Chelsea. You are born to be blessed by God.”

Rudger closed his eyes for a moment, then opened them.

His eyes, still cold, tried to read if Freden was serious about what he said.

“What do you mean by that?”

“The holy power flowing from Mr. Rudgar. That’s definitely proof that you’ve been blessed by God. It is a loss to the world as a whole to rot that talent elsewhere. so… … .”

“Now, ask me to take refuge in the Church of Lumensis, right?”

“yes. You saw it correctly.”

“I was wondering what you were going to say, but it is simply not worth listening to. I’ll pretend I didn’t hear what just happened.”

Despite Ludger’s harsh reply, Freden refused to give up.

Others couldn’t see it, but she saw it.

The energy overflowing from Ludgar’s body.

If used in a good way, it would surely bless the world, but if it was stained in the wrong direction, it would bring disaster to the world.

“I am not saying this lightly. I really think of Mr. Rudger… … .”

“If you think of me.”

Ludger’s eyes widened as he glared at Freden.

“At least he shouldn’t have come.”

Freden was at a loss for words at the intense hostility towards him.

She raised her hands in prayer.

“Ah, my God. Right light for this Lamb.”

It wasn’t Ludger who didn’t hear the murmur, but he didn’t bother pointing it out.

No matter what I say here, it will be this side that will bother me even more.

“Before I leave, let me tell you one thing.”

“… … .”

“A lot has been happening in Ledervelk lately. Along with the resurrected Witchbeast King, a hideous safflower bloomed outside the city today. I hope you don’t get angry.”

Freden was genuinely concerned about the advice, but Ludgar, who heard it, could only laugh at it.

“Let’s go. Have a good time.”

Freden prayed again and left.

Ludger stared at Freden and then turned his head.

I stared at the night view of Leatherbelk while holding an umbrella.

Along with the rain that gradually thickened, water mist began to rise all over Leathervelk.

The clear sound of falling raindrops hitting the umbrella was like a fantastic rhapsody.

‘It’s become a nuisance.’

However, even that static beauty did not inspire much inspiration to Rudger.

If it hadn’t been for the meeting a little while ago, he would have been alone, but what Freden had said bothered him.

‘Is the power of God, which had been suppressed until now, now visible to the parishioner?’

Freden said he had a divine aura blessed by God.

The parish priest, who had a much higher rank than an ordinary priest and had excellent abilities, said such a thing.

There was no lie to please this side.

If this was probably the reason for their approach, Ludger had no choice but to agree.

‘It hadn’t caught on anyone before.’

After maintaining the sealing ceremony, Ludger was not pursued by the Church of Lumensis, and even when he met people of the Church of Lumensis while wandering the world, he did not get caught.

But today.

that too a while ago.

Bishop Freden saw the energy flowing from Ludger.

That said, the force he had suppressed was a little bit, but it was starting to flow out.

‘If we find the cause, it must be because of the recent use of the power of the gods.’

He thought he had used it through thorough calculations, but the result was different from what he thought.

‘Since I refused, seeing that he withdrew for the time being, he must still feel ambiguous about it.’

If Freden really knew of Ludger’s power, he would have tried to convince him even with his eyes wide open.

No, maybe he guessed Ludger’s true identity.

If you are a parish head, there must be a story you heard in your home country.

‘Is it time to revisit the sealing ceremony?’

But Rudger felt it vaguely.

That the power of God cannot be completely ruled out in the events he will face in the future.

‘Moreover, the Church of Lumensis began to move in earnest. Seeing that they, who had been locked up until now, are beginning to exert influence outside, it must be that the work in their home country is over.’

The succession process to determine the next success.

What has been going on for a long time has finally come to an end.

‘Sooner or later, the world will be noisy about a new boom.’

With the work of the Black Dawn Society still remaining, Ludgar was unwelcome to move even the Bretus Castle.

Even if he tries to ignore them, as long as Ludger’s birth is related, the thread of that fate will eventually catch him.

Even if he fixes the sealing ceremony, hides his identity, and continues his life of escape.

Waiting is just a process of procrastination that puts off a set result.

‘In the end, this side must also speed up.’

To do so, he had no choice but to collect the fragments of the Relic whose whereabouts were certain.

‘The target is the Relic Fragment in the Imperial Family. I take it with me on field trips.’

* * *

“Ugh. it’s annoying.”

Back at the dorm, Casey Selmore threw herself onto the bed.

From the point of view of being detained in a detention center right up to the moment, today could be called the worst.

It would have been even more terrifying had it not been for the acquaintance of the officers.

As I lay on the bed, I turned my head slightly and saw water droplets flowing outside the window.

It was raining outside.

‘Come to think of it, it rained when I first came to this city.’

When Casey remembered the purpose of coming to Ledervelk, Casey burst into tears.

‘Come to think of it, today is all because of that person, isn’t it?’

In fact, Rudger did nothing, but Casey already had an image of Rudger as the root of all evil.

Casey pulled a piece of paper out of his pocket.

It was stained with Ludger’s magical power and was the only key that contained his past that he thought he would see from before.

‘Even now… … .’

It was the moment I thought I should see.


Casey jumped up from the bed at the sound coming from outside the window.

Looking for something, I saw a crow knocking on the window with its beak.


The crow had a letter in its mouth, and when it saw that Casey had found it, it left it on the window sill and flew away.

Casey opened the window and picked up the letter.

It was slightly wet, but that didn’t matter.

As she lightly created magic, the water that permeated the letter turned into droplets and flowed out.

‘This… … .’

The moment he saw the crow, the image of a man naturally came to Casey’s mind.

‘James Moriarty. What kind of trick is this time?’

Casey opened the letter and examined the contents.

Contrary to what I thought there would be quite a lot of information, the words written inside were too monotonous.

-be careful.

Straight and neat letters, as if they were typewritten.

However, Casey, who recognized the meaning of the letter, raised her alertness to the limit without realizing it.

‘Be careful?’

Perhaps there was no special reason why Rudger sent the letter to be careful.

But at this moment.

Casey’s instincts recognized that the warning was sincere and blatantly representative of her current situation.

Casey’s eyes scanned the interior of her room.

A dizzy but quiet space full of all sorts of things.

There was no one to question the natural appearance of the interior, which was no different from usual.

“… … done. What nonsense am I?”

Casey shook his head and threw the letter in his hand roughly into the trash can.


Just then, a white blade pierced her chest and burst out.

It was a surprise attack by a black shadow falling from the ceiling.


Casey looked at the blade protruding from his chest.


A smile soon formed on his lips.


Soon, Casey’s figure turned into water and disappeared from the seat as if it were collapsing.


The assassin could not hide his bewilderment as he suddenly saw a person turn into water.

At that moment, Casey’s voice came from the air.

“Why are you surprised? Did you think I wouldn’t know?”

From the moment Casey entered his room.

I knew that someone was lurking where I couldn’t see.

They hid secretly, thinking they hadn’t touched every single thing.

However, Casey’s psychic analysis and reasoning did not miss even the smallest clues of change.

Just in case, I deliberately showed an opening as the alter ego of water, but I never thought it would really kill me.

“A surprise attack like this at the time the man sent the warning letter.”

Casey, who was hiding by distorting the light with a thin film of water, laughed at the assassins.

I could guess who ordered this.

“You are out of luck.”

The hidden assassins suddenly appeared.

from the ceiling. from the floor. beyond the curtain.

Their movements were silent and stealthy, and they were swift as beasts.

They threw daggers at Casey, but Casey’s expression didn’t change.

“Of course, today is a rainy day.”

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