I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 241

◈ Episode 241 Red bloody reunion (3)

A huge, bloody arm with protruding tendons.

The two arms grabbed the pillar of fire from side to side and tore it with force.


Embers scattered like petals in all directions.

After that, an aftershock blew away all the embers.

In the center of the storm, Grander was floating in the air.

Bloody hands protruding from both shoulders looked terrifying.

Cheer up!

The shape of the two arms twisted and eventually changed into the wings of a red bat.

It was similar to the Ather Nocturnus used by Ludgar, but the fundamental was a different magic.

Originally, it was a magic that Grander did not know how to use, but it was implemented immediately after seeing Rudger use it.

“Good, disciple! more! Do more!”

Let’s go!

As the wings spread wide, bright red feathers shot out like machine guns.

Rudger immediately drew two black revolvers from the shadows.

A revolver that didn’t need bullets fired magic bullets.


The red feather and the magic bullet collided in the air, causing an explosion of magic.

Both numbers are almost identical.

However, Grander’s power was much stronger.

Little by little, Rudger was being pushed back.

‘Can’t it be done with a special weapon?’

If that’s the case, you have no choice but to bring out a stronger weapon.

“Grab it.”

Ludgar handed the two revolvers to Ather Nocturnus.

The shadow grabbed his arms and fired his revolver instead.

Meanwhile, Ludgar drew a new weapon from within the Cloak of Shadows.

It was a long gun.

A bolt action rifle that is difficult to reload one shot at a time.

Also, like the revolver, it was characterized by being painted black and gold.

If there was someone from the Kingdom of Utah in this place, they would have widened their eyes.

Because there was only one person symbolized by the black long gun that Rudger had pulled out.

The legendary mercenary ‘Machiavelli’.

The weapon he had turned the battlefield upside down emitted an eerie glow.


A single flash of light was shot in a straight line toward Grander.

The magic bullet broke the pouring feathers and pierced Grander’s chest.

“Another fun thing!”

Blood splattered on Grander’s chest, but he didn’t collapse.

“You handle an odd tool!”

Grander also had his own knowledge about firearms.

However, what Rudger used was, no matter how you look at it, a special product. It was different from the normal stuff.

Grander entered an evasive maneuver.

Magical energy was sprayed from the tips of her red wings, and her new form scattered in a mess.

Rudger fired his rifle one after another without missing Grander.

Grander’s flight speed was so fast that it was barely visible as a red line.

Even so, Rudger calmly read her movements, predicted her trajectory, and pulled the trigger.

puck! puck!

Every time he pulled the trigger, blood splattered across Grander’s body.

Seeing that, Grander was genuinely amazed.

Indeed, isn’t it terrifying concentration and shooting skills?

Even if the distance widened, the magic bullet hit her as if it had eyes on its own.

They didn’t even teach me how to hold a gun, let alone shoot, but to grow up to that level by myself.

‘Besides, it’s not an ordinary magic bullet.’

The sensation of being constantly bombarded with magic bullets was not very good.

Even in the midst of such pain, Grander analyzed the uniqueness of the magic bullet without blinking an eye.

‘Wherever it flies, it will surely catch up. It’s truly a magic bullet.’

Her red eyes eventually caught something like a feeble thread in the air.

It was as thin as a thread, but in fact it was closer to the road.

That was the magic bullet’s secret.

Because when Ludger pulled the trigger and the magic bullet was fired, the magic bullet moved along the thread.

Even in the process, the speed of the magic bullet increased exponentially, accelerating several times.

“It’s marking through coordinate designation.”

Rudger, who heard Grander’s self-talk, clicked his tongue.

During the civil war in the kingdom of Utah, his undiscovered skills were exposed in just a few seconds.

‘Even so, it will take time to deal with it.’

It was enough to change the stance before Master approached.

At that moment, the bloody wings spread by Grander embraced her body like an egg.

The moment I wondered at the thought of doing such a thing in midair, the bloody egg contracted into a dot in the air.

“… … !”

Ludgar’s space movement magic.

Rudger looked around to find the missing teacher.

Then, a small, slender arm came out from behind his shoulder and squeezed his neck from behind.


Grander strained his arms and tried to break Ludger’s neck.

At that moment, Ludger’s figure collapsed like a shadow and disappeared.


The moment Grander wondered, she realized that her body wasn’t moving.

Upon closer inspection, translucent threads were strangling her body like a marionette.


The blade of the sword stick pierced through Grander’s chest and came out of nowhere.

Looking down at the scene, Grander burst out laughing.

“Have you even mastered the fighting method of a swordsman Assassin?”

“Didn’t Master teach you? How do they behave when they are targeting people? I just saw it and followed it.”

“It was. You watched and learned.”

It was a peaceful conversation that I couldn’t believe we were sharing with each other sticking knives in each other’s bodies.

When Grander wanders the world with Ludger.

The Kalsafa Assassin who received the request tried to kill Ludger.

At that time, it was none other than Grander who destroyed all the Khalsapa Assassins and taught them how to fight one by one.

“However, there are things I haven’t learned properly. That their fighting methods target humans after all.”

A bloody whirlpool rushed from Grander’s body.

Rudger immediately drew his sword stick and quickly stepped back.

“Everything is useless to an immortal being. disciple.”

Tuduk. Took.

The wire that even bound the body of the body-strengthening warlock was powerlessly cut.

In the bright red whirlpool, Grander looked back at Rudger.

The moment she takes a slow step.


Light burst from the ground, and then an awl from a rock came out and pierced her instep.


Is it trap magic this time? Rather than that, when did you install it?

Grander spread his wings again and tried to fly into the sky.

At that moment, a great pressure from the sky fell and pinned her to the ground.


Countless thorns sprouted from Grander’s shadow on the ground and pierced Grander’s body.

Grander raised his head slightly and looked at Rudger.

“Huh. Did you make traps in the air too?”

“Spatial coordinates do not belong only to the site.”

“ha ha ha! okay. It did.”

Grander got up slowly from his seat.

The shadows that bound her body broke with a clang.

Rudger put his palms together toward Grander.

“What else are you trying to do?”

Grander stared at Ludger curiously as to what else he was doing.

At that time, a white light flowed from Ludger’s back, and then it gathered in his hand.

“that… … .”

Grander recalled that Ludger’s hand movements were familiar to him.

“A hand sign?”

There are three ways in which magic can be manifested.

Young Chang (Cast).



Among them, the most popular in modern times was magic expression using magic formulas.

This is because it is relatively stable and produces uniform results compared to other methods.

However, it was not the way Youngchang and Sooin became presidents.

Even now, somewhere in the world, there are people who are researching how to manifest magic through such a method.

Even so, I never foresaw that the disciple would deal with beastmen in a place like this.

Embodying the meaning of hand sign with your hand.

It was a magical ritual that silently symbolized the expression of words.

That’s why there was a problem with the number.

There is a limit to expressing language with hand gestures.

But what about the beastman Ludger is using now?

‘It’s as if it’s been completed to the limit… … .’

As Rudger slowly waved his hand down, Grander’s whole body did not move as if something had suppressed it.

Grander sighed for the first time.

“… … It’s a magic I’ve never seen before.”

Grander couldn’t hide his excitement at seeing magic for the first time in his life.

It’s no ordinary magic.

Rather, the flow of holy energy was similar to the divine power based on faith.

However, this was far from divine energy.

Rather, it was the feeling that humans themselves had gained holy power.

“My disciple. What do you call it?”

“Bhumis Parsa-Mudra (Anti-Machokjiin).”

Rudger said calmly.

Anti-Main (降魔印).

Or, it is called Chokjiin (觸地印) or Jijiin (指地印), and it was a witness used when a being attained enlightenment under the bodhi tree.

In reality, it should be in the form of a sitting chair, but Rudger changed it to make it easier to use.

“haha. Is it a hand gesture to ward off demons? Indeed, isn’t it the power of opposites for a guy like me? And to make something like that, it’s clear that you’ve really gone crazy.”

“Thank you for the compliment. So, is that enough?”

“Is that enough?”

Grander shook his head even under the pressure of the enormous holy power.

“Do you think that will be enough?”

The ghastly glowing red eyes were still engulfed in madness.

“lack. I’m sure what you showed me is great, but it’s still not enough.”

“… … .”

“Is there still more left? Skills you have honed! A new magic! So come on, show me more.”

Her eyes full of madness, as if longing for something, were no longer even human.


Grander’s body, oppressed by anti-machokjiin, slowly began to regain freedom.

Before Ludgar could cast his next spell, Grander created a magical energy and exploded a huge shockwave.

The moment Ludger slowed down, Grander was right in front of Ludger.

Two small hands grabbed Rudger’s collar and pushed him back.

Due to the vampire’s transcendent strength, Ludger fell backwards.

Grander climbed on top of Ludger and thrust his face right in front of Ludger’s nose.

“My disciple. I believe. That it’s not the end!”


“Come on, show me more. Don’t hide it, open everything up. And pierce my heart with all that… … !”


“Please, kill me.”

“… … .”

that last word.

A voice so desperate that it sounds sad beyond madness.


Rudger let out a small sigh.

Then, he placed his palm on the cheek of the teacher clinging to him and opened his mouth.

“Stop it now.”

“… … .”


As if those words had become a catalyst, Grander’s body stood still.

The madness that filled her face disappeared, and her eyes, which had been completely red, soon returned to their original state.

The pressure of magical power that weighed down the surroundings, and the blood that slowly dyed the sky red.

All gone.

“… … .”

Grander, who had regained his senses, patted Ludger’s hands caressing both cheeks.

Grander jumped up from his seat and picked up his parasol that had fallen to the floor with his back turned away from Rudger.

Rudger was relieved to see that and opened his mouth.

“Are you out of your mind? Master.”

“Goyan guy.”


Grander brushed the dirt off the parasol with his hand.

“You only say that when absolutely necessary?”

“Because if I don’t do this, Master won’t listen to me.”

Grander, who was trying to argue with those words, shook his head.

“It happened. what do i say Anyway, without even realizing it, you say such cheeky things.”

“Wrong? I think I’ve already proven enough to Master.”

“You think I’m stupid? You haven’t done your best yet.”

“It’s not like that, Master.”

Grander turned to Ludger and glanced at him with narrow eyes.

“You are not trying to lose a word. Anyway, sending you outside was my big mistake.”

“What do you mean by mistake?”

Rudger stood up and brushed off the dirt from his body.

It’s only because of this that you’ll be embarrassed to see Violetta, who made a new outfit for you today.

At the same time, Rudger looked around and sighed.

The place that should have been a dense forest has become a ‘forest’.

In other words, it was completely devastated and turned into a wilderness.

‘No matter how far away from the city it may be, if this was an act of destruction, the city of Laederbelk must have sensed something and dispatched a person.’

It wasn’t enough that the forest was blown away, and the sky itself was stained with red blood.

I had to leave this place even for a moment.

“Master, let’s go.”

“Where are you talking?”

“Back to the city. There are people I would introduce to Master.”

Rudger approached Grander and held out his hand.

Grander stared blankly at the hand.

“Aren’t you going to catch it?”

“… … under. A bold guy.”

Grander took Ludger’s hand.

I should be able to move now, I thought, but Rudger didn’t do anything and stayed still.

Rather, isn’t it just staring blankly at this side?

“What are you doing?”

“What do you mean?”

“Weren’t you going to the city?”

“yes. It is.”

“Then what are you doing without attending this master?”

“I mean?”

Grander frowned.

What is this guy up to now?

“With my magical power, it is too much for me to go alone, let alone with Master. So let’s see some of Master’s virtues.”

“… … .”

Grander glared at Rudger with cold eyes, then slapped Rudger with his small hand.

“This guy. This Goyan guy.”

“… … It hurts.”

As a vampire, Grander’s physical abilities were far stronger than those of normal people, and while it seemed like he was being stabbed gently, the pain was enough to make his bones tremble.

“Again. You’re being mean.”

“It is real.”

“It is done.”

Grander sighed and called out to the shadow while holding Ludger’s hand.

The figures of the two disappeared completely from the ruins.

It was several hours later that an investigation team was dispatched to the scene.

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