I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 240

◈ Episode 240 Red bloody reunion (2)

“Master. Do you really have to do this?”

Rudger looked at his master’s condition and asked as if worried.

He was his teacher who usually lived in boredom and boredom, but now he was genuinely happy like a child who received a gift box.

Rudger sighed inwardly.

‘It’s a mistake.’

He thought that if he showed his magic, he would be recognized for his moderate training and let it pass.

But the result was the opposite.

Grander, the teacher, rather opened his eyes wide and was delighted with Ludger’s achievements, and asked him to give more.

It was the same chain as when a child who received candy wanted more sweets.

The scary thing was that adults could stop a child who craved candy, but Grander was an absolute being that no one could stop.

The absolute’s stubbornness and complaints.

It is like a natural disaster.

“What are you talking about, disciple? When you see something so interesting, you can’t stop now, can you?”

“… … .”

“You will have to do your best. What you have and what I learned new while I was asleep. Squeezing all of that out and showing it to me will make me feel better.”

He said it like a joke, but there was no lie in his voice.

“If you are my disciple, you should be able to give this teacher who has lived a long time a pleasure. That would be fun for you too.”

“I am not very happy.”

“Enjoy it. It is the master’s order.”

Rudger couldn’t help but sigh at the almost forced words.

If you say so firmly, further persuasion is meaningless.

‘It’s still broad daylight, so I can’t extract the maximum efficiency of the Ater Nocturnus.’

However, it did not seem that the night would be particularly advantageous.

Rather, it was his master who became much more active at night than he is now.

Rudgar pulled out his wand from the shadows.

It was a high-class gentleman’s staff with a crow’s figure carved on the handle.

‘Now that I’ve come this far, I can’t back down.’

You have to do your best when it comes to this.

if you don’t want to die


* * *

“So, is Merilda here for the first time today?”

“yes? yes, what.”

To Alex’s question, Merylda answered a little casually.

But even if he said that, he couldn’t even express his cold expression, wondering if he didn’t particularly like Alex’s interest and asking questions.

“More than that, Seorn’s teacher. You’re awesome. Isn’t that a place that’s usually hard for wizards to go to?”

“Well, it was nothing.”

Merilda pretended to be calm, but the corner of her mouth was on the verge of ascension.

Merylda herself would think she wasn’t trying too hard, but her partner, Alex, and the third party, Cheryl, were sure that she had already been released as soon as it was released.

‘Somehow, I thought the first impression was that he was a difficult person to approach.’

Alex kept a smile and analyzed Merylda inwardly.

Merilda had a cold-hearted image on the outside, but surprisingly, she was soft on the inside.

Contrary to the atmosphere that seemed to have met a lot of men, there was a hint of sukmaek.

‘Am I the kind of person who only studied during school days?’

but. To the extent of becoming Se Orn’s teacher, he must study every day to be able to do it.

It didn’t matter much to Alex anyway.

‘When I received a note from Hans asking for help, I thought it was a big deal.’

Did they say that there are people who follow Ludger?

So I pretended to be a coincidence and approached him, but after talking to him, he wasn’t a dangerous person.

It felt like a kind of article.

‘I don’t think there’s any need for me to intervene, but… … But just in case you don’t know, you should faithfully fulfill your duties.’

Alex thought so and naturally led Merylda and Cheryl in different directions.

The two may think that they are guiding them to the musical venue, but in reality, they are the opposite.

Alex was intentionally twisting the road to lead them to another place.

‘Well, that girl over there is quick-witted, so this method won’t last long either.’

At the very least, it would be able to delay the time until Rudger left.

If you get caught, then go and cover it up with a smile.

‘Rather than that, what is the leader doing now?’

To see such cute and pretty girls chasing after you.

Because I envy the life of a celebrity.

Alex smiled inwardly and continued guiding the way.

While thinking that he wants to live like a leader.

* * *


The first attack was taken by Rudger.

Grander had a strong tendency to give up the first attack because of his position as an absolute powerhouse.

If given a chance, making the most of it was Rudger’s attitude toward fighting.

The one who taught me that was the teacher in front of me.

Magic completed quickly with [source code].

As Ludger stretched out his wand, a myriad of colorful magic became a spear blade of light and shot towards Grander.

Grander blew a whistle at the feast of countless magics that instantly filled his vision.

“Hoo. It’s the magic that you brought to me then and showed me the design.”

Recognizing at once what source code Rudger had used, Grander grinned and applied magic to his face.

A circular magic barrier.

The magic barrier, which can be created without any skill, was also called the foundation of defensive magic.

However, if an 8th tier wizard unfolds it, the story is different.

A red magical shield that fills the field of vision.

The shield, which is much stronger than the strength of a normal magic barrier, can easily deflect even the firepower of a cannon.

Needless to say, it was over 10 layers.

Puff puff puff!

In fact, the myriad magics colliding over the barrier disappeared with a small explosion without even scratching the barrier.

The scene was like a shower hitting a steel umbrella.

The umbrella was never broken or broken.

‘I’m sure he doesn’t know that either.’

I always put the adjective ‘stupid’ in front of the name disciple.

Grander didn’t really think of Rudger as stupid.

Whose disciple are you anyway?

If it had been a real fool, she wouldn’t have even bothered.

‘In other words, this magic itself is a trick. I’m guessing there are other goals.’

It was as I thought.

Her sharp senses caught the sudden magical reaction from both sides.


Magic was being implemented inside the magic barrier.

Grander noticed at once that it was a magical transformation that transcended the space Ludger used.


And the explosion of light that takes place.

In the flash that happened so quickly, Grander’s vision was stolen as if it blinked white in an instant.

Rudger took advantage of that gap.

A magical barrier that still exists.

Ludger, clad in a shadow, appeared in close proximity to Grander using space movement.


The handle of the crow’s wand turned half a turn and pulled out a pure white sword from the inside.

Rudger swung his sword stick at the slender neck of the master in front of him.

A blow wielded with the determination to kill.

Grander, who had his eyes closed, could not resist.


With a flash of light, Grander’s head was cut off.

The red magic shield disappeared and Grander’s body floated in the air and crashed to the ground.

Blood flowed on the ground, and silence lingered for a moment.

Landing on the ground, Ludger stared at Grander without a word.

At that moment, Grander’s torso, which had collapsed on the grass, suddenly raised its upper body.

Despite the incredible sight, Rudger was not taken aback.

Because I’ve seen it too many times in the past.


In the cross section of the severed neck, bright red aura shimmered like a haze, and eventually the head regenerated.

Fine features and fair skin. And even the dazzling blonde.

After completely regenerating, Grander shook his head slightly and stood up.

“It was a good try, disciple. But it’s still not enough.”

Saying that, Grander stretched out the parasol in his hand and aimed it at Rudger.

And the magic spells that arise.

The shadow of Ather Nocturnus exploded and formed huge arms.

As if they crossed, they blocked Ludger’s way, and at the same time, Grander’s magic was completed.

A blood-red column was fired at Ludger.

The shadow and bloody magic collided, creating a huge roar in the surroundings.

Ludger was pushed back with a huge explosion.

He lifted his arms and asked while looking at the surrounding scenery.

“Are you thinking of killing me?”

A huge scar was carved on the ground starting from the point where the two magics collided.

The land that was devastated as if it had been hit by countless bombings was absolutely nothing like the horrors caused by ordinary wizards.

“What are you dying for? While blocking it like this. ruler. Next.”

The sky turned red as Grander smiled.

Rudgar raised his head.

Even though it was broad daylight, Grander’s bloody magic was flowing over the sky that was dyed red as if the sunset had set.

Truly a bloody mist.

Some of the fog coalesced and turned into a bloody spear.

That number alone exceeded a thousand.

An attack where each shot is a lethal blow.

The number is a whopping 1,000.

From the fact that he was able to weave that amount of magic on the spot like that, it was telling how out of standard Grander was.

‘Master’s blood magic.’

[Blood Magic], the magic used by Grander, belongs to a special type of magic in terms of magic classification.

However, blood magic was the magic with the most flaws among the special type of magic.

The magic must be mixed with the blood of the magician, which is not feasible in practice.

Blood magic is so strong that its power and destructive power are exceptional compared to normal magic.

However, as strong as it was, the amount of blood required was also high.

If an ordinary human uses blood magic, they will be asked for blood equivalent to one magic and die from excessive blood loss.

Although blood magic is a special type, it was for this reason that it was dismissed as being used by black magicians and was persecuted.

One human life for one 4th tier or higher spell.

That’s why blood magic is a demonic magic that uses countless lives.

‘But Master’s blood magic has no such restrictions.’

But vampires who deal with blood didn’t care about that.

Vampire’s blood is more effective than any magic reagent with just one drop.

How much more so would it be shocking if he was the highest rank among those vampires, a true blood vampire?

Grander committed an absurd act of taking both power and quantity at once by spreading the vast amount of mana mixed with his own blood.

Even the obvious side effects that should have occurred in the process were even suppressed with the violent hierarchy of the 8th tier wizard.

All-weather magic was born, where weaknesses disappeared as they were, and only strengths remained.

‘It’s so much more powerful blood magic than normal magic.’

Grander didn’t do anything called hand-to-hand.

Even if Rudger dies because he couldn’t stop it properly, it seems that it’s his fault for not stopping it.

That was Grander’s way of teaching.


Rudger immediately poured the magic potion into his mouth and swallowed it with a gulp.

He began to handle the rapidly rising mana with unbelievable grasping power and discharged it outwards.

Shu Shu Shuk.

As Grander beckoned, red spears rained down from the sky.

As if it was revenge for Ludger’s wild magic a moment ago, the opposite aspect unfolded.

Rudger immediately gave orders to Ather Nocturnus.

Upon receiving his master’s command, Ather Nocturnus reacted immediately.

The black crow-like wings spread wide behind his back, wrapped around Ludger’s body, and rotated fiercely.

Kagaga River!

The spear of flying blood bounced outside as it collided with the black whirlpool.

Grander burst into laughter at the sight.

“ha ha ha! You made the attack deflect through space distortion through the shadows!”

If you know the coordinates and can send magic to them, you can conversely add a distortion point to the existing coordinates to make the space itself slightly warp.

In order to do so, shadows, a medium for space movement, were needed and a huge amount of mana was consumed, but Ludger made up for that lack with magic water and medicine.

Even if more than a thousand spears were smashed into them, they would not be able to pierce that defense.

“However, in that case, there is a weakness that you have to stay still.”


The bloody spears that bounced off the ground innumerably collapsed as if ice melted.

The red magic immediately surrounded the black shadow protecting Ludger.

“It is said that it can deflect all the pouring ‘dots’, but how will it defend against the wide range of ‘face’ enemy attacks?”

Grander reached out his hand to the shadow and squeezed the hand he had spread.

The bloody magic that had surrounded Ludger in the form of a ring turned into the jaws of a huge beast and swallowed the surrounding area at once.


A huge flash of light exploded and tore the blood beast apart.

No matter how much I adjusted my strength, it wasn’t a skill that could be broken with normal magic.

It’s no ordinary magic.

Looking at the disciple who appeared in the center, Grander felt his cold heart beat.

The intuition of an 8th tier magician and the instinct of a vampire were shouting.

That the magic Ludger used was not the magic of the day.

“Ahahaha. Also great! Magic with no spells or anything! Now, you are recreating a pure miracle that has been lost in ancient times and cannot be found anywhere!”

Grander, who witnessed the ‘real magic’ that Ludger often referred to, burst into madness.

Her red irises gradually enlarged, and Grander’s entire eyes were stained red.

Faced with a red blush blooming in its terrifying beauty, Rudger quietly cast his magic.


The tree of the Sephirot, made of light, appeared behind Ludgar’s back.

At the same time, a huge pillar of fire rose from the ground and swallowed Grander.

It wasn’t that Grander wasn’t without defense, but the magic barrier she spread burned and disappeared the moment it touched fire.

The power of Kamael, the 5th Sephiroth of the Tree of Sephiroth, and also known as God’s Burner.

If Michael’s power over fire is focused on purification.

Kamael’s flame literally focuses on ‘destruction’.

And only the flames of destruction could break the powerful magic like Grander’s blood magic from the front.

Even after swallowing Grander, the pillar of fire rotated fiercely and created a whirlpool.

A super-high-temperature flame that would not even remain as ashes, let alone maintain its shape for a normal wizard.


Laughter could be heard from within.

Rudger stared at the pillar of fire.


At that moment, large, bright red arms protruded from the cracks in the scarlet flame.

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