I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 237

◈ Episode 237: Coincidence (4)

“So how did you two meet? What are you doing?”

Casey, who attempted a semi-forced meeting, immediately threw a question at Selina.

Selina, who was about to ask what he was doing, answered as if he was unknowingly caught up in a barrage of questions that flew like a rapid-fire cannon.

“I, Mr. Rudger and I are teachers of the same Seorn.”

“and! is it so? May I ask what your major is?”

“Me, animology.”

“oh! awesome! It’s a spirit. They say it’s hard to learn unless you’re born with that kind of affinity, right?”


Originally, I should have been angry, but since Selina was weak, I was naturally swept away by Casey’s words.

Rudger looked at Casey’s behavior disapprovingly.

Casey tried to ignore Ludger’s gaze and continued the conversation naturally.

“What’s going on with that human, that is, Mr. Ludgar? It’s a real date, right?”

“Oh no! It’s a date! It’s not like that!”

Seeing Selina react violently as if she had been pricked by a needle, Casey caught on.

At first glance, Selina seemed to have a crush on Ludger.

Casey felt bad about it.

‘How can a girl who is pretty at first sight fall for such a bad guy?’

Looking at Rudger’s behavior, it was nothing more or less than his attitude toward his co-workers.

You love unrequited love

Furthermore, Ludger’s real identity was not as calm as he seemed on the outside.

‘I can’t. I should think of saving a person and help him.’

Casey was passionate about sabotaging Ludger’s date (?) as if to save one person.

At that time, Selina couldn’t help but ask.

“Me, how did you two get to know each other?”

Selina had a hunch that there was something between Rudger and Casey.

Casey’s behavior of recognizing Ludger and naturally talking to him was the same, but he usually didn’t show his emotions, so he showed off his dislike of Rudger in an office-like manner to anyone.

‘If it’s enough for Mr. Rudger to react like that, it’s not an ordinary relationship.’

Although Rudger’s reaction was not much different from annoyance.

Selina had a feeling it was like behavior between close friends.

‘Is it an illusion? It must be an illusion.’

Please, as I was praying earnestly in my heart, Casey said.

“ah. this guy… … not this! You mean this guy? I just found out by accident. Of course, we’re not that friendly. What, that much?”

“You don’t have to worry too much about him because he’s a useless person who only brings trouble to me.”

Rudger’s answer made Casey furious.

“what? no wait Aren’t the words too much? What a waste!”

“I just said the obvious.”

“ah. I agree with that.”

Betty, who had been listening quietly, also helped Rudger.

“Really funny. If you look at the unit of nuisance, you are worse?”

“joy. Isn’t that your personal impression?”

Selina’s complexion darkened as she saw the two arguing with each other.

“ah. You two were very close.”


Selina’s gaze immediately turned to the fork in her hand.


Casey shuddered at the sudden chill.

Something just felt like a threat to his life.

Casey looked at Selina.

It may be an illusion, but her eyes seemed empty for a moment, as if harboring darkness.

‘Isn’t it? I must be mistaken?’

When Casey thought so, Rudger involuntarily looked down.

A small mouse was looking up at me with a note in its mouth.


Rudger naturally accepted the note from the mouse just in case others saw it.

Inside the note was a warning message to be careful.

‘Has someone been following me?’

Rudger deliberately pretended not to know anything and acted naturally.

If you show off here, the person following you might notice something strange.

‘Good job.’

Rudger handed a nut to the mouse who took the note.

The mouse bit into it with its front teeth and quickly withdrew.

The mouse, trying to avoid people’s gaze and return to its owner, naturally moved under the table.

The rat, trying to get under Ludger’s table, brushed the ankle of Casey Selmore, who was sitting next to him.

“… … !”

Casey shuddered at the feel of his ankle.

Her head didn’t understand what had happened.

The rat he hated so much touched his body.

My body rather than my head, and even my instincts recognized that fact in an instant.

At the same time, he pulled out an action that was deeply ingrained in his bones.

It raised the horsepower.

And the magical power raised by Casey, a single-attribute magic user, produced only one result.


Moisture in the air began to gather around Casey in an instant, and was soon replaced by a magnificent spray.

A large spray of water sprayed out of the restaurant.

Dishes were blown and the table was overturned.

It was like a lightning bolt to the people inside the restaurant, and people passing by on the street outside stopped their steps and watched the scene.


“Has the sewer burst?”

Just as everyone’s eyes focused on one spot, a wet mouse crossed the street and returned to Hans.

The mouse proudly showed off the nuts it was biting and raised its paws as if to ask Hans to praise it.

“uh… … .”

Hans had a hunch that something was wrong.

* * *

“This is true.”

Before Casey Selmore made a splash.

As soon as a magical response came out of her body, Rudger moved quickly.

He immediately got up from his seat, approached Selina, and instantly created a magic formula with [source code].

As it was, he applied protective magic to protect Selina and himself.

Soon after, the spray broke out, but thanks to Ludger’s quick action, the two did not suffer any damage.

“Miss Selina. Are you okay?”

“yes? yes.”

It happened so quickly that it was too late for Selina to grasp the situation.

It was only belatedly that the magic exploded and he realized that Ludger had saved him.

And the warm, strong hand on one of her shoulders was definitely Ludger’s… … .


Selina’s face was so red that she exploded.

“Me, me. Lou, Mr. Rudger. hand… … .”

“Rather than that, I’ll have to get out of here.”

Seeing the restaurant quickly turned into chaos, Ludger grabbed Selina and led him away.

If it wasn’t now, he wouldn’t have had a chance to get rid of that troublesome woman.

‘It wasn’t really what I was aiming for, but it worked.’

Casey was probably acting like that, like a rat.

In other words, the series of events that have occurred are accidents by chance.

Rudger considered it rather fortunate.

Hans warned.

It’s like being tailed outside.

It was the best option to take advantage of the current commotion and leave.

Rudger immediately took Selina and casually left the restaurant.

The action was so secret and natural, but it did not deceive a single eye.

“oh! wait for a sec!”

Casey immediately tried to catch Ludger, who disappeared with Selina, but the situation was not on her side.

“customer! What the hell is this all about!”

Casey, who set off a water bomb inside the store, was embarrassed by the eyes of those who reprimanded her.

“Ah, no, the mouse… … .”

“yes? what kind of crap is that How clean our store is! Are you sure you saw it correctly?”

“No, I don’t know if he exists, but he acted reflexively.”

“So you’re saying you did this without any conviction?”

Casey had nothing to say even with ten mouths.

Clearly, it passed by her foot, and it felt right to the touch of a mouse.

But the rats had already disappeared, and now it was unclear whether they were real rats.

‘Could it be this human?’

Casey immediately remembered Ludger’s face.

It is crazy to think that perhaps Rudger may have been tricking himself to get rid of him.

No, that was clear.

But even if she appealed for resentment right away, no one would listen to her voice.

The guests who were interrupted were glaring at Casey with cold eyes.

It was a big deal.

“Betty! Help me!”

Eventually, he asked Betty for help, but there was no answer from her either.


Looking closely, Betty was frozen in her posture.

The moment Casey saw it, he felt sorry for him.

‘Could it be that water got into his body?!’

Even though Betty looks like that, she is an automaton composed of very precise machines.

Although it is said to have a waterproof effect, it was not enough to withstand the spray of water bursting out of the water like a moment ago.


Betty’s body, which had stopped, leaned sideways and fell to the floor.

The manager of the restaurant, who saw the scene, hurriedly approached Betty to check her condition, and exclaimed in surprise.

“Sah, the person is dead!”

“I’m not dead!”

“You are not breathing! Then you are dead!”

“that… … !”

is that so?

Casey was terribly sorry.

It was impossible to refute.

“what? Are people dying?”

“Is it murder?”

“oh my god. Murder in broad daylight!”

buzz buzz.

The atmosphere in the store was unusual. People checking out what happened outside also heard the news, and rumors began to gain weight.

“Ah well, what the hell is the murder in the store?”

“Murder in broad daylight like this. How much you hate the other person.”

“It’s not like that!”

Casey protested, but no one believed him.

“Aagh! Ludgar Chelsea!”

Seeing Ludger’s back as he disappeared with Selina, all she could do was shout the man’s name out loud.

* * *

Selina thought she was dreaming.

Rudger was protecting him, even leading him by the hand.

I want to hold this hand a little longer.

I didn’t want to miss this warmth.

But that illusory moment eventually came to an end.

Judging that he had moved far enough away from the restaurant, Rudger stopped and let go of her hand.


Selina couldn’t help but let out a sigh without realizing it.

“sorry. Miss Selina.”

“Yes, yes?”

Selina asked back, taken aback by Ludger’s sudden apology.

“It seems like you interrupted your meal because of me.”

“no. Mr. Rudger did nothing wrong.”

That’s what she said, but it was painful for Selina that her long-awaited meal was interrupted.

‘What next?’

Originally, I was planning on having a leisurely meal and deciding on my next destination.

However, a series of unintended events disrupted her plans.

Selina tried to tug at her head, which couldn’t turn.

I had to somehow come up with an excuse not to fall out with Rudger.

Rudger stared at Selina in silence.

‘A little while ago at the restaurant, I got a strange feeling.’

It’s a very momentary moment, but I felt eerie from Selina.

Could it be that the remnants of Esmeralda still remain in her?

no. Since she had reached full maturity, there might be some remnants of Quasimodo left.

“Miss Selina.”

“yes. yes?”

“I have a question for you. By any chance, after the festival, what happened to the contract with the spirits?”


Rudger’s questions were quite random, but Selina felt relieved to be able to continue the conversation for now.

“I made a contract with a new mid-level spirit for now, but the children I used to work with are still taking a break.”


the last day of the festival.

Selina’s three intermediate level spirits spent too much energy fighting Quasimodo and took a break.

In other words, Selina, who was commanding three intermediate level spirits, had a big gap.

Fortunately, Selina seemed to have ended her contract with the new spirit after that.

“Can you tell me which spirit I made a contract with?”

“Once there are two spirits that have made a contract. One is a water spirit, the other… … .”

Selina hesitated for a second before speaking.

Rudger felt suspicious about the appearance.

“What about the other one?”

“… … Aren’t you surprised to hear? I haven’t shown it to anyone else yet.”

I’m only showing it to Mr. Rudger.

Selina whispered softly so that only Rudger could hear it, then closed her eyes and activated her magic.

Selina put her hands forward.

Rudger’s gaze also naturally turned to the palm.

Before long, Selina’s mana disappeared, and a black ball of cotton appeared on her palms.

“This… … .”

“It’s a dark spirit.”

“A dark spirit?”

Ludger looked at the black wad of cotton on Selina’s palm with an unexpected look.

At that moment, the black cotton ball opened its pure white eyes and rushed towards Ludger.

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