I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 236

◈ Episode 236: Coincidence (3)

“Why are you there?”

“That’s what this side would say.”

Casey Selmore stares at Rudgar in disbelief.

Her reaction was that she didn’t expect to face Rudger in a place like this, but it was the same for Rudger.

“No way, did you follow me?”

Rudger frowned at Casey’s words.

“It looks like you’re misunderstanding something, but this is the one who came here first and ate. If you have to question it, you must have followed me.”

“under. funny. I? what to do?”

Casey sighed and replied.

At that time, Selina, who had been quietly listening to the conversation between the two, opened her mouth.

“I, do you know someone?”

There was an unusual tension in her voice.

Selina felt a sense of crisis the moment she saw Casey Selmore.

‘An acquaintance of Mr. Rudgar?!’

Maybe if they were just acquaintances, they seemed like pretty close friends when they talked to each other.

If they had heard that, they would have absolutely denied it, but at least that’s how Selina felt.

Besides, Casey Selmore was a beauty enough to be said to be ten times pretty.

Since such a person naturally talked to Rudger, Selina was not normally anxious.

Casey, whether aware of Selina’s anxiety or not, widened her eyes at Selina’s appearance.

‘Isn’t that the teacher at that time?’

Selina may not remember, but Casey knew Selina.

In fact, what she didn’t even know was all she knew was that she was the teacher Ludger had saved from the burning warehouse on the last day of the festival.

However, the moment Casey saw the two of them meeting and sharing a meal like this, Casey felt that way without realizing it.



Selina reacted furiously when she heard Casey murmur involuntarily.

In fact, it was close to exclamation that came out of half-joy.

“Don’t get me wrong. I just happened to run into Miss Selina and shared a meal together.”

Then Rudger stepped in and corrected Casey’s misunderstanding.

Selina was sullen at those words, but Casey, on the other hand, was puzzled.

‘Do you usually come to eat together because you met by chance?’

To a restaurant so famous that reservations are overdue?

However, no matter how you look at Ludger’s confident actions, there was no lie.

‘no. You never know. Maybe this vicious man is trying to seduce the unsuspecting female teacher and do something behind her back.’

Rudger felt Casey’s disturbing gaze, but he did not feel the need to correct that part.

“I don’t know what you’re thinking, but if you’re here to eat, I’d rather just quietly eat and go.”


“It was purely coincidental that we met here in the first place. Talking about it doesn’t change anything.”

“Who do you like?”

“Above all, it is a nuisance to other guests. Are you going to make a lot of noise in public?”

Casey shut his mouth at Ludger’s point.

Casey’s clenched fists trembled.

Rudger’s words were certainly irrefutable.

‘No, but it’s very unfair. Do I have to listen to James Moriarty?’

Would you feel this way if you were to be scolded by a criminal of the century for throwing garbage on the street?

The right words are the right words, but such complicated feelings that I never want to hear from that person.

“Casey. It’s noisy, so sit down.”

Betty, who came with her, also nags Casey.

There were no allies who sided with her here.

If you judged rationally, it was the right thing to sit quietly in your seat.

But there was one problem.

‘I don’t want to die to listen to that human!’

Casey knew in her head that it would be enough to just sit still, eat, and leave.

But the chest didn’t.

Thinking of what Rudger said made me feel like I lost something.

If you just eat and leave like this, wouldn’t it look like you’re following what Rudger told you to do?

Casey thought that alone would make him lose.

Normally, he wouldn’t have done that, but when he got involved with Rudger, his rational judgment was clouded.

Even knowing that, it was difficult to quench the boiling competitive spirit.

“That, that.”

When Casey was worried about not being able to do this, Betty, who was worse off, grabbed Casey’s hand and pulled it.

“Oh, please sit down.”

As a specially made automaton, her strength far exceeds that of ordinary people.

In the end, Casey was forced to sit down by Betty.

Casey didn’t forget to stare at Ludger with wide eyes in frustration.

“This is because I wanted to sit down. I never sat down because they told me to.”

“… … .”

who said what

I don’t know why he was doing that, but Rudger agreed and decided to move on.

If he didn’t, he had a hunch that he might be swept away by more troublesome things.

Betty frowned at Casey’s behavior, but bowed her head to Ludger and Selina.

“sorry. Our Casey has such a bad sociability, so I apologize in his stead.”

“Betty. Who says social skills are bad?”

“Who is that?”

Rudger ignored the two who started arguing and decided to focus on eating.

His gaze lingered on Betty, who bowed her head for a moment, but it was only for a moment.

No one noticed their gaze.


Casey gave a disgruntled glance at Ludger, who ignored her and went into the meal.

If I had to question it, it would be right for her to ignore Rudger as well.

What I encountered today was purely coincidental.

There was nothing strange about passing it off as an unexpected incident.


It would be convenient if I just ignored it, but why do I keep worrying about it?

Seeing Ludger sharing a meal with Selina made my stomach churn.

My stomach was stuffy, so I kept tapping my fingers on the table.

Who is having such a hard time, but who is enjoying a date with a pretty female teacher?

‘You don’t deserve that.’

Why are you so unconcerned when you do such a thing?

Why are you so relaxed when you’re still fighting the Black Dawn?

Now, I couldn’t tell whether Ludger’s appearance was fake or real.

To be honest, I don’t know.

For the first time, Casey had to admit that she “don’t know” something.

She raised the white flag for the first time in digging up the truth in any secret case.

“Casey. What’s wrong with your expression?”


“Unlike Casey, you keep moaning. It’s like a dog that wants something.”

“dog… … ? If you just want to curse, cool it down.”

“Oh dear. When did I say that?”

No matter how you look at it, it seems like he meant it.

Betty hurriedly excused herself as Casey opened her eyes and sobbed dubiously.

“More than that, I was worried about Casey. Of course, Casey’s usual behavior is so bizarre, so it’s more comfortable for me to just stay still.”

“You speak like a mother who brought a disobedient child.”

“But when it comes to Casey, he’s calm… … .”

“Is there?”

Are you worried because it doesn’t suit you?

“I’m starting to get nervous that something bigger might explode.”

“… … .”


Tendons sprouted from Casey’s forehead.

Still, I wondered if he was worried about himself, but he was rather anxious.

“you… … Were you looking at me like that?”

When I asked that question, suppressing her boiling anger, Betty responded as if she had something to say this time.

“Hey Casey. You don’t even remember what you usually do to me, do you?”


“Look at that. that attitude. They say that I’m rather anxious and going crazy when that kind of person suddenly shuts up.”

From Betty’s point of view, it would have been better if Casey had run amok as usual.

He resents himself for adapting to such an oddball, but what can he do?

You might think it’s annoying, but at least you can think of it as her usual girl and pass it on.

“But Casey, who is so gloomy, doesn’t fit in.”

“… … .”

Casey licked her lips at Betty’s words.

However, he soon nodded.

“That’s right. It wasn’t like me.”

Casey laughed at that.

It felt like my complicated head was getting clearer.

What was I thinking so much about? Just behaving like the usual me.

Betty was relieved when Casey’s expression brightened.

After that, I suddenly felt uneasy.

‘Oh wait. Could it be that I pressed the wrong switch?’

Unfortunately, Betty’s anxiety became a reality.

Casey immediately got up from his seat and began to work his magic.

The flowing water moved the table and stuck it right next to Ludger’s table.

Looking back at Rudger and Selina, who asked what was going on, Casey said shamelessly.

“It’s fate that we met after a long time, so let’s sit together.”

“… … .”

Ignoring the ridiculous gaze, Casey smiled brightly.

Seeing this, Betty shook her head.

Now that Casey had entered that state, no one could stop him.

‘I have no choice but to pray that this place will end safely.’

* * *

‘No, what is that woman again!’

Merilda, who had been secretly watching the restaurant, was enraged at the behavior of the unexpected guest who suddenly interrupted.

‘What is that, Selina’s date!’

Even seeing the appearance of the uninvited guest made Merilda feel uneasy.

once it’s pretty

Her hair color was like the blue sky, and her unique atmosphere was attractive.

Moreover, from the way he talked to Ludger without hesitation, and Ludger’s behavior in accepting his words, it seemed that the two had known each other for a long time.

‘Someone you know suddenly appears here? Selina’s date will be ruined like this!’

Merylda was troubled. What can she do to support Selina here.

‘no. It’s too late to worry It’s a chance that Selina got after a long time, but I can’t let it ruin it like this.’

Merilda realized that she had to invade the scene herself and made up her mind.

It was at this moment that she immediately moved away from the street lamp and approached the restaurant.

“Oh, Ms. Merilda!”

When someone recognized her and called her, Merylda was taken aback.

When I turned my head, I saw a student with lemon-colored hair.

“… … Excuse me, but who are you?”

“ah. You don’t know. My name is Cheryl Wagner. He is a second year student at Ceorn.”

“What the hell is the second year doing?”

“My major is cursing and cursing. So, at least once, I wanted to have a serious conversation with Ms. Merilda! I never expected to see you in a place like this!”

Of course, Cheryl’s specialty wasn’t cursing and cursing, and she didn’t really want to talk to Merilda.

However, he noticed Merylda intervening in the situation and tried to stop it.

I didn’t know that a blue-haired woman would suddenly burst into the situation, but it worked out for Cheryl.

If Selina and Ludger’s date goes down like this, Flora would have a chance.

Merilda and Cheryl’s gaze collided in the air.

‘this child. They’re trying to sabotage me.’

‘teacher. I’m sorry, but I need you to stay still for Flora’s sake.’

Merylda and Cheryl get into a fight out of nowhere.

Hans, who was secretly watching the two of them, was taken aback by the unexpected situation.

‘what. Why are those two suddenly like that again?’

Were you enemies?

Hans saw this as an opportunity.

The two people who were on guard are colliding with each other, so you can send a signal to your brother in this gap.

“I need your help.”

Hans immediately called a mouse.

Hans handed a note to the mouse that raised its paws in front of him.

“Take this to your brother.”

The contents of the note was a warning to avoid the seat because a suspicious pursuer was attached.

At first I thought about calling a crow, but then I shook my head.

If you call a crow here, you have no choice but to stand out. Rather, it was cleaner to have the rat quietly drop a note and come.

‘If I don’t get caught, there won’t be any damage to the store.’

With that thought in mind, Hans sent a mouse towards the restaurant.

It’s just a note anyway, it’s a simple thing that needs to be delivered.

A mouse with a note in its mouth sprinted through the crowd toward the restaurant.

And after a while.


From one side of the restaurant, a huge water blast erupted.

“uh… … ?”

Hans stared blankly at the scene.

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