I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 227

◈ Episode 227 Arcane Chamber (3)

The wizards’ attention was focused on Clinton.

Clinton is the most famous wizard in this position.

The heated argument of over a thousand wizards was lighter than a feather in front of his words.

That’s why everyone wanted Clinton to rule.

As for Rudger, he thought while watching the skit.

‘I don’t care, and everyone is trying to decide on their own. Is this enough with the majesty of Ceorn on his back?’

I thought it would be checked to some extent, but I never thought there would be claims that information should be forcibly disclosed.

‘Since it’s a seat, I thought that even wizards would be a bit prudish.’

In other words, it must be said that all wizards are subjects that attract eyes regardless of you or me.

If you have to blame it, you should blame your own research achievements.

‘Rather, I’m glad I’m a teacher at Seorn. If he was a wandering wizard with no support, he would have robbed everything he had and died on the street.’

Although the worst was averted, that didn’t mean the current situation was fine.

Because the greedy humans were full of thoughts to somehow pressure this side into spitting out information.

And now.

What Clinton says determines how he is treated.

“haha. Everyone expects too much from this old man. However, the opinions of both sides are plausible to draw conclusions.”

“So,” Clinton continued.

“I will remain neutral. It’s not very good for the conclusion to change depending on my choices. Is it because I’m old? not motivated motivated. The important thing is not the opinion of the researcher.”

Clinton declared neutrality on the grounds that he was old.

In a way, it was fortunate, but on the other hand, it was frustrating because there was no clear judgment.

However, while Clinton said that, he did not take his eyes off Rudger.

The strange anticipation felt in those eyes.

Rudger knew what he wanted.

‘Look at me and deal with this.’

What lay beyond the benevolent appearance was a very calculating inner self.

That’s why he must have risen to the position of an imperial mage.

Skill is also skill, but a position like that can’t go up without a position.

Rudger laughed inwardly.

‘He’s an old man like a serpent.’

After all, it was he who had to make the decision here.

It was entrusted as if it were passed on.

Rudger liked this method.

It’s not in his temper to let anyone else choose how he’s going to be treated.

Whatever choice he made, it was his life that he made the decision himself.

“We have listened to the opinions of many people.”

When Rudger opened his mouth, all the wizards who had started to argue noisily again shut up.

“I never thought that my research would be talked about by so many people. I would like to express my gratitude to you for your undeserved interest.”


“What is your intention?”

Rather, doubtful reactions flowed out one by one, wondering if it seemed strange that this side was speaking confidently.

“However, this research is entirely the responsibility of that individual I discovered. I don’t like it when other people decide how to treat me in the face of that.”

At those words, the audience was very excited.

who says what that means

Someone else said it was normal.

The turmoil spread out as if drawing concentric circles, and eventually gathered again in the center.

And in the center stood Rudger.

“No matter what everyone here comes to, my choice will remain the same.”

At that determined voice, Auguste narrowed his eyes and asked.

“That means Mr. Ludgar Celish. Are you saying you won’t publish the results of this study?”

“You’re going to keep the contents all by yourself?”

Caroline lit her twin wick and even glared at Ludger.

“Then I will ask. If I publish this, will there be any benefit to me?”

“… … You’ve already made enough discoveries. What could be a greater honor than this?”

After saying that, Auguste felt sorry for him and added an afterword.

“… … Of course, if you make a big choice, we will reward you accordingly.”

“The reward would not dare to measure the value of my discovery.”

It was an arrogant statement, but Auguste did not deny it.

“Then what are you thinking about?”

“I don’t think that my research results will be forcibly taken from me here, so it’s difficult to say anything.”

At those words, Auguste frowned.

Rudger was openly appealing that this side was bad.

Of course that is true.

Forcing the research contents to be disclosed is a totalitarian idea.

However, when the adjective of “for the common good” is attached to such an act, then the story changes.

“This is a path for everyone.”

something for everyone.

Where else can there be words to justify this action as much as that?

Ludger laughed at Auguste’s words inwardly.

It might not be known if there were many opposing opinions, but looking at the atmosphere in the Arcane Chamber, it was not half and half, but rather, the side that should be disclosed was a weak advantage.

President Elisha, who was trying to stop it somehow, was also quite nervous about the unexpected atmosphere.

“Or, Mr. Ludgar Celish, do you intend to reject the common good?”

“Then I will ask. Sir Auguste. From what you see, what answer do you think I will give here?”

Rudger asked, staring at Auguste with an unwavering gaze.

At that question, Auguste kept his mouth shut.

What answer do you think you’ll give?

An ordinary wizard would have no choice but to notice and say that he would agree.

But Rudger rather asked, ‘What do you think I will do?’

I couldn’t help but think that if I said that normally, I would of course reject it.

Ludger’s gaze went from Auguste to Caroline to Roina.

“Tell me. What do you think I will answer?”

At that, everyone was silent.

The expressions on the faces of the people sitting at the table of honor became terrifying.


someone swallowed

Rudger’s unyielding attitude seemed to be saying that he would fight right away.

Are you sure you want to commit? in front of everyone?

Are you willing to stand firm in your opinion?

Even if you’re crazy, you’re still crazy.

Embarrassment, anticipation, nervousness.

Auguste opened his mouth in the midst of the chaos of mixed emotions.

“Does that mean you will refuse the request to the end?”

“Denial the request?”

At that, Rudger shook his head.


so that everyone can see themselves.

“It is the opposite.”


“I don’t know why you said that, but I’m not going to say it twice, so please listen carefully.”

“What is that now… … .”

“I will disclose the data.”

The moment they heard that, the people at the scene couldn’t understand what Rudger was saying.

And after about 3 seconds.

Great astonishment filled the Arcane Chamber.

“This choice is my opinion, not forced by anyone, so the consequences and responsibility are all mine.”

It’s not an honor that you guys give away as if you’re patronizing, it’s an honor that I win.

It is not taken away by your coercion, but My mercy.

all choices.

it’s only mine

“… … what are you I’m serious?”

Caroline asked, eyes wide.

A feeling of disbelief was still deep in her eyes.

“yes. Wasn’t this what you were pressuring me for?”

“No, that… … It’s not… … .”

Even so, I didn’t expect him to accept it so easily.

Wasn’t it the mood just a little while ago that you were willing to fight against the odds?

Why did you suddenly change your attitude like flipping the palm of your hand?

Auguste, Caroline, and Roina, who insisted on disclosing the information, were also taken aback.

Others who tried to protect him were also embarrassed.

“Really? Are you going to reveal it?”

“I said I would, so I will.”

“You are crazy. Would you like to share this great information with everyone? I wouldn’t have done it if it were me.”

buzz buzz.

In the midst of a magical pandemonium of violently fluctuating emotions, the only one remaining calm was Archmage Clinton.

He rather held back the desire to laugh out loud.

‘Heh heh heh. I got this I was very upset.’

Clinton knew what Rudger was thinking the moment he said that.

‘I was planning to reveal it from the beginning.’

The wizards gathered here couldn’t escape the shock the moment they saw Ludger’s research results.

Moreover, since only the results were mentioned and the most important process deliberately passed by, I naturally thought that Rudger was hiding the information.

In fact, Rudger had always maintained an attitude of never giving up.

Then he suddenly said he would disclose the information.

“Since this is being disclosed for the public interest, there is no need to arrange a reward in the Arcane Chamber.”

“… … Are you saying you really don’t need it?”

“This is completely my own choice, not coercion due to threats or conciliation. How can I get paid for doing good?”

So take a good look at all of them.

Rudger said that and created letters in the air with magic.

“This is the method of making the magic suppressant you wanted.”

And the moment he saw it, Auguste realized something was wrong.

‘this! I got hit.’

The purpose of Auguste’s pressure on Rudger was to prevent him from monopolizing important information.

And if he made the choice to disclose, then I was thinking of conciliating him appropriately and taking the information from the exorcism tower first.

Other organizations wouldn’t sit idle, but that didn’t matter either.

It’s because the factional fight that has become fixed anyway has become more solid.

However, Rudger suddenly revealed it to everyone here.

To all of the 5,000+ wizards.

Even as the wizards in the audience widened their eyes, they did not stop writing down the recipe that Rudger had spread out.

‘This can’t be stopped.’

Although it achieved the intended purpose of not allowing an individual to monopolize it.

The next purpose was canceled due to Ludger’s sudden action.

Among the more than 5,000 wizards gathered at the table, how many independent wizards did not belong to?

Now that they all know this information, by tomorrow both dogs and cattle will be aware of the existence of magic inhibitors.

The Old Magic Tower, the New Magic Tower, and the School Association.

The opportunity for them to step out was as good as gone.

And at the same time, everyone will praise the name of Rudger.

‘No way, are you aiming for this?’

If I can’t stop revealing the information anyway, I’d rather make sure everyone knows.

“You seem to have confirmed everything, so I’ll just delete it.”

Rudger removed the letters while recovering his mana.

There was no one to regret.

Because everyone has already seen it.

“Even though it’s something I’ve worked hard to find out over the years, I’m willing to sacrifice myself for the development of the magical academia and for future students who will learn magic.”

At the calmly muttered words, thunderous applause and cheers erupted from the audience.

“oh my god. Thinking of giving this to everyone.”

“It wouldn’t have been easy to make such a resolution, but isn’t he truly a living saint!”

“Ludger Chelsea! Ludgar Chelsea!”

Some said they were moved and even shed tears.

It was the same with Caroline, who was sitting next to Auguste.

“That guy was a good guy, wasn’t he? I don’t even know… … .”

Even Caroline, who was suspicious of Ludger at first, has already fallen for Ludger’s trick.

Auguste finally realized.

Even though what he had in his hand was taken away, the winner of this place was Ludger.

“I would like to express my gratitude to the people who came to this place today, and I will step back.”

Rudger bowed so politely.

The spotlights pouring down from the ceiling went out.

The regular academic presentations in the Arcane Chamber came to an end.

However, even though everything was over, no wizards rose from their seats.

In their hearts, the afterglow of emotion was still swirling.

* * *

After leaving the presentation room, Rudger joined the president and walked down the aisle.

The rector asked Rudger.

“Why did you do that?”

“What do you mean?”

“You made the information public. You didn’t have to. Is it okay to improvise like that?”

“I didn’t do it spontaneously. I had an idea.”

“You were thinking of giving up all the advantages from the start?”

“Information will be released sooner or later anyway. Even if you say the benefit you can take in the meantime, it’s not that big. Rather, it is a situation on this side, but it is inevitable to be isolated due to antipathy.”

“… … but. Even the materials used in magic suppressors are very common and can be easily obtained.”

“Right now the price of the ingredients will skyrocket, but you will find out eventually. In any case, only young wizards benefit from magic suppression. That the demand is not as great as the supply.”

President Elisa was also convinced to some extent.

“But even so, you should have given me a little word. Do you know how surprised I am?”

“Sorry if I startled you. But no one knew about this. Because I needed to lead the atmosphere.”

Giving when you don’t seem to give is much more approaching than giving out innocently.

In order to do that, perfect acting was necessary, and even the allies needed to be fooled.

Elisa grumbled in a pouty tone.

“Do you know how many people’s hearts he won with that push and pull?”

“I don’t know because I don’t care about that.”

“Ugh. don’t speak Even so, it’s a bit disappointing. It’s kind of refreshing, but it’s strangely regrettable. What are the benefits of that?”

“You don’t have to worry.”


“Even if they knew how to make the inhibitor, it wouldn’t achieve the desired result.”

“What do you mean?”

“It is not something you can make just by knowing the ingredients and formulation.”

Now they’ll be excited and try to make magic suppressors somehow, but they’ll soon realize.

That something important was missing in the process of making magic suppressors.

“Once again, don’t worry.”

“I originally didn’t intend to do that, but it seems like I won’t be able to do that because of someone somewhere.”

“Is that so. Rather, we should greet the guests first.”


Only then did Elisha realize that someone was blocking their path.

Caroline Monarch.

Elisa’s expression hardened coldly as she recognized her.

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