I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 225

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◈ Episode 225 Arcane Chamber (1)

more than 10 years ago.

Before Ludger came into the world, it was during the days when he was alone with Master.

Master Grander accepted Ludger as a disciple and taught him many things.

The method was quite barbaric, self-righteous, and accompanied by great suffering.

Rudger followed it without hesitation, but he did not always just learn lessons for no reason.

If I had any questions, I had to ask them to solve my aptitude, and whenever I did, I persistently asked Master.

One of them was to increase the amount of mana emitted.

– Master. I have a question.

-What. tell me

-How did you find this mana pass? No, how did you find out the recipe for this magic suppressor?

– It’s in the book.

-What book is it? I want to read too.

– Arthur. you are unreadable

After saying that, Master reached out to the bookshelf on one wall.

One of the countless old books on the bookshelf flew in and landed in her hand.

– This is the book. It is a character that is now lost and no one knows.

Grander smiled and handed the book to Ludger, as if he had an interesting idea.

-Still, since my student is curious about it, I should let him read it. Now, this book contains the information you have been curious about. Read on.

-Do you have any interpretations?

– Will there be any?

– Master, can you read?


-Then you can interpret it.

-I? it’s bothering. Why do you have to rip out readable things one by one and come up with an interpretation?

-… … A petty moth.

-It looks like our student has been missing Master’s hawk of love for a long time.

-Anyway, I understand that you have no intention of telling me. I’ll try it myself.

When Ludger received the book and said he would decipher it himself, Master called him from behind.

– My disciple.

– Why are you calling?

– Are you really going to try to interpret it yourself?

-yes. It will.

– I won’t.

– It’s something you need to know.

– I mean, knowing that. Do you know how easy ancient languages ​​are? It’s possible when you’re at my level, but it’s far from being enough for you.

Seeing what the 8th tier mage was saying, Rudger couldn’t refute even if he was annoyed.

The difference between Master’s talent and his own was literally at the level of the sun and fireflies.

-Well, if you still want to do it, as a teacher, I can show you one mercy. The language may look similar on the surface, but it is actually composed of three letters. to be well aware of it.

– Is that all?

-okay. That’s all. The rest is entirely up to you.

There is no particular reason for teaching me that Grander is made up of three letters.

He is not patronizing because he is admirable in believing that his disciple will be able to interpret it.

Because it will fail anyway.

That’s why I thought it didn’t matter if I said this.

Interpretation of an ancient word consisting of three letters.

There was no way a boy in his early to mid-teens could do it.

I’ll get tired soon and ask for help from this side.

-… … All right.

However, Ludger, unaware of his master’s mischievous intentions, entered his room with the information of three letters in his head.

With the Larsile language book.

– Tsk tsk, stubborn. I’ll get tired of it soon anyway.

Grander thought.

He’s a disciple with a strong ego and rarely expresses emotions, but he’s not a stupid guy who blindly clings to impossible things.

Half a day at least if you lasted that long.

By that time, if I crawled out while noticing, this side would be happy to laugh and tease the student.

He’s a guy with a great passion for learning, so I’ll ask him to let me know somehow.

However, he would be hesitant to say it because he has pride in his appearance.

If you look at the restless look as if you were savoring it, and ask a favor with a big heart.

With that as an excuse, I was thinking of taking this opportunity to fix his quirk.

Half a day to wait with so much anticipation.

The disciple has not yet come out.

-You’re holding up pretty well. But how far will it go?

Half a day has passed.

Rudgar still didn’t come out of the room.

– Well, I guess he fell asleep. will wake up tomorrow

It was the next day.

Rudger still didn’t come out.



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No, it did come out.

Seeing that the breakfast table was set on the table, it must have been served right after the sun rose.

I was so sleepy that I didn’t even realize it.

Grander grumbled as he ate the rice his pupil had prepared for him. I’ll wake up a little early

However, now that I had to call him again, my pride hurt quite a bit, so Grander decided to wait again.

Another day passed like that.

– This guy. You’ve been very deliberate this time.

Grander also has a problem now.

He’s not an idiot either, so he must be trying to hold on somehow.

If so, the wait is over.

For us, a day or a year is just a fleeting moment.

– Even if you say that, it’s fleas on the table.

With that thought in mind, another day passed.

It is the third day since Rudger has been locked in his room.


I wonder if it won’t come out again this time, as I was thinking about it, the door opened and Ludger appeared.

-guy. You’ve been holding on for quite some time. okay. Did you come here to ask because you didn’t know? First of all, show the same respect as Ha-hae towards this teacher.

– Interpretation is over.

Rudger said that with a tired face as if he hadn’t slept well for three days and nights.

-huh? Did I hear something wrong?

– What do you mean?

-That’s what you just said. What did you say?

– Interpretation is over.

-You’re trying to make fun of this sky-like teacher.

– Why am I making fun of Master?

-done. I’ll go in and check it out for myself. If what you said is false, I will give you a tingling soul.

Grander said that and entered Ludger’s room.

It was the moment I was about to question how well I did so boldly to finish the interpretation.

The moment Grander saw one side of the wall in Ludger’s room, he froze in his seat and stopped walking.


What came out of his mouth was an admiring sigh.

Filling one wall were countless pieces of paper.

On each piece of paper, the sentences written in the Larsile book were scattered like a puzzle, beyond the word phrase and down to the letter.

The scattered pieces came together to form various forms, and eventually appeared properly in a full sense.

-really… … You succeeded.

I thought it was a lie.

That’s right, it’s only 3 days.

3 days is not that long.

Even if this side gave a hint, isn’t it a very trivial thing to do?

Still, Rudger did it.

In three days, the remaining two characters, including Larsile, were dismantled and analyzed to the skeleton, and the meaning was completed by finding regularity.

Rudger, who followed and entered the room, said in a low voice.

– Master told me. It is made up of 3 letters. Thanks to that.

– Thanks to that? Are you serious?

-yes. What’s wrong?

Looking at the disciple who was completely unaware of what he had done, Grander thought.

This guy didn’t realize his talent.

Where is the talent?

Just looking at the result hanging on the wall now, I could tell how much effort was put into it.

Obsession beyond effort, something beyond that.

-Why are you looking at me like that?

Actually, this stupid guy is still asking that in a hard tone.

It was absurd to see that, so Grander laughed.

-done. It’s only now that I’ve become a criminal.

– Are you a criminal?

Grander thought.

Rudger’s talent is a dangerous thing.

The direction is too strange.

And I had no idea what would happen if he realized his talent.

So I’ll have to keep an eye on it so that I don’t become conceited.

The moment this guy goes out into the world, the world will be greatly shaken in one way or another.

-So don’t be arrogant just yet, and work hard.

-… … yes. This, too, is thanks to Master’s advice.

is it my advice

Grander laughed because he was dumbfounded.

Calling this kind of advice, much less deceitful, and the distorted way of thinking of a disciple who sincerely thinks so is all like a bad joke.

only laughter came out.

-… … ?

Young Rudger tilted his head, not understanding why Master was laughing.

* * *

Rudger thought as he looked at the perplexed Maloso.

‘okay. you won’t understand I wouldn’t have known if Master hadn’t given me a hint.’

However, I didn’t feel apologetic for being so flustered.

It was Maloso who openly attacked this side in front of everyone.

From there, Maloso became his enemy, so he had no intention of taking it lightly while looking after him.

“Has this answered your question well enough?”

“no. yet. Not yet!”

Malso, with his bloodshot eyes, fired a series of sharp questions in order to somehow squeeze through the gaps in Ludger’s research results.

It was a question that other wizards couldn’t, because he majored in Larsile.

The linguistic knowledge buried there clearly showed that he did not waste his studies on ancient languages.


At least it’s a horse that can be treated appropriately for its achievements no matter where it goes.

Even if the opponent was bad today, it was so bad.

“The answer to that question goes without saying. Rather, their interpretation is wrong.”

“Did I do something wrong?”

“Didn’t you tell me? It looks similar, but it’s a completely different character. Look here.”

As Ludger said, the letters he had analyzed were embodied as magic in the air.

And in the sentence, Maloso misinterpreted the word, cut it out and spread it out.


The unfolded words were split and became phonemes.

Even the phonology has been broken up so finely that it is now difficult to recognize its shape.

“What are you doing now… … .”

“Look closely at the two shapes here.”

“What do you want to see?”

“Can’t you see it yet?”

Maloso narrowed his eyes and stared at the collection of pieces Rudger had made.

His eyes soon widened.

different. The difference between the thickness of the letters written as if pressed and the bluntness of the tip was subtle, but it existed.

“Still, you had an eye for this. Do you know? The difference that can be seen only when the language is decomposed this far.”

“That, like that… … .”

“Are there any more questions?”

“… … .”

“Since you don’t answer, I’ll assume you don’t have one.”

Maloso had already completely lost his will to fight.

He faced a huge wall that he had no choice but to admit.

Rudger’s gaze naturally turned to Altego, who was next to Maloso.

“Elder Altego. Is this a good enough answer? The fact that all these results are mine.”

“this person… … !”

This is not it. Something is wrong.

The moment Altego was about to say that, an elegant mocking laugh erupted from the table of honor.

Who dares to ridicule the elder of the Mage Tower!

Altego’s sinewy face turned up.

And the moment he saw the other person, Altego’s face crumpled mercilessly.

Because the person basking in the light there and looking down proudly was Elisa Willow, whom they had a bad relationship with.

“Elder Altego. It’s good to have doubts, but I didn’t expect you to speak so confidently in front of everyone. Even more so, even that suspicion was wrong.”

She, who should normally wear a mask and be polite, speaks without hiding her joy.

The moment he heard those words, Altego felt a chill run down his spine.

He now doubted Ludger’s research results in front of everyone.

And Rudger gave a good explanation, and the price he paid for it came back as a boomerang.

“You must be prepared to handle it, right?”

“This, this makes no sense!”

I honestly didn’t know it would be like this.

In common sense, does this make sense?

Altego had a thousand thoughts, but nothing to say.

He knows too. No matter what I say here, it will be an ugly excuse, nothing more and nothing less.

The common sense he already knew was completely shattered on this spot.

You should seek help.

Altego’s sorrowful gaze turned to Auguste, who was sitting in the high chair.

An elder belonging to the same Kuma Tower as himself.

He asked for help with his eyes from the wizard who was more outstanding than himself.

‘Sir Auguste! please help! Aren’t we from the same old magic tower!’

However, Auguste ignored Altego’s gaze.

It’s the one who caused the problem, so it’s up to them to fix it.

Even though Auguste is the same old horse tower, he openly drew a line.

Artego looked around.

In addition to Auguste, there were other people from the exorcism tower.

I hoped that one of them would extend a helping hand.

However, most of them ignored Altego’s gaze, or rather, someone sent a scolding glance at Altego’s behavior.

No one was on his side.

Seeing that, Altego felt an unbearable sense of shame.

‘Damn it!’

In the end, Altego had no choice but to leave the audience with his head bowed.

Altego Dantes will receive a fair punishment for maliciously accusing his opponent in the sacred Arcane Chamber.

“Okay then.”

When Rudger opened his mouth, everyone’s eyes naturally turned to him.

“If you have any further questions, feel free to ask.”

I’ll answer anything.

No one opened their mouths to those words.

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