I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 224

◈ Episode 224 Presentation (3)

Altego’s remarks were also quite rude.

It’s like asking if you really thought of it by yourself in a public place with thousands of people watching.

Didn’t you attribute the achievement to yourself while receiving help from others?

Actually, that’s what Altego was asking.

Auguste, who was sitting in the seat of honor, stared at Altego.

What Auguste did was an unexpected act that even Auguste had not heard about.

Auguste pondered over whether or not to stop Altego’s unexpected behavior even now, even though he belonged to the same council of elders and was one level lower than himself.

‘Altego. If that person dares to step out like this, there must be a corner to believe.’

Auguste, realizing that there was some kind of calculation behind his actions, decided to stay still.

Even if it wasn’t him, the reactions of the wizards around him were noisy.

“Is it okay for the elder of the Mage Tower to say something like that?”

“I wouldn’t say something like that for no reason. Didn’t you catch something?”

“Whatever it is, things are getting interesting.”

Rudger stared at Altego and asked.

“Elder Altego. May I ask what the purpose of that question is?”

“It is as you hear. I mean, are the results of this research purely your credit?”

“It’s the result I announced, so why are you asking me for my achievement?”

“no. I just did it because I was curious. That’s right, isn’t it a character that countless archaeologists and wizards have tried to decipher? A 4th tier wizard completely finished interpreting that? Do you think you believe that?”

Some wizards agreed with Altego’s logical point.

“but. If you think about it, something is strange. Seorn’s teachers are amazing, but it doesn’t make sense for common sense to produce results like this, right?”

“No matter how much he is a theoretical genius, I doubt that a 4th tier wizard has suddenly done something that no one else has been able to do so far.”

Suspicion began to spread among the left.

Altego smiled inwardly as the situation was going the way he intended.

‘Let’s see if I can answer the question properly. Cheeky kid.’

Altego didn’t think Rudger had really figured it all out.

No matter how new magic he invents, it’s the same.

Inventing a new magic called source code and understanding and interpreting the long-lost system of a language are two completely different things.

It’s great to achieve one thing, but you’ve been studying things in a completely different field?

Altego was a wizard with a tight way of thinking, but nevertheless, when he judged something, there was a certain basis of his own.

And the basis was mainly his own experience.

Although he looks like this, he has lived a long time and is one of the wizards who have achieved a high rank.

I have seen and experienced many things while coming up to this position.

In doing so, knowledge and experience will naturally accumulate.

And most of the cases fit well in the light of his experience.

Because it was such an Altego, it made its judgment based on ‘statistics’.

Rudger Celish would never have done that research alone.

‘Until now, there were some mages who stood out in one field. I admit that you are of that type. Creating a new magic is definitely something to praise. But it’s a completely different thing to master other fields.’

There were no similar precedents in his memory.

Because there is Archmage Clinton Rothschild who is sitting in the seat of honor right now and watching this situation with interest.

He is a genius who has made the world noisy since he was young.

He is not an eagle among chickens, but a phoenix among eagles.

That’s why he was able to achieve the highest rank that mankind can reach, the 7th hierarchy.

But in the case of Clinton, it was difficult to come out even once.

In the first place, even if you look at the entire continent, there are only a handful of 7th tier wizards.

It never occurred to me that Rudger Chelsea would have that potential.

At least according to Altego’s judgment, Ludger is a genius, but he’s just a mediocre genius.

Even among geniuses, it was not a class that could be called an outcast.

‘I’m sure there will be. The person who assisted in conducting this research. I don’t know if you didn’t reveal it because you wanted to hide, or if you deliberately hid it to intercept the ball. Personally, I’d prefer it to be the latter.’

That way you’ll be able to bite it for sure.

However, there was nothing that bothered me.

It was Ludger’s calm attitude even though the situation was going against him.

Altego narrowed his eyes.

‘Even in this situation, I’m not embarrassed. I don’t know if he’s serious or if he’s desperately trying to pretend to be calm.’

It was a word that made me panic even a little bit, but there was no reaction, so anxiety and a little irritation rose up.

But it’s okay.

The more you try to hold on like that, the more fun this side will have in cooking.

“Sir Rudger. The research data you showed me is certainly interesting. but i doubt that Can you really figure this out on your own?”

“There’s nothing you can’t figure out.”

“Then why has no one figured it out until now? Are you saying that their abilities were lacking?”

Ludger weakly frowned at Altego’s stubborn persistence.

‘He’s trying to find fault with me somehow.’

Just looking at the reactions around them, it seemed like half of the people who were swept away and puzzled by Altego’s opinions were at least half good.

understanding has gone

It was unbelievable that such a young person could achieve something that even older people could not do.

You could call it a tight way of thinking, but on the contrary, it also meant that Rudger had done something too unreasonable.

‘Perhaps the Altego elder was confident in that and attacked me.’

Rudger slightly turned his gaze to look at the place where the president was.

Sitting in one of the seats of honor, she was staring this way.

She didn’t show emotion by managing her expression as usual, but her gaze was asking, “Can you?”

Even if I pretend not to, I am worried.

‘I was expecting something similar to happen anyway.’

I didn’t even think that everyone would clap their hands and be happy at the announcement of this research result.

Most of the wizards are immersed in research in the corner of the room, so there is a dark corner.

Some will be genuinely amazed at the great discovery made in a place like this.

There was a possibility that some pointed out even trivial things or acted forcefully in order to somehow damage the performance of this side.

“Since Elder Altego of the old Magic Tower is curious about this, I will also answer as a presenter. This is the result of my research, and the interpretation of the Larsile language was also accomplished solely on my own.”

“How can you be sure of that?”

“Is there anything you can do to be sure? If the results of my research are correct but insist that they are not, then the elder Artego will have to prove them first.”

Altego grinned as if he had been waiting for that.

“So you’re saying how well you know about this matter, and you can answer anything I ask?”

“yes. You can ask anything.”

Ludger noticed from Altego’s words and actions that he was preparing something.

Seeing that he speaks so confidently while grabbing attention like that, he must be confident that he can ask sharp questions.

‘And if the person asking the question wasn’t the person himself, he would have called an expert in this field.’

According to Rudger’s guess.

As Altego chinned, the man who had been sitting quietly next to him stood up.

A beam of light from the ceiling of the dome naturally illuminated him.

“nice to meet you. My name is Maloso Grabori.”

He was a tall, skinny man.

Because of his curly brown hair and the nose glasses on his face, he gave off the impression of being a scholar and at the same time like a venomous snake that is good at biting others.

“I am immersed in the study of ancient languages ​​and archeology. And since I have been exploring the Larsile language until most recently, I am confident that I know the language better than anyone else.”

Some wizards recognized him.

Rudger didn’t miss their reaction.

‘Looking at that reaction, it’s clear that he actually has a name in the industry.’

Above all, it was clear that he was preparing for this moment, judging from the fact that he said that he had specifically studied Larsile among the ancient languages.

‘Were you sure I would bring up a story related to the Larsile language? It must have been that the mage from the old mage tower, who came as an observer, leaked the information.’

Maloso was peeking at Rudger while he was politely greeting the people around him.

Beyond the glasses, the eyes of the four hundred eyes were shining fiercely.

Animosity that is evident even today, seeing it for the first time.

The emotion it contained was precisely jealousy.

‘I’ve brought a properly hungry hound.’

Just looking at it, it was clear that this side had analyzed the Larsile language and thought that their credit had been taken away.

Maloso raised one corner of his mouth at Rudger.

The ridicule soon conveyed the will to bite the neck.

Rudger did not respond to the provocation.

I just stood still and watched the clown-like figure.

Maloso adjusted his nose glasses in an exaggerated pose.

“Now then, since Mr. Ludgar Celish said you are welcome to ask questions, I will also ask, even though I have a low level of knowledge.”

“As much as you like.”

“The presenter, Mr. Rudgar, said that the Larsilla language is actually composed of three types of characters.”

“Yes, that’s right.”

“Then can you interpret this sentence for once?”

Maloso grabbed the magic pen and wrote in the air.

The bluish letters formed a sentence, which was also written in Larsile.

“Since you’ve done all the interpretation, I think you know what this means.”

Rudger looked at the sentence Maloso wrote.

“’It was late morning. I got up in a hurry and the meal I got was terrible.’”

The interpretation came out in less than 3 seconds.

The smile on Maloso’s lips grew even thicker at those words.

“Are you sure?”


“That is strange. As a long-time researcher of Larsille, I at least know what this sentence means. But the sentence Mr. Rudger interpreted is very different from what I knew.”

Maloso was rather drained.

I thought it would come to at least a similar level, but the level is so low that there is nothing to bite.

“This sentence does not match Mr. Rudger’s interpretation at all. I’m confident on my honor. You are wrong.”

At those words, the wizards murmured.

The faces of the people who harbored some kind of anticipation became miserable.

“This is so absurd. Did you try to commit fraud in front of so many people in the world? Did Arcane Chamber look so funny?”

“I don’t know what you mean. I have never cheated.”

“No? Is your interpretation wrong? I was wrong from the first word here in the first place. Do you know what this is?”


Rudger’s words left Maloso speechless.

“… … Yes. The first word is light. And the next word.”


Maloso felt something strange about the answer that came back like a knife.

“… … what is it Did you know that you were wrong on purpose?”

“I have never been wrong.”

“What do you mean?”

“Because it happens when you interpret the words as they are, primarily.”


Maloso did not understand Ludger’s answer.

“You don’t seem to know, so let me show you. First of all, if you interpret the sentence primarily, it reads, “The light bestowed grace, but I did not fully accept it.”

“… … .”

Maloso was not amused.

The sentence he managed to interpret naturally came out of Rudger’s mouth.

Even more naturally than he did.

Maloso felt a sense of uneasiness creep up on his backbone.

“You know, why did you purposely say something different? Did you really intend to make fun of me?”

“For what reason would I do that?”

“yes? no, that’s it… … .”

“And didn’t you say that? It’s just the first interpretation. It is said that if there is a first car, there is also a second car.”

“That means, the sentence I just said… … Are you saying it’s the second interpretation you interpreted?”

“It is the second and final version.”

At those words, Maloso’s face turned red.

“Don’t be ridiculous! Aren’t the two sentences completely different in the first place!”

“That’s why you can’t easily interpret Larsile. People in ancient times did not use language intuitively.”

“what… … .”

“The analysis of ancient languages ​​is meaningless in modern linguistics. Phonetics and phonology are possible, but analysis through meaning is virtually impossible. Didn’t you know?”

Doesn’t modern linguistics work?

“Since it happened like this, I will kindly explain the meaning.”

Before Maloso could say anything, Rudger’s magical powers aroused.

The sentence in Larsile that Maloso had written with a marker pen a moment before was embodied in a large format above Ludger’s head.

It was a much more refined and elegant style.

“Because the ancients believed that letters also had mystical powers, we change about two times when we record our conversations in writing. more mysterious and beautiful. Ancient people called this change of consent. Have you heard?”

“That, that… … .”

“yes. You couldn’t hear it. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have made the stupid statement that the ‘proper’ interpretation is wrong.”

Maloso swallowed as if he had been stabbed in the chest by something sharp.

Ludger’s gaze, directed this way, was not sharp enough to hold a feeling of contempt, as if looking at a pitiful person.

“In this sentence, ‘light’ means the morning sun. Even with the same word, grace follows, so the light here is not a literal one, but a light that bestows grace. For the people of that era, it means the sun, and its grace means food for the day.”

The letters of magic floating in the air changed and the sentences began to change.

“Basically, if you had rejected it on your own, you would have said that you had spurned grace by your own will. The reason I didn’t accept it was because the food was not tasty. So, you skipped a meal.”

In the first place, the only documented Larsile manuscript is the handwriting of a magician.

There are things like the culture and behavior patterns of those days, and the mindset that a wizard should have.

On the contrary, even the very trivial daily life of a wizard who wrote memoirs was written.

“No, that’s nonsense.”

Maloso’s complexion turned pale at the fact that the sentence he had barely deciphered meant that he only skipped breakfast when he deciphered the meaning.

It was the same for Altego, who happily watched the situation from the side.

“Therefore, the sentence that Mr. Maloso interpreted is a useless sentence among the notes of the ancient sorcerer. Well, for those who don’t know the other two characters, it might have been the easiest and easiest to interpret.”

Rudger fired a confirmed kill in front of everyone.

“So, is that a good enough answer?”

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