I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 223

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◈ Episode 223 presentation (2)

Contrary to what the wizards expected, the first announcement was not Rudgar.

It was not a presentation given for individuals, so of course several wizards were supposed to come out one after another.

Just in case you have a problem

It must be that this presentation was receiving much more heated attention than usual from just one person.

“Uh, well, so… … .”

The first wizard to step up to the podium stumbled as he couldn’t continue his speech properly due to the arrow-like stares around him.

Even though they had prepared a lot, the number of people was more than expected.

The voices dwindled and the explanations became sluggish.

The more he did, the colder his gaze touched his skin.

The party wanted to shout out that it was unfair with an honest feeling.

‘Why are there so many people at the time of my presentation!’

There are as many as 5,000 seats in the Arcane Chamber.

And on the day of the regular thesis presentation, it was fortunate that 1,000 seats were filled, let alone half of the seats.

On days when there are really few people, there are barely more than 500 people.

But today, not all 5,000 seats were filled, so there were people standing here and there watching.

If you can show your achievements to more people, you might say that it would be the best opportunity.

Anyway, this is overkill.

It’s not even just a lot of numbers.

In addition to the old mage tower, the new mage tower, and the school association, even the 7th tier arch mage, who is said to be the best mage of the time, is on the scene.

It’s embarrassing just to be in the same space, but that person directly watching his thesis presentation?

My hands and feet were shaking and I felt like my soul was shrinking.

The fear of the space itself was far greater than the desire to improve.

There is a saying that it is better to be hit first with a hawk, but wouldn’t the story be different if the hawk was beaten with a barbed iron club rather than a cane?

In the end, the wizard, who had risen to the podium as the first presenter, couldn’t take out even half of what he had prepared and had to come downstairs.

The back of his face was bleak as he trudged away with his head bowed.

However, none of the wizards in the audience expressed sympathy for his appearance.

There was no boos, but their eyes were enough for him.

It is true that this situation is so sudden that it resembles a natural disaster, but overcoming it is also determined by the individual’s ability.

In the end, those who failed to do so were lacking in skills, and only faced an end befitting him.

There is no need to feel pity for it.

[Next person. Please come up.]

The first presenter left and the second presenter came next.

He knew what the person before him looked like, so he started his presentation with a firm determination that he would never be like that.

“This one isn’t bad.”

“It’s not particularly special, though.”

so one by one.

Presentations continued, and sometimes there were those who succeeded in eliciting their own repercussions, but in the end, that was all.

As time passed, the final announcement was right around the corner.

A man appeared on the podium.

‘That person.’

‘Is today’s protagonist finally revealing himself?’

The atmosphere that had loosened up in the tedious process quickly regained its heat.

The gaze poured out, stronger than when he first started.

It was a sight of more than 5,000 people.

No matter how courageous a person was, he could not help but feel intimidated.

But the man, Ludgar Celisch, did not.

Rather, as if he had taken a walk, his steps on the way up to the podium were leisurely.

A steady step and a straight gaze. And even the precious things that flow naturally from the body.

It created an unbelievable harmony with long black hair and sculptural appearance.

The distinguished guests seated at the top table shed exclamations of exclamation at his imposing attitude.

“Your prayers are definitely different from the gossips mentioned earlier.”

“I don’t think I was deliberately pretending to be strong. Is this place natural?”

The reaction from the audience was also hot.

In particular, the female wizards who came to the place with an interest in magic thesis seemed to think that Ludger’s appearance did not matter what the presentation was about.

‘Ugh. It’s not even a fuss at all.’

Casey Selmore clicked her tongue inwardly at the sight.

Why do people called wizards do that when they are deceived by their appearance?

‘Of course, that human isn’t usually handsome, but this isn’t it.’

I didn’t expect to get such a reaction.

Casey was annoyed for nothing, and the other wizards seemed insignificant.

‘But isn’t that person nervous?’

I feel like my hands are sweaty just imagining that this side watching from afar is also standing there.

Ludger’s appearance was truly serenity itself.

I know that even in the Delica Kingdom, I have held such a position several times.

However, the scale of the Arcane Chamber is so huge that it is impossible to compare it to that time.

Standing on the river unit, Rudger paused for a moment and looked around.

Since it was a podium under the spotlight, the people in the audience were dimly visible.



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However, it was clear that they were all watching him.

Rudger raised his head and looked up at the seat of honor.

Several seats floating in the air in the spacious hall.

The faces of the people sitting there were certainly unusual at first glance.

‘Those who have enough influence to be counted on the continent.’

Could Leslie, one of the First Orders, be there?

Maybe he didn’t attend because he was busy preparing for action in the Night of Mysteries.

Whatever it was, he had only one purpose for coming here today.

“nice to meet you. My name is Ludger Celisi, who is currently teaching in Seorn.”

The first start is a light greeting.

However, he firmly established his position by nailing his affiliation to Sae-Run.

The low-pitched voice spread throughout the vast hall of the Arcane Chamber through the sound amplification magic installed on the podium.

People waited for his next words.

“Then we will start presenting immediately.”

Contrary to what I thought, I would start with the clichéd conversation, “I would like to thank everyone who came to this place in moderation.”

Rudger went straight to the point like a knife.

It was the wizards who sat in the audience who were rather embarrassed by that appearance.

Even distinguished guests came to visit, but his attitude of only saying what he had to say to them, let alone bowing his head to them, was not at all common.

To put it nicely, it would mean not caring about vanity.

In a bad way, a situation that can be seen as disrespectful.

However, far from being angry at his attitude, the idea that it was rather natural became the mainstream opinion.

Hasn’t this been said since ancient times?

Handsome men and women have feelings no matter what they say or do.

“The reason I’m here today is to announce the results of the increase in mana output, as you’ve all heard beforehand.”

The main point finally comes out.

At the same time, Rudger showed the materials he had prepared.

The research results table prepared on the magic board on the podium came to mind.

Its contents were greatly enlarged and reflected to the wizards.

“The people gathered here are also magicians, so I’m sure everyone has measured their own mana output and knows what this result means.”

The duration of the experiment was one week.

In the short span of a week, the amount of mana emitted tripled, which was the result of the data.

“As a result of conducting a study with 6 students, the amount of mana emitted increased by nearly three times. This was not just a short-term effect. Further testing over a total of three days showed that the number did not change.”

From the start, the successful results were deeply imprinted in their minds, and the wizards became impatient.

so what’s the way?

How did you increase the emission?

“And the key to the success of this research lies in the suppressor of magical power.”

“I have a question for you.”

One of the wizards sitting in the high seat opened his mouth.

It was Auguste, one of the elders of the old Magic Tower.

“yes. Please tell me.”

“This is the first time I’ve heard of magic suppressors. Does such a thing really exist?”

It was a car that other wizards were also curious about.

A wizard should amplify his magic power, but suppress it and use it somewhere?

Of course, similar drugs or tools exist.

Magic handcuffs used to capture magical criminals are a prime example.

However, this was different from the suppressor, and was more like forcibly cutting off the flow of magical power.

The same goes for diffuse scents that interfere with magic activation.

The diffusion scent was closer to disturbing the concentration of the magic formula by spreading it more strongly than suppressing it.

In other words, the thing that suppresses magic power itself did not exist right away.

“yes. It exists.”

“Did you make that yourself?”

“I didn’t make it myself. It is a restoration of an ancient recipe that was lost.”

“An ancient recipe?”

“I was just trying to explain. Please look here.”

A new material floated onto the magic board.

Unlike the previous data, which seemed easy to understand at a glance, this one was something I wanted the moment I saw it for the first time.

For wizards who were not well versed in ancient languages, it was just a complicated twisty language to read, but those with some knowledge in this field seemed to not believe what they saw.

“That’s Larsile.”

“Larsilian? Could it be that there was something about magic suppressors written there?”

“How can I… … . Could it be that he succeeded in interpreting it?”

Screaming wizards.

Arcane Chamber was instantly filled with bewilderment.

By the time the wizards who didn’t know about the Larsile language noticed that the situation was going unusually.

Archmage Clinton, sitting in a floating high chair, opened his mouth.

“Mr. Rudger Celish. May I ask you a question?”

The words of the wizard with the highest rank in this position.

He just spoke politely, like an ordinary old man next door, but the buzzing noise stopped abruptly.

silent desolation.

In it, Clinton stroked his beard with a look of interest.

“What you showed me now seems to be Larsile, but does that mean that Mr. Rudger has interpreted an ancient language that no one has been able to do so far?”

“You can treat me comfortably.”

“haha. I am comfortable with this.”

“If so, I understand. And to answer your question just a moment ago, I’d say yes. I finished the interpretation of Larshil, and based on the contents, I found the recipe for the Magic Suppressor, and through it, I found a way to increase the amount of magic discharge.”

buzz buzz.

Everyone’s eyes widened at Rudger’s shocking answer.

The issue related to the amount of mana released was bigger than I thought.

The news of the interpretation of an ancient language that no one had fully figured out so far heated up the hall.

“If that’s true, that’s a great discovery.”

“yes. So, let’s continue the explanation here.”

Even if the opponent was a 7th tier archmage, Ludger didn’t get scared or show a respectful attitude.

At that action, Clinton drew an arc with her eyes as if she was interested.

Most wizards freeze when faced with them and cannot even speak properly.

It was natural.

Among wizards, a hierarchy is a measure of strength and a rank that measures the level of the opponent and myself.

In particular, his 7th level, the Impera level, was one of the few highest levels on the current continent.

When anyone faces him, they cannot help but freeze, and when they talk to him, they are ecstatic.

But Ludger was different.

‘Teacher of Seorn. I heard he’s a 4th tier wizard.’

In Ludger’s appearance, although there was respect for this side, there was no fear at all.

As you get older, you will definitely have eyes to see these things.

Rather, he liked Clinton’s attitude of speaking confidently without avoiding the gaze of this side.

‘okay. That’s what a wizard should do.’

Do not be intimidated by the fact that your opponent is higher in the hierarchy than yourself, but rather, you must be prepared to rise far up.

That mindset is the most basic virtue a wizard should have.

And only such people could rise to this position.

“As those in the know know, the existing Larsile language is an unknown character that has not been fully interpreted. There may be many reasons why the form is complex and similar, but a complete interpretation is not achieved, but the biggest reason is one. We misunderstood the language from the very beginning.”

I came out to announce the results of the amount of mana released, but before I knew it, the story flowed into the interpretation of the ancient language.

However, none of the wizards in the audience pointed that out.

Unless you’re an idiot, there’s no way you wouldn’t know that it had nothing to do with it, and the story that’s about to come out was undoubtedly a great discovery.

Rudger continued his explanation.

Explanation given to observers and students on the first day of the clinical study.

It showed more neatly organized data and informed more people of the story that day.

Larsile is actually not made up of one letter, but uses a total of three letters.

Even the fact that it was possible to completely decipher it by interpreting the remaining two characters.

“Huh. 3 letters in one language?”

“What’s more, all three of them look alike, so it was only natural that they couldn’t tell them apart.”

“Rather than that, how did he find out about that?”

When everyone was puzzled, someone again raised their hand to ask a question.

A man who could not sit in the top seat, but occupied the front seat in the audience.

And it was a familiar face even to Rudger.

“I have a question for you.”

“yes. Please tell me.”

Altego Dantes.

One of the old Magic Tower elders, and an old man who was insulted by Ludger at the celebration.

Altego sighed and cleared his throat.

Although it was a moment, Ludger did not miss the disturbing light in his gaze.

“That study material. Are you sure you found out?”

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