I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 221

◈ Episode 221 Research Results (3)

After entering the classroom, Line hurriedly went to her assigned seat and sat down.

Erendir, who had arrived earlier, took turns looking at Line and Ludger, who had entered the classroom at about the same time, and twitched his lips as if he wanted to ask something.

At that time, Ludger, who went up to the podium, opened his mouth.

“Before the lecture begins, I have something to tell you in advance.”

The assembled students instinctively sensed what Rudger was about to say.

It’s finally here.

“Recently, there have been a lot of guys asking me about the results of my research here and there. Actually today, the guys who tried to do that were discovered by me. Not much more, he didn’t ask me directly, but he pursued the applicant and pursued an act of half-threatening. It’s kind of arrogant.”

Stunned by those words, the students whispered among themselves.

More than that, it was surprising that there was a human being who acted that way.

“My face is out of the question.”

His voice was cold, and there was even a hint of anger.

More than annoyance, Rudgar was even feeling a little anger.

The students in the classroom gulped.

It was crazy to think that that arrow of anger might fly at them.

“There’s no point in getting angry here.”

Fortunately, Rudger didn’t go any further.

“But I will tell you. If such an act even once catches my eye, then I will take action myself. And those who got caught will make it so that you can’t even set foot on this seorn no matter what. You can look forward to it. Try hard not to get caught.”

It was rare for Rudger to be so outspoken.

I gave a similar warning before

The wording of that warning, always be prepared, is just pitched in the same abstract way.

But this time it was different.

Because making him unable to attach his foot to Ceorn meant, at least, more than a suspension.

“And don’t tell me more. No matter how much you annoy the 6 volunteers who participated in the study, you guys get nothing. As for the method of increasing the amount of mana released, I kept it a complete secret, and they just benefited from it.”

The students didn’t understand that.

They increased the amount of mana released by themselves, but you don’t know how?

From a position that did not know the truth, it was bound to be a contradiction.

But Ludger’s words weren’t entirely wrong.

In order to increase the amount of mana released, the body’s mana pass had to be awakened, and the only way to do that was to train through magic suppression.

So basically, unless you know the recipe for magic suppression, you can’t recognize it even if you know the mana pass.

And only Rudger knew how to make the inhibitor.

“No matter how much you pry, the only way to know is to hear from me directly. So throw away all your useless thoughts and focus on your own business.”

Of course, not everyone took that word for granted.

Even Rudger, who spoke out, did not make a hopeful observation that he would fall out this easily.

But it will be a minimal precaution.

Having said that, bothering the 6 applicants has become something to be taken at risk.

That was enough.

“Okay, let’s start class. Because the third test is not far away.”

* * *

Could it be because Ludger’s warning worked?

No students bothered Aidan and Linen after class.

This is the yard that Rudger warned about right now.

There was no student who would approach me ignoring me as crazy.

Also, as far as Ludgar’s lecture was concerned, even Erendir, a reliable ally, was attached to Line’s side, so it was difficult to approach.

Aidan had friends, so there was nothing to say.

At least, students in other classrooms who hadn’t heard the warning did talk to me from time to time, but it was much better than before when it came like a wave.

Those students also refrained from acting after hearing the story.

‘ha. I thought I was going to die.’

Linen barely relaxed.

How hard has it been for you to be bothered by people around you lately?

The fact that it was over now made her quite relieved.

Even now, people around me were peeking at it.

That was all.

No one approached or talked openly like before.

Thanks to that, Line was able to take classes comfortably.

“There is a hierarchy of magic. The higher the level of magic, the more complex and difficult the spell is, and the more mana is required. It is quite difficult to rise to a high level as a mage… … .”

It was a liberal arts class related to the history of magic, and it was famous for the good grades given compared to the difficulty of the class.

“Mages do not have any names until the fourth tier. However, starting from the 5th tier, names will be attached. As you all know, the 5th tier mage is called ‘Amumnuki’. Why? Acquaintance?”

“Isn’t that the name of the first wizard to reach the 5th tier?”

“That’s too bad. It was only half right. It is true that the 5th tier was named Amumnuki after the wizard, but he was not the first 5th tier. The same goes for the 6th tier. What rank is the 6th hierarchy called?”


“is it so. It is named after the archmage and adventurer, Lexler. But the Lexler isn’t that old. He is rather modern. Could such a person really be the first 6th tier?”

At that, the students also realized something.

That the name attached to the hierarchy level was not the first wizard to achieve that level.

“The name attached to the hierarchy does not mean that the mage first achieved it, but it is true that it reestablished the hierarchy. There were 5th tier magicians before Amumnuki, but no one had thoroughly analyzed and classified 5th tier magic and organized the spells like him. The same goes for Lexar.”

“Then, does that mean that there were people who achieved high ranks even in the distant past?”

“Yes. In fact, if you look at the power of the ancient wizards in the old books, it is said that they surpassed the 5th and 6th tiers and exercised power close to the 7th tier.”

At that, the students thought it was bluffing.

Their common opinion was how people in the old world, whose magic was less developed than today, could have used great magic.

“There may be an exaggeration in that part, but I wouldn’t be wrong. In fact, starting from the 7th tier wizard, it is like that.”

“Isn’t the 7th level ‘Impera’ grade?”

“Yes. everyone. Do you know who the sorceress named Impera is?”

“Aren’t you the first person to reach the 7th tier?”

“All of the previous grades were recognized for their contribution to reorganizing the magic of the hierarchy, but is it different from Impera?”

“yes? yeah… … .”

It’s because the ranks are different from the 7th rank.

The student did not dare to say such obvious words.

Wizards who reached the 6th rank were also treated with great respect for using great magic, but the 7th rank was of course even worse than that.

They were few in number, even on the continent.

Talent is required to rise to the 6th tier. It is also a very solid talent.

However, the 7th tier needed something beyond talent.

Since the level of magic used was different, no one said anything about reestablishing the 7th hierarchy.

So it was.

The first person who achieved it was listed on the 7th rank.

“Impera was the first wizard to reach the 7th tier. He is said to have been the emperor of an empire long before science developed as it is now. Even now, reaching the 7th rank is a far-off step that we can only dream of, but people back then also achieved the 7th rank. So there’s no guarantee that he couldn’t have done that earlier than that.”

“no way. After all, he’s an old-fashioned wizard.”

One of the students said so.

Now, magic techniques have been further developed, and much more efficient and detailed magic has been created.

It was as if a swordsmanship had been created in which the sword was wielded in an optimal way, rather than in a clunky way.

Magic is also standardized, formalized, and changed.

It was the perception of most wizards that if they were 7th tier wizards back then, even 6th tier wizards of today wouldn’t be able to do it.

“teacher. Then what is the 8th hierarchy?”

“If you’re talking about the 8th rank, you’re referring to the ‘Grander’ rank.”

“yes. Is that name also derived from the name of the wizard who first achieved that hierarchy?”



Unlike before, the students were puzzled by the uncertain answer.

“I don’t know how the name Grander spread, but what the wizard with that name did was not found in any literature. Of course, it may be written in ancient documents that have not yet been deciphered, but now it is an established theory that the name Grander is an oral name rather than an academic data.”

“Then why do you keep using that name?”

“That’s because no wizard has reached the 8th tier yet.”

The 8th rank “Grander”.

It was a stage that anyone who dreams of becoming a wizard could not help but yearn for.

Even the highest level archmage right now is only 7th level.

Even elves, a sub-species that live longer than humans, have never heard of an 8th hierarchy.

In the first place, it was questionable whether the 8th hierarchy existed.

Maybe Grander is not a name, but a noun that refers to ‘impossible’ in an ancient language.

“If one day a new 8th tier mage is born, then that person other than Grander might take the name instead.”

And that would be something all magicians have like romance.

Even though they knew it didn’t make any realistic sense, the students fantasized about becoming an 8th tier archmage.

Everyone chanting his name, and that his name will be remembered in history even into the future.

Where could there be a greater glory than this?

* * *

‘It’ walked the road.

The outside world after a long time was very strange.

It’s only a few years, but the world has made a lot of progress in those few years.

It was enough entertainment just to see the prosperous city.

If this is the case, it might be okay to look around a bit more on the way to find the apprentice.

Thinking that, it suddenly turned its head.

Beyond the reach of those red eyes, something was felt.

Those who possess considerable magical powers.

they were gathered in one place.

Judging by the fact that they are gathered in a deserted place, they probably aren’t proud people, and considering that, they’re pretty strong guys.

I could ignore it and pass by, but I became interested because it was a long-awaited outing.

I headed for a place where I could feel the energy with light steps.

When I arrived at the place where I could feel the energy, I saw people who looked suspicious at first sight conspiring something.

The surroundings are covered with red bricks full of soot, and it is dark and dull even in broad daylight.

But he had the silly idea that he liked this place more.


Those gathered at the table, members of the Black Dawn, frowned at the sudden appearance.

“What kind of kid is here?”

The first thing I saw was golden hair flowing softly like a carpet.

blonde hair with red eyes. Skin as white as snow.

She wears a wine-colored gothic dress with lots of frills and even holds a parasol in one hand.

Anyone passing by should look back at least once.

She was a girl who was small and cute like a doll, yet had a strange charm that was difficult to describe.

Of course, he wasn’t the right person for this position.

“What did the guys guarding the entrance do?”

Even if she got lost, it was virtually impossible for a girl like that to flow into a place like this.

The road is complicated, and the subordinates guarding the area must have driven them out before they reached here.

‘By the way, that girl.’

Sensing something strange, the Second Order narrowed its eyes.

‘It’s strange to come into a place like this, but the reaction is strange.’

Usually, a person who seems to have grown up like that doesn’t step into a place like this even if he’s anxious.

It was normal to be frightened or run away when you see a group of people with bad impressions even if you enter.

But what is that reaction?

I am walking openly.

‘Aren’t you afraid of us? Do you have a corner to believe in? A hidden escort? Or your own skill?’

Did he read the intention in that gaze?

The girl’s red eyes drew a crescent moon.

“Hoo. There is a guy who is surprisingly quick-witted.”

“What are you?”

The rest of the people moved quickly, probably realizing that the Second Order’s reaction was unusual.

To prevent the girl from escaping, they surrounded the area and sealed off the escape route.

Even in the immediate situation, the girl did not lose her smile.

“He is quick to notice and has a good response. I came here out of curiosity, but it seems that it was not an ordinary group of guys.”

“I don’t know how you got here, but since you’ve come this far, don’t even think about going back alive.”

At those words, the girl opened her eyes wide, and then burst into laughter.

The Second Order frowned at the cheerful laughter.

“Are you laughing now?”

“ha ha ha. no, that’s right It’s funny, but how can you not laugh? Abandon the thought of returning alive? I never thought there would be a guy who would say that to me. It feels like the world has changed a lot.”


what. Did you even go crazy?

In addition, from the way he speaks, he speaks like an old man who has grown old.

I was a little wary, but I thought that maybe he had lost his mind.


At the Second Order’s command, the subordinates slowly approached the girl.

At that moment, the girl folded the parasol she was wearing.

Took. The tip of the parasol touches the ground.

A strange thing happened.


The second order was puzzled.

what happened now

The men who were approaching the girl suddenly collapsed like a doll with a thread cut off.

The fallen guys were silent, not even moving.

everything is dead

‘What happened?’

I couldn’t understand what the hell was going on.

I couldn’t see or feel anything.

Second Order felt his whole body tremble.

Instinct sensed a sense of crisis and was shouting.

That in front of my eyes was something that I could not dare to face.

“You, who are you?”

Asking in a trembling voice was all he could do.

At that, the girl turned her gaze in this direction and smiled.

“Grande. Do you know when you hear this name?”

“What is that… … .”

“I didn’t know.”

The girl waved her hand lightly.

The distance was far away, and the action was so simple that it seemed meaningless.

And that was the last sight the Second Order saw.

Grander, the girl who took the lives of dozens of people in an instant, lifted her parasol and looked up at the sky beyond the high wall.

“Where is the disciple who made this master move his heavy steps?”

that day.

A branch of the Black Dawn, led by First Order Nikolai, disappeared without a word.

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