I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 22

◈ Episode 22 The Hunter in the Clockwork City (1)

5 years ago from now.

Durmang Kingdom, one of the small and medium-sized countries in the southern part of the continent, suffered from a sudden infestation of cryptids.

Wolves roam in the middle of the city, bizarre beasts prey on people every night, and the smell of blood continues for over a month.

Even the officers were helpless

Even if soldiers and knights were put in, the cryptids flirted with the knights and avoided their encirclement.

The situation continued to stagnate with no resolution.

One of the most notorious of these was the Cryptid.

It was a monster active in Jévaudan, one of the large cities of Durmand Kingdom.

This guy was a rare monster that ate three knights who could be called elite troops.

The worst Cryptid who was the nightmare of Jebodang and reigned as the fear of the kingdom.

Reporter’s monster.

King Durmang didn’t want this to go on like this, so he distributed an official letter promising to give a huge reward to those who subdue the cryptids.

Hearing the rumors, all kinds of freelance wizards, wandering knights, and famous mercenaries from all over the continent gathered in Durman Kingdom and embarked on an extensive cryptid subjugation operation.

Countless cryptids died, and not a few people died as well.

The blood shed at that time turned the ground red, so people called the hunt that took place at this time ‘Bloody Night’.

The bloody night was enough to instill fame in many people.

At that time, there was one person who left the greatest achievement.

A person who single-handedly defeated the most notorious monster of Jebodang and posted the highest kill record of any other Cryptid.

He was neither a famous wizard, nor a high-ranking knight with a reputation, nor a special elite mercenary.

He was just a hunter.

The hunter was proficient in handling all kinds of tools and weapons, and for a year after the bloody night, he traveled all over Durman and defeated the cryptids by more than three digits.

The name of the hunter who is famous as a mystic because he doesn’t reveal his identity well.

It was ‘Abraham Van Helsing’.

* * *

Rudger, fully equipped, walked slowly out to the boulevard.

A damp night mist settled over the coat.

A hazy scarlet light spreads around the streetlights as if they have drank water from the fog.

Between the smell of the soggy mud, the scent of the animal’s scent passed through my nose.

‘It’s a memory.’


Rudger immediately kicked a drum that had been blown in the street.


As the drums fell, an intense noise reverberated through the air. The werewolf, who was searching for his prey, heard it and turned his head.

Those vicious eyes found Rudger standing alone in the center of the main road.


The werewolf who jumped off the roof of the building landed in front of Ludger.

‘It’s big.’

Rudger was able to take a closer look at the werewolf.

Height is about 2.5m or more. Her eyes are bloodshot and her entire body is covered with black hair.

Sharp nails protruded from both hands, and the anticipation was so frightening that you could feel it on your skin.

If caught there, even steel would tear like paper.

But most of all, what caught my attention was the metal restraints around the werewolf’s neck.

‘also. I wasn’t mistaken.’

There’s no way something like that would just hang around a werewolf’s neck.

There was no way that a beast that had lost its reason would wear something like that around its neck by taking on its own.

That’s only one thing.

‘Someone intentionally raised or created that werewolf.’

I didn’t think it was impossible.

It was a world where magic existed right now, science had developed in a strange direction, and even Hans, whom he knew, had the constitution to turn into a beast if bitten by it.

Well, even if a werewolf was made into a test subject by a secret organization, there was nothing strange about it.

‘The question is, why is this timing?’

It had been quiet without any news until now, but the incident broke out not long after Seorn Academy opened.

Even in the year he took office?

I couldn’t help but try not to be suspicious of the situation that was so blatant.

‘Well, I guess I’ll find out if I catch him first.’

Rudger immediately took up his stance.

The werewolf distorted his face, perhaps feeling displeasure when the human in front of him did not run away, but instead raised his fighting spirit.


The werewolf, who stretched out his chest and raised his head toward the sky, roared and rushed towards Ludger.

Werewolves, running fast on four legs, were faster than cars.

Rudger watched the movement and slinked back. A werewolf’s claws cut through the air where Rudger had been a moment ago.


The werewolf swung his arms without rest. Rudger continued to step back and focus on his evasion.


As soon as the tip of Rudger’s brown shoe touched the ground, a strange wave spread around.


Every time the werewolf’s attack missed, Ludger continued to tap the ground with his toe, spreading a wave of magical energy.

In an extreme situation where even a mere brushing might rip you to the bone, Ludger did not allow a werewolf to attack you even once.


The werewolf roared and spread his arms wide. He intended to attack it and catch it so that it could not escape.

I wore my hair

Rudger’s mouth, which had been covered by the brim of his hat, smiled.


The werewolf, who was about to pounce on Ludgar, suddenly twisted his face and fell to the ground.


The werewolf slid across the mud on the floor.

“Uh huh?”

Hans, who had been watching nervously from a distance, suddenly opened his eyes wide and wondered at the collapsed werewolf.

What did he eat wrong?

“Your head will ring a little bit.”

Ludgar gently stepped on the back of the werewolf who was writhing in pain.

Werewolves are more like beasts than humans.

And since they are canines, they are particularly sensitive to high frequencies that ordinary people cannot hear.

Ludger’s stepping while avoiding the werewolf’s attack was a preparatory work to manifest such magic.

Magic that mixes sonic and vibrating magic is okay for humans, but it comes differently to werewolves who hear sounds beyond a certain band.

Even now, the werewolf’s ears were ringing in real time, and the brain shaking ultrasound continued to shake the surrounding area.

“There is no need to use expensive silver.”

Since the goal was not to kill in the first place, but to subdue right now, there was no more suitable method than this.

Now, let’s check where the hell did this guy come from.

It was at that moment when Rudger pulled out a syringe and tried to draw his blood.

Beep profit!

“It’s here! There was a noise here!”

“Everyone move quickly!”

With the sound of a whistle blowing, uniformed police officers rushed towards us from beyond the fog.

The police, who had been patrolling for rumors of werewolves for two days before, must have come here after hearing the disturbance.

‘At this timing.’

At that moment when Rudger looked away for a moment, the well-behaved werewolf jumped up.

Rudger hurriedly backed away, avoiding the misfortune of falling.

Ludgar was immediately wary of the werewolf’s counterattack, but the werewolf had no interest in Ludgar in the first place.

He shook his head a few times, then turned and ran away.


I never thought a werewolf would run away in a situation like this.

Rudger sighed and dispelled the high-frequency magic that had spread around him.

As officers carrying magical powers appeared one by one, Ludger decided to step down as well.

“There! There’s someone over there!”

“Arrest all suspicious persons!”

At some point, the werewolf was climbing up the walls of the factory and climbing to the roof.

Rudger ran after the werewolf.

I run through the alley avoiding the magic lamp and the whistle.

Rudger, who was galloping down a dark alleyway, stretched his arms out into the air, feeling the werewolf’s presence receding.


The mechanical springs under the gauntlet’s wrists spun quickly, and then a wired grappling hook was fired at the rooftop.


The moment the hook was fixed to the roof railing, the cog wheel rotated and wound the wire at high speed.

force of tension.

Rudger used the recoil to fly up to the roof.

Commonly called a wire launcher, it was an item that Rudger used to use as a hunter.

Rudger landed spectacularly on the roof.


Pulling the wire to retrieve the hook, Ludger found the back of a werewolf running away.

‘Don’t miss it.’

Rudger had magical powers wrapped around his legs.

In today’s world, the method of strengthening one’s body with magical power is widespread among wizards in preparation for unexpected situations.

Ludger kicked off the rooftop with his enhanced leg strength and chased after the werewolf.


The night scenery of the factory area passes by quickly. I could see the werewolf running away in the distance getting closer and closer.

As the werewolf ran, he looked back at something strange, and when he saw Ludger chasing him, he accelerated his escape.

The werewolf, who had been constantly jumping between the rooftops of the factory, jumped down onto the large railroad tracks below.

Just in time, a freight train loaded with magic stones was passing below.


The werewolf landed roughly on top of the cargo hold.

Not wanting to miss Ludger, he jumped down and landed on top of the cargo hold.

The energy stored in the legs flows through the soles of the feet, minimizing the impact of landing.

Ludger lightly patted his shoulder with his hand and stared at the werewolf.

The werewolf looked back at Ludgar, raising his body as if he realized he couldn’t run away any longer.

Rumble rattle.

On top of the train, Ludger and the werewolf faced each other with a gap of about three spaces.

A strong wind blew the hem of Ludger’s coat off as the train rushed.

Scarlet streetlights stretched horizontally around them, scattering light as if they were diffuse reflections.

“Originally, I just tried to suppress it moderately.”


“I can’t do that.”

I couldn’t afford to do that when I saw the guy’s condition and the officers around him heard the commotion and came to visit.

The night wind brushing the tip of my cheek and the steam blowing from the head of the train blurred my vision for a moment.


Breaking through the gap, the werewolf rushed towards Ludger.

A fairly sharp move that takes advantage of the gaps in the blind spot and pokes the opponent’s loopholes.

However, the werewolf’s movements were such that Rudger was already able to penetrate several moves ahead.

Cheer up!

The werewolf, which was running towards Rudger, stopped at the strange noise ringing in his ears. It was a kind of visceral intuition as a beast.

Indeed, the judgment was correct.

Something sharp passed quickly on both sides of the werewolf’s neck.

“It feels good.”

It cut through the skin of the werewolf’s neck and spun back to Ludger.

It was a boomerang with sharp blades spread out like a fan.

If it was too late to stop, that sharp circular saw blade would have cut the werewolf’s throat.

The werewolf quickly regenerated the wound on its neck. He was enraged at the fact that he had been hurt, and veins sprouted all over his body.

“I was just going to finish it once and for all.”

Rudger put his regret behind him and took out a cane hung from his waist and held it.

This time it was Rudger’s turn to attack.

Hold the staff in your right hand and gather magic with your left hand to create [Shiny Stone] magic.

I shot it like a bullet and aimed at one of my werewolf’s eyeballs.


The werewolf lowered his head and evaded the [shiny stone]. At that moment, Rudger removed the index finger of his left hand.

Then, the [shiny stone] that passed by the werewolf circled in the air and struck the werewolf in the back of the head.


While the werewolf panicked at the intense pain he felt in the back of his head, Ludger lunged at the werewolf and swung his staff as hard as he could in the face.

The moment the werewolf tried to block it with both arms, a saw blade boomerang flew and pierced the werewolf’s hands.

Rudger expected it and threw it in advance.


The panicked werewolf opened his mouth instead when his arm didn’t move, and bit into Ludger’s wand.


The strong jaws bit like breaking a cane.

The werewolf’s eyes curved like crescent moons.

He asked for a cane, so he couldn’t do anything.

As soon as the wound on his arm regenerated like this, he intended to tear the brazen man in front of him to pieces.

However, as if to ridicule the werewolf’s inner thoughts, Rudger immediately took the next action.


The hilt and handle of the cane separated, and a pure white sword protruded from there.

At such an unexpected sight, the werewolf didn’t even think about putting the empty shell of the cane in his mouth.

cane knife.

Commonly called a sword stick, it is more like a memorization to poke opponents’ loopholes than a frontal weapon.

And in the fight for each other’s lives, there is only one moment to pull this out.

Only when you are certain that you can definitely kill the other person.

Rudgar’s body spun once in place.


A solid white line was drawn in the air.

The light, so thin but clear, gently cut the werewolf’s neck.

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