I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 219

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◈ Episode 219 Research Results (1)

Flora thought.

Rudger’s research isn’t as difficult as I thought.

Exactly by her standards.

Another student was sweating profusely.

Even that lofty Freuden had a few wrinkles on his forehead.

‘There’s nothing more to see. If you’re a competitor… … .’

Flora glanced at Julia.

Mysterious gray hair and a strange face that doesn’t show emotion.

It’s like a doll made of pure white snow.

Did you say that this freshman ranks first?

Just by looking at it, I felt it instinctively. This child is of the same kind as you.

However, I didn’t feel like a competitor.

They neither get along with each other, nor do they confront each other.

Flora’s interest was not in the student like Julia in the first place.

Her gaze turned to Ludger.

Rudger also took a quick look, as if he felt the gaze from her side just in time, and nodded his head when he saw the result she had created.

That was all.


Flora was dissatisfied with that.

‘Where does it hurt if I praise you for doing well?’

Flora was a recognized genius, so there was no need to spend time trying for anything.

Because everything was so easy.

Such Flora did what was called effort.

By reducing the break time, expanding and pioneering the mana pass, he has thoroughly prepared for the next step.

I made an effort that I wouldn’t normally do in order to look good on purpose.

I only wished for one thing.

It was to hear Rudger’s praise for doing well.

But maybe it was because Ludger’s expectations for this side were too high.

Rather, he took Flora’s achievements for granted.

‘Is it because I’m so good at it? It shouldn’t be like this.’

Flora had mixed emotions.

Should I be happy with this or not?

Everyone understands with their heads that they are being evaluated for being good, but their hearts don’t do that at all.

My head got hot.

I just had a heartache.

Then, in Flora’s eyes, Ludger was kind to the still immature Line.

The way he calmly informs students who have not yet fully explored the Mana Pass.

It was also the ideal sight Flora wanted to see.

‘what. You don’t treat me like that.’

Are you that commoner girl again?

Rudgar was pretending not to be, but Flora knew.

Compared to other people, Rudger was only kind to that kid named Line.

Something hurt my pride.

As for the appearance… … To be honest, I have confidence in this one too, but Line is also rare and pretty, so I put it off.

The house… … To be honest, I only like family crests here, but considering the internal handling, it wasn’t something to be proud of, so I put it off.

‘okay. magic skills. If you’re a Cadet, you’ll have to compete with your magical skills.’

My magic skills are better this way.

That kid is also on the side of working hard, but it was nothing compared to this side. Even in Seorn, I am called a genius.

In other words, magic was an undisputed victory for this side.

But it gets less interest.

‘This… … It’s not fair.’

Flora looked at the line of magic she had created.

Even if you made it yourself, it was so precise and clean that you would be amazed.

Flora boldly erased it.

And he raised his hand.

“teacher. I have that question.”

At those words, Rudger turned around.

Was it surprising that I had a question? There is a slight hint of doubt in his gaze.

Flora was stabbed in her heart, but decided to go out shamelessly that this had happened.

“Can you tell me what to do? teacher.”

“… … Well, got it.”

Rudger said so and came close to her.

Flora shouted in her heart that she had done it, but her face began to heat up as Ludger’s face got closer.

“So, what exactly is not going well?”

“Uh, that, so… … .”

“Your face is red. Are you feeling unwell?”

“yes yes? me? Oh, no, I don’t have any particular pain… … .”



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“Do you have a fever?”

Rudgar raised his hand and placed it on her forehead.

Flora dyed her hair white.

There were times when I shouted and saw it, but when it came true, my heart raced wildly and my rational thinking stopped.

“hmm. I don’t think there is any fever. Try to recreate the lines of magic once again.”

“… … yes.”

As a result, Flora naturally embodies the line of magic as Rudger instructed, and at the same time as instinct dictated.

in such perfect shape.

“Perfect. There doesn’t seem to be any particular problem.”


Flora realized her mistake.

Oh, no. I should have been wrong on purpose.

I regretted it belatedly, but it was already too late.

“Looks good, so I’ll go.”

Rudger went far away again.

Flora cried inwardly.

* * *

A week has passed since the research began.

As promised at the beginning, the study came to an end.

The students who drank magic suppressants and wore sandbags for a week were finally free.

“Your body is very light. It’s only been a week, but something feels different.”

Rene looked at her body condition and couldn’t help but admire.

It hasn’t been that long since the mana was suppressed, but the feeling is new.

Most of all, the feeling of pressure that held me down was gone, so I felt like I was flying farther than before.

“Everyone, come here and measure the amount of mana released.”

Under Rudger’s direction, the students proceeded to measure emissions.

Horsepower measurement is done thoroughly in one space.

There was a large disc on the floor, and an artifact that looked like a crystal ball was placed in the center of the disc.

The measurement method was simple.

After placing both hands on the crystal ball, she poured her mana into it as much as possible.

The mana that flowed into the large disc through the crystal ball circulates inside and measures how much it is.

The draining time is 3 seconds.

The given time was not long because it was to check the instantaneous amount of emission.

In this way, six people took turns and finished all the measurements.

“The results came out.”

All the students swallowed their saliva at Rudger’s words.

Julia, who was always relaxed, couldn’t hide her nervous look.

“As measured a week ago, your average amount of mana released is about 12%. I have already said it, so you will remember.”

And now that I realized the mana pass through 7 days of special training, the newly measured figures.

Through Rudger’s mouth, the result was finally revealed.

“The result of today’s measurement. The average emission of the 6 of you is 36%. 24 percent from before. In terms of numbers alone, it has risen three times. There are individual errors, but it is roughly three times correct.”

“Three, three times?”

The students were surprised, and the staff in the measurement room also widened their eyes when they saw the numbers.

It was the same with the reaction of the observers gathered in one place.

Gathering almost a week after the first day, they couldn’t even imagine that the result would turn out so well.

“Thirty-six percent. How can you come up with such a number?”

“Couldn’t it be that there was an error in the measurement?”

I had such doubts, so I tried re-measuring two or three times, but the result was the same.

12 percent before measurement.

36 percent after measurement.

There was no change according to the number of trials.

“oh my god. It’s tripled.”

“It feels like something is energizing, but that was it?”

Aidan, Linen, and Erendir were genuinely happy.

Flora, Julia, and Freuden didn’t show it off, but they were also admiring the change in themselves.

‘Really, it was.’

Flora stared at Ludger in awe.

As always, he was watching the result, standing with an unshakable upright posture.

Contrary to the astonishment of everyone around him, he seemed to be alone.

I didn’t feel the joy of achieving my goal or anything like that.

On the contrary, it is so calm that it is surprising.

‘I wonder if he was sure it would turn out like this.’

I know that Rudger himself became stronger through this method.

But I couldn’t guarantee that the same would apply to others.

Nevertheless, Rudger gathered people, conducted research, and preached his teachings.

How big a laugh will come back if you fail.

The tower that had been built so far could collapse at once.

Even so, he was not afraid and did not stop.

The result was now.

‘How can he do that?’

How can a person be so strong?

How can you not have a single doubt on your way.

‘I thought it wouldn’t work.’

Rudger was relieved to see the successful outcome.

I was nervous inside, fearing that some variable would produce a bad result.

Fortunately, the results exceeded expectations.

Thinking so, the wizard of the old mage tower among the observers stood in front of the magical power measurement tool himself.

“I can’t believe it. That this much has changed in just one week? No matter how you look at it, isn’t it strange? Maybe the meter is wrong!”

At his words, the observer belonging to the school association also nodded.

It’s just that he wasn’t talking strongly, and his inner thoughts were no different from the wizards of the old mage tower.

The wizard of the old mage tower who touched the meter drained his mana as much as possible.

Obviously the artifact is wrong.

Undoubtedly believing that, he trembled his lips when he saw the result.

[Maximum Magic Discharge 15%]

That’s less than half of what students now have.

But this is not low. From an absolute point of view, it was quite decent.

But what puzzled him the most was that this matched his mana output perfectly.

‘Isn’t the meter wrong?’

I rather hoped the meter was wrong.

However, looking at this result, it was said that there was nothing wrong.

I was already feeling dizzy.

“oh. Could it be that you didn’t believe it?”

The moment the president’s voice passed by his ears, the observer of the Kuma Tower shuddered.

“Cheer, cuckoo. no. It’s not that I didn’t believe it, I just checked it out just in case. Isn’t that what you want to be sure as an observer?”

What he had just said in his own words that he couldn’t believe it had already been erased from his mind.

“Just that, that, that. A minor misunderstanding.”

“Oh, is that so? I’m really glad that the misunderstanding has been resolved.”

“Heh, heh heh heh.”

The wizard of the old mage tower laughed awkwardly, and the observer sent by the school association also noticed and broke into a cold sweat.

It was fortunate that the exorcism tower became an arrow holder, but that didn’t make me proud.

“Well, then we’re done.”

Leaving such clichés, the observers left their seats.

Only Rusek, the only observer of the New Mage Tower, bowed his head politely.

After the president replied with a light nod, he turned his gaze to Rudger.

“Thanks for your efforts. Mr Rudger. You have shown good results.”

“It’s still coming. In order to completely clear away the disbelief, it is necessary to periodically measure the students’ mana output over the next three days. We need to prove that this is a short-term outcome.”

Someone could say that the instantaneous release increased due to the power of the drug.

To prevent that, I was thinking of putting in an additional measurement over 3 days.

Most magic drugs do not last more than a day, so that was enough.

Magical drugs that increase the amount of instant release are expensive, have a short effect duration, and even have aftereffects.

So, more detailed adjustments were needed to completely clear away the suspicions of that part.

“That would really stir up academia.”

“President. I hope you haven’t forgotten your promise.”

“Sure. Mr. Rudger has shown sincerity to this extent, how could I be shameless?”

From the time the president read the materials that Rudger handed over in advance, he made every effort to create this place.

“congratulation. Soon, many will know of Mr. Rudger’s great discovery.”

“Is that so.”

“What is it. I don’t think that’s a very happy response. What’s wrong?”

“no. it’s nothing.”

Rudger was vaguely evasive.

‘Now, it’s really irreversible.’

in the next few days

If his announcement becomes widespread, then it will be truly irreversible.

Because after all, this wasn’t his pure product.

‘Now that I’ve spread the method Master taught me, I really can’t hide anywhere.’

The recipe for the magical suppressor is not going to be disclosed, but will that be enough?

I think it was a necessary process, but the aftermath of it is scary to imagine.

What other people are bothering?

Does not matter.

Isn’t it still the same anyway?

Just ignore it like you normally do.

‘But Master is different.’

You should have woken up at the time you used his blood.

And you would have noticed.

What did the disciple do while secretly leaving?

‘If we meet, should I apologize first?’

maybe really die

I’m a disciple, so I have to kill him? I want to, but no one can grasp Master’s personality.

While Rudger had such thoughts with an expressionless face, the president’s eyes lit up.

‘A reaction that doesn’t care even after producing this kind of result. He’s more fun than I expected.’

I knew that the name and identity of Ludgar Celish was fake.

However, seeing him more competent than that makes me wonder what his real identity is.

For what purpose did he come to Seorn?

What the hell is he hoping for here?

It didn’t look like he was trying to take anything from Ceorn.

Rather, looking at what he is showing now, he seems impatient because he can’t give and show everyone what he has.

A person more like a teacher than a teacher.

That was Ludger Celish in the eyes of the rector.

‘I’m curious. What is this man’s real face?’

If time passes someday, will the day come when you tell me your true identity?

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