I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 214

Episode 214 Order Synod (1)

As the order meeting began, the most taciturn First Order raised a hand.

The reason why I had no choice but to say that I had raised my hand was because, literally, something like a slender hand came out of the round fire.

“okay. Leslie. Do you have any questions?”

Is the name of the guy who hasn’t talked the most so far, Leslie?

Now I know all the names. However, what they do outside has not yet been revealed.

“I will say it without shame to Zero Order. There is a vacancy in the position of the First Order this time, does that mean that Esmeralda died in the middle of the mission?”


“I didn’t want to believe it, but what Nikolai said was true. If so, may I ask what happened?”

It must have been unbelievable to them that the same First Order, who controls the highest level of fire spirits, had died.

It’s understandable to be curious.

The question is, how will Zero Order react?

The eyes of the First Order, including myself, turned towards the Zero Order.

While thinking about what kind of expression the Zero Order inside the mask would be making, he opened his mouth.

“Hmm. I hope John Doe, who was on site at the time, explained that.”

Are you pointing an arrow at me here?

Even in the sudden situation, I smiled.

It’s fun.

“Esmeralda’s death came with Quasimodo. To be precise, the two mutually destroyed each other.”

When I opened my mouth as if I had been waiting, everyone reacted with curiosity.


“You may not know, but First Order Esmeralda, or more precisely, Quasimodo, the fire spirit she commands, was the real First Order.”

“When you say Quasimodo, do you mean that ugly monster?”

To Bentmin’s question, I answered yes.

“okay. Originally, Esmeralda was just an existence to command Quasimodo. In reality, her Quasimodo was her body controlling her. The master-servant relationship was reversed.”

This is the opposite case where an evil spirit manipulates a human to move itself, not the normal relationship between a spirit and a spirit.

I revealed the truth to everyone.

As explained to Zero Order, when Quasimodo was cornered, Esmeralda started to resist, and that’s how they disappeared.

“It must be a co-destruction.”

Leslie, who had asked the question, muttered as if she had understood.

“Did he really have that peculiarity? So, in fact, Esmeralda may not be suitable for the position of the First Order. It is the end befitting an imperfect force.”

“However, the power was real. I feel sorry for that empty seat. Actually, I wanted to analyze it a little bit! Oh hyo hyo!”

Even if the existence itself was imperfect, Quasimodo’s power was not lost anywhere.

Insane life force that regenerates even after being hit directly by the great magic of the 6th tier conflicting attribute.

And even a flame with the will to burn anything.

I knew it because I was at the age I had personally fought.

The reason the Zero Order recruited him into the First Order must have been because of his terrifying power and power.

Even so, I don’t see a single guy who is sad or sorry for a colleague who has fallen.

There is no such thing as camaraderie between each other.

Zero Order opened its mouth.

“So I’m thinking of picking up a new First Order. Is there anyone against it?”

Everyone shut up at the question of the zero order.

They must have noticed quite a bit when we left the vacant executive position.

Even if a new First Order is created anyway, he probably won’t oppose it because it has nothing to do with him.

“Oh Hyo-hyo. Mr. Zero Order. So, who will be the new First Order? Does anyone have any thoughts?”

“I want to ask what you guys think. Do you have any comments?”

“First of all, I would like to appoint a qualified person from the Second Order.”

Nikolai made an appropriate comment.

Among the Second Order, there must be a few who covet the position of the First Order, or have the ability to rise to the position.

“Then, Nikolai. Is there anyone you recommend? If there are subordinates who can be used under his command, consider it.”

“haha. I’m sorry, but the members below me are only people who are not fit for a position in the First Order. But above all else, I don’t think there will be anyone who will be in the eyes of Zero Order.”

“As expected.”

“Well, that was just what I said. After all, aren’t all the people present here personally selected by Zero Order? ha ha ha.”


Everyone gathered here was not from the bottom up, but was taken and picked by the Zero Order himself.

‘Even in Esmeralda’s memories, the Zero Order directly recruited Quasimodo.’

Perhaps the reason why I was invited to this place was to replace the now deceased John Doe.

Zero Order is meant to make me the real John Doe.

Is it going from fake to real?

What an irony.

“We, the First Order, respect the Zero Order’s choice.”

When Nikolai said that on behalf of Leslie, she did not hide her discomfort.

“Nikolai. Please refrain from acting like you are our representative.”

“what? is that so? I just spoke for everyone because everyone was quiet.”

“Even if you don’t have to say anything, our opinion is the same. He doesn’t have to go out like that.”

“Oh, you are scared. Let me listen.”

Perhaps because of the Zero Order, the atmosphere between the two did not go any further than that.

‘The relationship between the First Order doesn’t seem very good.’

Well, they have abilities, and they all have weird personalities.

Seven fire witch Esmeralda-class gathered in one place?

It must be close to a miracle that these guys come together in one place.

Was it possible because of the charisma of Zero Order?

“Well, nothing about this except for me to bring in someone suitable for the First Order. Still, there are a few people who have had their eyes on it lately, so it won’t take long.”

In the end, Esmeralda’s vacancy was decided by Zero Order recruiting a new member.

“ruler. Then we move on to the second agenda. Is everyone doing their job well?”

Just like how John Doe sneaks into Ceorn, buys their favor, and carries out a special mission ordered by Zero Order.

Other First Orders also have their own roles.

Leslie was the first to speak.

“yes. This is progressing smoothly. The old wizards will self-destruct without knowing what they are doing. That’s not too far.”

old wizard. self-destruction. It wasn’t long.

I listened to Leslie.

‘What will happen in the earliest days related to wizards?’

only one comes to mind.

It was “Mysterious Night”.

‘If it’s an old wizard, does that guy belong to the old mage tower? Or maybe he’s the leader of the School Association.’

Even the new mage tower could not be excluded from the list of suspects.

Although it is said that it is made up of relatively young people, it is not that there are no old wizards.

Whatever it was, as long as the opponent was the First Order, it was clear that he held a fairly high position in an organization.

“iced coffee. Same for me. They are working hard to stir up people’s anxiety and fan the liberation soldiers behind the scenes.”

It was Nikolai who said that.

Is this an agitator who supports the Liberation Army behind the scenes and shakes up ordinary citizens?

However, it is impossible for an ordinary person to be fluent in all kinds of information.

‘If you see him showing firm confidence in this part, he must be sitting in a high position in some institution.’

intelligence agencies of each country.

Among them, there was a high possibility that he would be sitting in the seat of at least a middle leader.

The Intelligence Bureau of the Exilion Empire is no exception.

“I’m also progressing calmly, but there are parts that are a little annoying.”

It was Bentmin who spoke next to Nikolai.

“The consolidation is progressing step by step, but I haven’t found ‘it’ that has gone away yet. So I think it will take a little while.”

integrated. And is it something you are looking for?

If it is integration, it means that we are separated from each other, but just looking at the way we speak, what is there to unite from the position of the noble Bentmin?

“Oh Hyo-hyo. I am… … .”

Then it was Victor Dreadful’s turn.

Victor, who would normally be excited and chattering, showed a slight hesitation when it was his turn.

When he didn’t answer, Nikolai smiled coyly.

“Oh right. Didn’t Victor say that the laboratory was attacked by someone this time? No, this isn’t the second time?”

“yes? Is it really? No, Victor, you usually act so conceited, so what the hell is going on?”

Victor said in a weeping voice.

“It’s unfortunate! Doesn’t the test subject escape on its own, doesn’t an unknown intruder appear! The lower ones didn’t do their job properly!”

“It is your fault for not managing the lower ones properly. I want you to pay more attention to yourself and not just focus on your experiments.”

Leslie scolded him.

Victor could not resist and asked for help from Berom, who was sitting next to him.

“Night Berom! Say something. You were there too!”

“damn. Why are you biting me? It has nothing to do with me.”

“You are responsible for missing the enemy! You should have caught it then!”


Berom sighed.

“Berom. Did you have something to do with it too?”

“Leslie. Let me tell you, the Baltanung branch had already been robbed when I arrived.”

“Still, it looks like you’re facing an enemy. Did you miss that?”

“Because he wasn’t an ordinary guy.”

“Amazing. If you were using the power of the Black Armor, you would have been able to subdue any opponent at once. Not to mention, the Warlock and Victor were also there.”

“The warlock was already dead, and this mad scientist almost died. I was the one who saved you.”


Having said that, it seems that Leslie was also interested.

“It seems that some pretty great people have invaded.”

“Guys? no. It wasn’t many that came in. I was alone.”


“okay. Alone. He’s on a different level, too.”

Victor wanted to help at this time.

“that’s right! What a nonsense person! I mean, I wrapped myself in a black shadow and jumped through space!”

“Besides, that fire magic that he showed at the end. It was nothing out of the ordinary.”

After Victor and Berom said this, Nikolai couldn’t contain his curiosity and asked.

“Who was it? Did you see the impression?”

“I couldn’t see it because it covered my whole body with a shadow. The only thing he knows is that he jumps over the shadows and moves through space. And it uses great magic of great power. Because the factory became a sea of ​​fire in one shot of that magic.”

“It’s a sea of ​​fire… … . Come to think of it, didn’t I say that the Lederbelk branch was also completely burned down?”

“that’s right! I saw and heard that too!”

“Hmm. I suspect that the person who attacked the Baltanung and Laedervelk branches is the same person.”

Nikolai’s guess was sharp.

Actually, I burned both of them with fire.

It’s just that I did it, they wouldn’t even dream about it.

The First Order, who had various opinions about the unknown intruder, concluded that they should be vigilant because there was little they could find out right away.

“So John Doe. what did you do?”

The last batter was me.

“I have infiltrated Seorn, amassing a track record as a teacher and gaining their trust. It’s actually going well.”

The mission given to John Doe is simple.

Since he is a guy who specializes in disguise, infiltration, and assassination anyway, the scale of his mission is remarkably small unlike other First Orders.

I closed my mouth as if I had finished my business with those words.

It was at that moment that Nikolai opened his mouth at the moment when he thought it would be okay.

“Hmm. I’ve been hearing a lot of news lately. John Doe. They say you are very competent as a teacher.”

“… … .”

I glanced at Nikolai.

The guy could only be seen as a black flame, but it wasn’t to the extent that I couldn’t even feel the emotion in that gaze.

“But it is very strange. You’re making your name known too much. Unlike you before.”

What was in his gaze was ‘doubt’.

“I hear that name often these days. Rudger Chelsea. create new magic Rudger Chelsea. do a great job Other guys don’t know, but I hear that name a lot.”

“So what do you want to say?”

When I said it with irritation, Nikolai waved his hand and said,

“me? Ahaha. I don’t have anything specific to say. It’s just a little bit, that the behavior you’ve been showing lately isn’t like you.”

It’s not like me, is it?

Nikolai said it in passing, but the other First Orders affected by it stared at me.

Even if he pretended not to be Nikolai, the point of what he was saying was only one thing.

Are you really John Doe?

‘This is true.’

Zero Order just watches this scene as if it’s funny.

It was the attitude of a perfect bystander who would not intercede or help.

‘It’s interesting.’

Are you deliberately keeping your mouth shut?

Zero Order’s idea was too blatant.

If that’s the case, I have no choice but to go a little blatantly here.

“John Doe. why don’t you say anything? Or something really fishy… … .”


I stared at Nikolai and opened my mouth.

“It’s hard to keep listening to your nonsense. Why is your tongue so long?”

Nikolai shut up at my rant.

The atmosphere at the round table turned chilly.

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