I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 211

◈ Episode 211 Ancient Language (2)

next day.

Rudger called six volunteers into the lab.

“Starting today, you will undergo a clinical study for a week.”

The students who sat in their seats listened to Ludger’s words with half-expected, half-nervous eyes.

“Before entering, you must have received a magic checkup in advance. And here are the results on the checkup sheet.”

Through the magic check, it was clearly recorded how much magic there was and how much was maxed out.

“Based on this record, you guys will measure and record how much your magical power has increased over the course of a week. And the president who created this place will help.”

“Hi guys.”

President Elisa Willow speaks softly while waving her hand.

Students gathered at the table said, ‘Why the hell is the president here?’ He stared at her with her gaze.

The main reason the six students were nervous was her presence on site.

“The president said he wanted to observe in person. It is a research that can be carried out thanks to the president, so everyone should be happy to welcome it.”

The students clapped their hands in disbelief.

However, it was not only the president who was present as an observer.

“Oh oh. To see a study like this in person!”

Rusek from the New Mage Tower who gave Ludger his business card on the day of the magic festival.

And a wizard belonging to the old magic tower and a wizard from the school association.

There were a total of four observers, including the president.

Lusek looked expectantly.

On the contrary, the old magic tower and the wizard belonging to the society still showed a suspicious expression on their faces.

It was said that they were conducting clinical research, so they observed, but the two of them honestly wanted to see if this would be as easy as it sounds.

“First of all, before starting the research, let me explain exactly how to proceed. The method I will use for this study will start by suppressing the existing mana.”

“Suppressing means taking the special medicine you mentioned at the time?”

Aidan raised his hand and asked.

Standing in front of the magic board in the lab, Rudger nodded.

“Yes. Of course, there will be people who wonder how the emission is increased. So take a good look here.”

Rudgar floated the materials he had prepared on the magic board.

Pieces of paintings that are meandering but have some regularity.

It was a language I had never seen before as a student.

“That… … .”

“An ancient language more than a thousand years old. Larsilla.”

Even with such an explanation, Larsile was an unfamiliar word to the students.

Rather, it was the observers who responded.

“Larsil language. Could it be that the method is written there?”

“No, more than that, the Larsile language must be an uninterpreted character.”

When everyone was puzzled, Rudger calmly continued his explanation.

“After all, this is more like an ancient language class. I’m not trying to teach you how to interpret it, so I’ll just get to the point quickly. Look here.”

The Larsile language was engraved on the magic board in the lab.

“As you can see, the form is messy. Since the language system of Larsile is basically complicated, it was unavoidable that the language was lost. Because a language is at least intuitive and simple to learn. Look at this example.”

Even the simple greeting, “Have you eaten?”, has a different meaning starting from the smallest part, and there are more than 10 types.

“Larsil has very little in common with the more than 3,000 languages ​​that have existed. As a result, it is difficult to infer the roots even with the existing language. If there is at least a connection, there is some similarity in Queoden.”

However, Rudger continued his explanation.

“That alone does not completely decipher the Larsile language. Because they used a total of 3 types of letters at the same time. Queodense is part of the language that symbolizes ‘Lar-Sil’ among the three.”

The students opened their eyes wide.

And it was the same for the observers.

“That is why the name Larsile was added to a language that should not have been originally named. The only interpretation, the Lar-sil part, became the name. As for the other two language forms, according to their words, one is ‘geu-ka’. The other is called ‘Sham-Ra’.”

Oh oh.

Upon hearing that explanation, Rusek of the New Mage Tower unknowingly burst into admiration.

“indeed. I can see why Larsile was difficult to interpret. I can’t believe I used three forms of language in parallel. Although they look similar, they are actually completely different characters.”

I could understand why many wizards and archaeologists were not able to interpret it even after sticking to it.

It was only natural that there were actually three letters that I thought were one.

I couldn’t understand even a third of the language, so there was no way to get better.

“No, Ludgar Celisch interpreted it?”

The observer of the old magic tower muttered in disbelief.

Rudger’s explanation continued.

“I have completed the interpretation of two different forms of the Larsile language known to the world, and through this I have come to know the image of the time written in this manuscript.”

The existing letters were erased on the magic board, and other letters began to be engraved.



The other two types of characters that make up the Larsile language were classified in detail.

“This is a word that can be said to be the basic framework. The grammatical part is complicated to explain, so I’ll skip it. That’s not what’s important right now.”

At that, the observers could not hide their regret.

Only the president was watching the scene with eyes full of composure.

The contents written in the Larsile manuscript appeared on the magic board.

“By interpreting the language by combining these words, we can see that this manuscript is the handwriting of a sorcerer. According to the memoirs, ancient mages in the past used crude, primitive magic that had no established spells unlike today.”

The power of ancient wizards, often described as a natural disaster.

It may have been a bit exaggerated, but it was true that the magic of ancient wizards boasted superior power compared to modern magic.

Ludger’s master often said something similar.

-There is no magic these days. In my time… … .

Rudger heard this over 100 times while living with Master.

“According to this journal, the magic they used appears to be as powerful as it is simple. And it says it was possible because there was a ‘great consciousness’.”

“The great consciousness is that . . . … .”

“Yes. It’s a way for ancient mages to increase their mana output.”

And this was the reagent that Rudger was feeding the students participating in today’s clinical research.

“Ancient mages were few in number. At that time, the wizard was a special position that only the chosen ones could ascend. Compared to now, magic has not developed universally.”

As a result, the number of wizards is small compared to now, but that’s why they said they did their best to foster one.

The Great Ritual was the most important process in nurturing such a mighty wizard.

Rinne raised her hand and asked a question.

“Then why has such a method been forgotten now?”

“There are many reasons, but it seems to have disappeared naturally over the years because it was a way that only a few people were connected to.”

“Were you unable to increase the number of wizards?”

“The wizards of this era had a very short lifespan. Although he was a great being, he was often exposed to danger and died.”


Just looking at it now, there were occasional mages who got injured or died because an experiment went wrong.

It would have been worse in the past when magic was not stable.

“To put it all together, a great ritual is training in mana management while restraining mana itself to the limit.”

Just looking at the method, it’s clunky.

‘It’s just an idea that ancient people would come up with.’

It was unknown whether it would be useful to expect it, but isn’t that why this place was created?

“Then the explanation ends here. Assistant Sedina? Bring what you have prepared.”


Sedina hurriedly brought the prepared bottle to each student.

“This, this… … .”

The students looked at the bottle in front of them and made a mysterious expression.

Ludger’s special medicine.

To be precise, it was a magic suppressant that ancient wizards drank in the past.

“The color… … Is it unusual?”

If there is a problem, it will be in the visual.

Because it looks like sticky purple porridge. Even bubbles were rising.

Everyone, including the observers, felt the same way.

‘Isn’t this poison?’

He looked at Rudger with such a questioning gaze, but Rudger was adamant.






drink this? I think I’ll die of poisoning the moment I drink it.


The moment everyone hates.

Surprisingly, Line was the first to summon up the courage.

Taking a sip of the purple liquid, Line opened her eyes wide.


“Lee, Lee! are you okay?”

“… … Surprisingly, it tastes good, doesn’t it?”

“Oh, really?”

“yes. It’s really okay. Feeling like a slightly sweet juice? Try it, too.”

Rine said that and drank the reagent in one gulp to prove it was not a lie.

Seeing that there was no change in the expression, it seemed that the taste was really good, unlike the appearance.

So, shall we have a drink?

The people who hesitated at the words began to put reagents in their mouths one by one.

And various reactions erupted.

“Big! write!”

“… … hmm.”

“Be sweet.”

Some said it was fine, while others frowned at the terrible bitter taste.

In particular, the 3rd Princess Erendir and Freuden Ulburg suffered the most.

“ah. I forgot to explain. Each person’s taste will be different. However, there is no particular effect on the body, so just bear with it.”

‘This human… … .’

Freuden glared at Ludger with a sharp gaze.

That’s obviously done on purpose.

It is clear that he purposely made it tasteless by pointing out only the students he did not like.

Ludger lightly dismissed Freuden’s gaze.


Of course, the taste of the reagent is slightly(?) different depending on the students. It’s because I added a lot of sweetness to make it less bitter for students who listen well.

Anyway, the effect itself is the same.

Trying to argue with it is useless.

‘But what about Aidan? … .’

Aidan was a model student, but to be honest, he was also the most unpredictable guy.

A special bitter taste was added in order to calm down a little, but surprisingly, he drank the reagent without changing his complexion.

“Oh oh. This is the ancient reagent taste. I feel like I’ve already gotten stronger.”

All the other people who tasted the bitterness were about to die, but he was the only one who muttered such words with a normal face.

“… … I drank it all at once. A response will come soon.”

It was as Ludger said.

The students who drank the reagent did not react at first, but felt something strange after 5 minutes.

“Ugh! My body is heavy.”

“what. What about this feeling?”

Should I say it feels like being submerged beneath the sea level with your whole body bound by invisible chains?

Obviously, there is no discomfort in moving the body, but the stuffy and annoying feeling did not leave.

“Looks like everyone has responded.”

“teacher. This… … ?”

“As I said before, it is the effect of the magic suppressant. It’s because the mana you normally deal with naturally is hardened and doesn’t move properly.”

“Something, something difficult.”

“Of course. You say you’re going through a learning process, but you guys are definitely wizards. Now that Mana, which has always been with us, does not move as we wish, we are no different from ordinary people who are a little better.”

For a magician, the fact that mana doesn’t work the way he wants must feel like a part of his soul has fallen off.

Of course, it is bound to be an unfamiliar and strange sensation.

“Try to move your magic in that state.”

As instructed by Ludgar, the students focused their attention on using their own magical powers.

The mana, which should normally flow out as naturally as breathing, did not move as if something had blocked it.

As if a huge dam had opened the water gate a little bit.

It was difficult to extract even 1% of the mana he used to use.

It’s only been 10 minutes, but still no students have successfully discharged their mana.

Sweat began to run down the students’ foreheads.

“stop. until there.”

As Ludger’s words fell, the students who lost their concentration let out a breath that they had been holding back.

Huh Eok. Huh Eok.

Ludger’s heavy voice resounded in the laboratory, where only the sound of rough breathing lingered.

“It will be difficult for everyone because it is the first time. It is mentally embarrassing that the mana, which I normally deal with naturally, does not move.”

“This… … Are you going to do it for a week?”

To Aidan’s question, Ludger replied yes.

“Today is the first day, so focus on getting used to the feeling of being heavy now. The full-fledged release will begin the next day.”

“How long does the effect last?”

“Exactly one day.”

At those words, Erendir let out a pained sound.

It bothers me because of the feeling of alienation even though I can only breathe, and this state lasts all day?

I even thought of giving up.

Honestly, I would be lying if I said I didn’t look down on this clinical study.

“A day would be enough to get used to that sensation. Half a day, maybe even shorter, if you have some talent. In that state, you must know how to use magic. Because the process itself is part of the experiment.”

Rudger checked his watch.

Prior to the full-scale experiment, when I explained about the ancient language, two hours had already passed.

It feels like I’ve had one more class.

“Today is dissolution with this. It’s the first day, so there’s nothing to record.”

“If you do this… … It must really work, right?”

Julia asked, wiping the sweat from her forehead with a handkerchief.

I still doubted whether it was really possible to increase the amount of mana released in such a primitive way.


However, the answer that came back was absurdly resolute.

“I will show you the proof.”

Rudger said so and released his mana.


A huge resonant sound resounded around him, and a bluish mist began to flow.

A magical fog that appears when high-density magical energy is gathered.

It was a phenomenon that could only be seen when high-ranking wizards used great magic.

“This is 50 percent of my total horsepower. Exactly half.”

That alone filled the laboratory with bluish energy.

The students held their breath, and the observers widened their eyes at the sight.

“It took less than two seconds to release this amount. It’s a figure that far exceeds the average discharge of a wizard.”

Ludger’s voice in it had a mysterious resonance, like a person walking on clouds in the sky.

Shoot Aaaaa!

Eventually, the blue mist followed Ludger’s will and was sucked back into his body.

“If you guys follow my instructions well for the rest of the week.”

Rudger, who appeared from the fog, looked at the students and said.

“You too can be like this.”

There was no answer.

The tremendous figure Ludger showed me a while ago.

My mouth froze because I was overwhelmed by the sight.

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