I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 208

◈ Episode 208 Visit of a Guest (1)

‘at las!’

James Moriarty became a full professor.

Casey Selmore’s eyes lit up the moment she saw that historic(?) sight.

My heart was pounding with anticipation that the full-fledged James Moriarty story would finally begin.

‘I can see what this person is trying to do.’

This time, I won’t miss a single action.

It was the moment I was about to think so.

Casey realized that something was pulling her body hard.


A thought passed through my mind at that moment.

Come to think of it, how long did I stay in my memory right now?

More than that, how long did this last?

‘for a moment!’

Casey shouted urgently, but to no avail.

Unable to read all the memories contained in her magical power, she was kicked out as if she was thrown out of the flow of memories.

‘It’s just the beginning, hehe!!’

For a moment, let your consciousness be immersed in darkness.

Casey Selmore opened her eyes and jumped up from the bed.

Looking around, it was deep in the morning, the sun hadn’t risen yet.

‘for a moment. Artifact?’

The paper he held in his hand had lost its blue color and was discolored.

The artifact’s duration has run out.

‘end? It’s over here?’


I thought I could barely follow his trail.

“Aagh! it’s annoying!”

When I couldn’t hold back my anger and screamed, I heard Betty’s cry from the living room.

“Casey! What time is it now, talk! be quiet!”

* * *

‘The Kingdom of Delica.’

Returning to his private quarters, Rudger remembered what happened three years ago.

He earned the title of the godfather of crime as James Moriarty, but in reality, everything he did was more about spreading what was happening around the world.

‘There were many secret facilities hidden in the Delica Kingdom.’

Preparations for war at the national level.

And all the inhumane experiments done for it.

The Steel Choir project was only part of it.

There were a few more, much more secretive jobs that weren’t known to the public.

One of them was the development of gunpowder that is not affected by magic.

I thought the factory that made the gunpowder was burned down.

It seems that the person who made it was different.

‘It was Victor Dreadful who developed that gunpowder. Circumstantially, it can be seen as certain.’

I raised my head and looked up at the night sky outside the window.

The bluish moonlight was shining down with a strangely warm light.

Thanks to that, I was able to calmly organize it.

‘Liquid Golem. A high-performance automaton. Considering the person who made it, it’s not impossible to make gunpowder that isn’t affected by magic.’

And in order to use it to see if it worked well, he must have contacted the Liberation Army and handed over this gunpowder to them.

People will only be interested in the Liberation Army who carried out the bombing, and will not know what is hiding behind it.

‘I got rid of their secret branches in Laederbelk and Baltanung, but they won’t disappear unless you remove the root buds.’

As expected, not being able to kill Victor Dreadful was always regretful.

But I couldn’t help it even if I thought rationally.

I didn’t expect there to be another First Order.

‘But thanks to you, I found out information about the new First Order. Black Knight Berom. The First Order, who uses an old-fashioned way of speaking and bloody red swords.’

As a result, there are a total of three First Orders whose identities are unknown.

What abilities and strengths do the other three have?

And the power of the Zero Order that gathered them all… … .

Rudger glanced at the ring that Zero Order had handed over.

Now that I think about it, it was strange that he gave me this ring.

‘It was given on purpose. To invite me.’

Zero Order was a kind of president.

The other person is not the person he used to know, but if he is competent, he will reach out somehow.

If you put it well, you’re bold, and if you put it badly, you’re a crazy person.

‘but. If you’re going to do something like this, you can’t do it with your sober mind.’

How will your next meeting with him turn out?

Thinking so, Rudger closed his eyes.

In the blue moonlit night fading through the window curtains.

Rudger sat down in his chair and fell asleep quietly.

* * *

the next morning.

Rudger, who went to work early even though there were no classes, found Sedina cleaning the teachers’ room from the morning.

“Ah, sir.”

Rudger checked his watch.

It wasn’t even time to eat breakfast yet.

“Sedina. You left for work early.”

“yes. I am working hard not to get in the way of you as you start your day.”

“Have you eaten?”

“Oh, no. yet. That’s fine though. I brought a packed lunch!”

Saying that, Sedina showed the lunch she had packed.

When I opened the lid, the inside was full of fresh green vegetables and fruits.

Is it like a half elf?

“… … There is a lot of grass.”

“yes. It’s good for health and I like it. Oh. Has the teacher eaten?”

“no. I haven’t done it yet.”

Rudger always eats breakfast separately.

Lunch was usually eaten with the same teachers, but even that became rare after the festival.

“For now, I plan to eat in moderation in the morning.”

Saying that, Rudger pulled out a large container prepared in the teachers’ room.

Inside, there was powder made from grinding all sorts of grains and herbs.

It was a processed food called Magic Meal that wizards ate.

Sedina asked in a trembling voice.

“Are you sure you want to eat only that?”

“Yes. Does that matter?”

“Of course there are problems!”

When Sedina screamed, Rudger flinched involuntarily.

As he seriously pondered whether he had pressed the wrong switch, Sedina strode forward and snatched the magic mill from Rudger’s hand.

“Isn’t this the Magic Meal that wizards often eat because they can’t afford to eat?”

“… … Yes. I tend to use it too.”

“They say it makes you feel full and makes meals easier, but this is not the case! Imbalanced nutrients ruin the body!”

“Uh, um. yes.”

“I can’t. I’ll share the lunch I brought with you, so eat it all!”

“Isn’t this your morning?”

“it’s okay! I have one more thing prepared!”

With that said, isn’t that what brings out another lunch box?

Rudger was stunned by the unexpected thorough preparation and couldn’t find a reason to refuse.

“teacher! Vegetables are a must! These ground snacks are said to be the main culprit of ruining the body someday!”

Sedina’s stern expression, like a mother giving a sermon to a child complaining about side dishes, was strangely powerful.

It was one of the things that Sedina could not concede for her idol to eat.

“I can’t. From now on, every morning and evening, I will pack your lunch!”

“… … No, you don’t have to do that.”

“no! It is necessary.”

“I’m afraid you’re having a hard time.”

“I am not struggling at all. Because this is what I want to do.”

If you insist so much, it will be ambiguous to dry it.

Rudger finally gave up and nodded.

“i get it.”

“Then, eat this.”

Saying that, the boxed lunch came out of nowhere.

It’s definitely full of fresh grass.

… … There is only too much grass.

“Is there any meat?”

“doesn’t exist!”

“… … no?”

Rudger stared at Sedina with a shocked face.

Can a person live without eating meat?

Or were half-elves a race that could live without meat?

‘If you look at Bellaluna Petana, that’s not necessarily the case.’

Bellaluna was a pure elf, but also a huge carnivore who loved meat.

However, it is absurd to say that Sedina, a half-elf, does not eat meat.

“How do you replenish nutrients without meat?”

“This packed lunch meal that I created contains all the essential nutrients. This plant here is good to eat because it has vegetable protein, and if you look at the fruit here, it has a lot of fructose and carbohydrates… … .”

A detailed explanation followed.

I wonder if I’m so happy that he asked me, and he answers everything, even the things I don’t even ask.

And after listening to it all, I realized anew that the nutrients are unexpectedly well-balanced.

‘no. I know it has all the nutrients.’

Wouldn’t it be nice to have some meat though?

Ludger wanted to argue that way, but he decided to swallow his words when Sedina stared at him with wide eyes.

I really thought it would upset her if I said that here.

Although Sedina is usually calm and polite as if she were dead.

There was no compromise whatsoever in the part where his own switch went in.

In addition, the tremendous spirit shown at that moment is such that even Rudger feels strangely pressured.

‘Has I felt this pressure since Master?’

Zero Order and Chancellor Elisha Willow.

Of course, these two are the ones who have the power to match it, so I’m going to say that.

I never thought Sedina had a side like this.

“Are you not going to eat?”

As Sedina’s voice grew uneasy and her eyes began to sharpen, Ludger responded hurriedly.

“no. Do not eat.”

The meal started like that.

Sedina sat in a chair and watched them closely.

That’s why I didn’t know if the rice went through my mouth or through my nose.

‘weird. He’s a teaching assistant and I’m a teacher.’

What is this feeling that the relationship has been reversed?

While eating like that, Rudger suddenly remembered something from the past.

“… … Why? Even if the meal doesn’t suit your taste?”

“no. The taste is fine. It tasted better than I thought.”

It was a compliment, so Sedina blushed and laughed.

“But why… … ?”

“It just reminded me of the old days.”

“ah. If it’s the teacher’s old days… … .”

“No other past, much earlier than that. It was the time when I was walking around with Master.”

Ludger’s Master.

When those words came out, Sedina’s eyes lit up and she began to pay attention.

“Are you talking about your teacher? Who were you?”

“He was a man who could only be called a monster. Someone like me dared not even reach Master’s magic skills.”


Sedina exclaimed in surprise.

Ludgar’s magic skills are at a level that no one in Ceorn disputes, and there is no room for disagreement.

It wasn’t just humility to lift Master up.

Even taking all of that into consideration, Rudger truly thought that he was inferior to Master.

“In a way, I was very lucky that a guy like me was taught by him. After all, he was like he is now when he was with him.”

“What do you mean by similar to now?”

“He also always forced me to eat. But if he had to pick one thing different from you, I think he told me to eat only meat.”

“meat… … Say?”

Sedina’s response was that she had heard things she couldn’t hear.

“Well, I don’t hate meat either, so I ate it often, but… … Because Master strangely likes to eat undercooked meat. When I ate it, I suffered from the fishy taste.”

It was like that at the time, but Ludger’s words were light.

From Sedina’s point of view, it was completely unacceptable.

“Meat! In the world, you can get all the nutrients evenly with only vegetables, but meat that is extremely slanted on one side! This is unacceptable!”

“It is a thing of the past.”

“Of course, I have no intention of blaming that. but… … I have a feeling that it doesn’t fit the teacher’s teacher somewhere.”

Strangely, Ludger also nodded his head in agreement.

‘no. Considering Master’s personality, I don’t know that either.’

He was so unpredictable that it was meaningless to dare to speculate on his actions on this side.

Conversely, the two might get along well.

‘Rather than that, Master must have woken up now.’

The last day of the magic festival.

Rudger used “Master’s blood”, one of the methods he wouldn’t use unless it was really necessary.

It definitely had some effect, and I was able to buy time thanks to it.

There was a reason why Rudger didn’t use it.

‘The moment I use this, Master will realize that I have used your blood and will come to find me.’

It was inevitable, but thinking about what would happen after that made even Rudger’s body tremble.

‘Considering his selfish personality, he probably won’t come all the way here, but he’ll look around and see many places, but he’ll definitely arrive in front of me someday.’

If that happens, it’s a really big deal.

Wasn’t it none other than the person who secretly drew the blood of the sleeping master and escaped?

What would happen if we met

Just thinking about it made my back wet.

‘Maybe he’ll come right now… … .’

when you think so

Someone knocked on the door.

‘Who is it?’

When I asked to come in, the one who showed up was Ceorn’s servant.

“What is going on?”

“that… … A guest has come to see Mr. Rudger.”

“what… … ?”

Rudger’s heart sank.

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