I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 207

◈ Episode 207 Delica Kingdom (3)

“Is the teacher going?”

“It’s something I can’t not go to when I’m called. Personally, I am also interested.”

“To go to a place called the treasure house of knowledge. That’s amazing! It was a place I really wanted to go too.”

“Arte. If it were you, it would be possible.”

Seeing Arte smiling hehehe, Rudger read the invitation.

The date is tomorrow.

Since all I had to do was go there, there was nothing to prepare.

After all, what they want is knowledge from this side.

I’m sure you want to know how the hell you solved the problem.

‘If I get into the society, I’ll have a chance to read books that aren’t in the public eye.’

I was frustrated inside because of the slow progress of my recent research, but a good opportunity came.

If you stop by there, you will find a clue to something.

Casey crossed his arms at Ludger’s figure.

‘I see. This is how this man became a professor at Ordo University.’

When I wondered how Rudger, who had been concentrating on personal research in his room, became a professor, I never thought there would be an inside story like this.

‘More than that, the reaction is surprisingly lukewarm. It’s a place where people who put their body into study are eager to get into it, even if it means paying billions of dollars.

Even though the dean himself invited me.


Casey narrowed her eyes.

What interested me the most was the research conducted by Rudger.

The research materials with all kinds of shapes and formulas were so esoteric that even Casey, who constantly watched from the sidelines, could not understand.

No matter how much the flow in the dream was faster than real time, it was quite an ego.

‘I was proud to have some knowledge in this field, but I can’t understand this no matter how much I look at it.’

If there are at least a few clues, it is that Rudgar’s research is an area that no one has touched so far.

And the main thing is math, but it can be combined with magic.

‘Come to think of it, in the days of James Moriarty, he was called the greatest authority on topology mathematics.’

topology math.

Until then, this study, which was called an extension of geometry and belonged to a subfield, was completely overturned by a man.

The perception of mathematics known to the public was the study of dealing with intuitive objects with the logic of numbers.

However, topology did not play with numbers like other disciplines.

It was more like something beyond cognition rather than mathematics, dealing with abstraction with logic.

‘If the research this man is doing right now is that topology, it’s true that I can’t understand it.’

An incomprehensible esoteric study.

Topology was like that for Casey Selmore too.

However, as a result of stealing Ludger’s research materials, he realized an unexpected fact.

‘These paintings I thought were just figures for topological space. Looking back now, it resembles a magic spell.’

Geometry dealing with space and topological mathematics going beyond that.

A technique combined with topology.

And even the magic that transcends space, which James Moriarty showed.

‘Move space, change phase, set coordinates. What kind of magic was this man trying to create?’

I even made something similar already.

James Moriarty’s movements as seen during the Kunst auction house incident.

The fact that it contracted into a black dot and appeared in a different place was definitely a spatial movement.

‘Space movement magic. That’s what James Moriarty made.’

I vaguely recalled hearing that there was a coordinate designation technique among the magics used by a teacher named Rudgar Celish.

Did you say that magic is shot at completely different coordinates within a certain range centered on the wizard?

Because it seemed difficult to use, it did not receive much attention because it was pushed out compared to the source code with high versatility.

If you think of it as a prototype of space movement magic, the infinite possibilities are rather more than the source code.

‘But what the hell are you planning to do with this kind of magic?’

To see that he made it to enjoy great wealth and fame, he did not reveal his ability well.

All that was shown was the coordinate designation magic, which was a prototype.

If space magic is commercialized, the impact it will have on this world will be impossible to estimate.

Even if you put your name on it as the founder, you could become a great wizard who will go down in history.

It didn’t.

This man didn’t.

‘Making space travel magic is not his main purpose.’

For Ludger, space magic was just a ‘means’ to achieve something.

The real purpose was beyond that.

‘What are you planning on doing?’

To think that creating this level of magic was merely a process.

I couldn’t imagine how huge his ambition would be after that.

It felt like what started out as simply looking at the past of that day was going somewhere out of control.

Still, let’s watch for now, Casey comforted herself.

* * *

the next morning.

Rudger finished getting ready to go out.

“and. teacher. cool!”

“is it.”

Because he was called to the conference, Ludger dressed more neatly and in an antique style than usual.

Shiny shoes and black pants with no wrinkles.

He wore a vest with a tie, and a black frock coat over it.

Her long flowing hair was styled all-back and pulled back, and a hat was worn over it.

He even wore a gold monocle over one eye.

‘That look… … .’

Originally, he had a sharp impression, but when he changed his outfit and made his own changes, the feeling changed so much that it was impossible to recognize.

And that look was what Casey was sick of seeing in the past.

It was Professor James Moriarty.

“Don’t go.”

Ludger came out with Sally and Arte seeing him off.

At the same time, he adjusted the amount of light on his face to change his impression.

‘ah. That’s why I didn’t recognize it at first.’

Going beyond a simple disguise and changing the atmosphere and complexion, the charismatic Scion turned into a bloody iron-blooded consultant.

So Rudger rode the carriage that came to meet him and headed for the main building of the Society.

Their destination was the main building of the Society on the grounds of Ordo University.

As if to show off its reputation, the building was very large and magnificent.

Tboob. Tboob.

If you go up the wide central staircase of the main building, you will see “Monas Hall”.

It was a place where famous scholars gathered to discuss and debate.

Rudger went and stood in the center of the hall.

“Is that person?”

“The person who solved the problem was that young man?”

In the center was a blank blackboard.

Rudger took off his coat, hat, and glasses lightly to simplify his attire.

The scholars who had come and waited from the inside showed various reactions to Ludger’s leisurely appearance.

“The atmosphere is extraordinary. Where are you from?”

“That would have spread rumors.”

“You didn’t bow your head once. What a stiff guy.”

surprise, admiration, interest, annoyance.

Most were surprised or displeased that Rudger was younger than expected.

Most of the people gathered here are in their mid-30s, no matter how low they are.

“Jungsuk. Be quiet.”

The words of the dean, who was sitting at the head of the Monas Hall, weighed heavily on the inside of the hall.

The dean opened his mouth with satisfaction.

“Nice to meet you. I am Gord Himbel, the dean of this place. Its name is… … .”

“This is James Moriarty.”

Rudger naturally adopted his pseudonym.

“Moriarty? It’s a family name I’ve never heard of.”

“He must be an up-and-coming aristocrat who bought his position with moderate money.”

Those who were unfamiliar with Rudger’s name had an intuition that he was an insignificant person.

It was so quiet that even the dean didn’t bother to stop it.

“Good. Mr Moriarty. Do you know why you came all the way here?”

“yes. It is to explain the process of how [the Nemar equation] was solved.”

“Can you give us a lesson here?”

“As much as you like.”

That’s how the elimination ceremony began.

On the blackboard prepared in advance, pure white chalk began to fill in countless expressions.

Scholars who initially disapproved of Rudger began to adjust their posture as the solution continued.

Inside the huge and still hall.

In a place where no breathing can be heard, the only thing that resonates is Ludger’s low voice and the sound of chalk hitting the blackboard.

“That is all.”

After the solution ceremony was completed, Rudger glanced at the audience and fixed his eyes on the dean.

Old Gord’s eyes lit up as he looked at Ludger.

“Excellent. It was a truly flawless solution. Mr. Moriarty.”

The title of teacher signified the dean’s recognition of Rudger.

“It’s an overstatement.”

“It is a wonder that such an outstanding man has not even been known by name until now. Do you have a monk?”

“no. doesn’t exist. I just studied on my own because I came from a humble family.”

“Huh. It’s really amazing to have this level of ability by self-study. And in this meeting of ours today, it’s literally heaven’s help. Is there anything else you want?”

“If you want more… … ?”

“Anything is fine. Oh, of course, I will give you the prize money. However, if there is anything else you want, just let me know. I met a wonderful person after a long time, and I want to give you something in my hands as a senior who is walking the same path.”

Dean Gordes smiled softly, taking advantage of his good impression.

Seeing this, Casey shook his head.

‘It’s an obvious ulterior motive. You’re saying that this side is going to get rid of the debt somehow.’

Since Ludger solved the problem this side couldn’t solve, the dean would be coveted.

Besides, I didn’t learn from anywhere, and I was self-taught?

I didn’t fully believe it, but even taking that into account, James Moriarty was a brilliant gemstone.

“If you say you’ll give it to me, I won’t hesitate. Then there is one thing I would like to ask of you.”

“Tell me.”

“I want to become a professor at Ordo University, which belongs to this society.”

At those words, a muffled voice came from the audience.

“You want to be a professor? Do you know how to make a professor at Ordo University?”

“Ask for a position that you can barely come to if you have a career and a reputation. It’s too greedy.”

“Did you become arrogant because you only solved one problem?”

Most thought that Rudger’s requirements were excessive.

Dean Gordes stared intently at Rudger as if trying to ascertain the authenticity of the words.

Rudger also did not escape the dean’s gaze.

“that word. Are you serious?”



When the word of acceptance came out of the dean’s mouth, some scholars protested.

However, the dean spoke in a solemn voice.

“stop. I told you to say what you want with my mouth, and I said I would do it. This is a decision made under the authority of the dean.”

“Ha, but the dean. A professor’s position with only problem solving? This is too much.”

“charge? Then, who here solves the Nemar equation more neatly than Mr. James Moriarty?”

At those words, the audience fell into silence.

There was no way.

Because Rudger was the only person who opened it in the first place.

“I believe that for those like us who are walking the path of learning and scholarship, they will not be unaware that this one is a very big achievement.”

So don’t put your opponent down by saying that you only solved one problem.

Respect his achievements and treat him accordingly.

The dean was saying this.

“Of course, I am not giving you the position of full professor right away. For now, I think of it as a temporary position.”

Having said that, other people couldn’t resist.

If it was temporary, it was nothing more than a position to be kicked out if you didn’t prove your abilities.

‘From the beginning, Dean Gordes had intended to embrace that man.’

Rudger is young and capable, and he doesn’t even have a clear affiliation.

Of course, as the dean, he wanted to attract such a talented person to this place for the reputation of the society.

‘Rather, the dean must have thought that this man’s proposal was right. I was thinking of offering the professor position over there.’

But Rudger told me that he wanted to become a professor on his own.

As a dean, he would have liked Rudger for scratching his itch.

‘Without knowing that it was that man’s ruse.’

In the first place, to Rudger, the position of professor was nothing more than a facade.

Even if it is temporary.

What Ludger wants is the right to read important papers listed in the Central Library of Ordo University.

The position of professor was only a means to that end.

‘Because he can change his status at any time anyway.’

For the dean, who doesn’t know the inside story, it must feel like a pumpkin has rolled in whole.

So James Moriarty became an interim professor at Ordo University.

* * *

A week had passed since Rudger became a temporary professor.

News of the new interim professor spread among college students as well.

And that he will soon be taking the full professor appointment test.

“Wouldn’t it be okay to be a temporary professor placed by the dean?”

“no way. Still, there are other executives besides the dean, so how?”

The students made such a noise and headed to Monas Hall.

When I arrived, it was crowded with people waiting to take the appointment test.

“It begins.”

Inside the darkened hall.

The light gathered in the center of the place, and I saw the figure of a man.

A man like steel who doesn’t feel any tension even though more than a thousand people are watching.

“nice to meet you. This is Provisional Professor James Moriarty.”

He bowed lightly and grabbed the chalk.

“I will start right away without procrastinating. This is a geometry I have been working on lately.”

With that said, he began to write on the board some of the things he had been studying.

It was visible to the people around the hall through magic.

At first, I thought it was a temporary professor who had no ability.

There were many hyenas here who would bite at any loophole.

Hyenas also have very sharp teeth.

However, as the formula that Rudger wrote down continued, no one was able to open their mouths.

There was nothing to point out.

Casey, who had been watching the situation by Ludger’s side, was also convinced.

‘This is why.’

Casey realized anew how Ludger, whose identity was unknown, was able to become a full professor at Ordo.

He is a man whose identity is unclear, not knowing what he did in the past.

Such a person gained fame and occupied a high position.

The reason was so obvious and simple.

It would have been enough if it was just incredibly good.

That he could become Professor James Moriarty.

It was possible because the people here at Ordo University had the knowledge they craved.

‘Knowledge and ability are power.’

Ludger thoroughly won everything with his own ability.

‘That’s not just one specific field, but in all sorts of different fields.’

How could such a person hide his identity and live such a false life?

Even though he has the ability to receive warm hospitality wherever he goes.

“That is all.”

Silence reigned in the hall.

Although he only showed some of the knowledge he possessed.

Everyone had to admit it.


Dean Gordes nodded with a proud face.

The person he sat down with showed more than expected, so he was happy as if he would fly away.

“Is there anyone else I can ask a question for?”

The audience responded in silence to Dean Gordes’ question.

don’t you have no

The dean’s voice, somewhat excited, echoed through the hall.

“Congratulations on that. I wish you well in the future. Professor James Moriarty.”

This is how the story of a man named James Moriarty was born.

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