I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 206

◈ Episode 206 Delica Kingdom (2)

It was a deep night when the full moon rose brilliantly.

Casey Selmore, who left Baltanung, returned to Ledervelk’s lodgings.

The bluish moonlight streamed through the curtains onto the sofa.

“Um? lol.”

Betty was sleeping there curled up like a shrimp.

Did I fall asleep because I was tired of waiting?

‘that’s interesting. How the hell can an automaton sleep?’

I didn’t know if he was really sleeping or if he was just pretending to be asleep.

‘The Delica Kingdom created this Betty.’

Throwing a blanket over Betty, Casey returned to her room.

The bed was full of piles of papers and luggage, and there seemed to be no room to lie down.

I pushed my luggage moderately to make an empty seat, and then threw myself onto the bed.

On the bed, which swayed once and for all, Casey took out a piece of blue-stained paper.

‘A piece of paper containing that man’s magical power. If you use this, you can peek into the memory.’

It is said that the memory that can be seen is random, but that is when a ‘normal’ wizard used it.

Casey Selmore was different.

Casey Selmore concentrated her magic on her fingertips and put her magic on paper.

Ludger’s magic and Casey’s magic were intertwined on the paper.

I slowly closed my eyes.

My mind wandered somewhere far away, and the sensation of being submerged in water tickled my skin.

What I saw when I opened my eyes was the bottom of a fast-moving river.

This was the flow of that person’s memories contained in magical power.

‘Memories are like running water. It’s like time moving from the past to the future. Other people here are desperate to resist so as not to be swept away, but I am different.’

For Casey, who handles water, dealing with this flow was easier than anyone else.

That’s why she didn’t get swept away in this huge torrent and was able to move wherever she wanted.

Casey went back in memory.

In the translucent stream of memories, images of memories passed by like a panorama.

But there was no time to check it out.

If her concentration is distracted even a little, she will be swept away.

The goal is the flow of the past that has been related to one’s traces.

It wasn’t difficult to find it.

Because the scent of the water felt in the memory was fixed like an indicator and was calling her.


Casey left himself in the torrent of memories as it was.

And the vision went dark for a moment, but then the light was restored.

“here is… … .”

What I saw when I opened my eyes was the scenery of Delica Kingdom three years ago.

A man has just entered the city in a landscape that is even a little familiar.

Formerly known as James Moriarty.

A man with no name now called Rudgar Chelsea.

Not much has changed between her appearance three years ago and now.

The face that acts as Ludgar Celish must be the real face of oneself.

‘He was unluckily handsome.’

A sharp face line and a nose bridge as if a sculptor had put all his energy into it.

The eyelashes were also quite long.

Ever since he was born, he has been showing off that he is a noble person.

‘What the hell was he doing?’

It’s amazing that this is the real thing.

However, compared to the days when he was called Professor James Moriarty, it was a bit of a finite impression.

‘Am I looking at memories from a third person’s point of view?’

I doubted it, but it didn’t interfere with seeing my memories, so I decided to watch it in silence.

‘Emotions flow in.’

I didn’t know what he was thinking, but I felt like I was sharing some of my feelings.

James Moriarty.

Having just entered Delica Kingdom, he was slightly excited by the overwhelming anticipation.

“Is this the home of famous mathematicians and scientists?”

His eyes shone intelligently with anticipation for something.

Casey was stunned for a moment and looked at the scene, but belatedly came to his senses.

‘Suddenly making such a face. I was surprised.’

The opponent is a dangerous man who has changed many identities and hid his identity.

Casey, who had rearranged his mind, carefully observed Ludger’s every move so as not to miss it.

Now she’s like a ghost. She couldn’t be farther from Rudger, but she wasn’t bothered by anyone either.

The first thing Rudger did was travel around the capital and learn the geography.

At the same time, whenever I saw a bookstore that stood out, I stopped by there.


Rudger bought several books at the bookstore, mostly math and science related.

‘In the Delica kingdom, there are many books on major subjects because the academic society in that field occupies one of the foundations of the country, but why the hell did you buy that? Are you really going to study?’

It could have been because I wasn’t a professor yet.

It was when she first met James Moriarty, when he was called Professor.

Although he was hiding his identity, his academic knowledge was genuine.

‘Are you interested in studies? Why is such a person hiding his identity? Something’s wrong.’

The sun went down and the night deepened.

Rudger slowly walked down the street looking for a place to stay.

Just then, a small shadow popped out of the alleyway and bumped into Rudger.


“Oh, oh!”

It was a boy in his mid-teens wearing a newsboy cap.

The boy looked at Ludger and lowered his head in surprise.

“Oh, oh! sorry! Nobility!”

It was because Ludger’s well-dressed scion-style appearance reminded anyone of a famous aristocrat.

He even bumped into himself and left black stains on his clothes.

There was nothing strange about hitting the sutra right away.

“done. It’s because I didn’t pay attention properly either.”

“Yeah, but there are stains on my clothes because of me… … .”

“You mean this?”

Rudger smiled at the stain on his coat.

“Does not matter. After all, washing clothes is enough. boy. Are you not hurt anywhere?”

The boy gaped at Ludger’s words.

Contrary to his first impression, his words and actions were very soft.

Casey, who watched it, shouted in disbelief.

‘What is this man? Why are you so gentlemanly?!’

Isn’t it a completely opposite reaction to the first time I met him?

Of course, in the first meeting, she did speak a little in a quarrelsome way.

His impression was different from that of a man named James Moriarty.

‘Is that acting too? no. That’s true. Now I can feel some of this man’s emotions.’

If he lied, she knew at once.

Even so, it doesn’t feel like a lie.

It is said that this man is speaking the truth normally.

‘Is this your original personality?’

A completely unexpected fact made Casey feel like the reality she knew was being denied.

“I-I’m fine.”

Saying that, the boy wanted to get out of this place as quickly as possible.

The moment Ludger was puzzled by that appearance, a shout was heard from the alleyway where the boy jumped out.

Soon after, a pot-bellied man appeared.

“Finally found! You thief!”


Rudger then realized that the boy was holding a book in his arms.

“I finally found you, you thief!”

“Oh no!”

The boy exclaimed in a fit of fuss.

“I paid my money right!”


“But that’s because the uncle doesn’t want to sell it!”

“joy! It must have been stolen money anyway! Because I was suspicious, you handed over the money and stole the book and ran away! Besides, how is a dirty little boy like you reading such a difficult book?”

Rudger knew roughly how things were going.

The bookstore owner held out a savage hand toward the boy.

The boy froze at the sight and closed his eyes tightly.

“stop. don’t go there.”

Rudger stood in front of the bookstore owner.

“… … Who are you?”

The bookstore owner looked at Ludger’s clothes and retrieved his outstretched hand.

At first glance, he looked like an aristocrat, so he had no choice but to be careful with his words and actions.

“It’s not very nice to see a grown adult persecuting a child.”

“under. See you. That guy is a thief who stole our store’s books! What are you defending against? … !”

Instead of answering, Rudger flipped a coin at the bookstore owner.

The owner, who reflexively grabbed it, looked at the golden coin and opened his eyes wide.

“That amount of money should be more than enough to pay for the books my child has. Or should I take change?”

“Kerhemhem. Well, if you say it that way, then it must be so.”

The bookstore owner hurriedly left, fearing that Rudger would ask for his money back.

The boy, who had been watching, trembled and bowed his head to Ludger.

“Well, thank you for your help. That, but Nari. I have no money to pay my lord.”

“Does not matter.”


“It was just my pure goodwill that I paid for.”

“… … .”

A warning light was engraved in the boy’s eyes.

It was unbelievable that someone would send favors for no reason.

“You seem suspicious.”

“yes? Oh no.”

“I understand. Jung If you think so, do it this way. I’m new to this city today so I don’t know the way. Could you tell me a place like a lodging where I can stay moderately? If you do that, I will not accept the price you paid for the book.”


“Because the transaction is cleaner than a simple favor.”

At those words, the boy’s complexion brightened.

“Then leave it to me!”

A boy who goes ahead to guide him and Ludger follows him.

Casey watched it all.

‘Is it more normal than I thought?’

I thought that this man would enter the conference with his foot kicking in, but the first start was trivial.

‘But that boy… … .’

Casey felt an indescribable deja vu when he saw the boy guiding Ludger.

‘no. Once you watch it, you’ll know.’

That man just hasn’t revealed his true colors yet.

At first, I thought I’d keep watching.

* * *

The lodging the boy guided was an inn in a remote area.

However, the inside was kept fairly clean, and the price was affordable.

“Here. It is also where I live.”

“Is your brother here?”

Just then, a cute little girl appeared from inside.

Presumably the boy’s younger sister, she tried to greet her brother, but when she found Ludger with her, she hid behind her brother’s back.

“Oh, brother. Who is that person?”

“This is my benefactor and guest. He doesn’t have to be too scared. Because he is such a nice person.”

As the boy smiled and said, Shelly trotted up to Rudger and bowed her head.

“Oh, hello.”

“okay. Nice to meet you.”

“Nari will be able to stay here! It’s hard to find cheap places like here! The chef’s cooking is also delicious!”

“This guy, Arte!”

At that time, the innkeeper appeared from inside the kitchen with a shout.

He was a bandit-like man with a rough beard, and his first impression was overwhelming even though Ludger, who had gone through all the hardships, was momentary.

“Keck. mister.”

“Where did you go and are you now!”

“I-I was just taking a walk.”

“what? Rather, isn’t that the book you’re hiding behind? Did you go to the bookstore again and buy that useless wad of paper?”

“It’s useless!”

“Arte. listen carefully. People like us don’t have time to put things on our heads. They say they are busy earning and living day by day.”

“Ah, uncle! Okay so stop! I’ve already heard that story over 100 times! And here! We have a guest today!”

The owner, who was about to give a speech, opened his eyes wide when he found Rudger belatedly.

“what. Who are you?”

“The child didn’t tell you. Guest here.”

The owner stared at Arte with disbelief at the word guest.

His eyes were asking if it was real.

“yes. I brought you.”

“Hahahaha! Well done Arte!”

The owner, who had been trying to scold Arte a little while ago, burst into a lively laugh and changed his attitude.

Arte pursed his lips and glanced at the owner.

“customer! Stay thinking that this is my home! I can confidently say that there is no other place around here that is as comfortable as this one!”

“Because I already explained it?”

Seeing them arguing with each other made me think that staying here would not be a bad thing.

“Arte. Since you brought it, show me the room.”

“I was thinking that anyway. lily. Please follow me.”

Ludger followed Arte up to the second floor of the inn.

“This is the room where Nari will stay. It is cleaned every day, so there are not many dirty things.”

“It is more cozy than I thought. Even though the price is cheap.”

“Did I? There is no better place than here.”

Rudger said he would understand and immediately unpacked the luggage he had brought.

Arte looked at it and opened his eyes wide, as if he had discovered something unexpected.

“uh? Isn’t that the academic paper that came out this time?”

“You mean this? While visiting the city today, I stopped by a few other bookstores and stumbled upon it and bought it.”

“Wow, wow. It’s really hard to find.”

“is it? I must have been lucky.”

Arte’s eyes didn’t want to leave the book Rudger had bought.

“Are you interested?”

“yes yes?”

“He seemed to be quite interested in studies. When you look at how he didn’t want to let go of the book even when he was being chased by that bookstore owner.”

“Yes, that… … what. that’s right. My dream is to become a great scholar.”

“It’s wonderful.”

“cool? Others scoffed at it as an unworthy dream.”

“There is no such thing as a dream that does not fit its fountain. Because dreams are the freedom of imagination that a person can unfold.”

Rudger handed Arte the thesis book he had bought.

“If you are that interested, would you like to learn from me?”

“I, really? Why? Why are you like me… … .”

“Because a child who has not neglected learning in such a difficult environment needs a suitable reward.”

At those words, Arte spoke as if gaining courage.

“Well then, I will learn. I want to learn!”


It is a city where you will stay for a long time.

Wouldn’t it be bad to teach them while staying together.

“Call me teacher from now on.”

“yes! teacher!”

* * *

Two weeks passed like that.

Rudger stayed at the hostel and was busy with personal studies and teaching Arte.

“teacher. I’m not sure about this!”

Arte has a passion for learning and has a brilliant mind.

Simply put, he was a gifted kid.

Because he learned everything quickly, Ludger felt a certain joy in teaching Arte.

“okay. What is this problem?”

“It’s a question recently submitted at the conference!”

“If it’s an academic society, it’s Ordo University, which is famous in Delica Kingdom.”

“yes! A high-ranking person in the society bet on the prize money! If you are a teacher, I think you can solve it.”

“This guy. The prize money was the purpose.”

“lol. It’s a combination of both.”

“Give me where.”

Rudger glanced at the problem Arte had brought with his eyes.

Then he took out a pen and started writing down the formula on a piece of paper.

Arte looked at him with admiration.

Only the sound of the pen creaking in the room echoed.

how much time had passed

“All solved. Now, take it.”

“What? Already?”

“Already. An hour has already passed.”

At those words, Arte realized that he had been staring at Ludger’s problem solving for an hour.

“omg! Thank you, sir! I will post this pool and come back!”

Rudger said yes without thinking.

Rudger, who sent Arte, devoted himself to research again.

3 days after that.

Arte came to Rudger, who was engrossed in research in his room as usual.

“Stop, sir.”

“Arte. What happened?”

Arte’s appearance was different from usual.

Her face was red and her breath was gasping.

Arte said at the moment when he wondered if he was sick somewhere.

“Oh, an invitation came from a conference at Ordo University.”


“The problem the teacher solved three days ago! The president wants to meet the teacher who solved it.”

Arte clenched his fists and spoke in an excited voice.

“The Kingdom First Society has officially invited you!”

At that cry, Casey, who was bored of watching, pricked up his ears.

Ordo University.

It was where she first met James Moriarty.

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