I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 201

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◈ Episode 201 Memory (2)

“Uhm. What did I hear wrong?”

Elisa immediately started managing facial expressions.

Even as he said that, he couldn’t hide the trembling of the corners of his eyes.

“You heard it right. I want the position of Director of Planning.”

However, Ludger, who had no intention of backing down, made even that absurd collapse.

How dare you speak so boldly?

Elisha asked again, saying that it was absurd.

“Miss Rudger. Do you know how good the position of Director of Planning is?”

“Aren’t you the head of the Planning Office?”

“I was prepared for a considerable backlash just by pushing the teacher into the planning office. But Ms. Rudger wants a bigger seat.”

For the first time, the president’s golden eyes narrowed.

Her eyes, always crooked with a smile, narrowed and stared at Rudger.

It was like a sharp golden blade.

It didn’t show on the outside, but the demonic eyes that were affected by the agitation of emotions shone.

Rudger laughed inwardly, feeling the tickling sensation running over his skin.

‘He’s agitated.’

I understand.

He gave me the best offer after a long time, but he told me to ditch the car and offer better conditions.

As the president, I wonder if there are all these thieves, and I’ll be angry.

The fact that the power of the demonic eye, which was normally useless, flowed out naturally, clearly showed that she was very displeased.

“If I become the head of the planning department, there will be no opposition. To the extent that it wouldn’t be strange if most teachers went on strike. You probably don’t know the ripple effect, right?”

The position of Director of Planning is not currently vacant for nothing.

head of the planning department.

In other words, you have the authority to organize the internal budget of Seorn.

The moment one person tries to enter, the opposing faction fights and opposes, and it is a place that is canceled.

As soon as even neutral forces enter the position, all sorts of improper solicitation and lobbying become rampant.

In that case, it was clear that Seorn’s work would be paralyzed.

As president, I wanted to avoid that.

“Didn’t the president say that? A person needs a position or a reward commensurate with his or her ability.”

“… … Does that mean that Mr. Rudger has enough skills to sit in the position of Director of Planning?”

Rudger took a sip of the tea in silence.

The president stared at Ludger like that.

“to be honest.”


The sound of tea cups colliding with plates resonates.

Rudger opened his mouth.

“The position of Director of Planning is also not my last name.”

At those words, President Elisha’s eyebrows twitched.

Deed deed———!

Magical power influenced by her emotions began to take over the surrounding space.

The table trembled and there was a big ripple on the calm teacup.

“Does that mean that you are rejecting my offer?”

It’s the same as usual, but the feeling of intimidation feels quite different.

It feels like looking up at Mt. Tae in the distance.

If any teacher were to be brought in front of the president in his current state, he would not be able to meet his eyes.

If you’re weak, you won’t be able to breathe properly.

But even in the tension like an active volcano on the verge of erupting, Ludger remained calm.

It was a strange sight, as if a small boat was sailing leisurely in the center of the open sea where a typhoon was raging.

There is no doubt that the president is feared by everyone and is a wizard with great skills.

However, to be surprised by ‘things like this’, he has come too far.

Rudger had felt the intimidation of an existence even greater than that of the president for too long.

“Didn’t I tell you? I’m grateful for the president’s suggestion.”

“Then why… … .”

“Do you really think that the person you’ve seen so far is a danger to Seorn?”

“… … That’s something you don’t know. Because there is a possibility that it may all be acting.”

“Unlike the always dignified president, this answer made me feel hesitant.”

A space full of pulsating magic power.

Even though it would be difficult to breathe due to the density of the president’s magical power.

Rudger replied with a completely unaffected face.

“I think I have been faithful enough to the president so far. More than anyone else.”

“yes. Obviously it was. I admit that too. That’s why I called you here.”

“And I am still trying to show that faith.”

“… … .”


To say that he would put himself in the heart of Seorn, as if he had conceded himself out of courtesy.

Elisha was right to be angry with anyone.

But Elisha was lost in thought.



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Rudgar was not afraid even though he summoned magic as if he was half threatening.

However, it is not an excuse for a resolution to give up.

The tone of voice and eyes that speak confidently that their actions are not wrong.

If it came out so confidently, I couldn’t help but think that there was some kind of calculation behind it.

“If you give me the position of Director of Planning, you won’t regret it.”


The principal let out a small sigh.

The magic that stirred the terrace like a storm was captured.

“However, it is not something that can be given simply because Mr. Rudger asked for it. We need proof. A proof that no one dares to speak against.”

“yes. I know that.”

As Ludger nodded shamelessly, Elisa raised her eyebrows.

“Do you think Mr. Rudgar has a way to end other people’s dissatisfaction?”

It seems to be asking quietly, but I was sure that there was something.

Rudger laughed to himself.

He is also a quick-witted person.

“If yes, what would you do?”

“It won’t happen in the usual way. They will try to bite the teacher in all kinds of places. If I had been at least a planning and evaluation officer, I would have been able to shelter in some way.”

“The manager’s position is not like that.”

“That’s literally it. Because you become the ruler of a department. In particular, if you are in a place where you can influence the evaluation of other teachers, you will be more vigilant. Besides, Ms. Rudger hasn’t completed a full year yet, has it?”

The vacancy of the position of Director of Planning also symbolized peace.

As soon as someone takes that position, the balance collapses.

I’d rather have no one.

There won’t even be any anxiety.

“The administration, support, and research departments cannot be ignored, but the planning department is different. If you really want to do it, you have to keep your mouth shut and show results that will convince everyone. An achievement that can be ignored even in that short career.”

“Are you talking about achievements?”

“yes. It is an achievement that has no choice but to be recognized with interest not only in Seorn, but also in other academic circles.”

“for example… … .”

“Oh, just for reference, the source code won’t be enough.”

Elisa struck first.

The source code is definitely a great magic.

But the rumors spread too much.

I don’t know the principle yet, but since the magic of source code exists and it has already been recognized by the magic world.

It won’t give you the shock of the first appearance.

“In the first place, you said that you would tell students about the source code according to the test results, right? For other wizards, the information will be released on its own over time, so there is no need to fret.”

“I’m sure it is.”

“But it will be very difficult to show something else. Is it a magic square? Even that is not enough. There are certainly small surprises, but they are not unconventional. Or the coordinate magic you showed me then? That might be a bit harsh. Are you thinking of solving it?”

“This doesn’t work out. Even if they told me, it would be difficult to actually use it.”

“Then there is no way to do this?”

There was even a hint of disappointment in the president’s voice.

“Why do you think there is no way?”

“Then Ms. Rudgar wants to say there is another way? The magic that will heat up the academia?”


At those words, the principal widened his eyes.

“… … really?”

“I am not lying.”

“What is it? Can you tell me what it is?”

“Since we were on the same boat anyway, there’s nothing I can’t tell you.”

Rudgar raised his hand and cast a sound blocking spell around him.

It was a way to prevent anyone from eavesdropping.

A veil of compulsive silence fell over the son-in-law.

Rudger opened his mouth in the silence where he couldn’t hear anyone’s breathing.


The moment he heard that, the president’s eyes, which were already full of doubts, widened to the point of tearing.

The poker face was cracked and the mask was completely peeled off.

The president didn’t even realize that he was making this expression.

What Rudger brought out to that extent was unconventional.


Soon, the sound barrier disappeared.

The timbre that had disappeared beyond the abyss came rushing in like a tide.

“How is it. I think this is enough.”

“… … It’s not high enough. Maybe it will be the 5th magic revolution or something more.”

“It’s not to the extent of giving it such a grandiose name, but I’m just grateful that you evaluated it that way with the president’s high insight.”

He is overly humble and calm for someone who has come up with that kind of idea.

At this point, the president couldn’t help but wonder.

“Are there any other things? Looking at Mr. Rudger’s behavior now, it seems that he still has a lot of things hidden.”

“yes. there is.”

“… … really?”

“Because you wouldn’t believe me even if I wasn’t here anyway.”

“… … .”

The chancellor pursed his lips several times to say something.

But what came out in the end was a sigh close to giving up.

“I’m curious, but I won’t ask. That would also be Mr. Rudger’s money.”

“Thank you for your understanding.”

“… … .”

The president glanced at Rudger with a sullen gaze at the answer that was even a little shameless.

It was a little bit, but the wind got into my cheeks.

“yes yes. I hope you like it. Even though there is such a sure way, he has stayed calm until now.”

“I had no intention of hiding this for the rest of my life. It’s just that the opportunity hasn’t been given until now. However, since I have a chance, I plan to actively use it.”


The president gave a suspicious look, but he couldn’t see through the other side’s intentions.

“Then, just announce ‘it’ and everything will go easy.”

“yes. However, preparation period is required. To publish in academia, you need papers and research processes that follow, but that takes time.”

“Yeah, that’s right. Because in order to prove a new method, it has to be clear that someone has worked. And usually this kind of method takes at least six months to see the effect.”

At that, Rudger shook his head.

“You don’t have to go all the way to six months. The actual effect will be shorter than that.”

“How long will it take, are you so sure?”

“A week is enough.”

“… … Are you serious?”

Elisha unknowingly clenched her fists.

6 months is actually a minimum because this side has made a lot of concessions.

But Rudger only asked for a week.

Elisha’s fine forehead wrinkled.

She couldn’t get rid of the thought that Rudger was making fun of her.

“… … Wouldn’t that be dangerous or something? Instead of taking a short time, it actually has a lot of aftereffects.”

“There is no such thing. It just breaks a lot of money.”

“You don’t have to worry about that. You can do anything to support your research. What else do you need my help with?”

“I would like to arrange a seat for you. And I’m thinking of picking a few people to prove this project.”

“What if it’s a person?”

“Students are good. It will have the most noticeable effect.”

As soon as Rudger saw the rector’s expression change, he jumped at him.

“Again, nothing dangerous. There are no sequelae either. I know you don’t believe it, so I’ll send you the materials separately. You can read it and make your own judgment.”

“… … What if you decide you don’t like me?”

“You can return it. If that is the President’s judgment, I will gladly agree. Final approval is ultimately the prerogative of the President.”

“… … .”

Having said this, the president couldn’t help but be stunned.

“great. Let’s do that first.”

“yes. We will upload the data as soon as possible.”

This conversation was the end of the conversation.

As Rudger was about to get up, the chancellor opened his mouth.

“By the way, Mr. Rudger.”


“What were you actually doing?”

This time, it was a straightforward way of speaking without turning around and asking questions.

At that, Rudger pondered for a moment before replying.

“I am the prince.”

“What is that?”

The chancellor glared at Rudger once and then gave a chin gesture.

“Get out.”

“I see.”

Rudger nodded lightly and left the terrace.

Looking at the back, the president grumbled.

“If you don’t want to tell me, I will say no. How can you tell a boring joke?”

* * *

Less than half a day after Rudger left, a bundle of data was uploaded to the president’s office.

I looked at the sender and it was Ludger Celish.

‘So fast?’

It was as if he knew this was going to happen and prepared in advance.

The president immediately checked the materials sent by Rudger.

Elisha read the material with eyes of doubt and disbelief.

The moment I saw even the slightest loophole, I was thinking of resolutely opposing it.

‘The handwriting itself is very neat and tidy.’

It is said that the handwriting of an ordinary person is influenced by the person’s inclination, but how is it?

The president’s expression gradually hardened as he read through the material while thinking such silly thoughts.

Eventually, when I turned all the pages and looked at all the materials.

The president read it one more time from beginning to end with the pretext of reexamination.

Also very carefully.

After finishing reading it five times, shouting ‘again’ inwardly.


I burst into laughter.

A really cool, unpretentious laugh.

I laughed so much that I even had tears in my eyes.

After the laughter subsided, the president took out his seal and stamped the documents.


* * *

the next morning.

On the bulletin board in the hallway in the middle of the classroom, students gathered and were talking among themselves.

“what? Why are you gathered there like that?”

Aidan became interested in the especially crowded bulletin board today.

At this moment, the intelligent curiosity sensor for magic responded as if it were struck by lightning.

Aidan managed to squeeze through the students and inspect the bulletin board.

“… … uh?”

And saw.

A notice that seems to have just been uploaded this morning.

[Announcement on Recruitment of Clinical Research Participants]

●Clinical study title and purpose

A clinical test to evaluate the effectiveness of maximizing the magical power emission of wizards.

Subjects for clinical research (selection criteria)

Anyone over the age of 15.

However, those who fall under the following conditions are not eligible to participate.

▸Those with a history of respiratory, circulatory, endocrine, blood or other chronic diseases.

▸Those with a history of gastrointestinal surgery that may affect drug absorption.

Benefits of Participation

When you participate, you can receive a magic checkup at no extra cost, and a number of compensations are paid.

It was an announcement for recruitment for clinical research to increase the amount of mana emitted.

However, what caught the attention of the students the most was the name written under the announcement.

●Participation inquiry

Contact Ludgar Celisi, your 2nd grade specialization teacher.

“An increase in the amount of mana released… … ?”

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