I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 200

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◈ Episode 200 Memory (1)

“Lene. What did you say?”

“yes yes? What did I just say?”

Rinne asked dumbfoundedly.

Rudger stared at her wordlessly.

Seeing that intense gaze, like cold steel, Rene shrugged and pursed his lips.

‘What can I do? The teacher must be angry because I asked a question and then said something strange.’

Rudger abides by principles.

At least that’s what Line knew.

‘I’m crazy.’

I’m curious about this, so I’m thinking about the topic I came up with.

No wonder Rudger was angry.


“Sin, sorry! These days, I’m very tired, so my mind goes back and forth. Because I can’t sleep well. Maybe that’s why I said that without even knowing… … Deo.”

It was a very ugly thing to call it an excuse, but there was nothing else I could say.

Fortunately, Rudger didn’t ask any further.

“… … Enough sleep is necessary. It’s good to focus on studying, but don’t go so far as reducing your sleep to the limit.”

“yes. All right.”

Renee internally let out a sigh of relief.

when you want to get away like that.

Rudger called Line.


“yes yes?”

Fearing that he might find fault with what happened just a moment ago, Linen let out a sound of air escaping.

Realizing that, Rinne’s face flushed red.

“The reason I haven’t been able to sleep lately is… … .”

Just when Rudger is about to ask something.

Instructor Sedina approached him.

“Miss Rudger.”

“Why is that, Sedina?”

“The president is calling.”

the rector?

Rudger looked out of the classroom.

Through the open door, a person was gazing this way with soft eyes.


An aide to the chancellor and servant of Ceorn.

But his real identity is a retired knight. He also has considerable skills.

‘Why is the president suddenly calling me?’

I had such a question.

In fact, there were so many that I couldn’t pick just one.

“i get it.”

Rudger nodded and took the class materials.

Seeing Ludger leave the classroom, Line sighed in relief.

‘I would have been scolded if I said, ‘I said it because I remembered the name in my dream.’

Due to Ludger’s personality, he would have been criticized for being distracted by dreams.

I was glad I was able to gloss over it somehow.

‘But what is this subtle feeling?’

I should be relieved, but in reality, my head thinks so, but strangely, my heart doesn’t.

My stomach felt stuffy and stuffy, like a lump of lead was put on it.

I feel like something is boiling up, but I can’t spit it out.


Strangely, Ludger’s back as he left was caught in his gaze.

* * *

“I heard you called.”

The place Rudger visited this time was not the president’s office.

High-rise terrace of the main building.

It was here that President Elisha called Rudger.

“Welcome, Mr. Rudger. Please sit here.”

On the terrace, there was a table for refreshments and chairs for guests.

Rudger sat down without hesitation.

As he turned his gaze, he could see the expansive grounds of Ceorn through the well-embossed marble balustrade.

Even so, it was so vast and unobstructed that it was impossible to see at a glance.

I turned my head again and looked at the president.

She had been looking this way for a while with her back straight and neat posture.

A soft smile forms on his lips as always.

Obviously no different than usual

It was always the look of the rector.

But Rudger didn’t feel so comfortable.



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The principal is the same as usual.

It becomes a problem because it is ‘the same’ as usual.

“Do you like tea?”

“I don’t hate it.”

Elisha beckoned, and teacups and kettles flew from afar, floating and flying.


The kettle gently poured the tea.

Even though the tea was poured with the telekinesis magic, not a single drop of tea spilled.

“Please eat.”

A teacup placed in front of Rudgar naturally.

Rudger didn’t refuse and took it and savored the incense.

“They are White Rivenda petals.”

“You know?”

“Cenderil, a small mountain valley town in Queoden Kingdom. It only grows where it is neither cold nor hot. The area is small and cultivation is not easy, so it is quite precious.”

“I didn’t know Mr. Rudger was so knowledgeable about cars.”

“It would have been difficult to find just because you had money. I think it’s too much of a gift to give as a guest.”

“What. Mr. Rudger deserves it.”

“Is that so.”

It was a kind of compliment to hand over a rare, hard-to-find car.

You deserve a car like this.

In other words, it was the same as saying that he recognized Rudger.

‘But there’s no way they called me here just to give praise for doing well.’

Even Wilford, who always accompanies her in some cases, even moved away today.

Quietly alone.

There must be a story to tell.

Rudger took a sip of Rivendda tea.

A spicy yet soft scent lingered on the tip of the tongue.

Something sweet just melted in your mouth.

“There is no way that the president invited me to treat me to a cup of precious tea, so I will ask without hesitation. Why did he call me?”

“Are you so curious that I called Ms. Rudger?”

“… … .”

Rudger was silent.

Nothing good will happen on this side if I just show off here.

Seeing that, the president huhuhu laughed and immediately got to the point.

“The reason I called Mr. Rudger aside is to make a suggestion.”

“A suggestion?”

“yes. Mr. Rudger, since he came here, he has been working hard, showing the attitude of a sacrificial saint for our Seorn, right? Eliminate werewolves, catch bad people, and protect students.”

The words had bones.

However, Elisa did not directly say ‘I know your identity’.

It was the same with Ludger.

“I just did what I had to do.”

It is said that it is natural as a purely teacher’s point of view.

This one was stabbed in reverse, so there was no way he would reveal his true identity.

“A lot of people haven’t even done that. But Mr. Rudger did it. I don’t know why she went to that extent, but wouldn’t it be nice if everything worked out?”

The president said so and took a sip of tea.

The image of the teacup was captured in the dazzling golden pupil.

It eventually turned to Rudger.

“So I thought about it. Even though he is a new teacher, he does a good job like this, so he needs some kind of appropriate compensation.”

“I wasn’t expecting compensation.”

“Still, giving is the duty of a person sitting here. I’ve been thinking about it. What kind of award should I be satisfied with, and should Mr. Rudger, who receives it, be satisfied?”

The president clapped his hands and said.

“I had a good idea. It wouldn’t be a bad suggestion for Mr. Rudger either. Rather, it is a good thing.”

“What is it?”

“Miss Rudgar is the second grade teacher, right? This is unusual among new teachers.”

Rudger nodded.

“Even so, there are more first-year students taking classes.”

“no way. It doesn’t matter. Anyway, Ms. Rudgar hasn’t even reached her first year yet. In many ways, he seems to adapt quickly to the job, but he lacks experience.”

“yes. So I want to go further.”

“So by the way… … .”

The principal was the first to blurt out his words.

Finally, the main point comes.

Rudger opened his ears and focused on the president’s words.

“Would you like to go to the planning office?”

President Elisha’s proposal was very unexpected.

It’s not about revealing your identity.

I didn’t mean to surrender on your own.

Rather, he offered to give him a new position.

“If it’s the planning department… … .”

“To be precise, you become one of the evaluators belonging to the planning department.”

“Are you a Planning Evaluation Officer? I know that it is not a simple seat.”

“yes. Did you know that Ceorn has several appendages?”

Rudger nodded.

every know

In the first place, it was Seorn who had a site equivalent to a city.

Inside, there is not only a space for students to study.

Residential facilities, living facilities, and rest facilities are all present.

There is an administrative office in the research center, a central library, and even a museum in the training ground.

How many faculty members and residents work here?

It wasn’t comparable to the neighboring large city of Lederbelk, but it was enough to be treated as a small town.

If you look at the internal infrastructure, it’s about the same as a decent big city.

As a result, each ministry existed to share various tasks.

One of them was the ‘Planning and Evaluation Institute’ Elisa recommended to Ludger.

The name of the planning department may not seem like a big deal, but its power is truly enormous.

It is in charge of performance management, self-audit, external exchange, and department evaluation.

However, the greatest authority would be “budget management”.

You need that much money to do research and conduct classes.

And the place where you can spend that money is right here, the planning office.

Would you let me go into that planning room?

Very alluring.

That’s why I couldn’t help but be suspicious.

“May I ask why you made this proposal?”

“Anyway, this time the position in the Planning Office has been vacant for quite some time.”

The president said it was not a big deal, but it didn’t make sense to simply give out that a seat was available.

The planning room is not an easy place to get into.

Only teachers are in charge.

Even among teachers, it is necessary to have a high seniority and outstanding achievements.

‘You’re saying you’re going to put me in the important position that I can’t do even if I want to?’

Besides, judging from what he said, he didn’t seem to have consulted with others.

behavior close to self-righteousness.

‘There are more things to do to get into the planning office, but beyond that, you’ll have enormous power within Seorn. Even if you are in charge of school affairs administration. All they actually do is pay for important documents. You can hire your own staff to procure the rest.’

Low risk high return.

In doing so, he gained strength within Seorn, so it was only natural that many teachers were aiming for this position.

The president said he would give it on his own authority.

Doubting his identity and giving him authority in reverse?

It’s something you can’t do without going crazy.

‘They’re probably going to deliberately give them more authority and watch them more closely.’

Rudger could not help but admire the rector’s distribution.

‘Because that’s a way to reduce variables.’

More than that, it was also something that I thought highly of this side’s ability.

Rather than the uncertainty of identity, the achievements and abilities that have been shown so far are evaluated more highly.

Even if your status is clear, if you can’t do the work, don’t make it work.

On the contrary, even if there are many risk factors because they do not know what their status is, if they have the ability, they will give up their courage.

Is it the opinion of a pure ability supremacist?

Or is it the confidence that you can directly control all these anxiety factors with your own hands?

“How about this?”

President Elisa smiled softly and asked.

“If you just say you want to do it, I can push through with the president’s authority.”

“Does the president gain anything by doing that?”

“Me? Not for me. But Mr. Rudger has it. People have to sit in the seats that match their abilities.”

“I see,” replied Rudger, who calmly pondered.

No matter how you look at it, the president’s actions are nothing more than eating away at his own flesh.

Forcibly placing a new teacher who has not been able to fill a position that others covet.

There is bound to be a backlash.

The first thing that comes to mind is, of course, Hugo Burtegg.

That man would spit in his mouth and try to condemn the president, saying that this is tyranny.

The same applies to other teachers who support the president.

Among them, there will surely be people who have doubts about the president’s decision and who are jealous of Rudger.

-Why can’t I, and that person?

Obviously, there will be no end to the noise inside like that.

Nonetheless, the rector suggested.


The president would not be a fool, much less the type to suffer losses.

‘Because even considering all of that, the gain is greater.’

what does it get

That was the talent of Ludgar Celish.

The president smiled on the outside and his eyes lit up on the inside.

‘The more outstanding a person is, the more I want to keep him close to me.’


Isn’t that why you keep it by your side?

If you keep them nearby, they won’t do anything dangerous.

She knows what other people will say.

but so what?

It is true that they are those who have the ability to enter Seorn.

However, they were also overrated for their abilities.

In particular, the aristocratic factions led by Hugo ate their seats for too long.

I couldn’t let such people continue to play in the yard that I was tired of outside intervention these days.

I needed a knife to cut through it.

The most suitable was Rudger.

A sword that is extremely sharp and can cut through anything.

I was thinking of cutting out the internal problems with it.

It was the same with Ludger who understood the meaning of the president.

‘The president has now proposed to me. I will not ask about your status, origin, or identity. Instead, let’s hold hands and work together.’

Isn’t that what a great woman is?

It’s a choice I wouldn’t make without losing my mind.

That’s why I liked it.

After all, the two were well aware of each other’s circumstances.

I know, but I didn’t bother to say it out of my mouth.

Because they are better than anyone else, they know each other even if they don’t speak.

‘The existence of Ceorn, who was one of the threats, voluntarily becomes my fence. It’s something I’m very grateful for.’

With the president’s outstretched hand, one less thing to take care of was to be welcomed.


‘It’s like the picture that this side is being dragged around on its own.’

As long as everyone knew that they knew each other anyway, Rudger didn’t have to save face until now.

After making his decision, Rudger calmly opened his mouth.

“The president’s proposal is very attractive. He even feels grateful that he made this offer out of his candor.”

“Oh, is it? I’m glad you liked it.”

“yes. So, in addition to your suggestion, I will make a better opinion.”

“what is that?”

Say it once, the chancellor’s golden eyes said that.


No big deal.

If you’re going to treat me with your ability, this side wants something bigger.

“It is not enough to be an ordinary member of the Planning Office. If you give me the position of head of the planning department, I will accept it.”

The first crack appeared on Elisa’s smiling face.

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