I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 195

◈ Episode 195: Law Shen’s Secret (3)

Sedina’s eyes turned into dots in an instant at my shocking confession (?).

The mouth also became an inverted triangle.

It must have been quite a shock.

I fully understand.

If the boss you trusted and followed with all your heart suddenly says, ‘Actually, I’m not your boss, but I’m an industrial spy’, everyone will do that.

If you think rationally, it was right to keep hiding this fact.

After spending a little more time courting Sedina, when I was really sure she wouldn’t betray me, I had to tell the truth.

However, while talking a while ago, I realized one thing.

There is an irreparable crack in Sedina’s infinite trust in the Black Dawn.

The moment I realized that, I decided to move the plan forward.

‘As long as the Zero Order suddenly came to Seorn, this side can’t move with enough time.’

This is a kind of gamble made at the moment.

But it was a gamble that worked.

“Well, what do you mean by that? teacher. You are joking too much.”

“I am not kidding. I am not the First Order you knew.”

Sedina tried to turn away from reality, but she couldn’t because of my hand holding her shoulder.

“I am neither John Doe nor the Black Dawn. The identity you have believed in until now is nothing more than a fake.”

Realizing the reality, Sedina’s expression turned pale.

“Well, then… … Have you been cheating on me all this time?”

“It was not intended.”

She moved wildly, shoved my hand away, and then tried to run away from the teaching room.

I watched the scene silently.

Follow her without catching or pursuing her.

just watched

“ha. ha.”

Sedina put her hand on the doorknob.

But she never went out.

Even if you can run away.

Even though I can let you know that I’m fake.

The slight rise and fall of her shoulders proved that Sedina was quite embarrassed.

I called her name


“why… … !”

Sedina shouted out loud.

It was a loud voice that was not like her.

If I hadn’t put a sound blocking magic in advance, I would have been able to hear all the way to the hallway even if the soundproofing was good.

Sedina shouted with heavy breathing.

“Why are you cheating on me until now! cheating! Then, until now, who the hell am I for… … !”

“Sedina. You haven’t answered my question yet.”

“What question!”

Sedina glanced around this way.

There were tears in her eyes.

It will be surprising, but also sad.

I guess so.

Who wouldn’t be sad that the person I respected and trusted so much was a fake.

I will also feel betrayed and my teeth will tremble.

To be honest, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t sorry.

It might have been better to remain in this false relationship.

But I made a choice.

A cruel truth rather than a pleasant lie.

“Sedina. Is the person in front of you who you sincerely want to follow? Or the First Order of the Black Dawn?”

“That’s right… … !”

Having said that, Sedina bit her lip.

“of course… … .”

of course.

i can’t answer

Cracks once carved never return to their original form.

Rather, it creates even bigger cracks.

“Then ask me one thing. Were all of your attitudes in serving me up until now a lie?”

“that… … .”

“Sedina. You must have thought that I was the First Order just a moment ago. Still, you showed hesitation in the face of an opportunity that might turn your back on the Black Dawn.”

Sedina trembled at my point.

“You wouldn’t know either. What happened to the traitor within the Black Dawn. How can I not know?”

The day I was first appointed here at Seorn.

Because it was Sedina who approached me and gave me all the news.

“Yet you hesitated. In a situation where you might be called a traitor, you made a choice. You gave the right answer.”

“… … .”

“You know that too. That what you’ve done so far wasn’t your sincere loyalty to the organization.”

Sedina couldn’t answer that.

‘Cause I’d hit you right in the middle

“That’s why I also gave you the right answer. answer in the name of truth. Do you still think that I am deceiving you?”

“What do you want from me?”

Sedina, who managed to regain her senses, asked.

Did he think that since he had told the truth, he might make new demands on himself?

“Simple. All you have to do is bring me their information.”

And if there is something to receive, there is also something to give.

“If you do, I will help you avenge yourself.”

“… … The Black Dawn will take my revenge.”

“Will they really help you avenge yourself? If I’m helping you avenge yourself, why are you abandoning the ability to do so?”

Sedina would know.

The treatment he was receiving at the Black Dawn.

“Sedina. I highly appreciate your abilities. You must have put in a lot of effort to get there. Even if no one acknowledged it.”

“… … !”

At my words, Sedina’s eyes fluctuate like an earthquake.


Sedina’s greatest desire wasn’t revenge after all.

“So I speak as someone who recognizes you.”

She wants to be recognized after all.

that he tried so hard

He said he had come this far on his own.

“You worked hard. How wonderful.”

At my words, Sedina eventually couldn’t hold back and shed tears.

Although I tried to pretend to be mature and strong.

After all, she was just like any student I’ve ever seen.

It was the same child.

* * *

Sedina’s tears stopped after a while.

Rudgar held out a handkerchief to Sedina.

“As a teacher, as an adult, I will achieve your goals. Would you like to join us?”

Sedina looked down at the handkerchief Rudger had given her and quickly wiped away her tears.

The bright red eyes stared at Ludger.

It was a straight, unwavering eye.

“… … yes.”

Her little hand held Ludger’s.

“I will follow you.”

“good night. This adds one more secret to the two of you.”

“… … Maybe I’m better now.”

“Act normally. I am nominally the First Order of the Black Dawn.”

“That, Mr. Rudger. Then the real John Doe, no John Doe… … .”

Now that he has fallen out with the Black Dawn, he is still not accustomed to giving up his title of honor for the First Order.

Sedina immediately corrected herself.

“… … What happened?”

This is the part I was really curious about.

At least as far as Sedina knew, it was true that John Doe, the First Order, was destined to come as Theorn’s teacher.

Even with the identity of Ludgar Chelsea.

“Certainly during that train attack… … .”


Sedina needed to know this too, so Ludger explained everything to her.

John Doe was swept there by the Liberation Army with the train terror.

And yeocha yeocha, this side has been using that identity instead.

“That, that kind of nonsense… … .”

Sedina, who had fantasies of her own about the First Order, stumbled as if her head was dizzy when she heard those words.

“I was careless, but I was unlucky. After all, the liberation army attacked the train at that time.”

A suicide bomber by the Liberation Army threw John Dow down a steep cliff in the Aret Mountains.

It was supposed to be virtually dead.

“Then what is Mr. Rudger’s goal? Why did I continue as a teacher in Seorn… … .”

“My purpose is to destroy the Black Dawn.”

Although Ludgar’s actual purpose is to collect the pieces of Relic.

I thought I would talk about this while introducing the other members later.

“What is the real identity of the substitute teacher?”

Sedina asked in a trembling voice.

“It’s Ludgar Cellis now.”

“Am I still lacking?”

“You will know more about it as time goes on.”

The relationship between Rudger and Sedina was obviously different compared to other executives.

Unlike them, who were united by their bond, Sedina and Ludger joined hands knowing each other’s weaknesses.

However, if there was no trust at all, that was not the case either.

“All right. Then I will act as usual for now.”

Sedina answered straight away.

No matter what he did, in the end, he was in the same boat holding hands with Rudger.

She had no choice but to do her best.

‘It’s more amazing than that.’

Sedina had always looked at Ludger in awe.

His ability, insight, charisma.

Because there was nothing that didn’t work.

‘That’s why I thought it was the First Order.’

Actually, it wasn’t the First Order.

If that’s the case, that means he’s been pretending to be the First Order without being noticed by anyone.

‘That makes no more sense.’

I knew it was great from the start.

But after seeing the truth, Rudger looked even more amazing.

To the point of feeling some kind of fear.


‘He acknowledged me.’

I know how hard it is for you.

He held out his hand and offered comfort.

It was Ludgar’s sincerity that Sedina was able to calm her anger and despair despite the shock of the betrayal.

‘The reason he took the loss and told me the truth must be that he cared about me that much.’

The warmth that I had never felt in my entire life touched my heart even more.

At this moment, Sedina’s goal has changed.

His original purpose was to follow the Black Dawn and assist the First Order.

But not anymore.

As human to human.

Let’s respect and follow a man named Rudger Celish.

It was a categorical imperative that was newly inscribed in her convictions.

“Then let’s reestablish the relationship and introduce ourselves. Ceorn’s teacher, Ludgar Celis.”

“Sedina Rosshen… … no. It is called Sedina Plante.”

“Is that your mother’s saint?”

“yes. Nobody knows me… … It is the last name of my deceased mother.”

that said it.

It was proof that this side truly trusted Rudger.

* * *

Leaving Ludger’s office, Vierano pondered the conversation he had with Rudger earlier.

‘Still, he said he would deliver the words, but the expected results probably won’t come out.’

Vierano knows too.

That Sedina was wary of herself and, on the contrary, had great trust in Rudger.

Still, I couldn’t leave her alone.

‘Miss Sedina must be… … It must be her blood.’

Elven Forest.

In the kingdom of the elves that exists there, there is an elder of the seven roots who enshrines the world tree.

The Dentis family, to which Vierano belonged, was one of them.

And another family that exists in Vierano’s memory.

The Plante family is the largest and thickest of the seven roots.

‘It is known that the Plante family’s whereabouts went missing after the Tribal War. I never thought that here she would find her kin.’

Even with the name of Law Shen on it.

Perhaps Lawshen bought her as a slave from the underworld with a lot of money.

He shuddered at the atrocities committed by the Roshen family, but that was not the point.

That he found the Plante family’s blood relatives.

And the fact that she’s here in Ceorn doesn’t matter.

However, Sedina did not trust Vierano, her compatriot.

It’s not that I hate it. However, there seemed to be a lot of reluctance to do something.

‘Since I’ve been of mixed blood, I must have been discriminated against and persecuted for a long time. Even if I’m an elf, it’s natural to be wary.’

What’s surprising is that she sincerely follows Ludger.

‘He is also a great person. To be trusted by such a wary child.’

Moreover, having a direct conversation with him forced Vierano to realize.

That Rudger really cares for Sedina.

But he doesn’t know what kind of power Sedina has.

I don’t even know what her real name, Plante, means.

‘Should I have told you?’

As Vierano, he wondered if he should have tipped off Ludger, Sedina’s guardian.

However, he worried that finding out about it might change Ludger’s attitude towards Sedina.

‘I don’t think a man like that would change his attitude easily.’

If Sedina’s hidden castle is Plante, the story is different.

If you know the truth, even a person who seemed like an impregnable fortress in everything will be shaken.

‘Rather, if I say it now, Mr. Rudger might be surprised. It’ll be embarrassing to say too many things at once.’

I decided to bury the truth so that Rudger wouldn’t be surprised.

He will also need to prepare his mind.

It won’t be too late to talk after getting to know each other.

‘The next time I visit, I’ll give you a gift of specially made tea leaves grown in the forest of elves.’

It wouldn’t be bad to hold a tea ceremony while drinking tea together.

Although his taste is an old taste that common ‘grandpa’ would like.

Vierano, unaware of this fact, even had hopes that Rudger and Sedina would be happy.

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