I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 19

◈ Episode 19: Commoner Girl Line (2)

After leaving the training ground, I headed straight to a deserted place.

It was past dismissal time, so the students were nowhere to be seen.

After looking around and making sure no one was there, I took a pill out of my pocket with trembling hands.

‘I thought I was going to die enduring it.’

I popped the pill into my mouth and chewed it.

The intense magical power spreads in the mouth with a bitter yet elegant feeling that touches the tip of the tongue.

‘Whoa. I will live.’

As the energy of the medicine spread and mana was supplied to the brain, the condition that had been slowly deteriorating returned to its original state.

The tinnitus, which had been subtly audible, disappeared as soon as the radio was turned off.

I sat down on a quiet bench and caught my breath.

The first signal came when I stopped by the second training ground.

My fingertips are shaking a little and my head feels dizzy.

It was a kind of chronic illness that occurred after I came into this world.

‘If I didn’t have the medicine, I would have been in big trouble.’

But I thought it was tolerable, so I tried to take the medicine right after checking up to the first training ground.

I never thought that a fight between first year freshmen would break out there.

No, should I call it a fight? You can’t see it as a fight when one side is trying to launch a unilateral surprise attack.

school violence.

It was a situation where the victim and the perpetrator were clearly divided.

So I intervened in the middle and managed to stop things from escalating.

Afterwards, while talking about punishment, I felt the wave that had subsided once soar.

Feeling the signal from my body to hurry up and put the medicine in my mouth, I tried to quickly sort things out and leave.

If there’s a problem.

No way, who would have known that you would boldly call me a fallen aristocrat there?

For a moment, I didn’t even know that he was talking to me, and I thought deeply about it for about 3 seconds in my head.

I wonder if it was something the child said sincerely, and I had all kinds of complicated and long lines prepared in my head, but my communication skills were poor, so it might have been that one word that came out at the end.

But the problem is, I heard this, but as a person who became a teacher, I couldn’t just go.

‘If I had to, what would I say at that timing?’

If I had just talked to myself without anyone else, I would have pretended not to hear and passed it on, but there were too many witnesses around.

In the end, I had to say something to protect my authority as a teacher, but since my head wasn’t working well, there was no way I could say anything plausible.

-Originally, what you did is a clear challenge to the authority of the church.

– It may be referred to the disciplinary committee according to school rules.

-You may get a penalty point or even get into the ears of the president.

Well, I was supposed to say these principles, but they didn’t come to mind.

‘So I just spit out whatever came to mind.’

I was not in a hurry, so I spat out the words that came to my mind. As far as possible without damaging the image.

You don’t know how scolded she was trying to manage her expression that almost collapsed even as she said that.

Maybe my face was a little distorted. A little bloodshot in the eyes.

‘There won’t be any big problems, right?’

Anyway, since Selina-sensei also arrived late, I managed to leave the seat in a hurry, leaving behind the work.

I got up from the bench and gulped down the pill that lingered in my mouth.

Fortunately, it is an early symptom.

If this got worse here, other people might have noticed my weirdness.

‘Is this the last medicine?’

After confirming that the medicine cabinet was empty, I sighed.

I put the extra medicine in a pre-packaged bag, but I didn’t expect that things would go wrong in the middle.

‘The next weekend I decided to meet him. It honestly seems hard to hold out until then, and I’ll have to write again and ask you to come sooner.’

If not, I would have to rent a private apothecary and make a separate one, but it would be a big deal if it would remain in the records.

Once I look at this state, I can hold out for about 5 days, but I’m not sure.

If something happens that consumes mana, the duration will be shortened accordingly.

‘I hope it will pass safely until then.’

With my head gradually clearing, I took a light breath and went out on patrol again.

* * *

“Are you okay?”

“yes. it’s okay. Thank you for your concern.”

“no. This is my job.”

Even though Riné vehemently denied that it was okay, she bowed her head to Selina, who took her to the infirmary.

Selina gave a warm smile and waved her hand, but Line was serious.

“that… … Miss Selina.”


“How is that child?”

“You mean Dunema? Mmm. I’m not even sure what that is. Because I haven’t been here in a while.”

“Oh right… … .”

“Still, according to the school rules that were notified in advance, it wasn’t just a fight, it was a unilateral fight, so I don’t think you will be disciplined even if you don’t get expelled.”

It would be nice if the academy would punish someone with a strong sense of pride and a high nose like Dunnema.

Both of them had a vague feeling that it wouldn’t happen.

Since I was a freshman who didn’t know anything yet, the weak punishment played a part, but most of all, since I have a family that’s about the size of a count, they’ll try to look after me.

“why? Are you worried?”

“no. just I’m curious.”

To be honest, I don’t feel sorry for Dunnema, who blatantly targeted and attacked this side.

All self-employed. Rather, it was surprising that even after doing so, he was not expelled.

I just asked because I was confused.

“Are you concerned?”


“Your expression is all exposed.”

“ah… … .”

Rinne nodded slightly. Her bobbed gray hair slicked along.

“It’s just that, when I came here, it seemed more intense than I thought. Speaking of Seorn, I thought it was a place full of dreams and ideals.”

“… … .”

“But when I talked to a noble student this time, it didn’t seem like that at all. Although the wrongdoer will be punished and finished, there is no guarantee that something similar will not happen again in the future.”

“… … I guess so.”

Selina also agreed with Line’s opinion.

In Seorn, both royalty and commoners are said to be equal, but it was rarely observed properly.

Even if teachers also mediate students as much as possible in neutral seats, there is no way to do anything when problems explode when students are alone.

Some teachers even discriminated against commoner students and secretly showed favoritism to aristocratic students.

As a result, some who were proud of being nobles looked down on teachers simply because they were commoners or from fallen nobles.

This time, Dunnema’s abusive remarks to Ludger were an extension of this situation.

“that’s right. Honestly, I think that was too harsh for Mr. Rudger.”

Selina put her hands on her hips and puffed out her cheeks, as if trying to prove that she was angry.

Seeing Linea widen her eyes, Selina smiled softly, perhaps not knowing that the teacher would say such a thing.

“Still, it’s because Mr. Rudger passed on. We can’t say anything more.”

“Are you not angry?”

“Of course I am angry. I’m just holding on tight However, the one who had the most complicated head at that time must have been Mr. Rudger.”


Line recalled the look on Rudger’s face at that time.

I couldn’t see it properly because the shadow was over my face, but I must have been very scared.

It was to the extent that Dunnema’s face turned white as she met those eyes.

Originally, Mr. Rudger is scary when he sets the mood, but I couldn’t imagine how much it would be if he got angry with his heart.

Nonetheless, Mr. Rudger handed over Dunnema’s mistake saying that he would look over it just this time.

Even though I would have been more angry than anyone else.

It was overlooked.

It wasn’t just about giving in to the other person’s family and passing it over.

Rather, it was more like mercy to guide students who were really lacking.

That’s right, because Ludger had always looked at Dunema with a cold gaze instead of being embarrassed by her.

There was no way that a person who showed such an appearance could have resigned from the authority of the other’s family.

When he honestly said that he was a fallen aristocrat and admonished Dunnema.

Seeing that, Rene thought it was completely unexpected.

And again, it’s cool too.

“So I’m going to try to believe it too. I’m sure I made a mistake, but I’m still a young student, right? I think there is a chance for change.”


Selina scratched her head.

“Ehehe. sorry. Did I talk too much like an aunt?”

“no. Selina-sensei is also young enough. She said honestly, she’s not Se Orn, but if she had met her outside, she’d have called her sister.”

“Oh, thank you for the compliment. Rene is a good kid.”

No, it’s real.

Selina herself would think she was old, but in Line’s eyes, she was so young that she would only look like a senior in her school uniform.

Selina, who is beautiful and never loses her smile, has already been the object of admiration for some male students. It’s because I’m not aware of myself.

I wonder if people in their mid-20s are that old in the first place.

“Yes. sister. It sounds good. I wish I had a younger sister like Line.”

“I wish I had an older sister like Miss Selina.”

“really? Oh, you are pretty~.”

“lol. Then, can you give me a little more marks in your animology class?”

“I see you are working hard.”

Selina laughed and returned Line’s prank as a prank.

“The time is already like this. I’ll go check out the rest of the patrol area. Should I tell you if there is something wrong with your body?”

“yes. Okay.”

Selina waved and left the infirmary.

Left alone, Rene looked at her body condition and thought she would be okay, so she got up from the bed.

‘Come to think of it, Mr. Rudger called my name.’

When I used the training ground, I wore comfortable clothes in case my school uniform would get dirty.

Of course, no one knew Line’s name because she didn’t have a name tag at the time.

But Rudger Celish naturally called her by name.

Rene, say.

‘Did you remember taking the class?’

To Ludgar Celish, he is just one of his 80 students, a commoner who doesn’t even have to pay attention.

Still, Rudger remembered her name.

Suddenly, he remembered what he had said to Dunema.

‘In Seorn, everyone is equal.’

Just like throwing a stone into the calm water, those words caused ripples in Line’s heart.

If I had only talked about it in words, I would not have believed it and would have been greatly disappointed.

But Rudger didn’t.

His actions, his unshakable convictions, his voice.

He gave Lyne hope for Ceorn.

‘My first impression was that he was a scary teacher.’

Even as a new teacher, I didn’t expect much when I took my first class.

However, I was surprised by the innovation of source code that Rudger showed me, and realized that he did not join this company just with words.

Even so, considering the inconsiderate and careless attitude he had pointed out to Flora.

I thought it was a tired style in many ways.

‘But I didn’t.’

Mediating the situation, he ended up warning the student even though he was being insulted.

He even asked himself if he had been hurt while he saved him.

The image of him suddenly appearing and saving me at the moment of crisis is like seeing a prince on a white horse in a fairy tale.

My heart is beating involuntarily.

‘no. Ms. Rudgar just didn’t care about me.’

okay. There is nothing more unseemly than being excited by yourself.

I came here to learn magic, not to find a dramatic encounter like this.

* * *

After the incident at Training Ground 1, nothing unusual was found on patrol, so I was able to return to my accommodation in peace.

Upon returning home, I immediately sent him a letter.

It was difficult to wait until next weekend, so he told me to come earlier.

and the next day.

The reply came back early in the morning.

What was written inside was simple.

The work I was dealing with was finished earlier than expected, so I was going to leave right away.

We will meet tomorrow, the weekend.

The meeting place is the factory area beyond the eastern commercial district of Ledervelk.

I burned the letter, thinking it was an appropriate place to be out of sight.

‘Today is Friday. Tomorrow is Saturday, so I should be able to make it through the day.’

Students must be excited because it is the first weekend after the semester starts, but it is unlikely that the same incident as the day before will happen.

While thinking that, I heard a strange story from Miss Selina, who we were having lunch with.

“A werewolf, you mean?”

“You’re a werewolf.”

Rumors related to werewolves began to circulate in Seorn.

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