I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 186

◈ Episode 186: The King of the Dark Path (1)

“For now, let’s hear the details after conducting an investigation.”

Terina, Enya, and the three Night Crawler Knights headed towards the back of the mansion.

So the investigation began.

The Night Crawler Knights took out the artifacts they had prepared.

It was an oval sphere the size of a man’s fist.

It looked like an egg of something, and had a faint golden color on its surface.

“Captain. What is this?”

Enya showed curiosity at the appearance of the object she was seeing for the first time.

“ah. Come to think of it, you must have seen this for the first time since you are only in Ledervelk. It is a new artifact that has been newly distributed recently.”

“An artifact?”

“It’s an object created by combining the theory of memory storming in the New Mage Tower. It is an early model whose name has not been decided yet, but the effect is certain.”

“What effect is it?”

“It allows you to read the criminal’s memory related to an event that happened with magic.”

The artifact reads the remaining magical power and absorbs it into the special paper inside me.

It was a structure that allowed you to see fragmentary memories of the magician when you shed magic on the paper containing that magic.

This was a very innovative artifact.

It was said that most cases that happened with magic could be analyzed.

Enya’s eyes also lit up.

“That’s really great! If this is the case, I can solve the unsolved case right away.”

“There is also a limit that residual magic must remain. The remaining magic power used by the wizard completely disappears after 36 hours, so there is a time limit.”

And to use this artifact, there is also a restriction that there must be a wizard who handles mana.

“Of course, it is true that something great enough to completely offset those shortcomings.”

Terina placed the artifact on the shelf.


The artifact, which looked like a golden egg, split into 4 parts and a magic stone appeared.

The magic stone surrounded by white paper resonated with a hum and scattered waves around it.

“Did it work?”

“okay. Now, this artifact will scrape away the residual magic and turn the white paper into a different color. That way, we’ll be able to immediately determine if this incident was the work of a wizard.”

An hour passed like that.

There was no change in the paper covered with the magic stone.

Terrina frowned.

“I am, Captain. No changes to artifacts? Aren’t I the only one who looks like that?”

“I look that way too.”

“I hope that is… … .”

Terrina nodded with a heavy face.

“okay. This missing incident has nothing to do with magic.”

“That doesn’t make sense.”

It was an incident in which the people inside the mansion evaporated overnight.

I could tell that there were people here just last night, just by looking around a bit.

A typical example was the kitchen where the ingredients that had just been cleaned were left behind.

“Enya. How many people did you say stayed in this mansion?”

“I’m estimating at least 100.”

“Those 100 people evaporated overnight without a trace. Even without magic. Do you think that would be possible?”

“… … In the first place, unless it’s magic, this is physically impossible.”

“okay. So that’s a problem. That physically impossible thing happened in real life.”

Any further investigation seemed pointless.

Terrina recalled a conversation she had had with Enya.

“Enya. That’s what I said a while ago. Something related to the slums. What did you find out there?”

“Do you remember the day we found the body in a back alley while investigating Bellbot Rickson’s death?”

“I remember.”

It was an unusual event, so Terina definitely remembered it.

In the fight of the back alley bums, even the swordsafar assassin intervened.

“After that, the looting incident at the Kunst Auction House broke out so much that I couldn’t pay much attention to it, but recently I had a chance to check it out.”

“What happened to that slum?”


Enya nodded with a stiff face.

“The fight in the alley not long ago was the remnant of the enemy society.”

“The Red Society was previously said to be an organization that ruled the back alleys of Laddervelk.”

“It was. But that’s just a known name. What was actually behind it is right here.”

“Silver Sun.”

Terrina murmured as she looked at the mansion lingering in silence.

“These were the mafia bastards that Mayor Lederbelk condoned. The scum that eats away at the country.”

Terrina, who loathes the wicked, frowned and did not hide her displeasure.

They are like mudfish who are rather protected by the law on the subject of committing illegal acts.

To be honest, the news that the Silver Sun organization was destroyed in one day brought even excitement at first glance.

The problem was that the heterogeneity of the case was too great.

An incident that could not be identified even as a magic tool that tracks magic.

Of course, Terry couldn’t like it all the same.

“Do you think the key to this case lies in the slums? But how can those abandoned in the city get rid of an entire mafia?”

“A normal slum would have done that.”

“That means you’re not normal right now.”

Enya told Terrina everything she found out.

“Recently, slums are thriving at an incredible pace.”

“Is it a slum?”

“An organization that had been divided into threes and threes not too long ago has come together and started to carry out several projects simultaneously. Even that has been so successful that it continues to thrive.”

Terrina crossed her arms and her eyes shone sharply.

“That is a strange thing. What kind of money do people who have been abandoned in the city do business with? Could it be that the city has even entered into redevelopment as part of the bailout policy?”

otherwise it didn’t make sense.

But Enya shook her head.

“The City of Lederbelk still doesn’t care about the lower classes. Rather, they want to disappear. It damages the beauty and image of the city. Surprisingly, it is only one person who has brought about this change, not city councilors or nobles.”

“Are you the only one?”

An intriguing smile crept across Terrina’s lips involuntarily.

It must have been because the answer came back unexpectedly for her as well.

“Who is that?”

“owner. People are calling him the owner.”

“That can’t be a name. Did you find out his real name?”

Enya couldn’t answer.

Terrina looked at him with a surprised look.

“Surprisingly. you haven’t figured it out yet Does that mean the other person hid his identity that well?”

“… … It’s embarrassing, but it’s true. The man called Owner suddenly appeared in Leather Velk one day and completely took control of the world behind him. He’s like a ghost, with no trace of what he did in the past.”

It’s not just grabbing.

Beyond integrating small and medium-sized organizations into one, they are continuing their aggressive moves by achieving successful businesses.

Because of this, the surrounding commercial districts were tense.

“It is a curious thing. How can one individual make such a thing possible?”

“You may not believe it, but it is true. That owner, there must be something.”

Terrina looked around the luxurious mansion.

The mafia stronghold that became a haunted mansion in just one day.

The appearance of a person called Owner, and the collapse of the Silver Sun that confronted them.

Will there be a connection between the two?

It was premature to conclude that he was the culprit, but it was clear that he was the prime suspect.

“I need to see you sometime.”

“I will prepare right away.”

“Retrieve the artifact. Keep the no-entry guard line intact. We can’t let the reporters of the newspaper run wild.”

Terrina looked out the window.

The entrance to the mansion was lined with reporters who had already smelled it.

Terrina clicked her tongue at the sight.

“They are coming quickly. Guys like hyenas.”

At that moment, Terrina drew her sword like lightning and aimed it into the air.

“Everything, Captain?”

Embarrassed Enya and the Knights.

However, Terrina stared into the empty space with a sharp gaze.

“Come out right now. Don’t hide your face like a rat.”

“It’s also Terrina.”

At the same time as a voice was heard from the empty air.

The thin water curtain that distorted the light disappeared, revealing the person hiding inside.

“Your intuition is very sharp? I haven’t heard from other drivers.”

Terrina’s face lit up the moment she saw the woman smiling happily.


“huh. Long time no see, Terina.”

“K-Detective Casey?!”

Enya, who belatedly recognized Casey, jumped in surprise.

Terrina put the sword she had drawn straight into the hilt and strode up to Casey to shake his hand.

“I don’t know how many years this has been! How have you been?”

“huh. I’m fine as always. ah. Nice to meet you too, Enya Joinus. Wasn’t it the first time I saw you at Kunst that day?”

“Ah, yes. Long time no see. Detective Casey.”

“Hey Casey. Who is this person here?”

Terrina belatedly realized that there was a blonde girl next to Casey.

“Who is this girl?”

“ah. Let me introduce you. Terrina, this is my assistant, Betty.”

“It’s Betty. He is a great assistant who works hard to assist Casey who is wayward.”

“Ahem,” said Betty, putting her hand on her waist.

“Betty. This is Terry or Ryan Howl. He is the head of the Marquess of Lion Howl and the current leader of the Knights of Night Crawl.”

“Nice to meet you. Miss Betty.”

“Uh, huh? Were you a noble? I’m sorry. I don’t know.”

Enya and Casey laughed bitterly at Betty’s sudden change of attitude.

“So Casey. What are you doing here?”

“What is it? Does the detective need a reason to go find a case?”

“… … is it. But you’ve gone too far. This is an area off limits to the general public.”

“So you sneaked in. And I’m not a normal person A state-approved detective.”

Casey closed one eye.

Betty muttered beside her as if making excuses.

“I, I dried it. It’s all Casey’s fault.”

It wasn’t an excuse, it was a sell-out for Casey.

“… … Well, I won’t expect normal behavior from you again now. At least I’d like to give you some words. If I made a mistake, I could have swung my sword.”

“I’m sorry about that. But it was so interesting that I couldn’t contain it. Is that right? A number of missing people in one day.”

Realizing that she couldn’t hide it, Terrina let out a small sigh.

“okay. I guess so.”

“Looking at the reaction, I think I made a fool of myself, but did you know? Maybe I can help with something.”

Terrina’s heart was a little shaken at those words.

Casey Selmore is the only person she acknowledges as a close friend and a man of extraordinary talent.

He himself failed to find clues, but if it was Kei, maybe.

It wasn’t that I didn’t want to lean on such a possibility.

However, it was necessary to make a clear distinction between public and private life.

“I’m sorry. Even you cannot ask for help with this matter.”

“Hmm. It’s a pity.”

Casey didn’t really want too much.

She has already looked around the scene of the incident enough.

It was clear that this was not an incident that could be deduced in general.

Casey turned his attention elsewhere.

“Do you have anything more interesting than that?”

“ah. You mean this artifact?”

“Isn’t that an artifact recently made in the New Mage Tower? It is an object that grafted the memory storming phenomenon, which has recently emerged in academia.”

“As expected, you know everything.”

“I just heard it over my shoulder. Looks like there are a few. Can you lend me one of those?”

The knights widened their eyes at Casey’s question.

This woman seems to be close to the captain, so I let her go, and there’s nothing she can’t say.

When the Templars showed their displeasure, Terrina stopped them with a glance.

“Actually, that was the purpose.”

“Just looking at it made me feel it. So how is it? Is it okay to have one?”

“Well, it doesn’t matter if it’s just one.”

When Terrina handed over the artifact she was holding, the members made their flagships.

“Everything, Captain! Even so, handing things over to outsiders… … !”

“Does not matter. After all, she is not an ordinary outsider.”

When Terrina, the leader, said that, the members couldn’t fight any more.

After all, it was a decision made by the leader I respected the most, so I thought there must be a reason.

Casey, who actually received the artifact, responded with surprise.

“what? I thought it would bounce moderately, but are you giving it right away?”

“Anyway, if it’s you, I’ll take care of it at any cost. In that case, it would be better to just hand it over.”

“what. You know me too well.”

“You are so eccentric that it is easy to understand. Considering what will happen if I don’t pass it on, it’s my judgment that giving it now will be cheaper.”

At those words, Casey was embarrassed for no reason and shed an awkward laugh.

Betty scolded Casey from the side, rolling her eyes and saying, ‘What kind of accident have you been in?’

“Anyway, since you said you’d give it to me, I’ll take it.”

“okay. Judging by the reaction, it seems you are chasing something too.”

“Well, yes.”

“But what are you going to use that artifact for? Given your personality, you probably won’t just accept it.”

“Of course there is a place to write. However, I will explain the details separately later.”

Casey’s eyes were serious when he said that.

Terrina could see the sincerity in her eyes.

“is it. If you say that, I won’t ask anymore.”

“Anyway, it’s been a long time since we met and it’s a pity that we couldn’t talk for a long time.”

“Don’t worry. Anything is possible as long as you are in this city. Next time, let’s grab each other’s blades and solve the problem.”

“okay. Then I will go first.”

Casey caused a splash with those words.

In an instant, she and Betty disappeared like a mirage, leaving nothing behind.

Terrina let out a chuckle at the sight of her moving away.

A close friend I hadn’t seen in a long time was still the same as back then.

“let’s go. We do our job.”


* * *

Rudger fell into a deep sleep in the hideout.

It was a reaction using the power of God.

Hans and other members knew he was tired, so they left him alone without waking him up.

To worry about Rudger, they had too many tasks to handle.

First of all, this side had to take the place of business run by Silver Sun as soon as possible.

Analyzing the ledgers and tracing the source of the money they spread was usually not an easy task.

It was purely a race against time, as some of them were already sniffing and moving.

When it was noon after such a busy morning.

Ludger, who thought he would get more sleep, came downstairs.

“older brother. Are you awake?”

“welcome. owner.”

“lily! He slept very well!”

Hans and Violetta, who were diligently analyzing the ledger, and Sheridan, who teased Hans from the side, said hello.

Instead of accepting the greeting, Rudger stared out the far window.

“older brother? Why are you doing that?”

“Get ready.”

“yes? What do you mean?”

“A guest is coming soon.”

That’s a very annoying guest.

A Knight Crawler under the control of the Imperial Intelligence Agency.

A symbol of fear to the people of the back streets, they were coming.

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