I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 182

◈ Episode 182 Silver Sun (2)

After the festival, Seorn returned to his normal routine.

Students talked about the events of the past festival, expressed their regrets, and promised next year.

As a result, there were still many students who were confused because they could not forget the fever of the festival.

In many classrooms, things that could not concentrate in class occurred one after another.

But Ludger’s class wasn’t like that.

“I can see people still living in the festival.”

Standing on the podium, he opened his eyes once, and the students straightened their backs.

It was a moment when the students, who had been relaxed a little, tightened their tension.

“If it catches my eye, I will keep a close eye on how the results of the upcoming 3rd test will come out.”

All the students had no choice but to calm down at that stern warning.

He was a do-it-yourself teacher.

More than anything else, Ludger was involved in an accident during this festival and was even injured.

Saying “I want to enjoy the festival more” would only add fuel to his wrath.

The students were not that ignorant, so they quietly kept their mouths shut.

The class, which took place in such a quiet atmosphere, ended without any disturbance.

“Clean up.”

“yes yes! Sir, what about the teacher?”

“I have a place to go for a while.”

Rudger ordered his assistant, Sedina, to bring the materials to the teacher’s office, then went outside.

With no appointments and plenty of time left, it was to check how far the progress of the business at Laedervelk had gone.

‘It’s been a while since I’ve been to Leatherbelk because I’ve been busy lately.’

Ledervelk remained unchanged.

After the Kunst Auction House incident, the atmosphere became agitated, but as time passed, even that atmosphere completely cooled down.

Wagons and cars roaming the streets.

A chimney spewing out smoke.

Even the hard-working workers.

However, unlike usual, I often saw people wearing priestly clothes.

‘Are they dispatched from Bretus Castle?’

Perhaps because of the appearance of the Cryptid, which shook the foundations of a nation, the Lumensis Church, which had been withering, was able to straighten its shoulders again.

How they proceed remains to be seen.

Of course, Ledervelk’s changes were not the only ones.

‘This is it.’

The place he had just arrived was the place that had undergone the most change in the city of Laddervelk recently.

‘It’s gotten a lot cleaner.’

Even when he visited once in the middle, the construction was in progress in real time.

Now that even that is all over, the appearance of the once dark slums full of filth and stench has completely changed.

Aside from the clean appearance, there were more people walking around than before.

And the biggest change was the liveliness of the streets.

The strongest positive energy emitted by those who have tasted hope.

The people who are influenced and attracted by the atmosphere are influenced and invigorated.

“Catch me!”

“hey! at there!”

Children with small wind-up toys stampeded past Ludger.

Originally, they were children who would have had to do forced labor in the factory area, drinking soot.

Or they were children who had no choice but to steal or pickpocket.

The children were laughing and playing happily.

Rudger glanced at the backs of the children who passed by, then moved on again.

Eventually, he arrived at the busiest clothing store on the street.

with my daughter!

Before Rudger could enter the store, the door opened and two customers came out.

They were wealthy-looking middle-aged women in their mid-40s.

The two of them dressed in clothes that looked like they had just bought looked very satisfied.

“I didn’t know there were such good stores in the world.”

“Oh hey, I told you. It’s a place that has become very popular lately. And magazines were full of introductions about it.”

“I’ll have to try to insinuate others later, too.”

Rudger saw the two of them laughing and leaving, and went into the store.

with my daughter

A waitress heard the door open and approached Rudgar.

“welcome. What are you looking for?”

“Is there a manager here?”

“yes? Violetta-sama is working upstairs right now… … .”

“Call me.”

“Who am I, are you looking for the manager?”

The waitress asked in a slightly wary voice.

maybe you don’t know me

Rudger pondered for a moment before opening his mouth.

“I just need to tell you that the owner is here.”

“Oh, the owner?!”

The employee trembled as if he had remembered something at those words.

It wasn’t long before she started working, but she didn’t know.

How great is the presence of the ‘owner’ on this street.

In particular, even Violetta, the manager of the place, treated the owner with great hospitality when she came, and even asked her to contact her no matter what.

“I-I’ll call you soon!”

Not long after the waiter disappeared, a thumping sound was heard from above.

Afterwards, Violetta appeared from upstairs with an urgent face.

“I didn’t have to come in such a hurry.”

“The owner personally came, how could I not show my face?”

Rudger shrugged his shoulders as he watched Violetta speak calmly as he started to manage his expression.

Violetta said with a slightly sullen expression.

“Why don’t you contact me if you’re coming in advance? I would have prepared for that.”

“Why bother? It is also a hindrance to the people who work.”

“Seeing you say that, it looks like you’ve finished your tour as you came?”

Rudger nodded at Violetta’s question.

“It has completely changed. People’s faces are full of energy.”

“It’s all thanks to the owner.”

“I was just investing. It is your ability to save it.”

“If the owner says so, I will do it.”

Violetta meekly agreed.

Even though this man, who provided the idea for the business as well as the funding, occupies most of the shares in the changed street.

He did not praise or brag about his achievements.

he was such a man

“So what exactly is your reason for coming? A simple outing?”

“I came because I had some time left, but I heard that there have been a lot of intruders lately.”

“It makes no sense. How tiring it is to be belatedly prowling here and there as people who you normally don’t pay attention to suddenly become urgent.”

Still, the merchants’ disturbances were able to be blocked without any problems.

The real problem was then.

“Did you hear the news that the owner came all the way here?”


“… … As you know, the Silver Sun are those who ruled this world before the Red Society. They’re out in the sun now, but they’re far more brutal than the ones from the Red Society.”

Those guys have grown even bigger now.

In the current situation, where the ship is moving forward like a boat on a fair wind, the silver line was no different from a typhoon blocking the way.

A disaster that cannot be avoided by a single ship.

Violetta’s face couldn’t help but be pensive.

“As you know, they are different from the enemy society. That is why it is dangerous.”

“I guess so.”

It’s not like they’re going to be seen as a criminal organization.

There are wizards and knights in the Silver Sun organization.

In case those who couldn’t actually become incumbents are struggling with money, or if they are active knights but waste money because of gambling.

It was common to immerse oneself in a dark world half of one’s own will and half of others.

The same goes for wizards.

Because of money.

It was like that in the past, but now the world is more and more driven by the power of capital.

The knights and wizards, who still play a part in the combat power of the world, are amazing.

They, too, were ultimately helpless in front of the power of capital.

The Silver Sun strongly tied such people with money and used them with their own limbs.

Since Violeta knew that, when she heard that Silver Sun was aiming for her, she couldn’t sleep.

“Still, I won’t go out right away, but I think I need to prepare.”

“okay. I came here because of that. First of all, meet with the person in charge and talk… … .”

The moment the two of them were talking, the door of the store opened with a bang.

“Oh, that’s a big deal! Miss Violetta!”

“what’s the matter.”

“It’s an assault! Some bastards came and set fire to the printing plant!!”


Violetta’s expression changed seriously.

Why is it an attack now that we are talking about this?

Rudger moved before Violetta could say anything.

“I will go first.”

Rudger ran out of the store and climbed to the roof of the building using the wire launcher.

Looking around from the rooftop, I saw smoke rising not far away.

Rudger ran in the direction of the fire without delay.

* * *

Servants wearing white hoods around their mouths raided the printing factory without asking why.

“Wipe it all away!”

“Take everything down!”

Employees working there were unable to do anything about the sudden attack.

Members of the Silver Sun smashed the printing machine with pipes and mercilessly beat anyone who got in their way.

Screams of pain rang out everywhere.

“Light it!”

Gasoline was poured on magazines stacked on one side of the factory and they were set on fire.

In an instant, the paper burned and the flames spread wildly.

“done. Bounce!”

They came out in an instant, just as they had come in a stampede.

It was after that that Ludger arrived at the scene that quickly turned into chaos.

“… … .”

The inside of the factory that has become a mess and the desperate look of people who bring water to put out the fire.

If this continued, the fire would devour the entire factory.

‘Magic… … .’

It was at that time that Ludger tried to put out the fire with magic.

Something in his inside pocket rang.

‘This… … .’

It was a red burning gemstone that I took out just in case.

‘The spirit stone that Quasimodo left behind when he died.’

As it approached the hot flames, the Spirit Stone’s trembling grew stronger.

At this moment, Ludger realized how to use this spirit stone.

“Get out of the way.”

After breaking through the people, Ludger lifted the spirit stone and held it forward, and the burning fire began to move.

“Boo, fire?”

“Are you being sucked in?”

The flames that were about to burn the factory were sucked up by Ludger’s spirit stone.

Eventually, the spirit stone consumed all the flames.

Although it was a little, it seemed that the Spirit Stone had become brighter.

“Boo, the lights are out!”

“Come on, move the wounded!”

Rudger, who was watching the busy people, took a peek at the spirit stone and put it back in his pocket.

Suddenly, I realized that I couldn’t see the person I was supposed to see.

‘Deon and Mastella?’

Originally, the business related to job printing was the role of Old Kids, one of the organizations in the slums in the past.

Old Kids was run by an old man, Deon, and a doll-like girl, Mastella.

The two of them were nowhere to be seen.

‘no way.’

With a heavy face, Ludger headed towards the adjacent wooden building where Deon and Marstella were staying.

Rudger opened the door roughly and saw it.

A ghastly scene unfolding in the depths.

The inside of the building was full of blood and was full of corpses.

Most of them were members of the Silver Sun, wearing white hoods.

And at the center of that misery were Deon and Marstella.

“grandfather. Open your eyes.”

Theon, who was lying on the floor, was covered in blood.

One arm was missing, and the body was also full of stab wounds.

The blood he spilled had already formed a puddle on the floor.

Conversely, Mastella did not have a single wound.

Blood splattered, but it wasn’t her blood.

Marstella was shaking Deon with a messed up face.

“This… … .”

Mastella sensed Ludger’s presence and turned to him.

“owner. Are you here? I’m sorry. To meet us… … I had to go meet him.”

“… … Mastella.”

“what. Weird. Tears, tears won’t stop. I can’t do this… … .

Mastella’s face was a mess of tears and runny nose.

Rudger realized what had happened.

Setting the printing factory on fire, some members of the Silver Sun target Marstella and Deon.

And Deon fought to protect Mastella.

“why… … ! Why are you only doing this to us!”

Mastella, who was usually dignified and mature, couldn’t stand it and screamed.


I got hope that I could barely succeed.

I expected that I would not have to live in pain like before.

Could it have been so wrong?

Was living looking up really that bad?

“We just wanted to live like human beings.”

Abandoned children huddled together to support each other in the cold of midwinter.

They were beaten for not being able to earn money, and there were children starving because they couldn’t eat a piece of bread.

If you ask for help, ask for help, people say.

For filthy bastards like you, just being born is a sin.

It was wrong to live like a human being.

I did not lose hope in such a world.

I tried hard not to lose.

Even so, the world was trying to take something precious from her.

“please… … help me.”

If there is a god, please.

Hear our story.

The moment Mastella tries to speak in a crying voice.

Rudgar covered her eyes with his hand.


Marstella trembled at that kind voice.

A soft voice that could not be recalled at all from the owner she knew.

“Everything is fine.”

Rudger comforted Marstella, but his gaze did not depart from Deon.

There was nothing strange about Deon, whose eyes were not properly focused, when his breath stopped.

Even so, Deon desperately stared at Ludger until the end.

ask for the child

His eyes were saying that.

It will be painful.

If I had escaped, I would have been able to live.

Even so, Deon chose to fight back instead of running away.

“I will.”

A wounded child is crying.

An adult is dying for a child.

The future decided at the end is only dotted with sadness.


“Release the seal control.”

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