I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 178

◈ Episode 178 Wolf and Crow (1)

Casey Selmore and Elisa Willow.

The two were staring at each other wordlessly.

A strange tension hovered between the two.

At first glance, it is a calm and peaceful sight.

However, the two were busy judging the other inwardly.

‘Casey Selmore. genius detective. And a single attribute user and a wizard who received the title of color in the Mage Tower. Such a person witnessed the scene of the fire that day and has yet to say anything. What do you mean? Are you by any chance the exorcism tower’s helper?’

Just as Elisa was wary of Casey, Casey was also wary of Elisa.

‘Elissa Willow. The youngest president of Seorn and a 6th tier wizard. Every action counted. not read at all In addition, the strange brilliance that comes from his unique golden eyes. I don’t know exactly what kind of power it is, but I can’t be vigilant.’

Casey was able to guess the occupation and characteristics of the other person with only minor habits.

However, he could not read anything from President Elisa.

She was truly an iron wall.

‘I guess he called to talk about the fire incident that happened yesterday.’

Casey decided to stop arguing about the other person.

He’s someone you don’t need to be hostile to anyway.

Looking around the fire scene the day before, he seems like a person with a sense of responsibility.

“Should we stop measuring each other and talk about what happened yesterday?”

When Casey came out frankly, Elisa also nodded while her eyes lit up.

“oh. that’s good That’s why I called you.”

The two men who had signed a peace treaty sat facing each other.

“I heard Mr. Selmore witnessed what happened yesterday. Can you elaborate?”

“Casey is enough. I don’t really like selling my family name.”

“ah. sorry.”

“are you okay. Anyway, to continue the story, I should first explain how I came across the site.”

Casey explained how she met Rudgar and gave him his business card.

And even that Ludgar used his business card where he captured the Black Dawn in the middle of the night.

“I never thought that the business card I handed over personally would be used in such a place.”

Casey said it was absurd even thinking about it now.

Conversely, Elisa, who was listening with interest, thought that Mr. Rudger was worthy enough.

“Did Detective Casey see the culprit?”

“Unfortunately, I couldn’t. When I arrived at the warehouse, the fire in the warehouse was already on the verge of spreading to the surroundings. I was busy trying to stop it.”

“is it so?”

“But it’s certain that something out of the ordinary happened inside.”

Even though she was suppressing the fire in a place a little far from the warehouse.

I couldn’t help but notice the intense waves that exploded from within.

I still remember.

The sense of magical power that made her skin tingle.

“That Rudgar Chelishi. What is your true identity?”

Casey asked impatiently.

The magical power he felt inside the warehouse was clearly beyond the 5th tier magic, and was close to the 6th tier magic.

No matter how Seorn’s teacher, he uses such great magic?

‘Could it be that the president in front of me was in disguise? no. There’s no way I wouldn’t recognize it. And the magic of water that unfolded after that… … .’

In the end, Casey could only think of one guess.

A man named Ludgar Celish is Ceorn’s secret weapon brought in by the chancellor.

On the other hand, President Elisha did not understand the purpose of the question for a moment.

‘The true identity of Mr. Rudger? Well, he’s not usually an unusual person, but is he so wary? Is that the magician of that color?’

Elisa, who had not seen Ludgar’s magic, couldn’t help but wonder why Casey asked that question.

‘Are you sure you want to try this side?’

Maybe he wants to cut and say what kind of person Rudger is here.

It can’t be.

“He’s just one of our great teachers at Seorn.”

“… … is that so.”

Casey’s eyes narrowed at the ambiguous answer.

‘I’m evasive.’

Elisa was not openly trying to hand over Ludger’s information to her.

‘okay. It must be that he doesn’t intend to easily reveal information about that level of people.’

Could the president know that Ludger is at least a 5th tier wizard?

Maybe he deliberately planted his own people in Seorn.

She knew well that the faction of nobles and factions of commoners were divided and fighting within Seorn.

‘It wouldn’t be strange if he smuggled in a knife to gain an edge in internal factional politics.’

If so, it was highly likely that Elisa was aware of the fact that Ludger’s skills were greater than originally known.

If so, there would be no need to say that Ludger used at least 5th tier magic.

If it was the president’s sword, I could understand it enough.

“Anyway, as the president already heard, you know, but after Mr. Ludger entered the warehouse, there was a fight inside, and after that, he rescued the hostages and came out. That’s all.”

“You said you checked inside the warehouse after the case was over. Did you find anything there?”

“A discovery? well… … .”

Elisa narrowed her eyes at Casey’s blurry response.

‘Am I hiding something?’

Contrary to Elisa’s suspicions, Casey had nothing to hide.

There were no traces left inside the warehouse.

It wasn’t an ordinary flame, so even the corpse burned up and disappeared.

The only recognizable traces are the scars caused by the clash of terrifying magic.

Even Casey couldn’t find a clue in the burnt out warehouse.

‘The only thing that gets stuck is the mouse footprints on the floor.’

Burnt ashes on the ground.

Traces of rats stamped on it.

It did not appear to have been taken before the fire spread due to time.

‘But there’s no way there aren’t rats in that warehouse.’

More than anything, Casey didn’t think too deeply about it because he hated rats.

“No. It was all burned up without a trace. I didn’t even see a body.”

“Hmm. okay. In the end, the only thing you can rely on is Mr. Rudger’s testimony.”

“Well, I guess. But I don’t think what he said was wrong. Wasn’t it like that in the first place? I fought until I got hurt like that.”

He must have hoped that the festival would end safely.

Elisha also nodded.

“If you’re Mr. Rudger, you’re someone who can do that.”

Silence lingered between the two for a moment.

The ostentatious conversation ends here.

The real purpose was from now on.

Elisa got lucky first.

“So, I told you there was something you wanted from me.”

The first time she called Casey into the chancellor’s office, Casey made a request to Elisa.

“You want to interrogate the captured remnants of the Black Dawn yourself?”


“If it’s not rude, may I ask the reason?”

Elisa’s eyes, who were always smiling, changed sharply.

Casey answered confidently without avoiding that gaze.

“There is someone I really want to catch.”

* * *


I was analyzing the ring when I suddenly got chills.

‘Is it because I lack magic?’

I thought I’d be fine now that I’m almost recovered, but maybe it’s the aftermath of overdoing it while fighting Quasimodo.

‘By the way, this ring… … .’

I didn’t think it was anything out of the ordinary at the time Zero Order gave it to me, but when I checked it, it was more than that.

‘There is a magic stamp engraved on the inside of the ring.’

There were engravings that were difficult even for a meister to cut along the inside of the ring.

The skill of the craftsman is also a skill, but the engraved magic stamp is not easy.

‘The moment you put on this and let the mana flow, it’s supposed to work naturally. Does the effect make the user fall asleep?’

It’s different from getting a normal sleep.

Rather, it is more to the effect of making it appear as if you are falling asleep and shifting your consciousness elsewhere.

‘Split of consciousness. And the coordinates of the specific inability to follow.’

I immediately realized what this ring was for.

‘The ring is the key. And where you can enter through that key… … It’s in a dream.’

The magic engraved on the ring was dream magic.

[Dream Walk]

It is a magic that allows you to enter someone else’s dream or make them dream.

Of course, it is a <Special> type of magic, not the existing type of magic, and it is closer to the mental side than the physical one.

If you really want to tie it with the existing magic, you’d better use a curse and a curse.

However, it is difficult to learn if it is difficult to learn, so dream magic was surprisingly easy to learn among the <Special> series magic, which is mostly one-person transmission.

Even though it was small, it was to the extent that there was a separate school.

‘Even so, the number of learners must be limited. Could it be that one of the Dreamwalkers belongs to the Black Dawn?’

The <Dream School>, which knows how to use dream magic, is famous for being a place where geeks gather.

I have a friend there too, so I know that.

‘Magic itself is not dangerous. In other words, it induces users to the world of dreams and makes them gather.’

It is an executive meeting through dream sharing.

it’s quite

In this way, there is nothing to be found out by others, and there is nothing to be pursued.

But it wasn’t without risk.

‘As much as dream magic wanders around the unconscious, it can fall into the deep world of the unconscious if done wrong.’

This unconscious world is called <Dreamland>.

Just hearing the name, it sounds like a place full of hope, like an amusement park, but in reality it is the opposite.

Dreamland is a spiritual abyss created by countless overlapping of human dreams, unconsciousness, and deep consciousness.

It wouldn’t matter if you only wandered around in the surface consciousness.

I can’t handle what lies much deeper than that.

One scholar argued that there is another world in the depths of Dreamland, and that it is an unknown world where something spiritual exists, just like the spirit realm. But nothing has actually been revealed yet.

‘It wouldn’t be much of a problem if we met in the surface world, though.’

Zero Order said it would hold an executive meeting soon.

I mean exactly when.

Seeing that you didn’t specify the time, it seems like you’re trying to contact me separately.

‘It’s an executive meeting.’

There are a total of 7 First Orders in the Black Dawn.

One of them, Esmeralda, or Quasimodo, has disappeared, so now there are six people left.

‘Not even six. Excluding the real John Doe who died, there must be five of them.’

But just because there were only 5 people left, they couldn’t let their guard down.

‘In other words, it means that there are five more strong players who are as strong as Quasimodo.’

And even their pinnacle, Zero Order.

You might think that Quasimodo is a bit of an odd case, but that would be too optimistic.

‘Among the remaining 5 members of the First Order, the one I know is Victor Dreadful.’

Commonly called the Doctor, he was closely related to the Shamsus School during the last werewolf incident.

If he has a specialty related to research, and is capable of remodeling humans into werewolves, he must be a mad scientist.

Excluding him, there are four remaining First Orders.

It was necessary to know the personal information of the four.

I was setting my primary goal with that, but the front of the hospital room was noisy again.

As soon as the students were kicked out once, did new people come again?

It was a time when I was looking at the scenery outside the window with the blinds open, as it was annoying to kick them out now.

Chara Rock!

The blinds were opened with the sound of footsteps approaching.

I thought she was a student who came to visit Miss Selina, but I wonder if she had something to do with me.


I turned around and saw a familiar face.

Flora Lumos.

And her best friend Cheryl Wagner.

Flora asked me looking nervous.

“I heard you were hurt.”

“Well, as you can see.”

I showed my moderately bandaged right arm.

“It hurts a lot?”

“It’s not that serious. It’s all better, I’m just taking a break to settle down.”

“… … .”

So when I was about to ask why I came, something popped out in front of me.

It was a fruit basket.

I stared at Flora asking what this was, and she blushed and avoided my gaze.

“Tta, I didn’t bring it because I was worried about the teacher. It’s embarrassing to come empty-handed, so Cheryl begged me to buy at least this… … .”

Looking over Flora’s shoulder, Cheryl squinted one eye.

“What, what are you doing? won’t you get it? My arm hurts.”

“… … well received.”

I took the fruit basket Flora had brought and set it beside me.

Even if I pretended not to, it was obvious that I was worried about this side and came to visit the hospital.

I thought no one would come to visit me except Miss Selina.

‘Still, I didn’t spend my time as a teacher in vain.’

As I was thinking that, the door to the hospital room opened again and new people rushed in.

“Miss Rudger! Are you okay?!”

“… … Aidan. Noisy. Please keep quiet in the hospital room.”

Aidan and Leo, and Tacy Freeard and Iona Ovalley.

I never thought that these guys would come.

With the appearance of the four, the hospital room became noisy again. Of course, it was Aidan who usually asked me where I was sick and if my body was okay.

However, all the people who will come now will come.

Was that a foolish idea?

“Hey, is Mr. Rudgar there?”

The door to the hospital room opened carefully, and another visitor arrived.

The first thing I recognized was Miss Selina.

“oh. Isn’t it Rinne?”

Rene entered the hospital room hesitantly, holding a small basket in her arms.

It wasn’t just Line who came in.

The person who came with him was the 3rd princess of Erendir.

Line’s eyes widened as she looked at the students in the hospital room.

The students in the hospital room, along with Linen, widened their eyes when they saw Erendir.

And even the people behind it.

“Uh, huh? That person… … .”

There was one more person behind Rine and Erendir.

“Freuden Ulburg? why is he here… … .”

Recognizing Freuden, Leo’s expression cooled down.

Indeed, Freuden was staring at me as if he didn’t care about that kind of gaze.

I also met him face to face.

Although I wonder why a guy with no contact with me came to a place like this.

was staring at me blatantly.

Did you finish the confirmation before long?

Freuden opened his mouth.

“Long time no see.”

At the greeting, everyone present widened their eyes.

Only I continued to stare at Freuden with an expressionless face.

‘This guy… … .’

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