I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 177

◈ Episode 177 Zero order (2)

Quasimodo died after all the souls he had been bound by escaped.

But did they say that tigers leave their skins when they die?

Same with Quasimodo.

When he died, he left behind a red jewel.

I got it right before anyone else noticed.

I didn’t check it properly, but I got a sense of what it was.

This is Quasimodo’s core and source of power.

It was a stone similar to the spirit stone, in which the power of the spirits was hardened into a solid form on rare occasions.

In the case of Quasimodo, it can be called a vengeful spirit or a cryptid, so it should be called a vengeful spirit stone, not a spirit stone.

I rolled the jewel over my finger and gently plucked it.

Heat was swirling inside the red jewel.

A flame that burns and regenerates endlessly.

this familiar feeling. It was Quasimodo’s spark.

This was a very interesting subject for me.

‘I don’t know how to use this, but there’s nothing wrong with having it.’

It was a good thing that Zero Order didn’t notice this.

Maybe the Zero Order came looking for this.

I was about to let out a sigh of relief when a familiar person from afar approached me.

Dazzling white hair that could be clearly seen even in the dark of the night. At the same time, the inside of the hair is a strange two-tone hair that is pink.

I immediately hid the jewelry inside and started managing my expression.

“Are you here? President.”

The president, who always had a hard-to-understand smile, was hardening his face.

“Miss Rudger. What the hell happened?”

That determined voice was full of determination to hear from me no matter what.

Knowing that this would happen, I explained to the president in detail what I had seen and experienced.

Of course, that was a different truth from the one he had told Zero Order, tinged with another lie.

“This is how it happened.”

“is that so.”

Upon hearing the story, the president covered his mouth with his hand, as if he was in trouble.

I was thinking of answering the question in moderation while watching the scene.

I did.

‘Head… … .’

My head was dizzy and my vision was spinning, as if there were swirls inside my skull.

Is it because of the aftermath of excessive fighting and extreme tension?

My body slowly tilted sideways.

“sleep… … ! Mr. Rudger!”

The last thing I saw was the bewildered look of the president shouting at me in surprise.

It was the first time I knew that woman was so flustered.

* * *

The festival magic festival of Ceorn ended in great success.

There were no accidents to worry about, and everyone was satisfied and went back to their daily routine.

The turbulent atmosphere was completely changed by a single festival.

But people won’t know.

On the last day of the festival, when the fireworks were in full swing, the fire happened.

I just didn’t know.

Some of them were distracted by the flashy fireworks, but there were people behind the scenes who worked desperately to keep the fire from spreading.

“Still, it didn’t manage to spread to great damage, though.”

Elisa, who was reading a report on the warehouse fire in the president’s office, yawned gracefully after pushing the papers to one side of her desk.

Because she, the president, stepped forward herself, the logistics warehouse fire case was almost finished.

But the words Rudger had told her the day before caught on.

‘The culprit who caused the fire in the distribution warehouse is Chloe Pevius.’

Crossing her arms, Elisa flicked her fingers and tapped her forearm.

‘He was an honorary teacher who was staying in Seorn by the previous president, probably.’

He didn’t care about Chrollo Febius.

He came from a famous family in Durmand Kingdom, but that was all in the past.

Because the Febius family fell under a curse.

The reason why such a person joined Seorn was probably because he made some kind of deal with the former president.

As for Elisa, there were people like that in Ceorn anyway, but since it didn’t matter, she wasn’t interested.

‘It must have been a mistake. Collaborating with the Black Dawn to take the teacher hostage.’

Elisa recalled what Rudger had told her the day before.

-The Black Dawn and Krollo Febius joined hands. From the fire in the warehouse to the raid on the previous banquet hall, it was all the work of Krollo Febius.

– Is it really? How is he?

– Killed.

The voice was so nonchalant that it sounded like it was telling me that trash was being removed from the side of the road.

-It was virtually impossible to subdue it because it was a monster of fire that attacked the banquet hall.

– So you killed him?

– I was also in danger, so I couldn’t help it. I couldn’t be sure of Mr. Selina’s safety if I left it alone,

-I’m not trying to blame Mr. Rudgar. Rather, it is fortunate that there were no fatalities. It’s just that I was a little surprised.

The whole story I heard from Rudger was quite shocking.

It is said that Krollo Febius joined hands with the Black Dawn to rebuild the family.

And on the last day of the festival, he must have been planning to stage a terror attack like he did at the banquet hall, taking advantage of the crowds gathered.

However, thanks to Ludger’s performance, their plan was eventually thwarted.

And he even heard the shocking truth that Krollo Fabius was the culprit that caused the Great Fire of Roten in the past.

An outside force hiding inside Seorn.

And even a fire in a distribution warehouse.

If the suppression of the incident had been delayed even a little, the long-awaited festival might have been ruined at the end.

‘It’s the Black Dawn.’

Upon checking, the outside forces hiding in Seorn were those called the Black Dawn.

The suspicious movements that had been caught inside Ceorn not too long ago were also from them.

‘I never thought the people who had been moving from before would have been like that.’

Elisha also had hearing ears, so he knew about the existence of the Black Dawn.

I just didn’t expect them to be hiding so deeply in Ceorn.

‘I had been ignoring it because I had no direct contact until now.’

With this festival, this side has no choice but to change their posture.

‘Still, it’s fortunate that he was captured alive before the incident happened.’

On the last day of the festival, about 20 members of the Black Dawn organization were captured.

Half of it was from Aidan and other freshmen, and half was from Ludgar Celish.

Two of the dead were Chloe Febius and Joanna Lovett.

‘It would be fortunate if there were no fatalities on this side.’

However, there were parts that were unclear.

It’s good that the incident ended safely thanks to Ludger’s active efforts.

But all of this is so neatly done.

‘There are criminals and there are witnesses. It’s a good thing there weren’t any victims. not bad. Rather, it’s a good thing.’

That’s why.

It worked out so oddly.

Captured all the remnants of the Black Dawn hiding in Seorn, and defeated Krollo Febius and Joanna Lovett, who led the Black Dawn.

Except for the death of two key people, there were miraculously no victims, and only the teachers, Selina and Rudger, were injured.


Elisha had such a thought.

‘In fact, what if Chloe Febius wasn’t the real culprit?’

What if there is another real culprit and he handed everything over to Crollo Febius?

Such doubts and speculations grew and grew one after another.

Elisa then shook her head.

‘What am I thinking.’

Rudger and Selina couldn’t have been the culprits in the first place.

Selina is a spiritist who commands spirits, but the spirits she commands are set to intermediate level spirits of water, wind, and earth.

It’s great to command 3 spirits, but you can also command the highest level fire spirit?

There’s no way that’s realistically possible.

The contract between the spirit and the spirit wizard is a contract made with the soul.

‘Unless there are two souls in one body, that’s impossible.’

Then what about Rudger?

‘Not even more.’

Just looking at the magic Ludger has shown so far is enough to influence the academic world.

Besides, what about coordinate magic that hasn’t been officially revealed yet?

All of them are related to expression lines.

Rudgar like that commanded the highest level fire spirit?

Why would a person of that level regret coming as Seorn’s teacher?

In addition, Ludger even suffered burns on his arm while rescuing Selina from the flames.

If you use a fire elemental yourself, the injury doesn’t make sense.

In the end, if you think rationally, the culprit was Chloe Febius.

‘ha. I must be very tired these days. I’m getting more and more suspicious. It’s said that a seat is a seat, but I’ve become too sensitive.’

Elisha rubbed both cheeks with both hands.

‘Yes. It’s not good for the skin like this.’

I also felt sorry for Ludger.

It is purely his credit for saving Seorn from danger while he was away. Originally, this was what she, her chancellor, was supposed to do.

‘I’ll have to personally thank Mr. Rudger later.’

Looking at the sparring that day, he seemed to be lacking in magic power. Should I give him some good medicine?


As I was thinking that, someone knocked on the door of the president’s office.

Elisa’s relaxed expression completely changed.

With an intelligent and sharp mask.

“Come on in.”

As soon as the permission was given, the door of the president’s office opened and a woman entered.

Beautifully colored hair that seems to have brought the blue color of the vast sky as it is.

Even the smell of water wafting around at the same time as it appeared.

Elisa responded with a smile as she looked at her.

“nice to meet you. Casey Selmore.”

The Colored Wizard Casey Selmore.

She stared at Elisa.

Their gazes intertwined in the air.

* * *

Seorn’s normally quiet hospital room was particularly crowded.

“Miss Selina! You must get well soon!”

“Here’s a present for your hospital visit.”

“I’ll put the flowers here!”

“Thank you everyone.”

the day after the festival.

The students came to see Selina after hearing that she was injured in an accident during the festival.

“I heard that you were injured while managing the firecracker warehouse. Aren’t you sick anywhere?”

“You must get better!”

“huh. I will~.”

For now, Selina’s being in the hospital room was nominally an accident due to poor management of magic gunpowder at the end of the festival.

Since what happened at the warehouse was kept a secret, all the students firmly believed that Selina had suffered an accident.

Maybe it’s because I’m usually very popular?

The side of Selina’s hospital room was full of flowers for her recovery.

In addition, students were coming and giving flowers in real time.

“Thank you so much everyone!”

Even though she must be exhausted from so many visits, Selina thanked each and every student who came to visit her.

Some of the male students blushed at that bright smile and even stuttered.

“Stand, stand, sir! Me, over there!”

However, the answer came back from a completely different person, not Selina.

“Who is talking so loudly?”

At the same time, the blinds on the seat next to Selina were pulled back.

“omg! Lou, Mr. Rudger?!”

“You have the guts to scream in a space where a patient needs to rest. Wouldn’t it be nice to see that as a challenge to me?”

“I’m sorry!”

Rudger frowned once, and the gathered students rushed out in contemplation.

Ludger, watching the scene, shook his head.

“Miss Selina. You don’t have to force yourself to accept all of the students’ stubbornness.”

“sorry. You’ve caused trouble to Mr. Rudger because of me.”

“It was the fault of the noisy students, not Selina’s responsibility.”

“But Mr. Ludgar was injured trying to save me, right? Looking at the cause, it’s because of me that Dr. Rudger is in the hospital room right now.”

“I made the choice. And it’s a wound that will heal soon anyway. You only need to rest for half a day.”

That’s why the two were assigned to the same hospital room.

It wasn’t like staying here for a few days.

“ah. It was, right?”

At Ludger’s words, Selina wiggled her fingers.

“Well, I want to stay longer… … Should I say sorry? It seems like a rare opportunity… … .”

“What did you just say?”

“Oh no! it’s nothing!”

Realizing that she had been thinking of Amon, Selina blushed and waved her hand.

Rudger looked closely at Selina and asked.

“Are you sick anywhere?”

“Yes, yes heh?!”

“Your face is red.”

“That, that… … therefore… … .”

Selina closed her eyes tightly.

“I-I never had any dark thoughts or thought that it would be nice to be with you! I really am!”

“yes… … ? Ah yes.”

Rudgar was embarrassed to hear Selina blush and scream.

Are you really not sick?

‘no way… … Am I on guard?’

After all, you use the same hospital room as a man, right?

No matter how much it was half a day, it was definitely lacking in consideration.

On the other hand, Selina blamed herself for why she said that.

‘crying. I’m stupid! You didn’t have to be so harsh!’

It was a chance to be alone with Rudger after a long time, but I couldn’t say a word properly.

‘But it’s hard to bear. Just looking at his face makes my heart explode.’

Selina put a hand over her still beating heart.

‘This feeling. It’s the first time.’

So, I have absolutely no idea what to do in the future, or how to treat Rudger.

‘Should I ask Miss Merilda later?’

While thinking about that, Rudger closed the blinds again.


Selina had no choice but to suck her finger.

Lying on the bed, Rudger took a ring from his pocket.

‘Zero Order handed this to me saying that there was an executive meeting. Does that mean there is some kind of device in this ring?’

Rudger looked around the ring.

‘hmm. This?’

A twinkle flashed in his eyes.

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