I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 175

◈ Episode 175: Burned Ashes, Seeds of Wind (2)

The thread of the flame that has been cut off is scattered in the air.

Esmeralda, in her soul state, could not take her eyes off the scene.

That, in fact, is the gourd that has bound her soul for a long time.

It was a terrible curse from which one could never escape.

I thought I would never be able to escape other than to choose my own death.

it is now cut off

Tears ran down Esmeralda’s cheeks.

Even if there is no such thing as tear glands for spiritual beings.

It was clear that she was crying.

Tears of the soul, embodying all the sorrows and grievances.

It was a rare sight that is hard to see once in 100 years.

[no! It can’t be like this!]

Quasimodo scratched the ground with both hands.

Quasimodo, who no longer had a rope to hold on to, was helplessly dragged away by chains.

The flames burning Crawlo Febius’ body grew stronger.

The white chains and the connected flames blazed strongly, blending with Quasimodo.


The spirits of Quasimodo and Crollo Febius screamed together.

[This can’t be! I’m only in a place like this!]

“Quasimodo. The First Order of the Black Dawn. A cryptid born of fire.”

Ludgar stood in front of Quasimodo.

Quasimodo’s magma-like eyes turned to Ludger.

[Ludger Chelsea! you guy! All because of you!]

“Turn to ashes and disappear along with all the sins you have committed.”

Quasimodo’s body slowly began to crumble.

The countless fireballs that made up his body were dispersing and melting into the air.

“I-that… … .”

“It is the soul.”

Rudger replied to Joanna, who did not realize what was going on.

“The souls of the villagers of Roteng, who were bound by Quasimodo and burned with endless fire of hatred.”

That soul was finally freed from Quasimodo and was reaching Buddhahood.

Quasimodo anxiously stretched out his hand, but it was a meaningless resistance.

[strength! my strength… … !]

Quasimodo’s booming voice gradually diminished.

The gigantic size that looked like a giant eventually shrunk to the size of a child.

Unlike souls who escaped from chains and reached Buddhahood, Quasimodo could not escape from chains.

[I am… … the whole world… … burn… … .]

With those words, Quasimodo completely disappeared. With the soul of Chrollo Febius.


Completely liberated souls glowed white.

The scarlet flames that Quasimodo had created flew like white petals.

Two lights came in front of Joanna, who was staring blankly at the scene.

“… … mom? dad?”

Did you feel something in that moment?

Joanna instinctively reached out for the spirit, but the spirit flew high in the wind and disappeared in the light of fireworks that lit up the sky.

Joanna gazed at the scene with tears in her eyes.

Pierre couldn’t keep his mouth shut as he watched the scene.

“Such vivid beauty.”

Even though he was blind, Pierre was ‘seeing’ the scene vividly with his own two eyes.

A momentary miracle that is allowed only at this moment.

Pierre did not take his eyes off the miracle, as if he would not miss it.

won’t forget

You will never forget this beautiful sight.

As if the warm scenery of the day was deeply engraved in the soul.

[It’s over, it’s done.]

Esmeralda, in her spiritual state, collapsed into her seat.

It’s all over.

The nightmare I thought would continue is over.

[But still… … .]

There was no return of what was lost.

The scarred memories of the disappearance of the precious past still existed.


Esmeralda apologized to the departed souls.

Everyone died because of you. everyone suffered

[sorry. I’m so sorry.]

I couldn’t fully convey that heart even by praying like this.

Still, that was all she could do right now.

over and over again.

[Because I am weak. because i’m stupid I made everyone die.]

Tears did not come out as if the miracle shed earlier was all.

[It would be better if I had followed him obediently from the beginning… … .]

Her body slowly began to turn black and blurry.

Quasimodo has disappeared, but the aftermath of being tied to Quasimodo for a long time has already taken a heavy blow to his soul.

The blow to the soul is the most serious thing to the elemental magician.

The appearance of Esmeralda, which gradually turned black, proved that.

At this rate, she would become a specter, forgetting even the memory of her life.

But Esmeralda was not sad.

Maybe it’s because he thinks this is the end suitable for his foolish self.

Rudger looked at the scene without a word.

Now that his magical energy had been exhausted, Ludger had no way to help Esmeralda.

Even if he had magic in the first place, there was no way to restore the fallen soul.

Because the only way to truly restore a fallen soul to its original state is for Esmeralda to be saved herself.

But it can’t be.

Nothing I can say here can comfort the wounds in my soul.

‘Is it a soul that can’t even attain Buddhahood?’

Unfortunately, there was nothing more I could do for Esmeralda.

The moment I thought so, I saw a soul that was showing unusual movements.

Unlike other souls who rise to the sky and reach Buddhahood, a single light comes to Esmeralda against the flow.

Esmeralda also stared blankly at the spirit approaching her.

The pure white soul glowed and eventually transformed into a human figure.

Esmeralda opened her eyes wide.

[Sister… … .]

A nun who leads a small church in the village of Roteng.

And the mother who raised Esmeralda, not connected by blood.

She appeared before Esmeralda.

Esmeralda bowed her head.

I didn’t want to face you.

I can still vividly hear the screams of people who spat words of hate toward me in my dreams.

The dream always ended with seeing her mother, the nun.

others are fine

But I didn’t want to hear that from that person.

I didn’t want to hear the criticism that it was all because of you.

[sorry. sorry. sorry.]

Esmeralda kept her head down and kept repeating the same words.

The nun looked down at Esmeralda and slowly reached out to her.

The moment that fingertip touched Esmeralda’s shoulder, and Esmeralda looked up startled.

The nun silently hugged Esmeralda.


Esmeralda opened her eyes wide, but soon her face was distorted with sadness and sobbed.

[Was it very difficult?]

[I, I… … !]

[I’m so sorry I couldn’t be with you.]

Esmeralda’s mother stroked Esmeralda’s back and whispered that it was okay.


Esmeralda’s soul, which had been dyed black, changed.

Like white petals that scatter all around.

Her soul, which shed everything, eventually regained its original innocence.

Rudger stared at the scene in silence.

Right now at this moment.

One soul that had fallen into darkness was saved.

The bodies of Esmeralda and the nun slowly rose into the sky.

And joined the group of other souls who reached Buddhahood.


Esmeralda, who was about to leave holding her mother’s hand, looked at Ludger as if she had remembered something for the last time.

Rudger also stared at her until the end.

[Take care of Selina.]

Esmeralda smiled softly.

It was a pure smile that did not fit the name of a fire witch consumed by madness.

Suddenly, an intense flash of light burst out.

The souls who had attained Buddhahood disappeared like a mirage.

The scene I had just seen felt like a dream.

“Where does the soul that has wandered for a long time go at the end?”

Rudger looked up into empty space and murmured softly.

“It is really far. But someday, the end of my journey will surely come… … .”

Then Joanna sank into her seat and let out a breath that Pierre had been holding back.

“Fuck, it’s over.”

“no. It is not over yet.”

said Ludger, staring at Pierre and Joanna.

“Joanna Lovett. No, Joanna, survivor of Roten.”

“… … .”

Joanna swallowed.

It was belatedly that he realized who Ludger was.

Rudger raised his hand and pointed outside the warehouse.


“… … yes? what did you just say?”

“I was told to leave. Leave Seorn and never come here again. Joanna Lovett, Second Order of the Black Dawn, died here today.”

Joanna looked at Rudgar in disbelief.

Ludger ignored Joanna and told Pierre.

“Take it and leave. Can you still use the magic that deceives people’s eyes?”

“yes. It is possible.”

“Then go. And don’t tell anyone what happened here.”


“Because everything is over.”

neither Quasimodo, nor the souls of the people of Lothen who suffered, nor the two men haunted by the past.

It’s all over.

“Your story has ended here.”

Rudger murmured and picked up Selina, who had collapsed on the floor, with both arms.

Quasimodo is gone, but remnants of the fire are still burning down the warehouse.

If you stay here, you will be crushed to death by the collapsing warehouse.

“thank you!”

Joanna shouted into Ludger’s back as he walked away.

Rudger didn’t respond.

“Let’s go back.”

“But, to where?”

“Where is it? It is our home.”

At Pierre’s words, Joanna nodded in agreement.

Pierre’s painting magic was activated.

Before long, the figures of the two disappeared as if they were melting in the air.

* * *

“Come on, turn off the light!”

“The flames are too strong to catch!”

There were quite a few people gathered outside the burning warehouse.

Employees carrying water jars and some teachers tried to put out the fire in the warehouse by shooting water.

Casey, who was watching the situation, realized that the flames were weaker than before.

‘what? It seems that the flames that were trying to come out a little while ago have weakened… … .’

It was not an illusion.

And at the same time someone shouted.

“Look over there! People come out!”

All eyes of the people gathered at the scene turned to the front door of the warehouse.

Through the blazing flames, two people appeared.

Rudger came out holding the fainting Selina as if she had fallen asleep.

“Lu, Ms. Rudger?”

“There is Miss Selina, too.”

His steps, walking slowly toward this side with his back to the flames, were dangerous.

Indeed, Rudger was full of scars.

Strangely, however, people were overwhelmed by the sight.

It was Casey Selmore who came to her senses first.

“What are you doing! Hurry up and help the wounded! The rest are working hard to put out the fire!”

Only then did the servants come to their senses and hurriedly approached Rudger.

“Gwa, are you okay?!”

“Hey, this way for now!”

With the help of people, Rudger headed to the medical staff.

Casey Selmore, who confirmed that Ludger had escaped safely, lifted the curtain of water around him and poured it all into the storage room.

“The rest follow me!”

Casey wanted to ask Rudger what happened inside, but the situation was not going well.

Even if the flames had weakened, you never know when they would suddenly spread again, so now that they had subsided was definitely an opportunity to put out the fire.

As Casey took the lead in fighting the fire, people followed her.

A moment after she entered the warehouse, the flames of the warehouse that had been burning slowly died down.

“Mo, are you okay? Oh my gosh, my arm is like this… … !”

“it’s okay.”

“Oh, are you okay?”

“You can rest in moderation. Do you have any recovery pills or someone else?”

Rudger showed his half-burnt right arm.

“Looks like you need medical attention right away.”

“Bar, I’ll bring the people right away!”

Seeing the servant walk away, Rudger let out a sigh of relief.

‘It’s finally over.’

It was only then that Rudger felt the strength in his whole body loosen up.

Then Selina, who was lying on a stretcher, came to her senses.

“Mr. Rudgar?”

“Are you awake?”


Selina nodded with a somewhat hazy expression.

Selina, who raised her upper body, opened her mouth with a somewhat distressed face.

“I had a dream.”

“Is it a dream?”

“yes. It was a very sad and painful dream.”


Ludger gave a moderately good laugh as he watched the fire in the warehouse slowly go out.

Selina asked.

“Why did you save me?”

“… … .”

“I did something bad. Not me, but another me.”

“… … You knew. Since when?”

I never thought I would have noticed Esmeralda’s existence.

Selina nodded and did not deny Ludger’s question.

“I met you. When I’m lost, in the endless darkness of my unconscious. They were waiting for me there.”

“What did you say?”

“I’m sorry. She said that she suffered a lot because of her. And I also told you this. Cheer up in the future.”

“… … .”

“she is… … You must have left, right? What was the last time Mr. Rudger saw you? Did she leave happily?”

“yes. I went with a smile.”

“thank god.”

Selina was about to say something but bit her lip.

And then I mustered up the courage to ask Rudger.

“Yes. Mr. Rudger.”


“Why did you help me?”

Selina felt it vaguely.

What did you do in your nightmare?

She has committed the unforgivable sin.

I have hurt someone.

Even if the other self did it, it was also her fault.

Still, Rudger saved him.

“Something like me… … .”

“You promised.”

“… … yes?”

“Next year, let’s enjoy the festival together.”

Selina stared at Ludger with her eyes wide open, as if she hadn’t expected such an answer.

Rudger turned his head to face the lying Selina.

That moment.


Firecrackers, which decorate the end of the fireworks display, exploded as they embroidered the sky.

Bigger, grander, and more colorful than any firecracker.

A celebration cannon announcing the end of the festival of Seorn, the magic festival.

“So it is.”


Brilliant light illuminated the two men and women.

Selina was speechless at Ludger’s soft smile.

Her face contorted as if she were about to burst into tears.

Tears were actually running down her cheeks.

But soon Selina, instead of crying, smiled at Rudger, lifting her mouth.

It was powerless and pitiful, but that’s why it was the most beautiful smile.


* * *

Soon the medics arrived and Selina was carried away on a stretcher.

Others made a fuss about Ludger saying he needed to rest, but Ludger nailed it and said he would leave after the scene was over.

With that indescribable momentum, no one could forcefully drag Rudger.

Just like that, the flames died down, and some students even came to see the fire nearby.

But as a result, the festival ended safely.

everything ended safely.

Rudgar, who was sitting alone at a distance and watching the scene, received a communication.

[older brother. Thank you for your hard work. I will go with Sheridan.]

“okay. You worked hard too. Hans.”

[I had the rats erase the evidence in case you didn’t know, but I don’t know what will happen.]

“That’s enough.”

Having finished communicating with Hans, Ludger let out a sigh of relief, thinking that it was finally over.

I want to sleep really well today.

It was the moment I thought so.

“Hmm. I came to see it because it was a festival, but something interesting must have happened.”

A voice came from behind Ludgar’s back.

A chill runs down your spine.

The hair all over her body stood up.

Everyone is concerned about putting out the fire, so no one talks to Rudger naturally.

Even more so if it was an opponent who didn’t feel the presence even though it was close to them.

The other party spoke in a voice still full of composure.

“Is it a fire monster completely annihilated in the splendid fireworks? Hmm. this is true It’s very different from the original plan.”

A drop of cold sweat ran down Rudgar’s forehead.

There is no way I don’t know this voice.

-If you join us, we’ll help you do what you want. how is it. will you hold my hand

After going through a memory storm with Esmeralda, I read my memories, albeit fragmentary.

this voice.

this oppressive feeling.

Only one person comes to mind.

It had to be only one person.

‘Zero Order!’

Founder of the Black Dawn.

Zero Order was now behind his back.

“so. Can you explain what just happened? John Doe.”

Zero Order’s eyes were fixed on Ludger’s back.

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