I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 170

◈ Episode 170 The Hottest Festival (3)

Bondi Rudger had no intention of using poisonous plants.

The medicine I used to take was also beyond the standard of general medicine, and that was enough.

However, after coming to Seorn, that thought changed.

Things he couldn’t handle with his usual medicine happened one after another.

I often suffered from a lack of horsepower.

Rudger thought.

We need better, stronger drugs.

Let’s prepare a trump card in case of an unexpected event.

Rudger immediately gave his opinion to Bellaluna Petana.

I want to make a medicine that is much stronger than the medicine I usually take.

so please help

As an elf, she reacted stunned upon hearing Ludgar’s words, but she didn’t refuse, as if she was still interested.

After putting their heads together, the two were able to create a single medicine.

– Hey. Hey, this is a bit risky.

The reaction that even Bellaluna, who smiles and touches a lot of poison, is fed up.

But Rudger thought it couldn’t be better.

-I-I’ll discard this for now. Because it is the first drug, there are many unstable parts. Well, I made a combination formula, so I’ll be able to make it properly next time.

-thanks. Thanks.

-Ha, but it’s definitely dangerous. Boss, are you planning to use the miasma by-product from the magical plant?


-The poison itself is dangerous, but the amount of magic contained in it is more than that. Rather, originally made ah, to the extent that the pills look like dregs.

It’s dangerous.

Bellaluna warned seriously.

-How to use?

-That, that’s… … .

The method of using by-products was simple.

To absorb the smoke by cutting the paper full of miasma into small pieces and setting it on fire.

However, the moment you absorb this, if you are an ordinary wizard, your body will explode because you cannot handle the magical power.

Even if the body was fine, it was clear that it would be poisoned by miasma and die from necrosis.

-Cha, if you don’t release the rising mana right away, your body will be ruined. Eh, you have to exhale more than the speed at which mana builds up.

However, Bellaluna eventually realized something and nodded.

-Th-But, it probably doesn’t matter to the two bosses.


For other wizards, this drug is a dangerous drug that is second to none in the world.

None of that was true of Rudger.

-That, that’s right, the boss has 100% magic power, right?

* * *


Inhale the smoke and circulate it through the body.

It looked like he was smoking a cigarette, but inside Ludger’s body, mana like a storm was raging.


and exhale

A cloud of pure white smoke spread and disappeared in the heat.

All the magical energy contained in the poisonous plant was absorbed into the body, and only the poison was emitted outside, disappearing in Quasimodo’s flame.

Even so, the miasma was so strong that a stench remained that could not go away.

“Is it poisonous?”

With a pipe in his mouth, Rudger felt the miasma trying to invade his body and recalled the past.

“I was too exposed to it when I was young, so I wasn’t even inspired by it.”

not voluntarily, but by others.

His body has developed a strong immunity to most poisons.

That’s why even the dangerous toxicity of the magic plant that Bellaluna was worried about did not harm Ludger’s body.


It wasn’t just pure white smoke that came out of Rudgar.

Magical energy overflowing from his whole body swirled around him like a blue mist.

dissipation of power.

It releases mana that fills up endlessly to the outside, and then releases mana that fills up again.

once, twice, three times.

At some point, when it was repeated about 10 times, a blue light remained around Ludger and remained in the air.

Quasimodo felt something strange.

Usually, the moment mana is released, it disappears like melting into the air.

It was because the wizard lost control over mana.

However, the mana emitted by Ludgar did not disappear and remained in the air.

Rather, it floated in the air and even hovered around it as if protecting Ludger.

A blue fog shrouded in a world burning red.

Although Ludger’s body’s magic power itself was not large, he could barely use 4th tier magic.

Mana control and emission were unbelievably high.

wow oh

The mana held in the air began to move according to Ludger’s will.

After a total of 23 magical discharges, a thick blue fog spread in the air.

Eventually, they coalesced and merged to form a single spell.

“Do you prefer strength fights?”

With that declaration of war, magic unfolded.

5th tier water magic [Rage of the Sea]

A huge water cannon was fired at Quasimodo.

It was shot at a speed that transcended human perception, so even Quasimodo could not react.


Quasimodo’s right arm was blown off in an instant.

Quasimodo looked down at his missing right arm and his face twisted.



Flames rose from the cut section, and the missing right arm grew back in an instant.

Clenching his fists, Quasimodo lunged at Ludger like a dog.

“Does a broken body regenerate in an instant?”

It was an attack using weak water, but it did not inflict a great blow.

On the contrary, when he was angry, he became even more angry.

‘It’s a simple vengeful spirit, but its power is comparable to that of the highest level fire spirit.’

In that case, 5th tier magic might not be enough.

The highest level spirit has the power of a 6th tier wizard.

‘The seal that suppresses the power of the gods is in good health. It’s time to overflow with mana, so I have to use it to my heart’s content.’

Magic that I already knew with knowledge, but couldn’t use it because I lacked magical power.

Rudger intended to take this opportunity to unleash what had been accumulated so far.

“good. DT-3000.”

Rudger placed his palm on the golem’s back and gave a command.

At the same time, Ludgar strengthened the golem’s arms using [Shape Transformation].

The back of the golem’s hand, which specializes in breaking and destroying things, rose sharply and turned into a blade.

Chii profit!

The golem blew out strong steam with both shoulders and charged at Quasimodo.

Although the golem is nearly 4m in size, it looks like a child in front of an adult in front of Quasimodo.

From the front, of course, it will be pushed.

However, the fearless golem wielded the wrist blade Ludgar had created through shapeshifting and wounded Quasimodo’s body.


Quasimodo screamed every time the blade cut through his body.

It was because of the cold air flowing from the blade.

4th tier cold enchantment magic [Icicle Fang]

It was the cold attribute magic that Ludger had given in advance.


Quasimodo shouted in anger.

It did not stop there, but emitted huge heat and caused a fire in the surrounding area.


The golem raised both arms to block the heat.

The cold and heat collided, and white vapor spewed out.

Quasimodo blew out even more heat.

The wounds on his body could not be regenerated in an instant, and the flames burning over his body intensified like a wildfire.

The cold magic engraved on both arms of the golem that blocked it gradually faded.

“Hold on a little longer.”

Rudger concentrated on preparing for a bigger magic.

The golem, DT-3000, tried to faithfully obey the order, but in reality it did not.

The enchantment magic disappeared due to the heat gradually getting stronger, and the output of the golem that received the strengthening magic gradually decreased.

The golem’s body did not disintegrate.

If there was a problem, it was a key energy source that sustained output.

Rudger noticed the anomaly right away.

‘The power of the magic stone has run out.’

The blue light flowing from the golem flickered as if it were about to go out.

There was no problem with the golem itself, but the magic stone was almost discharged due to excessive output.

‘I don’t have extra magic stones.’

If the golem’s movement stops like this, the fight will become very difficult.

Because the Golem’s role in protecting him from Quasimodo was greater than anything else.

Wasn’t that why I brought Miss Brino’s golem?

‘I really didn’t want to use this.’

Rudger frowned and put his hand in the inside pocket of his suit.

What he took out was a test tube filled with bright red liquid.

The moment I opened the lid of the test tube, the scent of blood wafted out.

Real blood, not blood-like liquid.

‘sorry. Master.’

Rudger did not know that he would be using this in a place like this, so Rudger left a word of apology in his heart.

Usually, the magic stone is discharged the moment its power runs out, and it turns into a lump of stone with only the shell remaining.

However, the magic stone is a substance in which the magic liquid is solidified.

Even if its usefulness has run out, it is still possible to play a role as a ‘vessel’ that can contain mana.

In an emergency situation like now, it is possible to use reagents to quickly replenish magic power.

And the blood of a high-ranking wizard is the best reagent.

There was nothing like this to raise the output of the manastone that was shrinking.

Rudger immediately poured blood onto the golem’s magic stone.


The magic stone began to suck blood and began to emit an ominous light.

The magic circuit that flowed along the brass-colored surface of the golem had not been dyed red and was on the verge of running out of control.

Kigigging. clap.

The golem’s eyes were stained red.

Red magic power flowed around the golem’s body, which had entered an overclocked state.

The surface of the well-processed magic stone cracked.

The vessel called the magic stone could not handle the magical power contained in the blood.


“Right now, one output is not certain.”


The golem jumped out of its seat.

A speed that was incomparable to the dull movements seen before.

Quasimodo stretched out his arms to force the golem away.

It’s just that her eyes are red, and the coldness that threatens her has disappeared.

Surprisingly, however, the golem was not pushed back.

Rather, it was Quasimodo who was pushed out of power.

DT-3000 was pushing Quasimodo back with both hands clasped.


In disbelief, Quasimodo opened his mouth wide and spewed out flames.

Lava-like fire poured over the head of the DT-3000, who was fighting with both arms.

Surprisingly, the DT-3000 survived the fire.

Rather, the overflowing red mana climbed up the golem’s arm as if eroding it to Quasimodo.

[Scrap metal, something like that!]

He raised the heat of Quasimodo’s fire.

I don’t know what this red aura was, but it gave Quasimodo, the vengeful spirit, instinctive displeasure and fear.

Quasimodo tilted his head back and headbutted the DT-3000’s energy source, a burning mana stone.


The magic stone, which had been cracked and was dangerous, could not withstand Quasimodo’s attack and broke.

The golem’s eyes, which had been burning red, went out.

The magic worked.

The exhausted DT-3000 collapsed as if it were collapsing.

[dare! dare!]

Quasimodo trampled the golem several times with his thick legs.

That was Quasimodo’s defeat.

Because the golem stole his attention, he gave Ludger time.


The temperature in the warehouse, where the flames were burning, plummeted.

As he was driven by the cold air, Quasimodo’s gaze turned to the center of the cold air.

The man was there.

Ludgar Celish, the man glaring at me with the fluttering hem of his black coat.

[human… … !]

All of the magical fog that had spread thickly was being consumed to form a single spell.

The amount of magic power that is incomparable to the 5th tier magic I just shot.

The circuit of the source code cannot handle the amount of magical power, so it is a great magic that must be used one by one.

“It is over.”

With those words, the condensed mana spread to the limit in a gigantic spell.

Lines of countless spells drawn in the air.

It draws a three-dimensional figure in the air, drawing nearly one hundred strokes beyond dozens.

Eventually, he created a magic spell.

It is a historical ship that first reached the ice continent in the far north and disappeared in the past.

A magic created by Lexler, the first adventurer and wizard who reached the 6th tier, to pay tribute to its greatness and not to forget them.

the sky sea.

A ship that is still advancing endlessly toward that distant frozen land.

6th tier ice magic

[Shawn Sea Icebreaker]


A huge boat horn echoed and the ice ship rushed toward Quasimodo.

A ship so huge that even Quasimodo, which is over 10m tall, has to look up.


Quasimodo let out a cry that sounded like a scream.

Standing on the bow deck of the ice ship, Rudger exhaled smoke from his pipe.

“Let’s see if we can stop this.”

An ice ship collided with a fire giant.

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