I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 17

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◈ Episode 17 Suspicion (2)

‘I don’t have any memories that come to mind right now.’

I thought about Aidan, but nothing immediately came to mind, so I decided to move on.

I put all the other students’ personal information into my head.

A total of 54 students in the first year. 26 students in the second year.

Roughly, the ratio of 1st grade to 2nd grade is about 2:1. I thought the number of first graders was higher because of the color of the nameplate, but it was more than I thought.

‘Even among first-year students, there are some guys to be wary of. From the rookies promoted by the Mage Tower and the Alchemy School to the child advertised as an unsalted rookie in the Mage Tower?’

Even students with mediocre grades at Seorn are called geniuses when they go outside.

And did they say that all geniuses are out of line somewhere?

Since this is a place full of such people, it is sure to be far from common sense.

After checking the list of all the students, I put my papers on the desk and pressed my fingers to my throbbing forehead.

‘I’m tired. I’m tired in many ways.’

I reviewed the meeting and conversation with the president a little while ago.

Considering the chancellor came to me and quietly asked me, it means that I haven’t fully earned her trust yet.

I went out and even the reliability of Ceorn.

It’s not even a complete doubt, it’s probably half and half.

There was a high possibility that their eyes toward me would be divided depending on how I behaved in the future.

‘doesn’t care.’

As long as I’ve already decided to play the role I’ve been assigned, I don’t intend to show any suspicious behavior.

The President is the <Lexorer> of the 6th hierarchy, which can be said to be almost the highest among the existing 8 hierarchies.

From what I’ve heard, you’re crossing the 7th tier.

A 4th tier wizard cannot win even if 100 people rush at it.

‘Even if the president said so. The biggest problem is, of course, the secret society.’

The secret society is quiet because it is the beginning of the semester, but if time passes and an opportunity arises, it will move immediately.

The problem is, for what purpose did they sneak into this Seorn Academy?

What are you trying to do by planting people here while dealing with some users?

Do you literally want the overthrow of Ceorn? Or is there something in Ceorn?

‘Maybe it’s a kind of treason against the Empire.’

I took the newspaper jammed between the papers and opened it wide.

The newspaper article written in black letter was still dealing with the previous terrorist attack on the magical engineering locomotive.

[The Magical Engineering Locomotive Terror Incident was eventually found to be the work of the Revolutionary Army.]

It seemed almost certain that there was a revolutionary army behind the train terror.

Revolutionary Army. or the Liberation Army.

The revolutionary forces under the slogan of the fall of imperialism and the resistance of citizens to break down the existing unfair caste system… … .

‘To be honest, he’s nothing more than a terrorist.’

If it was the original Earth’s history, the politics at this time would have felt like a parliamentary cabinet system was added to the modern constitutional monarchy, but in this world where magic existed, the authority of kings and nobles was still very strong.

Still, in this world, seeing all kinds of movements that have taken place in the past 50 years, this world seems to be flowing similarly to the flow on the earth where I lived.

Magic that has been stagnant in stagnant water and, on the contrary, science that has rapidly emerged.

At the same time, even magic engineering that was born by combining science and magic.

It is simply astonishing that this drastic change has taken place in less than a century.

It was for this reason that the revolutionaries arose.

‘However, there is a high possibility that the secret society has nothing to do with the real revolutionaries.’

To put it bluntly, the death of the real First Order, Ludgar Celisch, meant that.

If they were in the same organization, why the hell did he get caught up in the train terrorism and die?

The reaction he showed then was that of someone who never expected that the train he was riding on would be attacked.

It is said that this terror itself was completely unexpected even on the part of the secret society.

‘It would be right to separate the secret society and the revolutionary army.’

And there is one more fact that can be guessed here.

The First Order, who held the identity of Ludgar Celish, was not fit for combat.

‘He definitely had skills in magic. The judgment wasn’t bad either. He must have been highly trained.’

However, if it was overwhelming enough to be called an executive of a secret society, it was not.

What struck me in particular was the reaction of the subordinates of the secret society who contacted me.

‘A guy named subordinate passed me off as First Order even after seeing my face. Even if they don’t know the face of Ludgar who got on the train.’


I took it for granted that my ‘appearance has changed’.

‘If you thought it was natural to change, you can know the characteristics of the dead Ludgar Celisch.’

In other words, the characteristics of the First Order are specialized in disguise and infiltration.

That was rather fortunate for me.

At least there’s nothing to arouse suspicion from other members of the organization with appearances.

It would be nice to be at peace

‘For now, I’m not going to say anything in the secret society about my activities as a teacher. Just pretend it’s a job to clear the academy’s doubts.’

The troublesome things can be done by the guys below, so I, who has the qualifications of the First Order, only have to worry about solidifying my position.

You probably won’t have to worry about it for a while.

However, the problem comes to the fore in earnest when the secret society rises to the surface and begins to act.

From the fact that they planted an executive-level person as a teacher, it was clear that they intended to overthrow this Seorn in any way.

‘It’s complicated.’

It is unlikely that Seorn will collapse easily, but neither is it an impregnable castle completely unreachable.

No matter how powerful an empire is, it will inevitably collapse.



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History proves it.

In particular, in an era where transitional forms are extreme like these days, the possibility is closer to reality.

Even if it was only one chance, we couldn’t ignore even the slightest possibility that a secret society would overthrow Ceorn.

‘In that case, I’d rather get away from Seorn and entrust myself to a secret society.’

no. That’s not right.

I have to do that in order to live, but it won’t last long.

It shouldn’t be a problem now that he’s taking on the identity of Ludgar Celish and acting as if he were a first-time teacher.

Will the other First Orders who have been working together so far fail to notice Ludger’s subtle change?

‘I’m sure they’ll find out.’

If you are found out as a traitor, you don’t know what will happen to you. The secret society’s victory over Ceorn is the worst of the worst.

I’d rather keep this teacher’s post and deliberately sabotage their plans is the best chance of survival.

However, if I openly side with Ceorn again, the organization will notice my betrayal right away.

‘This is the moment when an extreme tightrope is needed.’

Unless you know what the purpose of the secret society is, you can’t plan anything right now.

I picked up a pen and wrote on a blank piece of paper a line summarizing my plans for the future.

-Vigilance of the First Order of the Secret Society. I need to quickly find out who I am. After that, avoid contact as much as possible.

– Maintain your position as a teacher. Do not let go of tension every time so as not to be neglected in class.

-For now, focus on working as a teacher so as not to cause suspicion in the academy.

Roughly speaking, these are about three.

I didn’t worry about anyone seeing this post.

Since it was written in Korean, people on this side of the world won’t know what it means even if they wake up dead.

‘Hmm. Right now, all I can do is do my best as a teacher.’

Knock knock.

I tapped the wooden desk with my fingertips.

Well, if you contact me at a secret society and press why I’m not moving, you can make an excuse that it’s an operation to erase suspicion.

I immediately took out a new piece of paper to write on and picked up my pen.

I have an acquaintance who was originally supposed to meet somewhere else, but I had to tell that person that I couldn’t go there.

‘There’s a lot to do.’

Actually, I had to take care of it in advance on the first day, but I forgot because there were so many things to worry about.

Well, there’s nothing to regret here, so he won’t say anything.

Thinking of the possibility that someone might open this letter, I wrote it as much as possible instead of direct words.

Like the letter Rudger Celish carried, I also used a passphrase.

At the end of the word to come with leather velcro, I added one phrase that I forgot to write down.

[Please bring my luggage on the way.]

* * *

The reply to the letter I sent came the very next day.

The promise in the letter is to meet next weekend at Ledervelk’s industrial complex.

As for me, I wanted to meet a little earlier, but the other side was busy with work in its own way, so I decided to understand.


Upon checking the letter, I immediately burned it just in case.

I immediately left the office and headed to the dorm dressed lightly.

“hey… … !”

Then someone rushed over and called me.

He seemed to be a servant of Seorn, but judging from the fact that he was dressed more neatly than the others, he seemed like an errand boy who doubled as a messenger.

“Are you Mr. Ludgar Celish?”

“yes. Yes, but. What are you doing?”

When I asked that question, the errand boy flinched and gave a slightly frightened expression.

The moment I wondered if even the employees were avoiding me, an errand boy handed me a document, as if I had calmed down.

“What is this?”

“It’s a patrol duty ticket.”

“Patrol duty?”

Wasn’t that usually done by servants or guards? Why do teachers do that?

As I stared at him with those eyes, the errand boy broke into a cold sweat and made excuses.

“This time, it is said that there was an order from the president. Now that the new students are entering, it is the time when the students of Seorn are the most lax, so it is the opinion that we prevent the students from causing any problems.”

“Is that me, the teacher?”

“The President will be most effective because he is a teacher. And the contract also stipulates that teachers should step up and prevent any problems that may arise within Seorn.”

Come to think of it, there was such a provision.

However, I thought it was to be done on its own according to the discretion of this side.

I really didn’t know that I would be so active.


But maybe it’s because they accepted my quietness differently?

The servant broke into a cold sweat and hurriedly added an additional explanation.

“Bah, you don’t have to stay up all night. You just need to check from dismissal time until the dorm curfew.”

“And today is my turn?”

“yes yes.”

I silently received my duty ticket from the errand boy.

It had today’s date written on it by the name of Ludger Celish.

Seeing as there are many other teachers besides me at Seorn, it seems that this kind of patrol duty is only done once a week.

It’s going to be a little annoying if it gets caught on the weekend.

“Well, then I’m done.”

The errand boy, who had delivered everything he had to say, left the place as if he was running away from me in a hurry, as if someone was preying on him.

I ignored the errand boy and checked the list of duty tickets.

‘Since Seorn is so wide, is it a structure where one teacher walks around in each designated area?’

There were three more people on duty today besides me. Among them, I saw the name of Selina, a new animology teacher who had been assigned with me this time.

Well, since we’re in different areas, we won’t run into each other, but if we do, let’s say hello.

‘Rather than that, the fact that it wasn’t like this originally, but suddenly implemented it at the direction of the president, does the president also suspect that Ganja was planted among the teachers?’

Perhaps the reason why teachers behave like this is to detect any suspicious contact or movement.

If he were a spy, he wouldn’t act hastily unless he was an idiot, but that doesn’t mean the president’s policy is meaningless.

The fact that the president himself gave such an order is because it itself serves as a deterrent to alert others not to act recklessly.

This is a kind of warning.

From the president’s point of view, it is a policy that is good if a suspicious person is caught here and can send a warning even if it is not caught, and there is nothing to lose.

‘Since we don’t know what the excited students will do after the nominal start of the semester, there’s no room for refutation that the teachers are stepping up to prevent the incident.’

They are not ordinary students, but geniuses who use magic.

If you need to block it, you must block it.

In the first place, why would a new teacher who was appointed this year refuse the president’s order because of what right to speak?

Even in an academy, hierarchies exist. If it’s black, you have to

For reference, the patrol area I was assigned was the <Magic Training Ground>.

“… … This is true.”

As the training ground is a place where students often visit to show off their magic skills, it was difficult not to have problems.

Surely, you’re not deliberately sending me here, are you?

Hopefully not, I headed to the training ground.

* * *

The magic training ground was not far from the main building.

A short 10-minute walk along a well-paved footpath.

A large building can be seen beyond the trees in the moderately tended garden.

The overall design is an appearance reminiscent of a super-large plastic greenhouse.

‘It’s filthy big.’

Even on Earth, the size of the playground is so large that it cannot be properly rubbed, which is very impressive.

There are 3 such buildings.

They are called Training Ground 1, Training Ground 2, and Training Ground 3, respectively, and in the case of Training Ground 3, which is the largest among them, it is also the main stage of the 「Magic Festival」, Seorn Academy’s semester event.

First of all, I looked at the nearest third training ground, and there was no problem, so I passed.

There were only a few people at the second training ground that I stopped by next, and most of them went back to the dormitory after training.

Now, I was about to check only the last remaining training ground.

Eventually a problem arose.

“How dare you be a lowly commoner!”

Along with high pitched voices that seemed to be torn apart by octave units, I could feel magic power fluctuating inside the training ground.

Sensing that my anxiety had become reality, I immediately ran into the training ground.

When I ran down the aisle and reached the banister of the spectators.

One female student was seen trying to shoot magic at another female student.

The magic used is——second-tier cyber magic [Burning Thunder]

Even if it is a 2nd tier magic, it is a magic that can cause fatal injuries if the opponent is defenseless.

‘I shouldn’t be late.’

I immediately activated the spell.

The magic formula created by that student is also near completion, but with the source code, I can perform magic within the third tier faster than anyone else.

The magic used is the 1st tier release magic [Glowing Stone] made of magical power.

I shot it like throwing it and pierced the center of the spell right before it was completed and broke it.

“who is this!”

The student whose spell was destroyed glared at me with an angry gaze, probably thinking that he had been disturbed.

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