I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 169

◈ Episode 169 The Hottest Festival (2)

Huh! Huh!

Inside the dark warehouse.

Krollo Febius, who was desperately running through the natural maze created by equipment piled high on the ceiling, suddenly felt skeptical.

‘What am I doing?’

he’s running away now

from what?

from that witch.

Naturally, a question appeared after biting its tail.

‘How long will I have to live like this?’

How long can I live and run away like this?

You may be able to get out of danger right away.

But the witch will pursue him even to the ends of hell and kill him.

There are limits to running away.

Because she in her nightmares will never let him go.


These were the feelings that Chloe Pevius felt.

How the hell did this happen?

gorgeous mansion. soldiers following his orders. And even the servants who bowed their heads in awe of him.

All of that past felt like a dream.

‘Me, why me?’

Crollo’s legs slowed and then he stopped.

“ha. ha.”

I’m tired of running away now.

He saw Esmeralda slowly approaching him from beyond the darkness of the warehouse.

The appearance of coming towards this side with a relaxed movement.


very slowly

They do not yield to evil and do not cast curses.

But that sight was stirring Crollo’s fear from the deepest depths of his soul.


Esmeralda tilted her head at Crollo, who had stopped.

“Why don’t you run away more? Did you at least give up now?”

Crow’s lips twitched.

Esmeralda sensed that he had something to say.

“Do you see anything you want to say? Then give it a try. It will be the last, but there is no reason not to listen. I’ll let you leave a will.”

At the blatant provocation, Crollo shouted with a blood clot in his neck.



It was a cry that even Esmeralda did not expect.


What the hell is this man saying is enough?

“How much do you have to destroy me to be satisfied! That’s it! The Fabius family has already fallen! Because of you!”

Is it because of the upcoming fear and stress of death?

Ironically, the emotion that came to Crollo Febius, driven to the extreme, was anger, not sadness.

‘Why should I suffer like this?’

Look at the difference between the splendid self in the past and the miserable present.

I can’t eat properly, I can’t sleep properly, and I have nightmares every day.

The brilliant blonde hair became crumbly, and the bright eyes were full of dark circles.

Dark beard and sunken cheeks. up to the sunken eyelids.

It’s literally like a dead person.

‘Is this me? Is this me, the head of the great Fabius family?’

Crow gritted his teeth.

‘why? Why do I have to work so hard?’

Have you driven a lot of people to death?

What does that mean?

Aren’t they just commoners?

He only punished those who tried to oppose him.

‘If only that bitch had listened to me in the first place, if those damn commoners hadn’t resisted me. In the first place, this never happened.’

When I thought so, all the pain I had suffered so far sublimated into anger.

Anger covered reason.

“Everything is because of you.”

Crollo didn’t even realize what he was talking about.

“If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t be like this!”

Esmeralda’s expression hardened at that cry.

“Because of me, did this happen?”

Those words that Chloe Febius shouted in a fit of rage.

There was nothing to say of reason, so it didn’t matter if I passed it on the back of my ear, but Esmeralda couldn’t do that.

“What kind of mug are you… … .”

would you say that to me

That was the moment I was trying to refute.

– It’s because of you.

A soft ringing sound in your ears.

It wasn’t what Chloe Febius was saying. Rather, it was a phrase I had often heard in my nightmares.

-Because of you!

-Everyone died because of you!

A cursed word that I heard many times in my dreams.

The bloody townsfolk shouted at her.

Those words overlapped with Crawlo Phevius’s cry and made her head thump.

“no… … .”

Esmeralda grabbed her head with both hands.

no. no. I’m not like that.

Did he notice that Esmeralda’s condition was strange?

Crollo involuntarily backed away.



At the same time, a huge flame erupted from Esmeralda’s back and engulfed the entire area.

* * *

‘It’s serious.’

Ludger frowned in the flames burning all around.

Water is dripping steadily from sprinklers on the ceiling, but the spreading flames show no signs of being easily quelled.

Rather, it was burning more fiercely as if to show off.

It is truly an inferno descended upon the human race.

Rudger led the steam golem DT-3000 deeper into the warehouse.

And I was able to find two people.

Krollo Febius passed out with burns.

“… … Esmeralda.”

The figure of Esmeralda sitting in her seat and shaking her shoulders.

However, there was an existence with an overwhelming presence beyond that.


The burning flames gathered in one place as if swirling, and eventually formed a huge fire giant.

A fire spirit full of flesh and ugly with a crooked back.


As if responding to Ludgar’s call, Quasimodo also stared at Ludger with red magma dripping eyes.

Even though their eyes only met, the air heated up.

It felt like the hot heat that touched my skin penetrated all the way to my lungs.

‘Esmeralda’s condition doesn’t look very good.’

Even if he didn’t kill Crawlo.

Rudgar had a hunch that something was wrong.

‘I haven’t killed Krollo yet. Seeing him slumped in his seat with the target of revenge in front of him, he must have suffered a major shock mentally.’

Esmeralda collapsed in the blazing fire.


Her past, seen through painting magic, overlapped with the situation in front of her eyes.

A single word flashed through Ludgar’s head like lightning.


Esmeralda was now traumatized.


Rudger got off the steam golem and approached cautiously.

In order not to offend Quasimodo, he paid attention to every step he took.

‘Quasimodo, the spirit of fire. No, not a spirit, but an existence close to vengeful spirits. He’s not just a summoned beast.’

Rudger thought as he approached Esmeralda.

A vengeful spirit that can move on its own even when its owner is in such a state, even a guy whose ego is full of hatred.

It has already gone far beyond normal.

As soon as I closed the distance to the right distance, the heat became much stronger.

Quasimodo had forbidden access.

Rudgar cautiously opened his mouth.

“Quasimodo. Do you know about me?”

[human… … .]

“At that time, I was sorry. I couldn’t help it because of the circumstances.”

Having a conversation means that persuasion works.

Rudgar carefully continued his words so as not to offend the boy as much as possible.

“I am your master’s colleague. I have no intention of fighting.”

[…] … .]

Quasimodo didn’t answer.

Instead, he just smirked and put a smile on his face.

did you understand

‘It’s a very scary face.’

Maybe it was because his face was made of magma and flames, but the level of his bloodiness was different.

Even Rudger, who had faced many men with savage appearances, was a smile that sent chills down his spine.

‘Once you see the reaction, it’s favorable to me.’

Rudger naturally operated the mechanism of the gaiter in his left hand.

A device made by Seridan that can shoot micro anesthetic needles.


Carefully wind the mechanical spring to retain as much tension as possible.

After casually aiming it at Esmeralda.


It was shot so secretly that no one noticed.

It was at that moment that a very small spit flew towards the nape of Esmeralda’s neck.


A huge fiery hand appeared and stopped it.

‘what… … .’

Ludgar looked up at Quasimodo in disbelief.

Did you notice that this side is going to surprise you?

‘Since when?’

Quasimo was still looking down this way with a smile on his face.

That smile was truly full of alienation.

Rudger saw it and realized.

‘This guy. He didn’t trust me from the beginning.’

The words he tried to calm his guard down, and the smiling face he said he understood.

─It was all an act to deceive us.

Even without the owner’s order, he acted like that arbitrarily.

It was so cunning that it was hard to believe that it was a vengeful spirit.


Quasimodo’s smile was instantly contorted with anger.

‘danger… … !’

Rudger backed away immediately.

Quasimodo’s fist landed like a hammer where he had been before.

Spreading shockwaves and spreading sparks.

The hot heat passed through his body like an aftershock.

Rudger stepped back and took a stance, brushing off the embers from his coat.

Even with all kinds of fire resistance, defense, and heat resistance magic, the heat penetrated.

‘I felt it even then, but he’s really beyond imagination.’

Back then, he was reverse-summoned by directly destroying the medium that summoned Quasimodo, but this time it’s different.

Quasimodo could not be recklessly reverse summoned as long as Esmeralda was there.

Because he knew that, he was protecting Esmeralda.

‘Then this time… … .’

set coordinates.

When Ludger used his magic, Quasimodo reacted immediately.

blah blah

Quasimodo’s mouth opened wide, and a furnace-like flame stirred inside.

Rudger spurred on.

[Ather Nocturnus]

A shadow wrapped around Ludger’s body and then spread its black wings wide behind his back.

Ludger soars into the sky in an instant.

A fire passed under his feet.

Quasimodo stretched out his hand towards Ludger.

Then, the flames shimmering around them moved and attacked Ludgar following Quasimodo’s will.

As tentacles of wriggling flames approached from all sides, Ludger concentrated on avoiding them.

‘I don’t want to give myself the time to use magic.’

it was learned

That there is magic that transcends space here. And how to respond to it.


Right after that, a huge fist flew right in front of Ludger.

Ather Nocturnus moved and turned into a large shield, blocking Quasimodo’s fist.

Chii profit!

The shadow could not stand the scorching heat and was pushed away.

Ludger, who was pushed back by the recoil, landed on the ground.

‘The compatibility is not good.’

Ather Nocturnus is a magic beast that uses shadows.

As a result, he was infinitely weak against the fire and light attributes.


Ather Nocturnus shook his body as if whining at Ludgar.

“… … I get it.”

Rudger had no choice but to take a pill from his inside pocket and pop it into his mouth.

Then, the mana that had been consumed quickly rose up in an instant.

A magic potion that exerts a high effect that is incomparable to what was consumed before.

Ater Nocturnus sucked Ludger’s magic to his heart’s content, as if he had never complained.

“Work as much as you eat.”

Ather Nocturnus swelled wildly.

Like Quasimodo, who stood up to protect Esmeralda, a huge black shadow monster stood up behind Ludgar and glared at Quasimodo.

And the two collide at the same time.

Ludger took advantage of the gap and tried to blow an anesthetic needle on Esmeralda again.

Quasimodo didn’t see it.


A hot flame swirled around Esmeralda.

The heat distorts the air and distorts the vision.

‘Is it an ulterior motive to make it impossible to see with the naked eye so that the coordinates themselves cannot be specified?’

Cunning and even smart.

Is this just a vengeful spirit? I had never imagined that Esmeralda’s presence would be of this magnitude.

‘This is the power of the First Order of the Black Dawn.’

bang! bang!

Whenever Ather Nocturnus and Quasimodo collide, a series of shockwaves explode.

Even so, the fire spreading to the warehouse in real time was growing out of control.

At this rate, this side would be burned to death first.

‘Should I borrow the power of God again?’

Rudger thought that far and shook his head.

It takes a long time to prepare to use this power, and once the reins are released, the entire surrounding area will be devastated.

In a situation where every minute and every second is urgent like now, it doesn’t fit, and it might make innocent victims.

‘Abandon the operation to surprise Esmeralda.’

The battle between the two monsters was decided in an instant.

No matter how much mana he injected, he couldn’t overcome the power of Sangseong, so Ather Nocturnus shrunk back to Ludgar.

“Can’t you last even a minute?”


Ater Nocturnus shuddered once as if it was unfair.

I couldn’t even last a minute even though I hit all the mana recovery potions.

Rudger sighed and stood up.

He didn’t even have time to get annoyed with his magic beast.

Quasimodo wanted to kill Ludgar as quickly as possible, not knowing what else he might do.


Sticky flames erupted from Quasimodo’s mouth.

“Start the DT-3000.”

The steam golem waiting in the form of Ludger’s horse received the order and moved.

The horse writhed, and then changed into human form.

thud! thud!

The golem strode forward and stood in front of Ludger, crossing its massive arms in a defensive posture.

Right after that, hot flames hit the golem directly.

Chii profit!

The golem’s surface was red hot from the heat.

Even so, the flames did not stop, and the moment the golem’s body swayed.

Rudgar put his hand on the golem’s back.

“Increase durability. increased heat resistance. shape recovery. material strengthening.”

<Transformation> and <Alchemy> magic of the realization type, not the expression type.

The melted and collapsed golem’s appearance returned to its original state.

The half-collapsed golem stood tall again.


Rudger shoved the pill back into his mouth.

The rising mana poured into the golem again and hit hard.

unstoppable flame.

And a golem that repeats endlessly breaking down and being restored.

The breath of fire that seemed to shoot endlessly like that ended.

Embers spread and the warehouse fixtures turned to ash and scattered like powder.

Everything around Quasimodo was melting.

The center of the warehouse has become wider than before as even the steel structure melted away.

Quasimodo was huffing and glaring at Ludgar.

“This is true.”

Ludger sighed at Quasimodo’s serious intention to kill him.

It is virtually impossible to target Esmeralda from a distance.

However, it is difficult to defeat Quasimodo itself.

If so, what’s left of it?

‘Is it just a frontal breakthrough?’

Somehow, Esmeralda can be subdued by administering a special anesthetic to Quasimodo.

‘The remaining pills… … .’

Ludger smiled and shook his head as he tried to check how much magic potion he had left.

Fighting while looking at the liver was not to his liking.

“I’ll do the best I can this way too.”

Saying that, Rudger pulled out an object from his chest.

Quasimodo raised his guard, knowing that Ludgar was up to something else.

“Don’t panic. Can’t you afford to play around?”

What Rudger pulled out was a black and gold pipe tobacco.

And inside the bowl of the cigarette was the poisonous weed filled with the miasma of magic weed, crushed into small pieces.

Rudger, who was about to light his pipe, smiled when he realized the situation around him.

The hand holding the pipe was stretched out to the side.

“Borrow a fire.”

Chi profit.

An ember floating in the air landed on the poisonous plant and lit it.


Rudger put a pipe of white smoke in his mouth and inhaled lightly.

Even his eyes were closed, and just by looking at him, he looked like a languid person enjoying his leisure time.


And when he opens his eyes

His pupils were the deep blue of expanding magic.

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