I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 168

◈ Episode 168 The Hottest Festival (1)

“Is that really true?”

Despite feeling his skin tingle, Rudger maintained his expressionless expression.

But deep inside, I was satisfied.

Because I reaffirmed that the hound’s teeth are very sharp.

“yes. I overheard them talking. I couldn’t confirm the exact purpose, but I did know the name of the organization.”

Rudger asked casually, explaining the situation.

“Do you know any of them?”

“… … To some extent.”

“Then the story will be easy. Please take care of it.”

At those words, Casey was stunned to realize what purpose Rudger had called her for.

“Now, wait a minute! Did you use my business card carelessly just to clean up?!”

“Wasn’t it you who told me to call you if you needed help in the first place?”

“That’s it… … .”

At Ludger’s point, Casey was speechless.

That’s right. In fact, when she gave Rudger her business card, she told him to call him if he needed help.

The business card she gave me was like a promise to help me only once.

But he never imagined that he would call himself for such a trivial matter.

Casey, who had pursed her lips a few times, spoke in protest.

“… … If you’re a normal person like that, you can call it in a more important place.”

If someone else received the same business card, they would have thought a lot about where to use it.

“This position is important enough to me.”

But Rudger didn’t.

It was only to catch the suspicious group, and Casey was called to be in charge of cleanup.

Since it was he who had promised to help, Casey couldn’t think of anything to refute.

“ha. all right. But did it have to be me? If you find a suspicious group during the festival, it’s better to call the people of Seorn.”

It was a sharp question, but Rudger, who had thought of the question in advance, answered it easily.

“Isn’t it a festival?”

“… … yes?”

“At least I don’t need to clutter things up by letting others know.”

“ah. Could it be that you called me to take care of it quietly?”

“I have no intention of hiding this incident. However, there is no need to inform immediately that this has happened. The work is done the day after the festival. So, for now, we have to do things quietly.”

Casey looked at Ludger with an expression of surprise.

That the option chosen by the man who seemed cold and cold-blooded like the northern ice mountain was a path for everyone.

It was just so surprising to her.

“I just came up with the right person at the right time and called. Didn’t you say Mr. Casey was a detective?”

Rudger pointed his chin at the fallen remnants of the Black Dawn in a stunned state.

“Where did these guys come from and who are they? I think you know better than anyone.”

‘this person… … .’

Casey listened to Ludger and realized what he was thinking of calling her.

‘I had no intention of calling me for personal purposes.’

Even the business card given to Ludgar by the mysterious magician.

It just didn’t look like ‘something like that’.

So it must have been so easy to use business cards.

Valuable things that others cannot get even if they give ten million won, are just a handful of garbage in front of this man.

At the same time, to the consideration to handle the work quietly so as not to spoil the atmosphere of the festival.

‘Of course, I’m not involved in that consideration.’

Maybe it’s moving like this for the students.

Even if others don’t know.

Because you believe it’s right.

‘It’s not like I misunderstood the person.’

In Casey’s judgment, Rudger is a superman.

Not a superman who transcends humanity, but a superman who pushes forward what he believes to be right.


Still, what is this uneasy feeling?

‘I feel like I’m missing something important.’

No matter how much I thought about it, the answer didn’t come.

Casey first thought about what to do with these fainted people.

‘The Black Dawn. Surely these guys might be connected to James Moriarty.’

After properly interrogating him, he could hand it over to Sae-Run’s side.

Watching Casey worrying about the future, Ludger let out a sigh of relief.

‘Fortunately, it doesn’t seem like he had any big doubts. I was able to deal with the business card that I had been forcibly entrusted with.’

When I first received the business card, I seriously considered throwing it away.

For him, whose identity should not be revealed, the business card that Casey Selmore handed him was just disgusting.

Still, it was a good thing that I put things on hold just in case.

Thanks to that, when I heard the news that the lower orders of the Black Dawn, including Joanna Lovett, were moving secretly.

Because I was able to think of how to use this business card.

‘Dispel Casey Selmore’s doubts, and at the same time weed out the Black Dawn hiding in Seorn.’

There was, of course, the possibility that Casey Selmore could have suspected Rudger the other way around.

At first glance, it seemed suspicious that this situation itself flowed so naturally.

‘But I’m nominally the teacher of Seorn. No matter what happens, they won’t carelessly suspect me, who is protected by the president.’

It was fortunate that the president was an outstanding person.

If he had been incompetent, he would have been rather suspicious.

‘With this, Casey Selmore focuses on the Black Dawn, not me.’

It was for this reason that the remnants of the Black Dawn were handed over to her.

Let the good hound smell the prey that is about to bite.

At the same time, Casey Selmore will even prove Ludger’s alibi.

For Rudger, it was a way to kill two birds with one stone, taking care of all the troublesome people at once.

‘With this, if only Smeralda’s work is finished… … .’

It was the moment I was about to think so.


A huge pillar of fire shot up from afar, consuming the darkness of the thick night at once.

The eyes of the two naturally turned to the place where the flames broke out.

It was not the flashy color of firecrackers, but the bright red flames that seemed to have overflowed from hell.

Cranky at the same time! Along with the sound, Hans’ urgent voice echoed from the communicator in his ear.

[older brother! It’s a big deal!]

The moment Rudger heard those words, things went in a bad direction.

I realized that something unexpected had happened.

Rudgar said to Casey.

“I will leave it here.”

“yes? Oh, wait!”

Rudger didn’t listen to Casey shouting something behind him and kicked off the seat.

Rudger tapped the communicator with his hand and signaled to Hans.

“Hans. What happened?”

[Once, as originally planned, we succeeded in luring the witch by leading Crawler Febius to the target location.]

The target place is the equipment distribution warehouse.

It was a place where no one visited right away, and yet could avoid people’s eyes.

If it was a maze-like place where all kinds of things were piled up, it would be suitable for Crollo to escape without being caught.

[But Crawl, that bastard suddenly stopped in his seat and said something.]

“What did you say?”

[I don’t know. Because it happened so suddenly.]

Hans was receiving information from the rat he was using instead.

As a result, the amount of information that could be obtained was limited.

Crollo, who had followed him well, stopped in his seat and did something to Esmeralda.

And right after that, Esmeralda ran out of control and flames swept through the warehouse.

[No matter what, it is certain that the child did something unplanned.]


All in all, I would have thought that Krollo Febius would do whatever he wants here.

I thought I wouldn’t be able to do anything because I was terrified, but I wonder if it gave me courage to be driven to the edge of a cliff.

It seemed certain that Esmeralda, who thought she would stay calm no matter what, had revealed her power.

“How is the situation now?”

[…] … I don’t know. All the rats I sent inside died. If nothing else, it would be a complete inferno. The rats outside are also afraid of fire and are not listening to orders.]

“Not good. How big are the flames now?”

[It’s so big that you can clearly see it from the outside. A third of that huge warehouse was swept away in an instant. For now, it will survive with the fire extinguishing system inside the warehouse, but that seems like a matter of time.]

In case of a fire in Ceorn’s warehouse, an automatic fire extinguishing device is prepared to put out the fire.

That was the reason why he lured Esmeralda to such a place in the first place.

‘But if you want to deal with those who use the highest level of fire spirits, that alone is not enough.’

Although the spread of a fire can be restrained very little, it is impossible to extinguish the fire itself.

The fire that Esmeralda deals with was not at all like that.


Rudgar sent a signal to Sheridan through the communicator.

[What’s going on, Nari?]

“How is the festival site?”

[The fireworks are being prepared right now. But why?]

“Are there any signs of abnormality there?”

[Anomalies? What do you not see?]

“Then I’m glad.”

[Hmm. Looking at that reaction, I think something happened on that side. Right?]

“okay. I need to pull some time from that side.”

[Hehe, okay. I was waiting at the scene just in case.]

Saying that, Seridan cut off communication.


And not long after, colorful firecrackers exploded in succession in the night sky.

* * *

“what! Why suddenly sparks already?”

“who is this! We still have 30 minutes to start!”

“I don’t manage properly!”

Sheridan, hiding from the distant shouts, giggled.

‘Well, there are still a lot of firecrackers left to set off, but this should be enough for now.’

People were distracted by the sudden fireworks display.

Originally, the fireworks would start in 30 minutes.

Some people wondered that it had already begun, but the colorful colors of the magically treated flames in the air quickly forgot that idea.

“Wow! pretty!”

“Look over there! It’s a flame!”

A dragon made of flames flew in the sky and spewed fire from its mouth.

The children marveled at the existence of the dragon in the legend with their eyes shining.

This should be enough to draw attention.

‘lily. Now all that’s left is your role.’

Ah, but firecrackers besides bombs aren’t that bad, are they?

Sheridan vowed to make something similar when he returned to his hideout later.

* * *

Ludger was relieved by the colorful fireworks that exploded in the distance.

Thanks to Seridan’s time-consuming, people wouldn’t know that there was a fire here yet.

[older brother. When will you arrive?]

“I have a place to stop by for a while. How is the situation?”

[There is not much difference from before, but it still seems to be a matter of time.]

“Are there any witnesses nearby?”

[Not yet. But if you don’t control it in time, it will happen.]

“I must hurry.”

After cutting off communication, Rudger stopped walking.

An outdoor exhibition hall that has been cut off from people.

At its center was a large cloth-covered structure.


Rudgar peeled off the fabric covering the structure.

A blue magic stone was shining softly in his right hand.

* * *

There is a strange fever in the festival.

Even people who would normally have nothing special feel strangely excited and excited when a festival comes around.

It was also the time when romance between the opposite sex flared up the most.

That’s why the most couples form after the magic festival is over.

Naturally, there were couples who couldn’t control their hot hearts and made love in places where no one was around.

“Oh dear. what are you doing here?”

“Wait a little. A spectacular fireworks display will start soon?”

A couple sitting close to each other on the grass.

The male student smacked his lips as if he had been waiting for this moment.

To get our first kiss here, we stopped at the dormitory and brushed our teeth more than 3 times.

‘It’s my first time, but I’m careful not to show off… … .’

I managed to move my right hand, which was stiff and immobile.

He carefully puts his hand on the shoulder of the girl sitting next to him.

The female student also shook her shoulders, but did not lift her hand.

sign of permission.

‘This is my chance!’

The male student refrained from rough snoring as much as possible and tried to have a higher level of skinship.


Suddenly, colorful fireworks lit up the sky.

Originally, it would have taken another 30 minutes before the fireworks display had already started.

“Wow. pretty.”

‘What is it? The timing was good, but why did it start all of a sudden?’

Unlike the woman who was genuinely happy, the man had no choice but to panic.

It was the moment when I made up my mind to go inside.

snap! snap!

Through the dark bushes, large rats appeared.

If it were a normal rat, it would have run away when it saw the two, but the ones that appeared now were different.

A swarm of rats approached the couple as if threatening them, baring their ferocious front teeth.

“Kyaaak! Why is the mouse here?!”

“Hee! disgusting! I mean, I hate mice!”

“uh? hey hey! where are you going Hey you bad boy! Are you leaving me alone!”

A boy runs away screaming and a girl chases after him.

As the two disappeared, Hans, who had been hiding in the dark, appeared.

“Students, huh? Even if you study all the time, you’re falling in love when it’s not enough.”

A swarm of rats gathered around Hans, raising its paws.

It’s like, ‘Did I do well?’ It was an attitude that wanted praise.

“okay. Everyone worked hard.”

Hans, who chased away all the people gathered around here with a swarm of rats, returned to the vicinity of the warehouse again.

The roaring fire showed no signs of being extinguished.

It would be fine as there are no witnesses right now, but how long will this last?

Getting caught is a matter of time.

‘When is my older brother coming?’

That was the moment.

Damn dag dag dag dag!

The sound of horses hooves coming from beyond the thick darkness.

“What, what?”

At the sound that didn’t match the current situation, Hans’ gaze naturally turned to the source of the sound.

Something from afar was moving towards us at breakneck speed.

“Is that a horse?”

It was not just a horse, but a horse made of brass-colored shiny metal.

The figure of the horse with its blue eyes glowing in the dark, spewing white steam from its back, gave a sense of intimidation in itself.

And on such a metal horse.

One person held the reins.

“older brother?”

Riding on the horse was Ludgar Celish.


The steam golem, DT-3000, sped up its running speed.

Blue eyes stretched like a long tail in the darkness of the night.

Even in the midst of the shaking, Rudger’s posture was not disturbed.

Truly, the realm of human beings and horses.

The place Ludger was heading to was a distribution warehouse where the flames were spreading.

At that moment, a huge flame burst out through the entrance of the warehouse.

The flames were ready to devour Ludger, who was running towards him.

“older brother! Dangerous!”

The moment Hans, who was watching the scene nervously, shouted.

Rudgar swung the reins once.


Blue mana began to form on the hind legs of the steam golem, and the giant body soared high into the air.

Bright red flames brushed under the horse’s hooves.

Rudger and the steam golem leaped over it and jumped into the open warehouse.


Hans had no choice but to watch the scene in a daze, as if he had been bewitched.

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