I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 164

◈ Episode 164 New Medicine (1)

After the incident, Duke Hayback also left.

It was the reason that a seat was a seat, so I had to say hello to other people.

The strong barrier was gone, but no one approached me.

Maybe because I had a fight with Cayden Lumos once.

Perhaps it was because they were afraid that they would look bad on the Lumos family, and everyone didn’t try to come close to me.

If I had known this would happen, I would have done it earlier.

‘But what was that chill just now?’

What does this feeling feel like I’ve taken on some serious responsibility without even realizing it?

‘I’ll kill some time and get out of here.’

I quietly looked up at the sky from one corner of the banquet hall.

White clouds and blue skies blowing in the wind.

Just in time, a flock of birds was flying across the center.


Something flying in the sky flew toward me.


Sensing a sense of déjà vu, I stared at the flying insect flying towards me.

As the distance got closer, it was clearly visible.

It looked like a pure white beetle, and all sorts of letters were filling it up like a pattern.

He folded the letter paper and used it like a bug.

To my knowledge, there was only one person who could use this kind of magic.

‘Are you Sedina’s assistant?’

It was origami magic, one of Sedina Rosshen’s specialties.

Rather than openly using a crystal ball for communication, it was a secret magic that was often used.

The paper bug that landed on my palm eventually returned to a small note.

I studied the contents of the note carefully so as not to be noticed by others.

‘hmm. this… … .’

There was a fairly long line written on the note, but to summarize the contents as briefly as possible, this was it.

[Currently, other orders are showing suspicious movements around Joanna’s second order.]

Joanna Lovett.

A survivor of the Great Fire of Roten and a Second Order affiliated with the Black Dawn.

‘Is Joanna Lovett moving? Did Esmeralda give any orders to her men?’

After thinking about it, I immediately came to the conclusion that it was not.

‘When I met Esmeralda that day, she hadn’t expected to meet Chloe Febius there.’

It was Joanna Lovett’s work that made Crawler run into Fabius in the alley that day.

‘It’s impossible to meet by chance. Most likely, Joanna Lovett’s arbitrary behavior.’

The Black Dawn is a place where hierarchy works strongly.

But the Second Order won’t listen to the First Order’s orders?

‘There is a possibility. Joanna Lovett is also a survivor of the Great Fire in Roten.’

A picture began to form in my head.

Esmeralda, the First Order who moves alone for revenge.

Joanna, the Second Order, who moves on her own even though the First Order’s orders have not come down.

‘Did they fall out?’

I was worried as I covered my mouth with one hand.

In the sight she saw that day, Esmeralda did not blame or criticize the stunned Joanna.

It’s not a bad relationship.

maybe it’s the other way around

‘The bond that people who survived that day’s disaster can have.’

Joanna Lovett may be worried about Esmeralda, so she might be trying to take her place.

In other words, calling the other members together now is all Joanna Lovett’s dogma.

‘This, if I’m good, I’ll have a corner to dig into.’

I vaguely felt it during the <Almighty Stone> incident.

Even the Black Dawn was not a flawless organization.

Even here, factions exist, and there are even guys who pull others down in order to rise high.

There was a mix of people who did things on their own, and people who didn’t obey the orders of the higher orders.

It must be because there are a lot of guys who were brought in purely based on their abilities.

Even a fortress that looks solid from afar is cracked and full of flaws when viewed up close.

The Black Dawn also had its weaknesses.

‘I must prepare.’

What do I need to do to do that?

First of all, it seems like it will consume a lot of mana, so I need to make more medicine.

* * *

Day 4 of the festival.

Ludger visited the apothecary in the laboratory building.

Normally, it would have been strictly forbidden to enter, but maybe it was because of the festival.

Many people visited the apothecary and were enjoying the hands-on activities.

Pharmacy is a discipline in which ordinary people can make simple drugs by following the instructions of experts.

The entry barrier was very low because only the mixing and ratio of the ingredients had to be well controlled.

The place Rudger visited was not the beginner section where experiential activities were in full swing, but the opposite.

It was an advanced apothecary that only those with permission could enter.

‘Since I became a teacher of Seorn, I can come to a place like this freely and it’s convenient.’

I could make magic recovery pills by myself, but considering what was about to happen, I had to use something more effective than that.

To do so, better materials and more detailed tools were needed.

Ceorn’s apothecary was stocked with all of that.

‘That’s a lot.’

Ludger exclaimed inwardly as he looked at the material cabinets that filled one wall of the large laboratory.

This place, where all kinds of ingredients are lined up, was full of various ingredients to the extent that there is nothing that does not exist.

‘Methos leaves? It’s rare and hard to find on the market, but there are so many of them?’

In terms of rarity alone, it is full of valuable materials that would not be strange even if they were ranked 1st.

Seeing that there were ingredients that would take time as well as money to obtain personally, I thought it must be Se-orn.

‘I can use this as much as I want with the teacher’s privilege. I should have come a little earlier.’

Of course, it is essential to record how much material was used while manufacturing a certain medicine.

This is to prevent theft of some materials.

‘There’s no need to steal it anyway.’

Why would you do that when you can use it freely?

After putting his name on the roster, Rudger took a vacant position to manufacture the drug.

Scales, beakers, drying racks, tablet presses, and all kinds of reagents.

There is no such thing as a ready-made item.

‘If Bellaluna had seen it, her eyes would have turned upside down.’

For an elf who likes to make drugs, this place must have seemed like heaven.

Rudger thought of such a foolish thought and arranged the items appropriately so that they could be used.

Then a clicking sound was heard.

Looking up, there was a familiar face on the lab table across from him.

“Ludger Chelsea. What are you doing here?”

Chris Bennimore.

A sharp gaze through the rimless glasses was directed at Rudger.

It was the reaction that he did not know that he would encounter Rudger here.

It was the same with Ludger.

“Then what is Mr. Chris doing here?”

“Can’t you see? Of course, I came to make medicine.”

“Me too.”

“under. medicine?”

Chris Bennimore snorted at Rudger’s idea of ​​making drugs.

It is true that pharmaceutical science is an easy study. However, it assumes that there is a combination formula.

However, Rudger did not have a combination formula now.

Even Rudger, who is in charge of overall education in the specialized field, came to make medicine, and it just made me laugh.

“If you want to make medicine, wouldn’t it be better to have the teaching assistants teach you in the beginner section?”

It was a blatant sarcastic remark that your skills would be far from enough, but Ludger didn’t budge.

Rather, he posed a question in reverse.

“Why is Mr. Chris here?”

“What do you mean?”

“You seem to have always been interested in pharmaceuticals.”

At Rudger’s words, Chris’ face twisted.

“My main job is originally pharmaceuticals!”

“Did you have a day job?”

“Don’t you know what the Bennimore family is like?”

The Bennimore family has been a family that has made the greatest contribution to pharmaceutical science since ancient times.

In the past, he was unrivaled in making potions, and he did not miss the top spot in the industry.

“I do not know.”

However, Ludgar didn’t know that fact because he had no reason to care about the Bennimore family.

Chris was speechless at that shameless reply.

“Now you dare to attack our Benimore family… … .”

“Then why did you teach specialization and not pharmacy?”

Questions that fly before anger.

At that, Chris was speechless.

Why is he, the next head of the Bennimore family, famous for pharmaceuticals, teaching specialization in Seorn?

“That, that… … .”

Chris hesitated to answer.

Rudger’s words hit him right where it hurt.

The Bennimore family used to be famous for their pharmaceuticals, but now things have gone down considerably.

This is because most of the medicines they make are based on potions.

Most of the drugs on the market are pills.

This is because it is easy to store, weighs less, and the effect is not much different from that of a potion.

Of course, there is still demand for potions.

However, compared to the days when it maintained an overwhelming market share in the past, it was practically the same as the dying year.

Even the Bennimores have basically been making their own medicines by hand.

Now, with the development of science, it is now possible to manufacture medicines in much larger quantities and at a much earlier time than before.

It was only natural that the Bennimore family, who could not adapt to the times, would slowly be pushed out.

That’s why Chris Vennimore teaches apparitions.

The medicine learned in a family that couldn’t adapt to change is not helpful in Seorn now.

On the other hand, specialization is an immovable field that represents magic the most over the years.

It was chosen for that reason.

“… … I don’t need to know.”

But Chris had no choice but to respond.

Ludger’s question was pure curiosity without any malice.

Chris didn’t think so.

‘This guy. It is clear that he said this knowingly and deliberately to mock me.’

Whether Chris glared at him or not, Rudger nodded as if he knew something about it and organized the ingredients.

‘That guy.’

Chris stared at Ludger with a look of surprise.

It was because his skill with pharmaceutical tools was very natural.

‘Does he have some knowledge about pharmaceuticals?’

It can’t be.

Chris shook his head, shaking his anxious thoughts away.

But even if I tried not to pay attention, my curiosity did not disappear.

If nothing else, Ludger is the man who invented the unique magic of source code and coordinate designation.

Recently, I heard that the magic circle was improved and even a unique class called the magic circle was conducted.

As a wizard, it was an undeniable fact that he was a being that aroused curiosity, if not respect.

Rudger came to the apothecary.

Chris couldn’t even figure out what kind of drug he was trying to make.

Is that why?

I couldn’t concentrate, so I couldn’t help but focus on the work over there.

‘What. What the hell are you trying to make?’

Rudger was naturally taking the materials that filled one wall one by one.

There was no worry or hesitation in that action.

Chris narrowed his eyes at the boldness that could not come out without knowing the efficacy of each ingredient.

‘Is that ruble root? The efficacy is only 4th grade, but it is difficult to handle, so it is a material that has been judged to be 2nd grade.’

Every single ingredient was unusual.

‘From Petrasia leaves to cocoon flower buds. It’s so toxic that you have to dilute distilled tablets several times to use it, but you said you chose that one? Are you trying to make poison to kill someone?’

All of them were reagent materials that were not completely atrocious, but were inherently dangerous to the level below them.

Of course, under the assumption that the correct medicine has been manufactured, the efficacy of the medicine will be very high as the risk is high.

That is a story when only one of those ingredients was used.

‘All of them are intended to run amok, collect, or amplify mana.’

If the ingredients with strong effects were gathered together like that, the side effects would inevitably be much greater than the proper effects.

“Me, over there.”

Chris wasn’t the only one who felt uneasy, but the assistant in charge of the apothecary approached Ludger and spoke cautiously.


“That, the ingredients you brought… … Are you going to use them all?”

“It is.”

“It is dangerous. All of them are difficult to handle and have severe side effects. If you use it incorrectly, you will just throw away the ingredients.”

“Does not matter. I don’t know how to handle it.”

Do you know how to handle it?

At that, the teaching assistant was speechless.

‘her. Are you trying to bluff?’

However, looking at Ludger’s serious expression, he seemed to believe in it.

Should I say it’s a strange spirit? The teaching assistant, who should be strongly discouraged here, couldn’t bear to dissuade him any further.

‘no way. done. just let it go Even if I fail, I will fail myself.’

Still, it was a bit disappointing to let them use just that much material, but it was not something that happened for a day or two for some teachers to use materials at their own will.

As an assistant, it was best to avoid pointless conflicts.

Still, I thought I’d keep an eye on it just in case.

Rudger, ignoring the assistant’s stare, brought the materials to the lab and began manufacturing drugs.

The teaching assistant, who was watching the process carefully, opened his eyes without realizing it.


It was the same with Chris Venimore and others who were peeking just in case.

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