I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 162

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◈ Episode 162 The Lumos Family (2)

Rudger watched Flora closely.

He pretended to be strong, but Ludger, who had an excellent eye for attention, saw right away that Flora was in a state of mental instability.

Her steps were precarious.

‘At that time, he said he had come to meet his father, but he showed hesitation in meeting him.’

It was only after hearing Duke Hayback’s words that I realized why Flora was reacting that way.

Flora Lumos is Cayden’s daughter, but the child of a concubine.

Among nobles, the irrationality of having a concubine’s offspring is something that cannot be expressed in words.

However, even taking that into account, if you have talent like Flora, the family will have no choice but to accept it reluctantly.

It doesn’t make sense for Flora to react like that.

If that’s the biggest reason, that’s probably it.

‘The Lumensis Bridge.’

The Lumos family is the most devout Lumensis Christian family among the three major dukes of the Exilion Empire.

And the Lumensis religion does not recognize the children of concubines.

Believing in monotheism, Lumensis, this church follows a doctrine for humans only.

That’s why there was a history of oppressing all kinds of different races until now.

However, the arrow was not simply directed at the sub-species.

Lumensis was not a religion that insisted on human equality for human beings.

The basis of their doctrine lies in the division of superiority and inferiority.

The superiority and inferiority of humans and sub-races.

The superiority and inferiority of upper and lower citizens.

The superiority and inferiority of the deficit and the bastard.

The Lumos family fiercely follows such a Lumensis cult.

at last.

Flora, the son of a concubine, will never be recognized by the family, no matter how talented she is.

‘Am I still going to my father?’

Flora was afraid of her father, who never treated her as a child, but wanted to be recognized by her father.

Even in a situation so precarious that you don’t know when the mask you put on will break.

It is not to stop walking.

That was the moment.

A girl next to Duke Cayden Lumos spoke to Flora.

A girl with long, dark blue hair like Flora.

I can’t hear what you’re saying because it’s far away.

However, the mockery revealed from his expression clearly showed that he was not saying good things.

Although she looks 2 or 3 years younger than Flora, her role is clearly revealed in her actions.

It must be a child who inherited the proper bloodline.

It wasn’t just her sister who was arguing with Flora.

‘Is it Kamal Lumos, the next head of the Lumos family?’

He also did not hide his negative feelings towards Flora.

Kamal Lumos and Katrina Lumos.

According to their age, they were Flora’s brother and sister, but the two never recognized Flora as their own family.

Flora, who was being insulted by the two siblings, was intimidated unlike her usual self.

Eventually, Lumos’ family head, Cayden Lumos, looked at Flora.

A gaze that seems to be dealing with an existence that was not needed from the beginning.

There was no emotion in his gaze toward his daughter.

the moment you saw it.

Rudger unknowingly kicked off his seat and strode out.

“Uh huh? Look at this teacher!”

Duke Hayback had no time to stop.

“Is there something wrong with our students?”

Rudgar said that while intervening among the Lumos family.

Cayden’s gaze turned to Flora and then to Ludger.

The eyes of the two crossed in midair.

Perhaps feeling the strange atmosphere, Duke Hayback hurriedly approached and stood next to Ludgar.

Then Cayden Lumos’s mouth opened.

“It is a chore. You don’t care.”

Cayden’s gaze was cold as he spoke in a cold, determined tone.

But Rudger did not back down.

“This is the job of a student in my class. As a teacher, you cannot sit still.”

“Are you saying that the teacher will meddle in family affairs?”

“It was because it didn’t seem like a family affair.”

Although he said it around the corner, Ludger’s intention was quite straightforward.

Is what you guys are doing really normal housework? It was as if it had been said.

… … !

The nobles who were listening to the story were shocked.

However, Caden’s expression did not change.

Rather, it was to the extent that Heyback, standing next to Ludger, looked at each other uncharacteristically between Caden and Ludger.

‘No, why is this teacher suddenly like this?’



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I thought he was a person who didn’t want to get involved in other troublesome things, but suddenly he was at odds with the head of the Lumos family.

‘Could it be because of the students?’

Rudger, who had been quiet until now, stepped forward as if protecting Flora Lumos.

Flora Lumos is one of Ludger’s students. She is even an honor student who ranks first among them.

Rudger had plenty of reasons to step out.

Although it was clearly enough.

‘Even so, setting up such a blatant confrontation with the Duke of Lumos is just crazy.’

The opponent is a duke who can be called a great nobleman.

If you hate him, even if you are Seorn’s teacher, you will definitely be at a disadvantage.

It was for this reason that the same duke, Hayback, made fun of Cayden but never crossed a certain line.

Nevertheless, Rudger Celish stood proudly in front of Cayden.

Heyback’s gaze softened.

‘Contrary to his cold appearance, he was a man who cared about his students.’

hot yes

Kadatushan recalled the momentum of Ludger who had warned him as well.

He doesn’t give up no matter who his opponent is.

Just by looking at the fact that the duke himself was openly conveying the words, it was the same.

Even the nobles who had gathered to connect with the Lumos family were perplexed.

Flora is a sore finger that even the Lumos family refuses to mention.

no. Should I treat you with your fingers?

It was literally regarded as non-existent.

It was a fact that anyone who was even a little deeply involved in the Rumos family knew vaguely about it.

‘Am I going to pretend to be with the Lumos family?’

‘Tsk. You seem to know what kind of person you are just because people around you cheer you up.’

Most nobles clicked their tongues inwardly.

Ludgar is a man who has recently attained great fame, but in the end he is just a fallen aristocrat.

The power itself is that it cannot be compared to Cayden Lumos.


A silence fell so thick that one could hear someone swallowing saliva.

Rudgar Chelsea and Cayden Lumos.

The two men continued to stare at each other, with no one averting their gaze.

If the swords were in each other’s hands, they would wield them right away.

At that moment, Katrina, the second daughter, stepped out.

“and! hello.”

Katrina greets Rudger with a smile on her face.

She looked up at Rudger with a coy gaze and asked.

“Are you Mr. Rudger Celish? I had a good look at Dalian yesterday. It was so cool! He shoots magic very quickly, and even uses light magic.”

“That one… … .”

“this. My introduction is late. nice to meet you My name is Katrina Lumos. He is the legit successor of the Lumos family.”

Katrina bowed moderately, slightly lifting the hem of her skirt with both hands.

While emphasizing the word legitimacy, he even glanced at Flora behind Ludger.

Its behavior was like that of a fox.

“More than that, Mr. Rudgar, are you really Flora’s teacher over there?”

Katrina showed her true colors right away.

Her eyes, curved like crescent moons, turned to Flora.

An unbearable smile lingered on his lips.

“This is amazing. Flora, who was abandoned by her family and couldn’t do anything, is treated as an honor student here. I guess you don’t know what people do? Well, since I was born with a talent for magic, it’s only natural. Oh, did you not know? Flora, that child, is treated as half in the family.”

Katrina laughed, covering her mouth with her hand.

Hearing that, Flora bowed her head rather than refuting it.

‘I got caught.’

At the word that she was not treated properly in her family, Flora wanted to hide in a rat hole.

The fact that I was caught by Mr. Ludgar, not by anyone else, was more shameful than anything else.

‘I’d rather not come here.’

I thought it was fine now.

I didn’t want anything else. It didn’t matter if she just said, “How are you?”

Was it such a big mistake to want that?

If not to the point of warmth, was it so bad to at least want to be treated like a human being?

The tears I tried to hold back seemed to overflow again.

I thought I had already shed it all a long time ago, but there were still tears left.

‘I’m an idiot.’

He thought his father would recognize him for his talent alone.

what a stupid wind

‘I am… … .’


Rudgar’s voice erased all Flora’s thoughts.

Rudgar didn’t agree with Katrina’s words, nor did he glance at Flora’s condition.


Staring at others with a blunt face as always.

He just spoke in a steady voice.

“Miss Katrina, are you interested in Theorn Academy?”

Because he is an outsider, not a student, Ludger calls Katrina highly.

At that, Katrina nodded in agreement.

“yes. Sure. I am also preparing to enter Seorn next year. And also as a senior. Now look at this.”

Katrina speaks confidently while spreading a second-tier magic spell on the palm of her hand.

2nd tier ice magic [Ice Bullet].

A sharp chunk of ice floats in the palm of your hand in an instant.

The speed at which the formula is performed and the concentration of magical power are so outstanding that it is hard to see in people of his age.

In fact, Katrina was already thinking that she was as good as getting first place next year.

“It’s great magic.”

“Ho Ho. No big deal. Things like this are a piece of cake.”

“As a teacher of Seorn, can I evaluate Lady Katrina?”

“yes. Of course.”

Thinking that it would only get praise anyway, Katrina readily agreed.

Rudgar nodded in agreement, and his momentum changed at that moment.

“Katrina Lumos. 10 penalty points for poor attitude.”


Katrina’s smile, which was expecting praise, cracked.

“Five penalty points for falling short of the standard for formula implementation speed. 10 penalty points for insufficient spell development. 10 points for light thinking about magic.”

“Wait a minute! what the hell is that… … !”

“Ask me a question. I just showed you the formula for the second-tier magic ice bomb, which is composed of a total of 4 elements. Do you know what the structure of the magic formula that expands the power among them is?”

“that… … .”

“Did he just follow what he taught without even analyzing the structure of his magic? Did you say that as a boast? Up to 20 penalty points for lack of understanding of magic were added.”

“… … .”

Pushed by Ludger’s momentum, Katrina was unable to refute properly.

It was to the point where my head was dizzy from the penalty points that had piled up in an instant.

Have you ever gone anywhere and been treated so blatantly?

does not exist.

To put it bluntly, there never was.

Because she is from the 3rd duchy of the empire.

Because everyone said only nice things to her and flattered her.

It has been so now, and it will be so in the future.

I would have.

“Did Ceorn look funny? If you come to Seorn with just that kind of skill, you will only be halfway to the rank, let alone the top.”

Ludger’s face darkened as he glared at Katrina.

This man had no hesitation in talking to anyone.

Ludger’s eyes turned to Cayden Lumos as he watched Katrina clenching her fists with gritted teeth in resentment.

“Duke Cayden Lumos.”

For the first time, feelings for Rudger were embedded in his eyes, which had been completely uninterested.

Rudger spoke coldly to Cayden.

“If you want to enroll in Seorn, you will have to re-educate.”

A feeling of astonishment spreads.

Kadatushan opened her mouth wide, and Flora, who was standing behind Ludgar, also widened her eyes.

Needless to say, the reaction of the Lumos followers who were watching around him.


Now, Rudgar has insulted Cayden in front of everyone.

“Hey, hey… … !”

One of the nobles pointed at Rudgar with a trembling finger.

“How dare this guy do such a foolish thing in front of anyone… … !”

“Has he gone crazy when he praised him as Seorn’s teacher?”

“A person from a fallen noble family is arrogant!”

At this opportunity, people who tried to impress Cayden Lumos shouted and became angry instead.

Rudger looked at them with a calm gaze like a lake at dawn and opened his mouth slowly.

“The lady asked me to, so I evaluated him as a teacher of Seorn.”

“They say it’s a pierced mouth… … !”

“Just go there.”

The nobleman, who was furious and wanted to expel Ludger at any moment, shut his mouth as he saw the old man step forward.

Heyback Kadatushan overwhelms the crowd with insight that is hard to fathom, completely different from when he was frivolous with Rudger.

He said with a benevolent smile.

“There was an inevitable clash of opinions with each other, so the heat rose a lot. It’s such a fun place, how about calming down a bit? Mr Rudger. You’re talking too much.”

“Be careful.”

“And so are you. You guys haven’t heard anything, so why are you so hot?”

“… … but!”

A middle-aged nobleman tried to protest, but he couldn’t finish his words.

It was none other than Caden Lumos who raised his hand to stop him.

“stop. until there.”

A majestic voice that resonated with the soul restrained the nobles.

The atmosphere that had been boiling like a volcano on the verge of exploding disappeared in an instant, as if an ice age had been greeted.

Everyone looked at Cayden Lumos.

With a look of anticipation of what action he would take.

“Did you say Mr. Ludgar Celisch?”

Cayden Lumos’ voice was calm.

as if he doesn’t mind

“My daughter didn’t know what to do yet, so she was rude. As an adult, please forgive me.”

However, Ludger could feel his direct gaze.

The anger in his eyes was so hot that it seemed like it would burn him up any moment.

While meeting those gazes, Rudger shamelessly nodded.

“Nothing. What’s wrong with the child?”

“… … .”

The first wrinkles dug on Cayden Lumos’ brow.

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