I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 16

◈ Episode 16 Suspicion (1)

‘Why is that person here all of a sudden?’

I don’t know why the president is here.

I walked into my private classroom with a leisurely step and closed the door.

Unless you know what purpose that person came to me for, you should never reveal your true feelings no matter what.


As the door closed, a suffocating silence came into the room.

I casually sat across from the president, who was sitting on the sofa for guests.

She was just smiling at me looking at me.

The first to speak was the president.

“how is it? Isn’t the interior design so pretty?”

There is no substance in the words of luck.

But don’t be careless. I don’t know if that kind of behavior itself is trying to make me think.

“yes. okay.”

“Seorn Academy provides individual space for every teacher. Mr. Rudger, you can do what you want to do comfortably without paying attention to her here.”

“I like that.”

The president’s golden eyes turned to me.

I also faced her without avoiding her gaze.

I saw myself in the beautiful, well-crafted amber-like eyes.

It was like that when we first met, but when you face the president’s gaze, something itches your body.

I immediately changed the topic.

“Why did the president come here?”

“Did I come to a place I shouldn’t have come?”

“It’s just because I’m curious that a busy person like the president visits the personal space of a new teacher like this.”

“Then you haven’t come to a place where I can’t come?”

“But it is burdensome.”

When I spoke bluntly, the president fell silent.

The friendly smile was still the same, but in those eyes, a strange emotion that was difficult to understand was spread like an ink drop in water.

The principal shook his head.

“There is no particular reason.”

“Is that so.”

“No matter how new Mr. Rudger is, he is a valuable teacher who has been assigned to Seorn Academy. Of course, as the president, I can’t help but pay attention.”


When I gave her an appropriate response, she put on a pouting expression as to what she was dissatisfied with.

“You can be a little more surprised.”

“I’m sorry, but I’m already surprised enough.”

It’s not a lie, it’s true

I opened the door with a throbbing heart because it was my personal space, and how surprised I was when I saw the president there.

Even if I ran into a ghost in the middle of the night, I was confident that I would not be more surprised than this.

However, it was only because I had some time to eat that I didn’t show it on the outside.

In fact, my heart is beating like crazy even now, so I’m afraid that the president will hear me.

“The other teachers were all surprised.”

“Did you stop by besides me?”

“Mr. Rudger is the last one.”

why did you make me last And is the president planning to hold a meeting with the new teachers?

I suddenly remembered the existence of a secret society that permeated Seorn.


Did the president notice something?

No matter how secretive it is, there is no way it can completely hide its tail.

And if it’s someone like the president.

‘They must have noticed that people showing suspicious movements entered Ceorn.’

If I didn’t know, I’d pass it off as if I didn’t know, but now that I know there is a secret society, the president’s attitude seems different.

Are you doubting me?

‘There is a possibility.’

It’s a little unfair to me, but honestly, there’s no room for objection.

I’m not a member of a secret society, but I’m a member of a secret society.

I want to know what the hell this means, but my situation right now is actually like this.

When I think about it, my real identity isn’t that proud, so it’s the same that I have to make every effort not to be caught.

“so. What did the president come to ask me?”

“Just? I’m going to check how the first class was like. You were just coming home from class, right?”


“Has there ever been a case where the students made it difficult for you?”

“There was nothing.”

Rather, I wondered if it would be okay if the students didn’t ask me so many questions.

Well, there were times when I deliberately gave off an air of not approaching, but it just meant not to bother me too much, and I didn’t think anyone would do that.

ah. Still, the daughter of the Rumos family did ask questions.

“Hmm. That’s amazing. I looked at the list of students taking Mr. Rudger’s lecture this time, and there were many famous students.”

“Is that so?”

“Didn’t you see the list?”

“Now I bring it to see.”

I shook the paper in my hand.

“Well, Mr. Rudger himself will take care of it, but just in case you don’t know. The princess is also here, so please be careful not to cause any problems.”

“yes. I see.”


Could it be that someone who even became a princess in my class came to listen?

Hwang Song is sleeping and this is just embarrassing.

Suddenly, I think of the blond student who boldly asked me a question.

Come to think of it, I said it was a familiar face somewhere, so I wonder if it was from that side of the lineage.

“And I heard that there are a lot of first-year freshmen this year. Originally, I thought you would teach only the 2nd grade, but I didn’t expect you to teach it as a joint class until the 1st grade.”

“Because I had no intention of dividing the difference between first and second graders.”

“I am not trying to blame you. Rather, I am in favor of Mr. Rudger’s method, which has changed in my own way. Especially among the first graders, I see some pretty great kids.”

“You mean great kids?”

“yes. There are children who use [Special] magic, there are children who come from great families, and there are children who have been raised diligently in the Mage Tower. Usually, when there is a difference in grade, I think there is a gap of its own, but I think there will be less of that for this freshman.”

Her smiling face while thinking of the students was befitting the position of president of the academy.

My skin tingles every time I see that smile.

First of all, this person is not in a position to speak confidently, so I only briefly agreed while listening to the president.

“Well, anyway, our Ceorn has high expectations from Mr. Rudger Celish.”

“This is an overestimation.”

“It is fortunate that there were no problems in the first class and the first impression with the students was okay. It relieved me of the need to worry.”

After saying that, the principal stood up from his seat.

I asked politely.

“Let’s go have a cup of tea.”


Was it surprising that I said this?

She put on a slightly bewildered expression, then her eyes curved like crescent moons.

“Thank you for the offer, but there is a mountain of work to do. Did you barely make time to come here?”


“And Mr. Rudgar has just arrived, so do you know where the tea is and where are the glasses in the teachers’ room?”

“It must be on the inside of a shelf somewhere.”

“Ding. In fact, we only provided coffee. If you want to drink tea, you have to apply separately at the tearoom.”

“I see. I didn’t know.”

“You can find out in the future. then. Do you wish me well in the future?”

The president greeted me with a playful smile and left after that.

He was like a gentle storm.

I let out a small sigh and rubbed my eyelids with my fingers.

* * *

“How was it?”

Wilford, an elderly gentleman, followed the president as he walked down the aisle with leisurely steps.

“Have your doubts about Mr. Rudger been cleared?”

“hmm. well.”

The chancellor recalled a conversation he had with Ludgar Celish. To be precise, the restrained attitude he showed towards himself.

“It seems a bit long.”

“Is that so?”

Rudger Celish was a unique man. The principal thought so.

Anyone who makes eye contact with her is mesmerized by her golden eyes.

To be precise, it was more like being possessed by the reverberation of the innate magical power in her eyes.

enchanting magic eye.

It is the power that the president possesses, and the number one contributor who has made her rise to this position.

Of course, using the magic eye of fascination on the opponent is not intentional. It’s like a kind of innate constitution, so if anyone makes eye contact with her, she’ll get it on her own, even if she doesn’t intend to.

At least, it is possible to control it to some extent now, but in the past, everyday life was difficult.

However, now that she has become president, she honestly admits that she would not have been able to come to this position without the Mystic Eye.

There was nothing like this to hunt down those who entered Seorn with ulterior motives.

I was trying to open my heart through a personal interview like that.

‘My Mystic Eye tends to affect me more the more the other person’s magical power is.’

Her Mystic Eye can even affect 4th tier wizards. Of course, the premise is that the opponent did not use mental defense magic.

In particular, the more magic the opponent possesses, the easier it is to defeat them. After all, the power of the magic eye is proportional to the total amount of magical power possessed by the opponent.

But Rudger didn’t.

He must be in the fourth rank, but his reaction is completely different from other teachers.

The first time I met Ma An was when he had just entered the president’s office.

And this is the second time.

The man did not show any faltering even after facing his own demonic eyes twice.

didn’t you see no. There is a perception that you are facing a demonic eye. Yet, there is no response.

It is said that she resisted the power of her demonic eye with her steel-like will.

The principal’s eyes lit up.


he’s a funny guy

The president had no choice but to think so.

But you can’t express your feelings openly.

“I’ve caught suspicious movements, so I’m looking at the most vigilant people first, but there’s no noticeable results.”

After learning that an unsavory group had recently been hiding in Ceorn, I couldn’t ignore even the smallest things.

Among them, Ludger Celish was caught up in a train terrorism on his way here.

It’s not your own fault though.

It will make you have any thoughts.

What if the train incident was a blindfold, and in the meantime, someone named Ludgar Celish was swapped?

So, the president sent Wilford, who was his most trusted confidante and one of the strongest among Ceorn’s forces.

With the pretext of meeting.

“What do you think, Mr. Wilford?”

“hmm. I don’t think I can trust it right away, but I haven’t found anything suspicious about it either.”

“is that so.”

If Wilford could say that, it would be one of two things.

Either Rudgar Chelsea is really innocent.

Or someone who is so great that he completely fools us.

‘I can’t help but hope it’s not the latter right now.’

There are so many things to worry about right now, so I decided to stop worrying about Rudger.

“ah. But I can be sure of one thing.”

“what is that?”

“That Rudger Celishi is anything but ordinary.”

“Isn’t it normal? What did you see and say that?”

“I can only answer that it’s just an old man’s intuition.”


Wilford seemed quite sympathetic to Ludgar Celish at first.

Although Wilford, who has a clear eye for people, could believe him if he said that.

Still, I don’t completely dispel my suspicions.

Because at any moment, the possibility could bring about the worst outcome.

A magician is a being who has to think deeply about such a possibility.

Above all, she is the president of the Seorn Academy.

As a person who has risen to a completely flawless position that does not tolerate even the slightest negligence, she has no choice but to be careful in all cases.

* * *

Left alone, I was able to relax my shoulders and sigh only after confirming that her presence outside the door was moving away.


The brain demanded magic.

‘Suddenly, someone who could be the president came to visit.’

Well, in his own words, it’s like a personal interview with new teachers.

Who would believe it if the president or someone suddenly came to see it?

I think they interrogate everything.

‘That’s not what’s important.’

I immediately went and sat down at my personal desk.

The desk made of luxurious hardwood looked quite expensive by itself.

On one wall is a clock made of gears. On the other wall, the map of Ceorn is fixed to the board and spread out.

Red curtains are spread out on the left and right sides of the window with an antique design, and even the chair you are sitting on is very luxurious.

With admiration at the barrel of Seorn, who has allocated this much space to a new teacher, and with admiration at the fact that the interior is filled with all sorts of luxurious things.

I looked at the list of students in my class.

‘It was real.’

There was a student with an exceptionally long and fancy name on the list of students in the class.

Year 2 Erendir von Exillion.

If she has the name of the empire, Exilion, on her last name, unless she is a fool, she cannot be unaware that she is of a noble lineage.

‘Aren’t you the kid who boldly asked me during the first orientation?’

I thought it was a familiar face somewhere, but it must have been the royal family.

I’ll turn around. Why did the princess listen to my lecture?

I will take classes from other teachers besides myself, but that doesn’t make my burden go away.

It is said that Seorn is like a third region where autonomy is guaranteed even in the empire, but if there is someone from the imperial family, the story will be different.

If something happened to her, it would be embarrassing on this side too.

‘In the first place, there’s no way anything will happen in this Ceorn, but it’s just in case.’

Small incidents and accidents that occur when experimenting with magic reagents, simulating battles, or performing alchemy cannot be ruled out.

Even if you pay attention to the safety of students as much as possible, there are times when students fight with each other out of the teachers’ eyes.

In order to eliminate such a situation as much as possible, teachers are also given the duty to protect their students.

… … Come to think of it, there is also a secret society hidden in Seorn now.

‘I’m going to turn around.’

no. Still, it’s not like something will happen right away, so let’s think about it calmly.

I also went through the list of other students.

There were some kids who stood out quite a bit among the first and second graders.

‘Lumos family Flora, as well as nobles from other kingdoms?’

Suddenly, my gaze went to one of the students and stopped.


He wasn’t brought up in a particularly great family, and he wasn’t taught by any famous magician, just a commoner.

Since he came here, he must have talent, but even compared to other students, he was a child who couldn’t find anything special about him.

‘I’m familiar somewhere.’

There was something strangely catching my nerves.

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