I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 158

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◈ Episode 158 Unwelcome Guests (4)

Even Rudger, who seemed to have nothing to fear in the world, had people he was reluctant to meet.

Among them, the absolute first place was his teacher.

The people who fed and raised Rudger, practically like his parents.

However, on the contrary, because his personality is so eccentric and selfish, he was like a typhoon who inevitably got caught up in an incident when he was together.

So Rudger declared independence and separated from Master.

In fact, it was close to running away on its own.

Besides, while running away, he even brought back some of Master’s prized possessions, a magic book, and magic reagent ingredients.

To be honest, it was more than embarrassing to face.

However, there were many people who were reluctant to meet Rudger, except for Master.

Among those people, if I could count on one hand, it would be Casey Selmore, the detective right in front of me.

‘Why are you here?’

Did they come to watch the festival because it was called Ceorn?

Except for when there were incidents, there was nothing strange about her coming here because she was always a moody girl who moved freely.

I just did it because I didn’t know that we would suddenly face each other.

‘Casey Selmore didn’t recognize me and talk to me. The current situation is purely coincidental.’

Rudger, who finished his judgment quickly, pointed in the direction of the arena and opened his mouth.

“The stadium is over there.”

Rudger said just one thing.

I wasn’t the type to talk for a long time anyway, so I didn’t want to have a long conversation with the woman in front of me.

If you are Kei, who has a bizarrely excellent reasoning ability, you might be able to read something out of trivial words and actions.

It was necessary to be careful in everything.

“ah. It’s over there. Thanks for letting me know.”

“It was nothing.”

“Oh. By the way.”

Casey asked, staring at Ludger before leaving.

“Where have we met before?”

“… … .”

Rudger didn’t answer.

Instead, with a calm gaze, he sent instead the meaning of what he meant.

“I’m not asking that question for some suspicious purpose, but I suddenly had an idea. Oh, so what should I say? You know what? A feeling of deja vu.”

“It’s the first time I’ve seen you.”

Rudger cut it off and said so.

We’re meeting here for the first time today.

In response to that determined voice, Casey was still puzzling.

‘Something is strange.’

The first person you see is right.

However, the more she looked at the man in front of her eyes, the more Casey couldn’t help but feel a sense of deja vu.

no doubt

Rather, it was more like curiosity.

The reason I spoke to this man in the first place was because of the strange atmosphere that emanates from just standing still.

“Hmmmm. nice to meet you It’s fate that we met like this, should we have a common name for each other? My name is Casey Selmore. He’s doing detective work.”

“I’m sorry, but I’m not in the mood to talk much.”


Contrary to the expectation that there would be a reaction that would recognize him, Ludger’s reaction was cold.

Casey pondered whether she had done anything to offend this man.

But no matter how much I thought about it, I didn’t do anything to make the other person angry.

‘Normal people are upset because they can’t even talk to me once.’

Some people are fascinated by her appearance.

Another, seduced by her reputation, flaunted an over-friendliness.

But Ludger was the opposite.

While Casey was slightly flustered, Rudgar tried to get out of his seat, thinking that his job was done by giving him directions.

However, it was faster for Casey to open his mouth one step ahead of him.

“you. Are you a teacher working here?”

Rudger pondered a little on how to answer that question.

Despite showing signs of not wanting to talk, Casey seemed unwilling to back down.

However, if he tried to blatantly push him further, he might get suspicious of Casey. At least if it was the case he knew, there was a high possibility.

I pushed it once.

‘I’ll have to step back once.’

Rudger thought so and opened his mouth.

“Why did you think that?”

“I just knew it when I saw it.”

“Did you know it right away when you saw it?”

“The clothes you are wearing right now. It is a very luxurious garment. It is so detailed that not a single seam or thread can be seen. The distinctive wavy pattern on that shoulder must be the coat sold at the <Perilton> tailor shop.”

That was true, so Rudgar nodded.

“you’re right.”

“But a suit like that is something commoners cannot easily buy. It may be enough to live with a big heart, but it’s hard to wear on a festival day like this, in an environment where clothes get dirty or food smells easily. Because it’s a waste. Besides, this is the Golem Startup Ceremony. Do you know when your clothes will get oily?”

Casey spread a finger.



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“Then there is only one answer. It means that you are not dependent on money. But are you a merchant? That’s not it. They always carry a money bag. But there’s nothing in your pocket. Coins don’t even sound. Merchants are punctual. But the pocket watch on my chest didn’t get very worn. I mean, I don’t care too much about my time. then? He must be a nobleman.”


“By the way, I am a noble, but I don’t have the mark of a family. He is not even wearing a ring that symbolizes his family. If you don’t want to reveal your family name or can’t reveal it, this is one case. It’s called the Ruined Nobility. However, there is no reason for a fallen noble to visit Seorn as a guest, so he must be someone who lives or works here.”

Puzzles named clues pile up one by one.

Eventually, the picture created by putting all the pieces together pointed to one result.

“If you exclude them one by one, in the end, only one fact remains. That you are a teacher here, in Seorn. If you’re a fallen aristocrat and have such a presence, there’s a name I’ve picked up. Ludgar Chelsea, right?”

I only saw the very moment, but did you make a judgment up to that point?

It wasn’t easy before, but now it’s much better than it was then.

It must be that her absurd analytical skills and excellent insight have elevated her to a higher level than before.

“you’re right. Enough then.”

“Uh, huh? Wait!”

“Why else?”

When Rudger asked, Casey instantly became dumbfounded.

“No, that… … Aren’t you surprised?”

“What do you mean?”

“Normal people are very impressed or surprised when I make a reasoning like this.”

Casey has always had similar reactions.

When you analyze and reason about a person you meet for the first time and match their occupation, most people are bound to be surprised.

Occasionally, those who recognized the extraordinaryness of her ark even harbored feelings of fear.

Casey thought it was natural. Because he knows that he is special.

To be honest, it is true that I was half enjoying this reaction.

Because the world was a boring place with no stimulation to her who was overly brilliant.

The noble mission of leading the world in a better direction still remains deep in the heart and serves as a driving force in life.

But even so, there were times when I felt unbearably bored.

Analyzing someone and recognizing the essence was Casey’s own little game to wash away such boredom.

However, the man in front of me showed an unexpected reaction.

It’s literally unsurprising, and it’s calm enough to accept it naturally.

“Is that any surprise?”

The answer that came back was also spectacle.

Casey was genuinely taken aback by the reaction.

‘what? Why don’t you look very surprised?’

From the first meeting, I tried to surprise you a little by acting hard, but it failed.

Rather, ‘Have you seen all the business? I’m leaving,” and trying to leave, even hurting my pride.

“Others, they were very surprised.”

“There are many people in the world. Isn’t it possible enough to figure out the other person’s job at first sight?”

In the first place, the behavior of Casey’s self-analyzing job and talking to him was something he experienced enough even when he was [James Moriarty].

And he also did something similar while working as a ‘private detective’.

I knew how my opponent would turn out, but being surprised to see that was a rookie thing.

On the other hand, Casey, who heard Ludger’s answer, thought differently.

‘I see. This person took my actions for granted.’

Most people said Casey’s behavior was strange.

However, Casey always questioned the question, ‘Is that really strange behavior?’

And I realized

The fact that you are quite different from the people of the world.

Different and strange do not necessarily mean the same thing.

But because it’s so great.

People didn’t acknowledge the difference and passed it off as strange. That’s why Casey Selmore was also called the geek.

But Rudger accepted Casey’s actions as if they were natural.

It wasn’t something he forced into her eyes.

There Casey realized what Ludger’s true nature was.

‘This person is also of the same type as me.’

I know the name of Ludgar Chelsea.

Although he was from a fallen aristocrat, he became a teacher at Ceorn.

To teach ordinary magic that has never been done before.

Could an ordinary wizard really do something like that?

‘Considering the personality of this man I just met, I’m sure he never showed such magic for a purpose.’

Ludger’s evaluation changed in Casey’s head.

In my opinion, Ludgar Celish is of the same class as her.

The word mediocre means being separated from other people and isolated from the world.

‘I never thought there would be another person like this. It seemed like there was something from the moment I glanced at it from afar.’

In fact, when Casey talked to Rudger, it was not simply to ask for directions, but with other intentions mixed in.

Ludger’s appearance, which he glanced at as he passed by, suddenly superimposed on someone he knew in the past.

‘That man was like that too.’

Casey remembered a man she met in Delica Kingdom.

James Moriarty.

Now that they can’t eat each other, they’re anxious, but they weren’t hostile from the first meeting.

‘At that time, he was also a person who seemed to be distant from the world, as if everything was meaningless.’

There was no particular reason for going to meet the rumored man.

just curious.

I heard there was a great young mathematician, so I went to see it out of curiosity.

The mere encounter shook Casey’s life.

‘Still, we didn’t get along that badly at first.’

It wasn’t even a good relationship.

From the first meeting, the two of them fought like water and oil that do not mix.

It was because he was so talented and his ego was so bloated that he had no choice but to clash.

Still, it was because we recognized each other’s skills and abilities in the middle of the day.

Casey was also happy to meet his colleagues.

‘That relationship ended in catastrophe.’

It was the event of the day.

An incident where people go missing one by one.

What’s more, even the police continued their investigation and didn’t even proceed properly.

Unable to see it, she stepped out.

‘And what I saw… … The man. James Moriarty.’

The man who stood still in front of the missing child’s corpse.

The red blood flowing through both hands must have come from the corpses of the child and the cops scattered around.

Casey realized what kind of a man James Moriarty was.

evil person.

It was a fate that he had no choice but to turn his back on the world because he was so outstanding.

-What the hell, why did you do that!

At first, I tried to solve it through conversation.

Maybe there was some misunderstanding.

That’s what I’d rather be, she thought sincerely.

-I thought you were smart, but you are asking an unexpected question. Did he make the mistake of thinking that he was like them after hanging out with criminals?

However, the man mercilessly shattered her expectations with a chilling voice.

-How can a human being live according to those who are inferior to him? Casey Selmore. don’t you know

-You know, do you?

-The world is so boring and boring, and the people who live there are so insignificant… … .

Still with his back turned this way, his eyes shone bleakly with only his head slightly turned.

– I feel like I’m going crazy because I’m out of breath and stuffy.

-Then, did you do all of this just because of your own stimulation? Did you kill the people here?

-Is that so wrong?

Maybe he wasn’t even aware that he was bad.

Bad things are done only to those who are equal to oneself.

For James Moriarty, who did not see others as the same person, what he did now was not evil.

– You know that, don’t you? That deep inside, there is a voice like mine.

Those words from James Moriarty stirred the darkness in Casey’s heart.

The hardship she had been harboring for a long time and had turned away.

Casey bowed her head.

– Yes. I hope you’re not a bad person

-… … .

-It’s just that this whole situation is just… … yes that’s right misunderstanding. I hoped it came from an unavoidable misunderstanding. If you talk well with each other, you can definitely solve it somehow… … Such a minor misunderstanding.

-… … .

-Because we are different. Because I believed that if we talked, we could understand each other.

James Moriarty made no reply to her words.

Not being shaken by those words, he just stared at her with a cold gaze.

okay. I see.

In the end, you chose this path.

Casey put on a sad face that looked like she was about to cry, but then she bit her lip and took out her cane, revealing a determined will.

-James Moriarty. I will arrest you here!

What was contained in that action was a noble will to punish the evil in front of him without fail.

And facing it, James Moriarty.

-However much.

He was obviously smiling.

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