I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 156

◈ Episode 156 Unwelcome Guests (2)

“I think I heard it wrong, could you say it again?”

“I am a fan!”

After taking a deep breath, Rusek exclaimed.

Ludger looked at Lushek with a bewildered gaze, then moved his gaze to the wizards of the New Mage Tower who came with him.

Upon closer inspection, the expressions of the mages of the New Mage Tower, which seemed solemn just a moment ago, were all hardened with extreme tension.

“… … .”

Rudger carefully accepted the paper.

“The pen… … .”

“Here it is.”

As if it had been prepared in advance, another wizard suddenly held out a pen.

Upon receiving the pen, Ludger scribbled his name on the paper in elegant handwriting.

Everyone stared at the scene with bated breath.

square square.

There are 20 people standing, and only the sound of pens and paper rubbing echoes through the hallway.

‘… … I’m choking.’

At this point, Rudger seriously wondered if this was a new type of torture.

“… … Here you are.”

“Go, thank you!”

Lusek slipped Ludger’s autograph into the picture frame he had prepared in advance.

Some clapped their hands in congratulations, while others stared at Luschek with envy.

Seeing that other people didn’t step forward, it seems that Rusek had agreed to take the lead and get his autograph.

Unable to hide his excitement, Rusek realized belatedly who he was standing in front of and cleared his throat to change the mood.

“Hmmmm. Thank you for giving us such valuable time. And congratulations on winning. It was a really nice win.”

You wouldn’t have been able to see anything because it was covered by the light, but what’s a great victory?

However, their expressions were sincere.

On the contrary, those eyes that were facing this way were burdensome and made my stomach swell.

‘Still, since they are wizards of the Mage Tower, I thought they would have a lot of pride and be arrogant. Surprisingly.’

The image of the name of a wizard belonging to the Mage Tower was not that good.

Basically, there was a strong perception that it was stuffy and very authoritarian.

However, the Shin Magic Tower was different.

The New Mage Tower is a new place created by people disillusioned with the old atmosphere and unchanging customs.

And the wizards of the New Mage Tower are those who break away from authoritarian relationships and constantly challenge new things, moving toward so-called romance and dreams.

‘Even so, this level of respect is a bit strange.’

Lusek scratched his head awkwardly and smiled.

“We are all graduates of Ceorn.”


It was only then that Rudger understood the reaction they were showing.

The reason why the wizards of the New Mage Tower respect him is that most of them are graduates from Seorn.

Furthermore, Ludger was Ceorn’s teacher and even created a magic called source code that did not exist until now.

There was nothing strange about the mages of the New Mage Tower reacting like this.

“I saw the magic of source code created by Mr. Rudger. It was amazing. I can’t help but wonder how you could think of creating such a formula!”

“… … It’s not something to be praised for.”

From Rudger’s point of view, source code magic was nothing like innovation.

After all, he was nothing more than a program trace of earth knowledge and substituting it into magic.

In the eyes of others, it may be a creation that sprouted from a barren land, but to Ludger, it was nothing more than an imitation of what already existed.

Should we rejoice when we are praised for walking along a path that has already been established?

It was not pioneered by himself, nor was it polished by himself.

Can you brag about being applauded by someone just for the fact that you ‘walked well’ on it?

─That’s not true.

It was for this reason that Rudger did not consider himself truly great.

“no! How can you say that? Mr. Rudger may be more proud of his own achievements.”

To the wizards who didn’t know that fact, they couldn’t help but think that Rudger was just being humble.

In addition, the magic that transcends space was a high-level skill that ordinary wizards could never imitate.

Rudger decided that no matter what he said, they wouldn’t understand, so he replied with a nod.

“Here is my business card. I’d like to have a serious discussion about magic with Mr. Ludgar later. Please visit our Shin Magic Tower anytime. We welcome Ms. Rudger.”

“thank you.”

So the wizards of the New Mage Tower left in a hurry.

There was no big conversation about anything.

All I did was sign an autograph and receive a business card.

It was just a little strange, but they didn’t seem like bad people.

‘Rather than that, it’s a new mage tower.’

If the base of the Old Magic Tower was in the form of a tower soaring high as if to pierce the sky, the case of the New Magic Tower was different.

A lot of it too.

This is because the new mage tower they are talking about is a mage tower in name only, and cannot be called a tower.

‘I’ve been there once before, but it’s been quite a while since then, so it must have changed a lot. It wouldn’t be bad to visit at least once.’

He wondered if other nobles would come after him and talk to him, but fortunately no one came to visit Ludger anymore.

I peeked over the corner of the hallway and saw that President Elisha was holding on to the others while talking.

Then, for a moment, her eyes met, and the chancellor closed one eye at Rudger.

‘I got help.’

Rudger, who thought he had to get away quickly while the president was dragging his time, immediately stepped back.

At that moment, I felt a strong surprise behind my back.

Rudger slowly turned around, barely holding back his hand from reflexively.

“Flora Lumos?”

Dark blue hair tied in half twin tails.

Haughty impression and sharp eyes.

Flora calmed her startled heart and questioned Rudger.

“No, you were surprised. What if you suddenly backed away like that?”

“I’m sorry if that happened. Rather, what’s going on here?”

“Just. what… … Congratulations on winning.”

Flora said it shyly, but Ludger knew she wasn’t there to congratulate him on winning.

Rudger remembered one of the nobles who had visited the hospital room a while ago.

A cold-blooded man in his mid-thirties.

Her hair, which was curly and long enough to come down to her neck, was definitely the same dark blue color as Flora’s.

‘is it.’

Rudgar noticed what Flora was looking for.

“Are you here to see your father?”

“What, what?”

“The head of household is currently having a conversation with the president. It would be better to leave after a while.”

“Wait. Isn’t that what it is?”

Flora responded with tears in her eyes, but in reality it was closer to the reaction of a person who had been hit hard.

“Then why did you come?”

“Why? just, just… … .”

Flora couldn’t finish her words.

It is true that he came to see his father, but it was ambiguous to answer that he really came to see him.

Rudger found a strange sense of difference in Flora’s reaction.

‘You have a subtle reaction to your father. He seems afraid, but has a strange anticipation.’

Rudgar remembered the image of Cayden Lumos.

He was a man who did not bleed even when pricked with a needle. He didn’t talk much, and other nobles were reluctant to approach him.

He is probably quite strict with his children.

“More than that, sir. Is my father really over there?”

“Yeah. If it’s really hard, I can ask you instead.”

“no! Don’t do that! Absolutely!”

Seeing Flora so flustered was somehow unfamiliar.

‘I came to see my father, but I’m reluctant to face him in person. Are you going through a family feud?’

That was all I could infer from Flora’s reaction.

But Rudgar was probably half convinced that this was true.

“Flora. Aren’t you on good terms with your father?”

“Why are you asking such a thing all of a sudden?”

“Let’s just say it’s a normal question as a teacher.”

“Just what… … Not bad. That’s not even a good thing.”

“Is your father uncomfortable?”

“… … .”

“but. It certainly looked like that. Duke Cayden seemed overly cold and rigid. He must be a bit difficult to get along with.”

Hearing Ludger’s words, Flora opened her eyes wide and stared at Rudger with disbelief.

“Isn’t that what the teacher is saying?”

“What do you mean?”

“… … no. If you don’t know, that’s fine.”

Flora mustered up the courage to say something, but eventually gave up, her shoulders drooping.

“… … Anyway, congratulations on winning again. I’ll just go. I have my next match.”

“Are you also going to Dalian this time?”

Now that the teachers’ sparring is over, the next event is, of course, the students’ turn.

Flora Lumos is a student with a gift for magic that is unmatched even among second-year students.

Of course, if you go out, you will surely win the championship.

“So what?”

“is it. If you have enough skills, you will win.”

Flora was taken aback by the sudden cheering, but soon smiled and raised her nose.

“That’s natural. I have no intention of losing to anyone.”

Flora said with a snort, “Hey.”

Seeing that I said something to cheer them up a little and the reaction came right away, I thought that a student is still a student.

“Then will the teacher come to see you?”

“You mean me?”

“Yeah what. Honestly, if you’re busy, it doesn’t matter if you don’t come. yes. Because I never regret it.”

An act that is not honest but is obvious.

Rudger made a gesture of contemplation for a moment.

Seeing that, Flora was nervous and waited for Ludger’s next words.

Even if I pretended not to, I wanted Rudger to see it.

Eventually, Ludger’s closed mouth opened.

“Well, since we still have time, let’s go see it. I was also curious about how well the students use magic.”

In response to that answer, Flora’s face instantly turned red, and she cleared her throat as she immediately started managing her expression.

“Hmmmm. You won’t regret that choice. Enough then.”

Flora disappears with light steps that are comparable to when she approaches.

As a teacher, Rudger thought it was very difficult to please the students.

‘Still, I’m glad you seem to have recovered your energy.’

Rudgar thought of Cayden Lumos.

The head of Lumos and the father of Flora. But Rudger felt strangely intrusive from him.

The moment I just looked at it, I was convinced that that person was never right for me.

However, Rudger, who decided that there was nothing to do with each other, shook his head.

‘Is this the end of today’s schedule? It’s a long-awaited free time.’

But I couldn’t just relax because I had free time.

The time for First Order Esmeralda to move is the next three days.

Until then, I had to figure out what to do with her.

A fight is unavoidable.

If we have to fight, the question of how to respond remains.

Knowing the level of ability and strength of the opponent, the appropriate response was not an option, but a necessity.

To do that, once.

‘I can’t do it alone.’

Rudger left the arena and came out where the festival was in full swing.

Most of the guests gathered in the stadium, perhaps because of the upcoming Dalian, so it was surprisingly quiet outside.

Rudger strode through the barracks of the festival.

It was when I reached the fountain that was the promised place.

“Let’s go see that! Let’s go see! Go see!”

“No, what are you doing! Didn’t you hear I was told to wait here?”

“Is that important! They say there’s a start-up ceremony for the latest golem!”

Rudger shook his head saying he couldn’t stop hearing the two riotous voices and headed towards the place where the two were.

Hans and Sheridan stood in front of a fountain beautifully carved in marble, and Hans was desperately holding on to Sheridan, blocking him from going anywhere.

Sheridan struggled and tried to get away from Hans.

The people around her watched the scene happily, thinking that it was the daughter who complained and the father who prevented it.

Sensing a recurrence of the gradually diminished headache, Rudger stepped right in between the two.

“You were there early.”

“ah. Are you here?”

“oh! Nice to meet you!”

Sheridan and Hans.

They were the two that Rudger had personally called for an emergency.

Now that Ceorn’s festival was open, the front door was wide open, so it was easy for the two of them to enter.

“Let’s talk while walking. Is there any place you would like to visit?”

“I don’t have one.”

“me! I have it! Hey, they say they’re revealing a new golem right now! Let’s go see!”

Seeing Sheridan shouting with shining eyes, Ludger asked Hans’s intentions.

Hans shrugged.

“Well, if you say you want to go, what will you do?”

“Anything like that, you disturbed me the most! See you when you return later! I will stab you with rat teeth when you sleep!”

“No, older brother told me to wait here first! I just did as I was told, so why!”

“You two are still good friends. Anyway, since Sheridan wants to go, let’s go there.”

Rudgar allowed it, and Sheridan took the lead with a happy face.

The place where the three arrived was the start-up ceremony for a new golem.

Just as the ceremony of launching a dry ship into the sea for the first time is called the launching ceremony, the activation of the golem was called the start-up ceremony.

Several people gathered at the demonstration site, mostly children who had come to see the golem and their parents leading them.

In the children’s hands were toys, mini-golems made from the rudimentary structure of a clockwork.

“Something doesn’t seem like that much.”

Hans muttered that while glancing at the people.

“Because golemology isn’t that popular.”

“ok? did you? Still, isn’t the golem an indispensable element in factories and redevelopment sites?”

“It might be the case in a field where labor is valuable, but at Seorn Academy, the story is different. This place is related to ‘magic’.”

“Isn’t the golem also magic?”

“Precisely a mix of magic and machine. In fact, there was a lot of controversy before Golem was listed as a summoner.”

Controversy over whether golems should be considered <summons> has continued since the prototype of the golem was released.

Unlike other summons, it was closer to ‘making’ the golem.

So, there were many opinions that it was not right that the golems made by anyone should be literally moved to science rather than magic.

However, the main driving force to move the golem was the magic stone, and only a wizard could move the golem and issue commands through such a magic stone.

These days, if you have the ability, you can handle the golem even if you are not a wizard, but there was a limit in that you could control it yourself or execute only basic commands.

Detailed movements and high-level actions were only possible for wizards.

“Hmm. That’s why it wasn’t popular.”


Just then, someone came up on the stage of the demonstration hall.

When I asked who it was, it was Brino, a first-year teacher who had just been assigned to Seorn along with Ludgar.

Although he has a fleshy body, he has a good impression in a different way from Hugo and greeted the audience.

“nice to meet you. My name is Brino, the 1st year Golemology teacher in Ceorn. We would like to thank the audience who came to the start-up ceremony for our golem today, and we will start the ceremony right away.”

I went straight to the main point as if my body was itching because I wanted to show the person who said that.

“Then look at it. The new golem DT-3000 developed by Ceorn!”

Brino removed the cloth covering the huge object.

Then, the appearance of a huge golem hidden inside appeared.

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