I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 150

◈ Episode 150: Past Reunion (2)

“Didn’t I warn you? Please stay still.”

Rudgar’s hoarse voice enveloped Crollo’s body.

“Or did my warning sound like words?”

“Oh no!”

Crollo felt the fear that he might die at this moment.

I managed to move my lips that wouldn’t come off and desperately made an excuse.

“Chuck, at first I tried to stay still. But the monster! Because that devil keeps watching me!”

“You watched?”

“They kept spying on me and watching me, and they threatened my life! I-I wanted to stay still!”

“… … .”

“Okay, look at that! I finally caught that demon!”

Crollo shouted at Ludger with a face that didn’t know if he was crying or laughing.

At the place he pointed to, the girl who had fainted from being strangled by Crollo a moment before was lying there.

Ludger’s eyes widened at the sight of her.

‘Joanna Lovett?’

I didn’t see it wrong.

It was Joanna Lovett of the Black Dawn who passed out after being strangled by Crollo.

Crollo boasted that he had caught a demon, so I thought he was crazy and hallucinated and did it.

‘So easily?’

No, more than that, how did she get beaten by Crollo Febius? I can never do that if I’m good at it.

‘But the Joanna Lovett over there right now isn’t fake.’

Rudger covered his mouth with his hand and shook his head.

Crollo looked into Ludger’s eyes and asked cautiously.

“Uh, how are you?”

“Now that we have the details… … .”

It was the moment I was about to say that we should move to another place with the fainting Joanna.

“Miss Rudger!”

Selina was hurriedly running at the sound of calling Rudger at the entrance of the alley.


Rudger was aware of where he was now.

In a dark alleyway, a half-dead Kralo Febius and a fainting student of Ceorn. And the image of yourself standing there together.

It was the scene of a crime.


Selina, who was running towards her, also stopped and opened her eyes wide as if she had seen the scene.

Her reaction as she covered her mouth with both hands seemed to have engraved the words of astonishment.

‘I was caught.’

Now that this had happened, Ludger had to draw the line that he had nothing to do with this situation by applying magic to Crollo right here.

This was the only way to put out the urgent fire right away.

But after that was the problem.

‘Looking at Crollo’s condition now, there’s nothing strange about being arrested as a red-handed criminal. It’s a festival right now, so I won’t do anything right away, but I’ll keep it somewhere until the festival is over.’

The problem is that if that happens, people’s eyes will gather.

If that happens, the goal of quietly handling this matter will be in vain.

Even so, it was important to safely pass the urgent situation right now.

“Miss Selina. this is so… … .”


Selina suddenly stumbled and passed out.

Rudgar hurriedly ran out to help her before she fell to the ground.

‘Did he pass out after seeing the shocking sight?’

It was crazy to think that if Selina had a soft heart, that could be enough.

Maybe it was better.

If he told Crollo Febius to leave right now, he could have somehow made things go smoothly.

“Ah, ah… … !”

However, Crollo’s reaction was somehow strange.

The man who had just jumped with joy that he had captured the devil with his own hands, was pointing his finger at Rudger and trembling.

Even what came out of his mouth was a scream that couldn’t even be a human language.

‘Why is he doing that again?’

Ludger was starting to feel annoyed at Crollo’s actions.

Rudger, about to snap something, noticed something odd about Crollo’s demeanor.

Crollo wasn’t pointing at himself now.

To be precise, he was pointing at Selina, who was holding him in his arms.



The moment he was about to ask that question, Rudger felt a chilling sensation running through his body.

His gaze naturally turned to Selina, who was cradled in his arms.

‘The momentum has changed?’

I’m sure you confirmed that Selina passed out just a moment ago, but suddenly came to her senses?

Before she could understand what was going on, Selina’s right hand moved and grabbed Ludger’s collar.

“iced coffee. Really.”

The pink lips opened and what came out was a different voice, not Selina.

The cheerful and soft voice turned sharp like the thorns of a rose full of miasma.

Rudger had heard this voice before.

To be precise, it was when he met Esmeralda in the midnight forest.

“I was going to stay still until at least the end of the festival, but why are you doing this?”

When Selina opened her closed eyes, they were dyed red, unlike the light purple they were originally.

As if a bright red jewel was inlaid.

‘The color of the eyes has changed?’

The change did not end there.

Selina’s trademark pink hair was gradually bleached from the tips and turned black.

The color of her hair was influenced by magic and caused a change.

“This makes me feel like an idiot, waiting for the promised time.”

And Selina, who rose up in Ludger’s arms, stared at Crollo with an alluring smile.

Crollo trembled like a person facing a grim reaper from hell.

“All, you… … .”

“long time no see. Chloe Pevius. how have you been?”

“That, yes. It was. it was you! it was you! Esmeralda!”

“Do you remember me? Happy. So you know what I’m trying to do with you?”

“Hey! help me! I don’t want to die!”

Crollo squeezed his head hard with his hands, grinning in pain.

His spirit, which he had barely endured until now, collapsed the moment he faced the person who was trying to kill him.

Esmeralda, watching the scene, reached out a finger towards him.

Crawl is gone! With a groan, she closed her eyes and passed out.

“I haven’t killed you yet. Not yet.”

Rudger still couldn’t understand what was going on.

Teacher Selina is Esmeralda? She said she was the First Order?

However, until now, he had never felt anything suspicious from Selina. It wasn’t something she could simply hide that she was good at acting.

Rudger came up with one correct answer at this moment.

“Did you have a double personality?”


Esmeralda smiled as if she had finally found Ludger staring this way.

“By the way, you were there too? Nice to meet you, John Doe. This is the first time we’ve met in person, right? That’s right, you’ve been hiding your identity with the permission of Zero Order, and I’ve always been hiding from the beginning. Even during the First Order talks.”

talks. concealed his identity

Imprinting fragments of that information into his brain, Ludger opened his mouth.

“surprised. I could never have imagined that he would create a different personality by replacing the existing personality.”

The structure of magic itself changes, the color of hair and eyes changes, and the personality itself changes.

It is more like the feeling of two really different beings coexisting in one body rather than simply a mental illness caused by dissociation disorder.

“Awesome. Did you notice that right away?”

Esmeralda said as if she was genuinely surprised, but her eyes were smiling.

Rudger was lost in thought while managing his expression.

‘Nothing strange. Esmeralda’s Quasimodo right now is a mixture of human grudges and nature’s spirits.’

After all, the personality of Selina was created long ago by Esmeralda to hide her identity.

In other words, Esmeralda lived as a fake named Selina, and whenever she took revenge, she turned into Esmeralda and killed the people of the Febius family.

‘The name Selina was definitely in the past. She must have been active under the name Selina for a long time.’

However, if you live this double life for a long time, you will have no choice but to get caught in the end.

Still, Selina never aroused suspicion from anyone until she entered Ceorn.

‘It’s because someone looked after him.’

And, of course, there was only one person who looked after him.

It was the Black Dawn.

Esmeralda became the First Order in return for helping her get revenge.

‘Now all the stories are put together.’

Then Joanna Lovett, passed out over there, must have been the third and last unknown survivor of the Great Rotene Fire.

Belongs to the Black Dawn and ranks Second Order. She must be a direct member of Esmeralda.

The reason why she felt hostility toward Crollo was because she experienced the events of that day.

‘It’s a mistake.’

Until now, even with the First Order so close by, I didn’t notice it.

Even though I knew that I couldn’t notice anything unless I knew the future, it was hard to get out of the aftermath of the shock.

However, unlike being mentally surprised, Rudger’s mouth spat out words naturally.

“So what now? Esmeralda. Are you going to kill that man?”

The fact that he revealed his identity here means that he intends to get revenge on her right away.

“Oh, that one?”

Esmeralda shook her head.

“Do not kill.”

“Did you end your revenge?”

“I told you. Not right away.”

A man who deceived and seduced himself when he was once innocent.

She still hated him, now broken and fallen, and no longer able to find the majesty of the past.

“I didn’t expect to wake up like this. I didn’t know that Selina would lose her mind in a place like this.”

“What. Aren’t they sharing memories?”

“Is that so? Had she shared her memories, could poor Selina have been able to properly hide her true identity?”

As he nodded, Ludgar realized what Esmeralda and Selina’s relationship was like.

Esmeralda and Selina have the same body, but they are separate beings.

It’s a double personality, but they don’t share each other’s memories.

‘So it was. And summoning different spirits.’

Selina deals with mid-level spirits of wind, earth, and water.

However, what Esmeralda deals with is Quasimodo, a twisted spirit of fire.

The fact that they were able to make a contract with completely different spirits was only possible because they were not the same being.

“This kid knows nothing. That’s why it’s pure and that’s why it’s lovely. okay. Just like the me in the past who didn’t know anything before.”

Muttering that, Esmeralda glared at the stunned Crollo with a flash of light, perhaps recalling her days in the village of Roten.

As if she wanted to kill Crollo right away, a violent death rage spurted from her.

But reason desperately suppressed it.

Rudger, watching the scene, cautiously opened and closed his fists.

‘now. Is it possible?’

Rudger’s eyes moved busily.

Esmeralda was completely caught off guard now. She was so completely focused on Crollo that she barely cared about it.

A very quick surprise here could kill her.

can kill… … do you have

Esmeralda’s appearance at first glance overlapped with Selina’s.

If you kill Esmeralda here, Selina will also die. Because they both use the same body.

Esmeralda is a member of the First Order of the Black Dawn. Obviously his enemy is right.

But what about Selina? Is she really Ludgar’s enemy?

‘Decision… … .’

I had to make a decision. If not now, this opportunity will never come again.

However, unlike the head that kept shouting to kill, the hand did not move.

Rudger closed his eyes and relaxed his shoulders.

Even if you try to kill me here, I’m not sure that I can kill you.

From the moment Esmeralda opened her eyes, that existence was aware of Ludger.

‘He’s been watching me for a while.’

A gaze that does not leave this side.

Considering that Esmeralda is glaring at Krollo Febius, there is only one guy watching Ludger.


The twisted grudge of fire.

‘He’s wary of me.’

He didn’t forget that he was beaten by Ludger at the banquet hall that day.

For now, since he is Esmeralda’s colleague, he will remain silent, but the enemy’s youthful gaze with subtle heat clearly warns him not to do anything stupid.

If you try to fight while ignoring this, then the surrounding area will become a sea of ​​fire.

The festival was full of people nearby, and it was clear that the aftermath would reach there.

many people will die

‘It can’t be helped.’

The good news is that Esmeralda is not going to kill Crollo right away.

And what happened in the alley will be kept secret.

But the grace period is now only 4 days left.

Until then, this side also had to make a choice.

“I’ll just go.”

Just in time, Esmeralda opened her mouth.

“Are you going? how?”

“Take good care of Selina. Judging by the reaction, she doesn’t seem to particularly dislike you.”

Esmeralda, doing her own thing, stumbled and tried to fall to the side.

Rudgar naturally supported Esmeralda so that she would not fall.

Her black hair had turned pink again.

‘I returned to the original Selina teacher’s energy. It’s unbelievable even after seeing it. Is moving first?’

But what about Krollo Febius and Joanna Lovett, who fell to the ground?

It takes time to transfer everything with magic, and in the meantime, if someone witnesses this scene, it will be difficult for us too.

I need a helping hand.

At this time, there was one suitable person.

Rudger immediately took out a portable communicator.

“grow. I’ll call you the location, so come right away.”

After saying that, it must have been about 3 minutes.

A person appeared in an alleyway.

“Boo, did you call!”

Sedina Roshen, who seemed to have run in hastily, clutched a freshly baked sausage in one hand and candy in the other.

He even had a headband on his head.

“… … You seem to be enjoying the festival well.”

When I told them not to go to the office to enjoy the festival, they said they wouldn’t go like that.

Since the festival has started, they seem to be enjoying themselves.

If you look at me like that, I’m sure your status as a student really suits you.


She hurriedly tossed everything in her hands on the floor and took off her headband.

Sedina said in a voice that seemed to be ashamed.

“I’m sorry.”

“There is nothing to be sorry about. After all, it was I who told you to enjoy the festival.”

“More than that, why did you call me… … .”

Rudger silently pointed the finger at Crollo Febius and Joanna Lovett.

“Get rid of these two.”

The teaching assistant was comfortable because of this.

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