I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 15

◈ Episode 15 Source Code (2)

I will select a few students who follow my lessons well and teach them the source code.

I said that and shook the carrot a little, and the students listened to my class without saying anything afterwards.

Dang. Dang. Dang.

After the explanation of the theory and simple method for discharging magic power, the bell of the clock tower rang to end the class.

I let out a sigh of relief in my heart, thinking that I had safely completed the class without being tackled.

After explaining the content written in the textbook appropriately and mixing it with tips used in practice, the students did not seem to feel anything suspicious.

The first button was put on smoothly, so you can continue this atmosphere to the next class.

I teach a total of 4 hours a week.

Since the class is divided into 2 hours each and held twice a week, the time until the next class was quite leisurely.

As I put on my jacket and tried to leave the classroom, I saw that some students were looking at me as if they were approaching me.

I did something in the moment, but I realized belatedly that I had left out one thing.

“ah. By the way, I won’t give you any assignments from the first day. Let’s go back and review today.”

“Oh yea!”

“phew. thank god.”

At my words, the students smiled and were delighted.

No matter what the academy where geniuses gather, are they students in the end? Seeing them go about their daily routine with one homework assignment, I thought they were still kids.

Well, no matter how much I do, I don’t do things like openly giving assignments from the first day.

After all, other teachers besides me will give assignments.

Originally, a teacher who gives assignments from the first day is bound to be criticized over and over again during the semester.

Regarding classes, everything I give you can be seen as having some kind of calculation.

The more gossip and complaints about other teachers, the less they will mention me.

I took the student list on the podium and left the classroom. Even when I left, the students’ eyes flew at me, but I naturally ignored them.

How to proceed with the next class, basic personal information about the 80 students in my class.

Also, considering the unresolved information about the secret society, I had to move quickly.

* * *

‘and. Really.’

Aidan, a freshman at Ceorn Academy this year, realized he had really come to Ceorn after taking Ludgar Celisi’s class.

‘I vaguely thought it was like this, but it was really amazing.’

Aidan, who came from the countryside, was a commoner, but he was a young man who prided himself on being more passionate about magic than anyone else.

Thanks to the hard work he has accumulated so far and a certain amount of luck, he was able to pass the entrance exam for Seorn, and he took his first class with a swollen future as a first year student.

A lecture by Ludgar Celisch that teaches general magic in the world of manifestations.

To be honest, I wasn’t expecting much.

When I first entered the classroom, I secretly picked up the voices of other students, and it was because the class I had chosen was louder than I thought.

-Originally, there are a total of two classes in the manifestation world, and among them, the fallen nobles teach.

-Originally, I was a new teacher who would not be able to come here, but I got lucky because there were 5 TO’s because of the people who retired last year.

-All the rumors about the Akashic Records are fake and inflated.

Those who said such things were, of course, aristocratic students who were quiet and looked down on others.

However, Aidan, who came to Seoul from the countryside, only knew that they were seniors, but he did not know that they were great nobles, so he did not doubt their words.

‘Is a teacher named Rudger Celish really that bad?’

It was just a class I chose without much thought, so I regretted it for nothing.

However, Aidan realized just how short his thoughts were and the moment Ludger appeared.

Even though he was standing on the podium, the man who overwhelmed the 80 students with his atmosphere alone was like a soldier facing a fierce battle.

And what happened after that shocked Aidan even more.

After having a conversation with a female senior about the impossibility of shortening the magic formula, he introduced one technique.

The moment he encountered the magic Ludgar Celish called the source code, Aidan felt his blood boil throughout his body.

A shock like fireworks exploding in front of my eyes.

It was the light of knowledge that appeared when one witnessed a mystery that had not been encountered before with both eyes, and it was the opening moment when one’s eyes expanded toward a wider world.

It seems like an excessive jump, but at least Aidan felt that way himself.

When he was still a snuffer who didn’t know anything, there was a wandering wizard who showed him magic.

The magic he showed me for the first time was only 1st tier, and now that I think about it, the magic was not perfect and was crude.

At that time, Aidan thought that appearance was very cool.

Since then, he continued to study magic while being taught by a wandering wizard, and he didn’t feel the ecstasy he felt when he first encountered magic.

Still, I remember how much fun learning magic itself was.

Thanks to his passion for magic and, surprisingly, his talent for magic, Aidan grew faster day by day. In this way, he was able to enter Se Orn, a magic academy, through fierce competition.

I took my first class thinking that this place might satisfy my craving for magic and open up a new world.

I saw something really great.

‘Mr. Rudger Celish is truly amazing!’

I thought it was unusual from the first impression, but he was real.

Real magic that shows new things that don’t exist in this world, not just show magic.

Aidan couldn’t hide his excitement, thinking that he was really fortunate to have taken this class.


It was then.

A voice of blatant contempt came from the seat next to him.

When I turned my head, somewhere the same first year male student was looking at me with his arms crossed.

His face was handsome, but he looked quite gruff, perhaps because of his blond hair parted to show his forehead.

“This is why commoners can’t do it. It’s just amazing to see something like that.”

“huh? Are you talking to me?”

“Then, who are the commoners here besides you?”

Aidan looked around. Now that most of them had already left the classroom, there were not many people left.

“ah! You were talking to me!”

Rather, the face of the aristocratic male student who quarreled with the innocent reaction was distorted.

“you. Are you mocking me now?”

“huh? Oolong. Oh no way.”

Aidan laughed awkwardly and tried to say that he never meant that, but the opponent in front of him already turned his eyes to the fact that he had been insulted.

“You dare to ignore me, the eldest son of Baron Pellio?!”

Aidan broke out in a cold sweat. She seemed wrong in many ways to pass for good.

‘What should I do?’

The moment he was thinking about how to overcome this situation, a helping hand came to Aidan.

“Isn’t Baron Pellio at the farthest edge of the empire?”

“What, what?! Who are you!”

The one who helped Aidan was a blue-haired boy who was exceptionally shorter than the others.

Jevan Pellio looked at the boy and put a sneer on his lips.

“under. These days, Ceorn is going to admit even a kid like this?”

“It would be better than having a child from a lesser-ranked baron family pass the exam.”

“what?! Did you dare to insult the Pelio family?!”

When Jeban gritted his teeth and tried to raise his mana, Leo, a boy with light blue hair, did not lose his smile.

“In return for those words and actions that dared to insult the nobles… … .”


“What, what?”

“Try it. What will happen if you manifest your magic here and attack us?”

Jeban was taken aback by Leo’s bold words.

I thought that a normal commoner would lower his head on his own if he was moderately intimidated.

“Do you think this is your family that still treats you differently? Wake. Even if you’re a noble, you won’t be able to make a fuss here. Weren’t you notified of that fact before you came in?”

“you you… … !”

“I have nothing to say, so if you don’t know how to do anything other than stare at me, I’ll shut up on my own. Also, look at the situation and raise your voice. Can’t you see around?”

At Leo’s words, Jeban realized that there were still several students left in the classroom. Among them were the children of high-ranking nobles whom he would not dare to look up to.

“This, profit! Let’s see!”

Jevan glared at Aidan as if he were going to kill him, then left the classroom without saying that.

Aidan wondered if this could be good.

But right now, the priority was to thank that friend who helped her.

“Thank you for your help. I am Aidan.”

“I am Leo. Oh, and you don’t have to thank me. I just did it because I was sick of seeing people being called nobles.”

“Are you a very good person?”

“… … What did you hear me say?”

Leo stared at Aidan like a strange person, then shook his head.

“What happened? I’m going to go.”

“ah! I go too.”

“Do you know where I am going?”

“Aren’t you going to the next class? that you’re holding in your hand. It’s an implementation-type pension class, right? I am the next one too.”

“… … Chet. Do whatever you feel like.”

Leo said it brusquely, but he didn’t kick Aidan out or turn down the offer. From Leo’s behavior, Aidan felt that he was a good person, just because his tone was a little strange.

Looking at Aidan, who was packing textbooks for the next class, Leo suddenly opened his mouth.

“You’d better go around without showing off too much.”

“huh? what tee?”

“Clumsy. Common tee. T. didn’t learn magic properly. Whatever. You see too much of it.”

“Oh, is that so? sorry. Because I don’t know that well.”

“do not forget. This is Seorn Academy. It’s a place full of all kinds of great guys.”

“What a great person? ah. I think I can tell when I see Miss Chelsea.”

Leo let out a sigh at the bewildered response. Apparently, this poor friend had a lot to explain.

“Listen. Once you’ve taken the class, you need to know how this place works. And you have to be careful about certain students.”

“Specific students?”

“Even within Seorn, there are students who have an exceptionally overwhelming position. Right now, our first year students just came in and don’t know what to do, but starting from the second year, it doesn’t.”

The most representative example was Flora Lumos.

“Flora Lumos in Year 2. She never thought they would end up in the same class, but you better be careful.”


“Rumors spread that I have a bad personality. It is said that the sudden resignation of the teacher who was in charge of the manifestation class last year was largely due to her influence. She honestly thought she would be like that this time too… … .”

Leo also recalled Ludgar Celish’s class. The groundbreaking magic of the source code he showed was obviously great.

It was to the point that Flora Lumos left without even making a sound.

However, I don’t think that Flora Lumos will collapse just because of this. Rather, there was a possibility that the sparks of anger would fly to others.

“So it’s best to avoid her as much as possible.”

“Are there any others?”

“There must be. One of the noble bloodlines of the Exilion Empire.”

“ah. I heard that rumor too. Didn’t you say the princess was in the second year?”

“3rd Princess Erendir von Exillion. He must have been able to enter this place because he was so noble and the emperor cherished him. Of course, there is nothing good about us being commoners.”

“ah. him.”

Aidan thought of a woman with hair like a thread of gold.

Blonde hair isn’t that rare, but there’s only one blonde that even feels noble.

“And finally Freuden Ulburg.”

“If it’s Ulburg, then that Ulburg? One of the three major ducal families… … .”

“What else could there be in the Empire other than Ulburg? Freuden, the eldest son of the ducal family of Ulburg. He’s the man who leads the biggest clique in the second year. To be precise, it’s an upper class faction made up of only nobles.”

“Upper tier… … clique.”

“Commoners like us are people who see things like bugs on the roadside, so it’s better not to get involved. Luckily, Freuden doesn’t take this class. By the way, the idiot who started a fight with you just now seems to belong to that faction.”

“Because it was unavoidable. Is there anyone else?”

“… … They say it was filmed, but they’re curious about other people. Should I call it bold or dull?”

Leo couldn’t figure out who Aidan was. But at least he was sure he wasn’t a bad or conniving guy.

“There are a few more.”

“Oh yeah? Who is that?”

“I’ll explain that later.”

“good! ah. Would you like to eat together later?”

“what? why me?”

Aidan and Leo left the classroom grumbling.

Not knowing that one of the students remaining in the classroom was watching them.

* * *

‘hmm. Is this the private teacher’s office?’

teacher’s room. Or standing in front of the door called the laboratory, I felt a little strange.

Perhaps because he is Seo-Reun, new teachers are also given a considerable amount of personal space.

The name plate at the entrance also had the name Ludger Celish.

‘Let’s go in first.’

I was curious what the inside looked like, so I decided to check it out.

I opened the door and entered the classroom.

And I couldn’t help but be surprised to see the guest who came inside first.

“oh. Mr Rudger. Welcome.”

One of the few people I have to be wary of here.

Because the president of Seorn Academy was there.

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