I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 149

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◈ Episode 149: Past Reunion (1)

Rudger glanced quickly at the old man who seemed to know him.

His head was spinning tight.

‘Gray hair and beard. Estimated age is 60 years old. An angular, moderate step. Although he is wearing casual clothes, his clothes are clean without any lint, and his shoes are shining like new. You are a person who is sensitive to formality. Scars occasionally visible on the skin are irregular in size, but most are in the form of lines. If you see the shape is the same, the knife marks are obvious.’

At first glance, what is caught in the hand is thick calluses.

Looking at the area, it means that he held something with an appropriate handle for a long time, but it must have been a baton rather than a knife.

‘The emotion contained in the gaze toward this direction is a pleasure. It’s not just a response to the value of the name Rudger, it’s a look of genuine joy.’

The pieces of information that could be obtained right away piled up one by one, and Rudger was able to draw one conclusion.

“okay. long time no see. Nothing has changed since then.”

“haha! You, on the other hand, have changed quite a bit! At that time, I still looked young, but now I’m completely strong!”

Opponent is a soldier. That, too, is related to the false identity of Ludgar Celish.

‘okay. Ever since I took the name Rudgar, I knew that one day this would happen.’

Even though Ludger was a false identity, those splendid records were things that could not be created with simple manipulation.

Submitting a dissertation to the Mage Tower would only make your name known and not sell your face, but the military is different.

The story of serving in the military is not something that can be simply invented.

Someone must have served as a military officer with the identity of Rudger.

Thinking is accelerated and the five senses are expanded.

Rudger never stopped analyzing.

‘At that time, he said he saw a young tee. She said they hadn’t seen each other in quite a while, so at least five years must have passed. The other person recognized me right away. They say it has changed, but are there any elements that can be noticed?’

unique atmosphere.

Since I talked to him assuming that his appearance will change slightly as he gets older, it would be appropriate to look at it in terms of the atmosphere.

In fact, the Second Orders of the Black Dawn also saw this and naturally thought it was the First Order.

It is said that the attitude and image shown in the past are not very different from now.

Thankfully, the opponent didn’t have any doubts about Ludger’s current appearance.

People in this world are cute when they are young, but there are quite a lot of cases where they get older and reverse.

Considering that, the opponent judged that Ludger hadn’t changed much from his military days.

‘I don’t know if the deceased First Order played this identity, or if someone else built the achievement instead. But a situation that doesn’t raise suspicion right away is welcome.’

Rudger found a medal on the other’s left chest.

It was no ordinary decoration. In his own memory, Rudger recalled where that medal could be obtained.

And the position of the person who can hold it.

“Has the brigadier been discharged?”

It is an imperial medal that can only be received by those who can wear a star.

That would be at least a brigadier general, but it wouldn’t be higher than that if you could freely come to a place like this in casual clothes like that.

As if Ludger’s reasoning was correct, the other party laughed heartily.

“What is the global? It’s just that I’ve been on vacation for the first time in a while. Of course, now I can’t stand in the front line like I used to, but I’m in the middle of holding a baton in the back. I am too old.”

“The brigadier still looks correct.”

“Thank you for saying that. where is it Is the job of a teacher right for you?”

“It’s my first time, but I’m working hard.”

“haha. You’ve grown a little more sociable compared to the past, haven’t you? You were really reticent back then and didn’t try to get close to anyone.”

Was Rudger a very taciturn personality during his military days?

Since it was a created identity, of course, he would not have tried to be close to anyone.

The brigadier I’m talking to now would have approached him in a friendly way, since he was his direct superior at the time.

“Maybe I’ve developed something called sociality as I’ve gotten older.”

“ha ha ha! Can you tell a joke now? Good luck though. It was so hard that I thought it would break without bending, but I can see this. cancer. It must have grown.”

If someone like Hugo Brutegue had heard this conversation, he would have jumped out of his seat, asking what kind of novel bullshit it was.

It’s a joke, so you know how to bend it.

Isn’t it a word that is as far away as the stars in the sky even with today’s Ludger?

However, in the eyes of the brigadier general, he clearly looked like that.

“Mr. Rudger, this is… … .”

Selina, who had been silently listening to the conversation between the two, carefully opened her mouth at the timing.

“Oops! look at my mind I forgot you had a party.”

“okay. Brigadier. This is Miss Selina, who joined Seorn this year with me. She is in charge of animology.”

“Oh, hello.”

Selina bowed her head politely.

Judging by the age difference, Selina was close to the brigadier’s granddaughter, so the brigadier nodded with a hearty smile.

“Miss Selina. here is… … .”

Rudger naturally tried to introduce the brigadier general to Selina.

Come to think of it, I didn’t know his name.

“Shall I introduce you? Or would you like to speak for yourself?”

“Huh. Where will it go if I just do it?”

“Then I have no choice but to diligently express the reputation of the Brigadier General. A little bit of exaggeration, I guess.”

“You have become much more mischievous. I lost! lost! Before I get embarrassed, I should introduce myself myself. Nice to meet you, lady. I say Brigadier General Prowler. At the time, he was the direct supervisor of this guy here.”

“Ah, yes. Nice to meet you too.”

Is it Lieutenant General Prowler?

Not revealing his last name would mean that he is a commoner.

Officers in the army are usually made up of nobles.

Of course, the difference in treatment between commoners and nobles must have been severe.

However, rising to the rank of brigadier general as a commoner meant that Prowler was a fearsome dog breed beyond being the owner of great abilities.



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“Rather than that, what’s going on with Seorn, Brigadier General?”

“Didn’t I say it was a vacation?”

“Even if you say it’s a vacation, you didn’t just come to Seorn without thinking.”

This was Rudger’s intuition.

Prowler looks like an old man with a nice smile, but inside there was a hidden side that brought him to the rank of brigadier general.

These people have one thing in common.

No matter what you do, it doesn’t move in vain.

“Well, it’s nothing. Didn’t a cryptid appear in Leathervelk recently?”

“It was.”

The monster of the report party.

Although the real identity is not the actual cryptid, but Hans transformed by borrowing the power of the monster’s teeth.

For those who did not know the authenticity of it, it was as if the nightmare that had occurred in Durmang Kingdom had returned from the Exilion Empire.

“It’s not just a cryptid, it’s a monster that made one of the neighboring kingdoms like that, so of course we have no choice but to come out from this side.”

Is it true?

Rudgar remembered that he had a criminal record for hunting cryptids while he was a soldier.

That said, the place where he was a soldier was a unit dedicated to hunting cryptids, so there was nothing strange about Prowler, his direct superior, coming to Seorn.

Perhaps he had come to investigate the appearance of the monster in the village of Jebodang, and stopped by after seeing a festival just in time.

“Tsk. I don’t know what’s going on in the Empire lately.”

“It won’t be a big deal.”

“I wish I did, but because a position is a position, I can’t even dream of such complacency.”


“this. look at my mind I’m so glad I kept you at your place for a long time. Do you have any plans?”

“During the festival, as a teacher, you have to go on patrol.”

“Huh! didn’t you say It’s like I want to solve the past, but I can’t keep holding on to a busy person. I will go.”

“yes. Good job.”

With Prowler gone, Rudger was able to finally let go of his tension.

If I had talked more about the past here, then it might have really come to light.

How do you feel when you suddenly approached me saying that you know each other?

It’s fortunate that he dealt with it on the spot like putting a puzzle together, but if he had been attacked without knowing anything, his false identity would have been exposed.

‘I can’t be vigilant just because it’s a festival.’

Rather, it may be more dangerous because it is a festival.

Because there might be more people visiting from outside who know the fake identity of Ludger in the past.

‘Still, if you see that Brigadier General Prowler, who is a soldier, did not suspect, most people will pass without much doubt.’

The army is a structure where you have no choice but to live with people, so there are people you know like this, and you don’t have to worry about other people.

In fact, when I submitted my thesis to the Magic Tower, I never showed up with a name like a ghost.

From Prowler’s words, even when he was in the army, Rudger seems aloof and unsociable.

“Mr. Rudgar really was a soldier.”

Selina muttered curiously next to her.

It was the way he shot a gun, and since he was acquainted with an actual military officer, it was only then that he realized it.

“How was life there?”

“It was nothing.”

Rudger had no choice but to answer like that.

Because it never really was.

But no matter how that answer was received, Selina gave Rudger a more respectful look.

“I heard that being a soldier is really hard! But to say it casually, Mr. Rudger is amazing.”

no, how does this happen?

Rudger wanted to correct me that he didn’t mean that, but he decided to just give up.

Now that was annoying too. I didn’t even feel the need for it.

“Let’s go on patrol or something.”


Selina followed Rudger’s side. She feels it time and time again, but I thought she was a pure person unlike a true teacher.

Rudger was worried that there might be people pretending to know him again, but that didn’t happen.

Until the sun went down, Rudger and Selina enjoyed the festival by going around various places under the guise of patrol.

Of course, Ludger was the one watching, and Selina was the main one.

“ah. This is delicious.”

Selina bit off the lollipop she bought earlier.

By now, the sky was getting dark. However, the fever of the festival did not fade as the night came.

“So did you fully enjoy the festival?”

“Hey, are you enjoying it? I don’t know what you’re talking about?!”

Selina pouting and averting her gaze.

Looking back, he must have realized that he was really excited and ran amok.

“Lu, Mr. Rudger. This day is a secret from the other teachers. OK?”

“I didn’t even mean to say it.”

“Really? Really?!”

“I’m sure everyone else is enjoying the same anyway.”

“That, right?”

Seeing that he reacted differently every time he spoke, he was a very easy-to-understand person.

“Something passed quickly. It’s already been a day like this.”

“There are still four more days left in the festival.”

“Oh, yes! yes. And Mr. Rudger is tomorrow… … .”

“yes. I attend Dalian.”

Rudger nodded.

Tomorrow at noon, Ludgar will participate in an open sparring match, one of the events of the magic festival.

Until then, it was an event for students to show off their abilities, but this year, teachers including Hugo Burtegg expressed their opinions, and teachers were invited to participate.

Of course, it is not a sparring between teachers and students, but students sparring with students and teachers with teachers.

Rudger didn’t care much about who he was against.

After all, the Dalian match tomorrow was not important to him anyway.

Rudgar has only one interest in this festival, whether others misunderstand him or not.

It was Esmeralda.

“You can finish patrolling soon… … .”

The moment Rudger was about to say that, he spotted a familiar person.

‘Chrollo Febius?’

A blond-haired man with a half-dead face, hurriedly moving somewhere.

He was Chrollo Febius, who was to shut himself up in his lodgings and not come out.

Crollo was moving hurriedly, as if being chased by something, no, as if chasing something.

It is also a place where people are rare.

‘What the hell is that human doing?’

Rudger narrowed his eyes.

I’m sure the last time we met, I warned you to stay still until the last day of the festival.

Didn’t the warning I gave at that time really hit me?

“Miss Selina. I’ll be away for a while.”

“oh! Mr. Rudger!”

Ludger hurriedly chased after Crollo Febius.

The place Crollo was headed was the commercial district in Ceoorn.

Between the buildings, an alley where the sun has set and the light does not enter.

Crollo was choking a female student there.

“die! die!!”

such a madman

Ludger, who saw Crollo screaming in a fit of madness, immediately activated the source code.

A mass of mana cut through the air and hit Crollo on the back.

“Who is it!”

Crollo glared at the uninvited guest who interrupted him with bloodshot eyes.

Then, when he saw Ludger standing at the entrance of the alleyway, he froze.

The image of Ludger staring at this side with an inorganic gaze with his back to the light streaming in softly from the festival site felt like something indescribable.

Crollo clenched his teeth involuntarily.


Rudger’s voice blatantly revealed that he was uncomfortable.

“What are you doing here?”

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