I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 148

◈ Episode 148 Festival Opening (2)

“What, what… … .”

The owner of the shooting range was so embarrassed that he couldn’t speak properly.

‘I didn’t look right in my posture!’

When I first saw him, I thought he was a parasitic brother who was full of superficiality.

Of course, I admit that I have charisma compared to other people.

However, the moment he saw a beautiful woman beside him, those thoughts disappeared as if they had been washed away.

He… … the enemy of men

‘Honestly, I didn’t expect it.’

No matter how fun the shooting experience is, it felt like my stomach was twisted when I saw guys who didn’t even know how to grip properly condescendingly saying that it looked easy.

Especially if it’s a magic teacher, aren’t they the kind of people who sit in front of a desk all their lives and just scribble with a pen?

I heard that he was a soldier, but if you were a wizard from the military, all you could do was hold an officer position for about 1 or 2 years.

At least, the majority of the wizards he saw during his active duty were those who did not know how to work in the field.

look at that face His skin is white and his jawline is sharp.

Where on that face could one say that he had ever done something rough? It was clear that he had never done anything difficult.

The owner of the shooting range judged so.

I did.

‘What the hell is it?’

I couldn’t believe it.

Maybe he didn’t want to believe it.

Seeing that action, standing relaxed after hitting the target, made me feel embarrassed for no reason.

“Whoop, whoop. His posture is quite good for a teacher, but it must have been a coincidence that he got it right. Can you guess all the things here!”

Ludger looked at the host who was shouting out loud and then straightened up again.

This time, instead of holding it with one hand, it was a proper posture.

The owner was taken aback by the natural behavior.

‘Isn’t there something superfluous about posture?’

Right after that, Rudger pulled the trigger.

phut! phut! phut!

A rubber bullet that fires instantly. It popped the balloons properly, one at a time.

It was made by remodeling a bolt-action gun, so Ludger naturally pulled the bolt and took out the model casing every time he fired a shot.

Click! click! phut!

Shoot, pull the bolt, reload, and shoot again.

Not only the owner, but also Selina and the students, who were looking at Ludger with expectant eyes, watched the scene without breathing.

Ludger, who ran out of bullets in an instant, handed the gun to the owner, who stared at him with a blank face.

“There is nothing left to shoot.”

“Uh, how could a wizard have this level of skill… … .”


Rudger sighed moderately.

Of course, it was possible because of the experience of using a rifle.

When he was active as a mercenary in Utah Kingdom, his main weapon was a firearm.

‘Still, my skills haven’t rusted.’

Rudger, who had been reviving his old sense for the first time in a while, was proud of his ability to not miss a single step.

the owner shouted.

“yet! Not yet! This is the beginner section! If you really know how to shoot, you should be able to do the veteran section!”

At the same time, isn’t it to open the side door of the experience center and guide you to a wide place?

Unlike bursting balloons in a narrow place for beginners, the veteran shooting range boasted a fairly wide size.

The owner shouted as he spat.

“50m to the target! A distance that is difficult for most people to hit! Can you really do it?”

There were discs marked in red at the target, which were smaller than the size of a human fist.

It’s 50m away, so it’s only visible as a dot.

“Uh, how are you going to get that right!”

Selina shouted that this was unfair, but the hostess did not back down.

Rather, he even threw a provocation with his arms crossed.

“ha ha ha! If you’re afraid, you can get out of here!”

The owner smiled cheerfully, confident that this could never be successful.

Rudger examined several guns lying on one wall.

Rudger chose one of them.

It was designed with a shorter stock and barrel than the bolt action rifles used earlier.

“Lever action? Are you going to use it?”

“I like this.”

“joy. as you please! After all, this is absolutely not a comfortable place!”

The owner was sure that even Ludger would not succeed this time.

Rudger didn’t feel the need to be friendly with that attitude.

‘Still, we’ve come this far, so it wouldn’t be bad to give them a shot.’

Rudgar grabbed his gun and stood up.

Other people passing by also began to look curiously.

Rudgar, standing still with his gun in his hand, looked more like a restrained soldier than a magic teacher.

Nevertheless, the sophisticated outfit and long black hair combined to create a strange atmosphere.

The moment everyone held their breath and watched the scene.

Rudger moved.


The lowered gun was pointed at the target at some point.

It was faster to hear the air burst in my ears than to confirm the action with my eyes.

unbelievable whispers.

And there was an even more unbelievable sight: the target outside 50m fell backwards.

“No, you got it right!”

If you say 50m, it may feel short, but in reality, a target the size of a human fist outside 50m looks small like a dot.

He didn’t aim for a long time and fired right away, so his shooting skills were close to divine.

Even with one hand.

Rudger did not stop there.

I whirled the lever action rifle I was holding with one hand and reloaded it on the spot.

Spin cocking.

It was a technique to hold the lever, turn the gun, and load the gun with only the weight of the gun.

phut! phut! phut!

Trigger pulled immediately after reloading. Each time the sound echoed, distant targets were knocked down one by one.

The interval was so short that it was almost mistaken that the target fell almost simultaneously.

Eventually, when the last target fell and there was nothing left to shoot.

Rudger lowered the gun he was aiming at.

The people who gathered to watch took in a breath that had stopped only then.

“and! Awesome! Did you just see it?!”

“I heard that you are an academy teacher, but are you really a teacher? Are teachers usually selected based on shooting skills?”

“As expected, Mr. Rudger!”

Amidst the cheers of the people, the hostess closed her eyes tightly.

I couldn’t help but admit this.


I couldn’t believe it at first, but as soon as I saw Rudger open fire, my mind disappeared.

Rather, I fell in love with the perfect shooting posture and reloading.

Absolutely flawless.

It was so beautiful, with no flaws.

“I will admit it.”

The owner bowed his head.

The author was a qualitatively different person from the wizards he had hitherto ignored.

he is real

The charisma that he first exuded was not just an imitation to set the mood, but a predatory look that came out naturally.

“Khehehe. I must have been away from the field for too long. How can you not recognize someone with this level of skill?”

“It was fun after a long time.”

“I’m glad you did. ruler. I met a talented person after a long time, and I received the maximum score in shooting, so take the prize.”

Saying so, what the owner handed to Rudger was a huge stuffed toy close to the size of a real person.

The doll resembled a dog with black fur, and I thought that Rudger had seen it a lot somewhere.

“Our shop special product! It’s a super-sized doll! A limited edition stuffed toy handmade by a famous designer from the Empire’s large doll maker!”

take it!

When the owner handed over the doll, Ludger accepted it without hesitation.

Even when the hulking owner was holding the doll, I thought it was quite big, but when I hugged it, it was bigger than I imagined.

Still, the owner’s words that it was a top-notch item were false, but the texture was quite good.

‘No, rather than that, this doll… … .’

Rudger asked the owner just in case.

“What is the doll modeled after?”

“Oh, that? They say it was made after the monster of Jebodang, who was active in the past in Durmang Kingdom.”

The monster of the report party?

Upon hearing those words, Rudger wondered if he was serious.

However, when I gently opened the doll in my arms, it seemed that it closely resembled them.

‘I heard that I’ve seen it a lot somewhere, so it looks like Hans.’

By the way, did you make a doll by imitating the monster of Jebodang? Can I make a doll out of that?

When Rudger sent such a questioning glance, the host nodded as if he understood.

“Puppet makers must have been normal nerds. He said that on one visit to the museum of the kingdom of Durmans, he was inspired to make it when he saw a stuffed monster corpse there.”

“So you made this? How many?”

“No, there is only one. He said he was proud that it was a masterpiece of his whole body, but people should have been so ominous. They said they hated everything and passed it on to each other, and then it came all the way here.”

So, it is said that it has settled down as the first prize product of the festival.

You put up a doll that others don’t want to have as a prize?

Rudger asked just in case.

“Then, isn’t this also a de facto transfer?”

“Ugh! It was a fair match! You deserve it!”

“No, so… … .”

“This is yours now! take it! You can give it to someone else!”

It’s okay to pass it on

“Wow, great! It’s an incredibly cute doll!”

Just in time, Selina shouted as she saw the monster doll of Jebodang hugged by Ludger.

Are you cute?

Rudger was seriously concerned that Selina’s standard of cuteness had been severely damaged.

Of course, the doll did not imitate the real Jebodang’s monster, but it was more like a moderately round deformed figure.

Even so, isn’t it a bit strange to call a monster that terrorized a country cute?

Aidan approached with his eyes shining while Rudger was seriously thinking about it.

“and! Sir, you are really awesome! To hit all those targets!”

“Is it Aidan? Come to think of it, you tried to shoot too. What product were you aiming for?”

“That’s what the teacher is holding.”


Rudger was quite taken aback when he saw the monster doll of Jebodang he was holding.

At that gaze, Aidan smiled shyly and said.

“Tacey, who happened to find the doll while passing by, looked at her and said she really wanted it.”

“Hey Aidan! When did I!”

Tacy must be ashamed, blushing! screamed

Rudgar felt a certain sense of danger that Tacey wanted this.

Just in time, Ludger saw the figures of Linen and Erendir who had discovered this side.

‘I guess I can ask those two.’

Rudger approached the two of them while holding the doll.

Linen and Erendir had been watching Ludgar’s spirited shooting until just a moment ago, and they felt strangely pressured by the figure of Ludgar slowly approaching this side while holding a gigantic doll.

“Rine. Erendir.”


“What are you doing?”

“Does this doll look really cute?”

When did it not happen, but Ludger’s serious expression made the two of them answer seriously.

“yes. It’s so cute!”

“Maybe it looks a little cute, doesn’t it? But what kind of doll is it? I don’t know why, but the chills in my body… … .”

Hearing the reaction of the two, Rudger was quite shocked.

“that… … runga.”

Most people who have seen it so far have said it is cute.

At this point, Rudger was worried that, in fact, his sense of aesthetics might be wrong.

“… … i get it.”

“… … ?”

He suddenly approaches and asks if the doll is cute, and then he says yes and backs off.

what? Are you trying to show off your doll?

Ludger, who actually held the doll, forcibly handed it over to Aidan.

“What? teacher?”

“Take it. Aidan.”

“Uh, are you giving this to me?”

“I am something I do not need. Whoever needs it, take it.”

It was unnecessary time for Rudger, but Aidan shouted with joy.

“Tacey! look at this! I got a doll! I can finally cuddle and sleep at night!”

“Hey, you idiot! Speak quietly! Do you have something to talk about in the neighborhood?!”

Looking at the two people who were already noisy, Ludger thought to himself, “You must be young.”

“Ew. it’s a shame. I wanted that doll too.”

Selina wriggled her fingers in regret at the doll that had fallen into Tay’s hand.

“You should have given it to Miss Selina.”

“no. I’m sorry but I can’t help it. I think I met a good owner because the students are so happy.”

Tacey’s face reddening and screaming at Aidan.

Aside from being angry at Aidan, she was hugging the monster doll Aidan gave her as if it were a valuable item.

Selina was watching the scene with a pleased gaze.

“Is it that good?”

“Isn’t that enough to see children smiling?”

“The children are smiling… … .”

They’re never old enough to be called children.

Actually, there won’t be a big age gap with Selina.

But to Selina, even the grown-up students might look as cute as children.

Rudger looked at Selina and thought that she was really a different person from himself.

Sentimental, laughs well, and is kind to everyone.

So, she was a good teacher.

Unlike myself who couldn’t protect the children’s laughter.

“Then let’s move slowly.”

Before getting sentimental, he opened his mouth to resume patrol, but someone approached Rudgar.

‘Who is it?’

It wasn’t just passing by, it was clearly a person who pretended to know this side and approached.

He was an old man in his 60s with short gray hair.

Although he is an old man, his skin has few wrinkles, so it was a correct image to the extent that he would actually look younger if he dyed his hair.

“haha. At first, I thought it was the same person when I heard the name, but I knew it was you at a glance when I saw it from a distance.”

His touch, which casually touched the shoulder, showed consideration for the other person, or a heartfelt desire to cherish them.

“okay. How long is it?”

I pretended to know the person I saw for the first time in my life.

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