I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 147

◈ Episode 147 Festival Opening (1)

“Wow. How amazing.”

Line exclaimed as she looked at the banners installed all over the place.

It was a natural reaction to Line, who had never experienced a single festival in her life, since the first festival she encountered was the magic festival of Seorn, which had a great reputation on the continent.

Erendir lightly smiled at his junior’s pure appearance.

“Is this your first time at a magic festival, Rinne?”

“yes. Actually, the festival itself is the first.”

“Then you should definitely enjoy this opportunity. As it is the first time, we should make good memories.”

Erendir made up his mind that he would properly guide him during this festival, even for his friends.

I thought to show the dignity of a senior as much as possible at the opportunity that I got a long time ago.

‘Anyway, Line’s junior is busy from tomorrow. Of course, neither do I.’

Seorn’s festival, which lasts for a total of 5 days, is one of the largest in the empire and attracts many guests.

The first day is relaxed, but tomorrow it will probably be more crowded with visits from nobles.

And when such people gather, outside social gatherings are bound to be held.

As a princess, she is forced to attend. It was clear that she would not be able to enjoy the festival even if she wanted to enjoy it with Line.

So, for today, I thought I would properly escort my juniors so that they could fully enjoy the festival.

“ah! See you over there!”

At the place where Liné pointed her finger, there was a trial hall where you could try on Seorn’s uniform.

It was a place where people who were old enough to attend the academy could immerse themselves in old memories.

The children who had not yet entered school were laughing brightly, wearing uniforms that fit their bodies.

Surprisingly, there were many other things.

“senior. Where are you?”

“Alchemy laboratory. It seems that the alchemy club boasted that they would definitely turn copper into gold this year.”

“uh? Is that possible?”

“No way.”

Maybe it would be better if the test tube didn’t explode.

“oh! What about there, senior?”

This time, the place Line pointed to was a wide open area adjacent to the forest.

A wooden fence had been set up there, and there were many people inside.

And even the spirits who play with such people.

“ah. It’s a spirit ranch.”

“The ranch, huh?”

“It’s a ranch in name only, and it’s actually a spirit experience center. A place where you can communicate with the spirits called by the spiritists. The little spirits look cute and are popular with children and women.”

“I see.”

In addition to that, Line asked Erendir about all sorts of strange things.

Erendir had been through the catalog of the festival in case he ever made such a close friend, so he answered without hesitation.

“senior! What are you doing over there? It looks very eerie.”

“ah. That is the House of Necromancer.”

“The House of Necromancer? That necromancy?”

“that’s right. Necromancer, one of the summoning specialties. It is a study that talks with spirits and borrows their power, and during festivals, it surprises people by calling spirits with the power of necromancy.”

“Uh, is that okay?”

“Most of the souls who responded to necromancy came because they liked that they had fun too.”

oh my god. A haunted house run by real souls.

Of course, even if it was a soul, it would be more like a fragmentary thought rather than an actual dead person, but it was still a miracle.

“oh! senior! There are people dressed as zombies passing by! You’re also an employee of the House of Necromancy, aren’t you?”

“no. That’s a graduate student.”

“yes? Wasn’t Seorn all of the 5th grade?”

“Did you not know? Seorn has a graduate student system. It is a system to stay here after graduation, work with professors, write papers, and explore magic.”

In fact, the horse is exploring magic, it is more like being a slave to Labsil and being eaten endlessly without sleep.

Even now, graduate students moving like zombies, making noises, couldn’t enjoy the festival and were on their way to the research building.

There was even a phenomenon where people frightened by the gloomy aura opened their way on their own.

At this point, I wondered if the lab room the graduate students were heading to was more terrifying than the house of necromancy.

“oh my god. How did you graduate and still be able to attend the academy? That is strange.”

“Rine. Don’t say too much to graduate students. They just made the wrong choice.”

Everyone has a dream in their heart to leave a lasting name in the academic society with a magic paper.

Until he became a slave to the lab room.

That is the fate of graduate students.

Except for the geniuses who are likely to be born one or two in a century, the rest are deceived by such wicked professors and live in pain.

The end of those who did not see reality was always the same.

“… … I will never be a graduate student.”

“So do i.”

The two gave a light nod to the group of zombies that were moving away.

It seems that this is all they can do.

Thanks to their choice, later generations realized how dangerous graduate students were and avoided that path. How could this not be a noble sacrifice?

Their choice is the courage to be respected by their juniors, even if it will cause them to suffer right away.

Then, the eyes of the two caught a noticeable person.

“uh. This is Mr. Rudger.”

Rudgar could be seen patrolling through the crowd.

With the familiar pink hair.

* * *

Rudger, who was patrolling, turned his head at the sound of chatter coming from the side.

The teacher, whose head barely reached his shoulders, was looking around excitedly.

“Miss Rudger. did you see that? It’s a shop that sells love potions! Absolutely amazing!”

Selina raised her finger in an excited tone and pointed to one of the stores.

The teachers were supposed to be patrolling in pairs during the festival, but today, the first day, Selina has been paired up with Rudger.


Rudger agreed with Selina’s words in a low-pitched voice.

Whatever the case may be, since we had to go on patrol together for the day, we couldn’t just keep our mouths shut.

Of course, Ludger’s heart was thinking about what to do with Esmeralda, even though he answered that with his mouth.

I knew it was moving on the last day of the festival, so I had to plan it somehow.

‘First of all, since it’s the First Order, you pretend to be a colleague and approach and end it with a surprise attack? no. In that situation, if I intervene, I might be more vigilant. Then, what if rumors spread on the contrary?’

All kinds of methods bubbled up and disappeared in my head repeatedly.

But none of them really hit me.

“Mr. Rudger?”

“… … .”

“Miss Rudger!”

“… … hmm?”

Rudger then realized that Selina had called him.

To be immersed in deep thoughts without even realizing it.

Ludger turned his head at Selina’s call, and something poked him in the cheek.

It was Selina’s outstretched finger.

“What were you thinking that you didn’t answer when I called you?”

“sorry. I’ve been thinking a lot lately, so I’m lost in thought without even realizing it.”

“Are you worried? What is it? I will listen to you if I can.”

Selina smiles like a bright flower in full bloom in spring.

Rudger replied in a timid tone.

“… … Just start with your fingers.”

“oh! Sin, I’m sorry.”

Selina blushed and hurriedly removed her fingers.

It was belatedly that he became ashamed of his actions because he wanted to become a little closer.

“I-I was a bit too rude, wasn’t it?”

“no. it’s okay. Rather, it was my fault for not focusing properly.”

“Then I’m glad. Rather than that, what is the worry?”

‘I was thinking about how to kill the executive of a secret society hiding in the academy,’ he couldn’t say even though his mouth was torn.

While thinking of an excuse, Selina struck first.

“ah. I think you know what! is that it? Dalian match tomorrow!”

“… … That’s right.”

I was just grateful that the other side took care of it and misunderstood it.

Come to think of it, there was an event like that tomorrow.

I had a lot to think about recently because of Esmeralda, but I forgot about it for a moment.

“It sure seems like a lot of trouble. It’s an event that even outside guests come to visit.”

“Isn’t Selina-sensei going to Dalian too? I remember most of her new teachers leaving.”

“Oh, I am not. Originally, I also wanted to go out, but other seniors stopped me.”

Selina grumbled slightly, perhaps angry at being treated like a child.

Rudger seemed to know why the other teachers held her back.

Since she seems far from fighting, she must have judged that there was no need to get involved in a dispute over interests like that.

Seeing that it didn’t work out even though she expressed that she wanted to leave, it must have been that an animology teacher from at least 4th grade stepped forward and removed her name.

‘Is it Vierano Dentis?’

The elf teacher, who was small enough to mistake him for a boy, might have helped.

Did he think that if he went out anyway, he would end up in a bad situation?

Considering Selina’s personality, it’s not that she can’t understand someone helping her.

In fact, other contestants also say that they are holding back because fellow teachers are dangerous.

‘But why am I not stopping anyone?’

Rudgar felt something disappointing.

Come to think of it, he had no co-workers or seniors to worry about. So did his students.

‘Am I not worried?’

I’m a bit sad.

no. there was no Right in front of my eyes, there was someone looking at me with a worried gaze.

“Mr. Rudger, are you all right? No matter how sparring it is, you can get hurt.”

“It won’t be a big deal.”

okay. If it’s necessary, just look at the atmosphere and surrender lightly.

It doesn’t give anything for winning there anyway, and there’s no need to strain.

“Then shall we start patrolling again?”

“Have we been patrolling all this time?”

It seems like he was just busy looking around, let alone patrol.

At Ludger’s point, Selina avoided his gaze and smiled awkwardly.

Rudger shrugged his shoulders, saying he couldn’t help it.

“Since we don’t know where an incident will break out, it’s our role to look carefully and closely. Just like it always has been.”

“yes yes! that’s right! Just like it has always been!”

The two of them started moving again.

All sorts of banners were installed in Seorn’s vast premises, and all were enough to catch people’s attention.

In addition, there was a restaurant on the street, and the cafe on the premises was also open to the outside terrace to welcome guests.

The sound of touts resounding here and there added to the liveliness of the festival.

‘Surprisingly, this part is similar to other festivals on Earth.’

Ludgar recalled the memories of his previous life while watching Ceorn’s festival.

There was also a time when he was in college, and he had attended a festival held there.

Of course, compared to Seorn, Earth Festival lacked many aspects.

In fact, it was all about drinking together with people at a street bar and inviting celebrities to perform on stage.

In the case of Seorn, the students made use of the magic major they had learned and had various fun experiences.

Even so, it could not be denied that there are cultural similarities with Earth.

‘For example, something like shooting dolls over there.’

Just then, I saw someone aiming a shotgun at the stall of the doll shooting range.

Of course, it is not a real shotgun, but a modified and safe model gun.

‘But isn’t it a bit different to call it a model gun? It’s not an imitation of a gun, it’s a modification of a real gun.’

As I was looking around with that thought in mind, I noticed a man aiming a shotgun with his upper body lowered at a stall.


A familiar student look. He was Aidan, one of the students in his class.


With the sound of air bursting, Aidan fired his shotgun, but failed to hit the target.

“what a waste!”

“Isn’t it too much of a waste to miss the target?”

Should I say yes? Leo and Tacey were by Aidan’s side.

Surprisingly, Iona Ovalley is also included in that gathering. It was an unusual combination.

“I thought it would be easy, but it turned out to be rather difficult.”

Aidan, scratching his head and laughing, found Ludger staring at him and immediately lowered his head.

“oh! hello. teacher!”

When Aidan greeted them, Tacey, Leo, and Iona, who belatedly discovered Rudger, also greeted Rudger and Selina.

“Are the teachers on patrol right now?”


Normal students wouldn’t even think of approaching Rudger, but Aidan didn’t.

Are you ignorant or are you brave? Leo and Tacy, who were watching from behind, were rather nervous.

Rudger nodded and glanced sideways at the shooting range.

“Is it a shooting experience site?”

“yes. Would you like to try it too?”

Teishi and Leo’s expressions turned pale at Aidan’s bright question.

What are you doing to the patrolling teacher now!

The two of them glared at the back of Aidan’s head with intense gazes.

Only Iona was calmly standing still. No, she wasn’t standing still, she was munching on food from the food stall.

“ruler! Here you go!”

When Aidan handed him the shotgun, Ludgar took it without hesitation.

While I was scrutinizing the gun with my eyes, the owner of the shooting experience center appeared.

He was a middle-aged man with ragged muscles full of small scars, but he looked like a retired soldier.

“ha ha ha! Are you a new challenger?”

“no. I am… … .”

“By the way, brother, do you know how to shoot a gun? He’s never seen anyone in a proper shooting position, let alone shoot. Sorcerers are so weak that they can’t even hold a gun properly.”

“So I… … .”

“mister. Cancel that statement! No matter how you look like this, Mr. Rudger is from a military background!”

“I am… … .”

“her! Who is this corrupt-looking man? What if you are a soldier? You have to have muscles like this!”

The owner shows off his biceps by showing off his biceps.

Seeing the main character and Aidan glaring at each other intensely, Ludger, caught in the middle, sighed.

The moment he returned the gun and was about to step back, Ludger couldn’t help but flinch at the intense gaze flying from Selina.

Selina’s eyes were staring at me with anticipation, asking, ‘Are you going to do it?’

It’s not just Selina. Aidan is also Aidan, but his friends, Teishi, Leo, and Iona, were all looking forward to Ludger.

I’ll turn

Rudger tried to refuse, but eventually gave up.

“Let’s try.”

“haha! Still, it seems that you have pride in being a teacher! Do whatever you want.”

It was the reaction of the owner, of course, that he had no expectations.

“I will tell you, if you know how to hold a gun properly… … .”


A rubber bullet fired at terrifying speed ruptured a small balloon.

“The feeling of grip is not bad.”

Rudger, holding the shotgun in his right hand and his left hand behind his back, muttered while looking at the condition of the gun.

It was a dry voice, devoid of any inspiration.

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