I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 142

◈ Episode 142 Festival Preparation (1)

Memory exists in Mana.

This is a topic that has recently emerged, and it was enough to rekindle the interest of wizards and scholars about the unknown power of mana.

A phenomenon in which those memories collide and feel like a dream as if you experienced someone else’s past yourself.

It was called memory storming.

Wizards studied the phenomenon of memory storming and thought about how to utilize this phenomenon.

In the end, one thing was completed, and this was the only Talisman that Marie Roth showed.

“Miss Marie. Isn’t it dangerous or something?”

The idea of ​​being able to read memories sounds interesting at first glance, but the side effects inherent in it also seemed formidable.

“In fact, it is said that memory storming can be poisonous in severe cases. Memories can be overly confused, causing cracks in the ego.”

It wasn’t that there were no victims involved.

There were very few cases, but there were cases where memory storming caused confusion by mistaking them for being magicians who delivered magical powers.

Side effects in this mental part had a chronic problem that it was difficult to treat even with divine magic.

“However, that was an accident that occurred while trying to deliver magical energy in a hurry without following the safety rules. And even in such cases, the side effects are extremely minor, with only one out of 100.”

“But there aren’t any?”

“Yes. However, this Talisman, which came out as a prototype this time, is a product that you do not have to worry about such side effects. Because it is a consumable artifact, its power is weak, but its stability is just as high.”

At the word that the stability is high, the students who were a little skeptical showed curiosity.

If Marie-sensei said so directly, it would be safe to say that there was no danger of an unlikely event.

All of the students raised their hands saying they wanted to try using Talisman.

Rather, to the extent that Teacher Marie, who brought up the word with such an active response, was embarrassed.

“oh. There are so many students who want to do it. First of all, I didn’t know, so I brought it according to the number.”

The number of students listening to Marie Ross’s lectures is also quite large, reaching 80, the maximum number of lectures.

It was also a factor that it was a structure where it was difficult to tie even a single seat because it was a joint subject up to the first and second grades.

Marie Ross herself was aware of that, so she brought 40 Talismans.

“There is one thing to note, though. Use this in a group of 2 people. Simply infusing one’s own mana doesn’t mean that memory storming will occur. There must be an opponent. Above all, the thing to be careful of is that you can show the past that you don’t want to show to others.”

At that, the students looked into each other’s eyes.

Inside, I want to try it like a chimney, but the fact that it is a two-person team is what bothers me.

Maybe someone else will know your secret.

The possibility of getting only that kind of thing out of countless memories is small, but it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t happen completely.

“hey. What do you want to do?”

“Shall we try? I’m curious.”

“Ugh. who sees my memories A bit like that.”

“How are you? It’s nothing.”

People who care about privacy are very reluctant to use talisman.

No matter how close you use it, there are always secrets you don’t want to find out.

Especially in the case of heterosexual couples.

“Who wants to receive and use it?”

When Miss Marie Ross asked to confirm, the number of students who raised their hands significantly decreased compared to just a moment ago.

Still, there were many students who showed interest enough to fill more than half of the classmates.

“Rine. Let’s try it too.”

“yes? Are you all right?”

Line asked, perplexed by Erendir’s proposal.

I never thought that she, as the princess, would make such a proposal first.

“Don’t you want to be honest?”

Erendir said as if coaxing Line. To be honest, I wanted to try Erendir.

The part about sharing memories among friends was a word that stimulated romance for Erendir.

‘To be able to share memories with friends!’

Erendir, who had never made friends, was quite obsessed with this.

Like wonderful memories with friends or unforgettable memories.

In fact, isn’t it a phrase that often appears in novels?

Of course, sharing memories through memory storming is very different from sharing real memories, but Erendir, who had no friends, decided that it was the same.

“If you look at me, there won’t be anything special. Rather, would you be okay?”

Line was worried about Erendir.

She herself is an insignificant commoner, but isn’t she the princess of an empire?

Sitting next to each other and having a conversation like this was a difference in social status that would not have been allowed if it hadn’t been for Seorn.

He didn’t have much objection to revealing the past of this side, but wouldn’t it be a pretty big disrespect for a commoner himself to peep into the memories of the princess?

Line thought he was ignorant of the world, but he could be sure that this was not the case.

“How are you? I don’t really care either. I don’t have much to show you anyway.”

Erendir didn’t think much of it.

She would have hesitated if she hadn’t found out about her relationship with her sister, but since Freuden’s tasteful man had already been exposed by Line, there was nothing more to hide.

This was actually the 3rd princess who was pushed out of the fight for position, so she didn’t know as much important information as others thought.

“Uh, um.”

After Erendir himself said this, Riné didn’t try to break her stubbornness anymore. Actually, I was also curious about this memory storming.

“is it so. Let’s do it, then.”


Erendir went straight to the podium and received a talisman from Miss Marie Ross.

Marie Ross showed a rather unexpected appearance, perhaps not knowing that the third princess, Erendir, would come forward, but soon nodded with a gentle eye smile.

“ruler. Let’s try.”

Some students were already using Talisman.

Suppressing his pounding heart, Erendir held one end of the talisman in his hand and held it out to Linen.

Line grabbed the other end.

The method of using Talisman was simple.

The two parties each hold one end and inject magic power into it.


Both ends of the pure white talisman were gradually dyed a different color under the influence of magical power.

The side held by Line was dark gray, while the side held by Erendir was brilliant gold.

The gradually spreading color met at the center of Talisman and began to mix with the shapes drawn on it.

Line and Erendir, who had their eyes closed, trembled at the same time.

A huge current hit my mind.

The flow was very large and strong, like a river flooding after a heavy rain.

‘This, this… … .’

Line stared at the scene in the midst of a huge torrent that was difficult to distinguish even an inch ahead.

It was an overwhelming sight to see for the first time, but I instinctively realized what it was.

That gigantic torrent was the passage of time and the memory of people.

‘Is this the memory storming phenomenon?’

In the midst of the raging flow, several scenes quickly passed by like a panorama.

The sight of them coming into the lecture room a moment ago flashed into my mind like a flickering light bulb.

‘Can I see a more distant past if I go back to this flow?’

Line moved his steps as if going against a huge flow. I felt quite a bit of pressure, but it wasn’t so much that I couldn’t stand it.

How long did it take to go against the flow?

‘Something seems to be getting harder and harder.’

The more I went against the flow, the stronger the pressure on my body.

It was this much even after protecting it with magical powers.

In the end, the moment she gave up moving and released her magic, a scene unfolded in front of Line’s eyes.


Erendir, now a sophomore, was a freshman who had just entered Seorn.

The appearance was not much different from now, but the atmosphere itself seemed much fresher than when I first saw her at the beginning of the semester.

The scene came to me vividly, as if I was experiencing it myself.

‘This is my senior’s memory.’

While amazed at the mysterious phenomenon called memory storming, I suddenly became curious about what kind of school days Erendir had been in when he was a freshman.

Line, who was watching the scene with a little pounding heart.

Before long, without realizing it, he made a confused expression.

* * *

Flora was troubled as she looked at the Talisman in her hand.

If this piece of paper contains only the other person’s magical power, you can read the memory by sharing the magical power of this side?

It was a very interesting story.

‘It’s just that it’s a waste to write now.’


Flora looked nonchalantly at Cheryl, who was sitting next to her.

Cheryl, who met that gaze, flinched like a frightened rabbit.

“Hey, Flora. Aren’t you going to use that?”

“why? no?”

“uh? Oh no. Rather than hate it… … Should I say that my heart is not ready?”

Cheryl’s reaction was surprising. If it was her usual girl, she would have said that it was rather good and rushed to try it.

She’s trying hard to pretend otherwise, but Cheryl is extremely reluctant to do a memory storm right now.

Do you have a past that you want to hide from yourself?

‘No way. How long have I known Cheryl?’

Flora glanced around the classroom.

Some students did memory storming, but some didn’t.

“Well, if you don’t want to write, don’t.”

Flora carefully put the talisman she was holding in her hand into her pocket.

No one noticed her actions.

It was because the memory storming ended just in time in the classroom.

The students who peeked into each other’s memories laughed as if they saw something interesting, or reacted indifferently as if there was nothing special.

“Hey hey! flirt! He said he only loved me! Now I know why you didn’t want to use this!”

“Ji, calm down! Keck!”

Occasionally, there were rare funny situations.

Seeing the woman, presumably a couple, shake the man by the collar, Miss Marie Ross laughed awkwardly.

It was the moment when a couple disappeared from Seorn Academy.

Line and Erendir also opened their closed eyes after memory storming.

“that’s interesting. To see the memory inherent in magic in this way. That’s what memory storming is all about. It seems like I’ve seen something for a very long time, but in reality not much time has passed. So, how was Lyne’s junior? Did something go wrong?”

“Uh, me?”

Line was at a loss as she didn’t know how to answer Erendir’s question.

Erendir seemed to have judged that he had no more ugliness to show, but well.

Rene pondered whether to say this or not, before carefully opening her mouth.

“that… … senior. You know.”

“huh? why?”

“I don’t think it’s a bit far-fetched to send out birthday invitations to students you aren’t close with, even on their birthdays.”

“ah… … .”

At Line’s words, Erendir recalled the dark history of the past that he had forgotten about.

The useless days when I tried to make friends in Seorn with dreams and hopes.

Now, whenever she sleeps, her past comes to mind intermittently and makes her kick the futon.

Rene saw the past when she was in first grade.

The birthday party incident that I wanted to forget the most and almost forgot.

“That, that’s that… … .”

“… … I understand seniors.”


Erendir closed his eyes tightly.

It hurt more to see Rinne showing sincere sympathy to him than to have his past exposed.

“More than that, what kind of past did you see? I’m very curious too. Did you see a year ago, too?”

To change the subject, Line threw a question from this side.

In fact, he said this, but Line didn’t really care about his past. Because she didn’t have anything special.

Her judgment was that Erendir, at best, would have seen the past like herself a year ago.

The days when I was just studying in my room all day long.

“I saw a little more distant past.”

However, contrary to Line’s thoughts, what Erendir saw was completely unexpected.

“The distant past? Was this something you could see far away?”

“I don’t know how dusty it is. But what I saw was a little strange.”


“What I saw was your childhood. A time when I looked at least 10 years younger than I do now.”

Erendir, who had been saying that, now that he thought about it, realized that something was wrong and put his hand on his forehead.

“But something is strange. Isn’t this usually seen from the point of view of the person in memory? But I saw your childhood through someone else’s eyes.”

“Anyone else? Who are you?”

“Maybe it was your mother.”

The scenery Erendir saw was not from Line’s point of view, but from her mother’s point of view.

The memory of holding Line in his arms when he was a small child who was not yet 10 years old still vividly felt in Erendir.

“A hut on a meadow where no one lived. You lived there alone with your mother? Linen felt loved by her mother.”

“senior. What do you mean by that?”

Upon hearing that, Erendir responded with a puzzled reaction.

“I grew up without parents?”

* * *

After finishing the second test, I immediately returned to the teacher’s office and started cleaning up the exam.

I didn’t have much to worry about because I finished the exam on the spot anyway.

‘Am I going to start preparing for the festival in earnest now?’

Speaking of festivals, it reminds me of my past life.

In fact, I lived a life unrelated to the festival. The only thing I remember was a college festival, but there it was all about singing famous singers and opening a bar and drinking.

But since it’s Seorn, it’s going to be a lot different when it comes to festivals.

As I was thinking about that, Sedina handed me a piece of paper saying that it was an official document that had just come down.

“What is this?”

“This is the schedule for the magic festival.”

“Didn’t you get the schedule already?”

“Well, it seems that there were some changes as it opened earlier this time. That’s why they said they’re announcing the newly added schedule.”

Add a new schedule

‘I don’t think there’s anything strange about it.’

Well, since the festival, which would have been held at the end of the first semester, was brought forward earlier, my general opinion is that it is natural.

While reading the official document with such light thoughts, I narrowed my eyes at the contents.

“In the magic festival event match, there is magic sparring between teachers?”

Moreover, the person who was said to be the proponent was Hugo Burtegg.

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