I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 141

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◈ Episode 141 2nd test (3)

Line is now in a rather embarrassing situation.

It was because while I was heading to the classroom to prepare for the next exam, I ran into a familiar person at the entrance of the classroom.

On the one hand is Flora Lumos, a cold-looking beauty with sharp eyes.

On the other side, Cheryl Wagner, who seems to have no worries in the world, the complete opposite of Flora.

He was a year older than her, and he was also a person who took teacher Ludger’s class with him.

Normally, he would have skipped over it without paying attention, but Line couldn’t do that.

If there was a reason, it was because of Flora.

‘uh… … What did I do wrong?’

Flora Lumos, who usually has nothing to do with her, for some reason, is glaring at her with the childlike gaze of an enemy.

What is the reason for her change of heart after responding with indifference until now?

Line thought about whether he had done anything disrespectful to her.

Sensitive to the animosity of others, Line never felt any trace of emotion from Flora before.

The current situation was truly out of the blue for Line.

‘It’s not completely hostile, but it seems that something is uncomfortable with this side.’

It was difficult for Rene to guess the reason. Could it be because of the second test? Did you get the same A+?

It was a highly probable guess. In fact, nothing else came to mind.

‘What should I do?’

Rinne was worried.

Flora Lumos, glancing over this way with half-open eyes, looked more demanding than anyone she had ever encountered.

I don’t feel like I’m hostile to this side, but I’m showing off that I don’t like it.

If I open my mouth hastily here, I might seriously offend her.

When Line, who had judged that, was agonizing without being able to do this or that, Erendir, who was next to her, stepped forward.

“What business do you have with us? Lady Lumos?”

“… … .”

Flora’s gaze turned to Erendir.

Linen’s sharp eyes turned a little softer to Erendir.

To be precise, with complex emotions filled with frustration and pity.

Flora sympathized with Erendir who was with Line.

‘Three princesses. After living in her sister’s shadow all her life, the person she barely became close to was such a child.’

But I didn’t think to bring it out of my mouth.

It was nothing else, because Flora herself was not in a position to sympathize with the third princess.

“Me, Flora?”

Cheryl, who was watching from the side, called her cautiously.

Flora did not answer and entered the classroom through the open door.

“Ah, ahaha. sorry. Flora must be in a bit of a low mood today.”

Cheryl smiled awkwardly, apologized to Erendir and Line, and immediately followed Flora to the classroom as if running away.

Erendir glared at the backs of the two with a disapproving look.

“What are you talking about? Isn’t it suddenly blocking the road? I asked, but he just walked away without answering.”

“Iknow, right.”

As for Line, she could only smile awkwardly and agree with Erendir’s words.

Cheryl, who had followed Flora as she sat in an empty seat in the lecture hall, asked her questioningly.

“Flora. Why are you like that? It’s not like you.”

“What is not like me?”

“You usually don’t even pay attention to other students. Did you care about that kid named Grine?”

“… … .”

Even if it is not here, Cheryl will persistently hold on to this part and stretch.

Having known Cheryl since childhood, Flora knew her character better than anyone else.

In this case, there was a way.

“More than that, Cheryl, did you properly prepare for this exam?”

“Uh, huh?”

Cheryl’s face turns to bewilderment at the sudden question.

She likes to play and picks up gossip. To be honest, she was very far from studying.

It’s not like he was just wasting tuition, but it was an undeniable fact that his words and actions were light compared to other students.

“You know it’s Ms. Marie Ross who is in charge of this test, right?”

“Why is that story suddenly appearing?”

Mary Ross, the longest-serving teacher in Ceoryn, was popular because of her soft personality and gentleness that cared well for her students.

What I am teaching is <curse and curse> series of pharmaceuticals.

But it’s not just about teaching medicine. Even various fields related to pharmaceuticals were within the scope of her classes.

Miss Marie Roth was too soft for the students, so no matter how bad the test was, she gave her at least a C+.

So, Miss Marie’s lecture was famous for her honey class, so competition among students was very fierce.

Because it was one of the few lectures where I could get grades stably.

“just. Didn’t Ms. Marie say this year that if she didn’t take the test seriously, instead of giving her a lower grade, she would be forced to transfer her to another class?”

There were not a few students who were aiming for Mari Ross’ goodness and deliberately skipping exams to get good grades.

So, Marie Roth took special measures for that part.

It was decided to forcibly transfer students who did not take the exam seriously to another teacher’s class.

It would be impossible for the teacher to change the course once decided, but it was possible enough for Marie Ross, the eldest in Seorn.

“Are you really going to be okay?”



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Cheryl broke into a cold sweat at Flora’s point.

“Uh, what? Flora.”

“What? Why are you asking me that?”

“Flora~. please help me huh? please.”

“ah. stay away What are you doing grossly?”

“But Flora, if I go on like this, I won’t be able to get good grades. huh? you are our friend Please give me one chance.”

In the end, Cheryl’s option was to cling to Flora.

Flora decided that this was enough to distract her childhood friend, and handed her the notebook she had brought with her.

“Come on, take it. I’ve only summarized the main points, so even if you cram in only the things you’ll remember right away, you won’t get a failing grade.”

“thank you! I love you Flora!”

Flora, who was looking at Cheryl, who immediately started cramming, noticed Linen sitting on one side of the classroom.

Her hair color is rare for a commoner, but her face is certainly pretty.

Maybe if that kid was a noble, he wouldn’t have received a lot of courtship from other students.

Just in time, Rine looked back at Flora as if she felt her gaze.

The eyes of the two met in midair.

Flora immediately turned her head. It was because he was ashamed of himself for brawling with that child.

‘done. Why am I worrying about a commoner like this?’

Flora, who rested her elbow on the desk and rested her chin on her arm, suddenly muttered something to herself.

“What food is good for people who are not feeling well?”

“huh? Flora. Where are you feeling unwell?”

Cheryl, who had been burying her nose in her notebook, suddenly raised her head.

Seeing the extraordinaryness of her friend who listened to such words like a ghost while concentrating on cramming, Flora responded nonchalantly.

“Just curious. Is there any medicine you would recommend?”


Cheryl glanced at Flora.

suspicious very suspicious That Flora Lumos, who doesn’t care about others, thinks about what’s good for the body?

However, it would be considerate as a friend to go over this without pointing it out.

“Wouldn’t there be something? If you listen to the talk in the social world these days, I heard that there are many medicines taken by nobles in their 40s and 50s. Is it powdered medicine made by grinding dried mandragora?”

Mandragora, considered an A-class ingredient in pharmaceuticals, was a rare ingredient that was difficult to obtain with modest money.

The reason Cheryl deliberately brought out nonsensical ingredients was half a joke.

“As expected, Mandragora is the best… … .”


I thought it was just a casual question, but Cheryl, who didn’t know that such a serious answer would come back, couldn’t hide her embarrassment.

But then Cheryl smiled like a mischievous cat.

“Hehe. Does anyone in the world care about that Flora? who is this? that person?”

“What, what?! It’s not like that!”

Flora’s white skin was stained red.

Cheryl’s suspicions were confirmed by her unusually violent reaction.

“No~. How long have I known you? My eyes can’t lie! It definitely stinks.”

“Aren’t you quiet? There are less than 5 minutes until the test, is that okay?”


Belatedly aware of her situation, Cheryl urgently checked her keynotes.

Cheryl, who was in tears, asked Flora for help with a pitiful gaze.

“Ph, Flora. What was the scope of this test?”

“From making beginner-level recovery potions to precautions for transmitting magical power.”

“Hey. There are too many.”

“You shouldn’t have done that normally.”

“Flora studied similarly to me, so why only me!”

“… … Do you get angry when I say it’s because I’m a genius? Do you think I wouldn’t know that you always went out to play on holidays without studying?”


As if to pass a final sentence on Cheryl, who was screaming in agony, the door to the classroom opened and the test manager, Miss Marie Ross, entered.

Marie-sensei has her usual gentle elegance, but she also has a smile mixed with irresistible charisma.

“Did everyone prepare well for the exam?”

Cheryl’s complexion turned white.

* * *

Miss Mary Ross’s exam is over.

The teaching assistants came forward and collected the test papers, and the students stretched out with joy that today’s test was finally over.

Cheryl, who burned everything, was the only one who was dead with her head on the desk.

“Ugh. I managed to solve it somehow.”

It wasn’t dead, it was a half-dead voice.

“Ho Ho. Everyone had a hard time taking the test.”

As Marie Ross spoke in a gentle voice, the relaxed students focused on her words one by one.

No students left their seats even after the exam was over.

“Cheryl. wake up. It’s tip time.”

“Oh right!”

Sheryl, who had become one with the desk, suddenly lifted her head, straightened her back, and went into listening mode.

Normally, students would have to run out of the classroom right after the exam, but that was not the case today.

There is only one reason to remain in the classroom and look forward to Miss Marie Ross.

It was because of the special time that could only be heard in Miss Marie Ross’s class.

There is a famous story among students in Seorn.

Miss Marie Roth told the students in her class that she had a lot of trouble taking the test, and that she would tell stories that she hadn’t told in class.

This is the ‘tip time’ that Flora alluded to Cheryl, and this tip time is both fun and very useful, so popular among the students that it skyrocketed.

It was not just a simple tip, but information that could become a syndrome in the magic world, so the students could roll their eyes.

“As you all know from taking the test today, I have an additional supplementary explanation regarding the precautions for transmitting magical power.”

The students listened intently.

Some had even finished preparing for writing.

“Magic transfer is basically between wizards. It can also turn into a very big danger if the transmitter is inexperienced in mana control.”

These days, mana recovery potions are used, but if it is not possible, it is not uncommon to deliver mana as an emergency treatment to a mana depleted patient.

Realistically, you can save money on medicines with the hassle and little risk.

“But you know what? That a mysterious phenomenon occurs when such magical energy is transmitted, or when each other’s magical energy collides and mixes.”

“teacher. What is that mysterious phenomenon?”

“That’s right, you can read memories.”

You can read memories while sharing magic power?

Unlike the students who were perplexed, some who had knowledge in this way responded that they had heard of it somewhere.

“This is called Memory Storming, and it is actually a phenomenon registered in the Mage Tower thesis.”

“Oh no way. Aren’t you lying?”

“I don’t think so. I think I’ve heard of that.”

Marie Ross smiled gently, as if the reaction of the buzzing students was cute.

“You know? That Mana has memories. Mana is said to contain many things we do not know. In particular, the mana inherent in the wizard’s body contains more memories the longer it is attached to that wizard.”

“teacher. How does Mana keep her memories?”

At the student’s question, Marie Ross shook her head.

“Unfortunately, that has not yet been revealed. This is because there is a lack of research, and it has not been long since the paper was published.”

“Ah what is it?”

“Mana is still an unknown power, and it is the role of wizards to explore it. But recently, a research result came out at the New Mage Tower, and although we don’t know the cause of this memory storming phenomenon, they said that it can be used.”

He said it lightly, as if passing by, but the weight did not.

mage tower. To say that the research results from the New Magic Tower, which branched off from the Old Magic Tower, were said so simply.

This is why Marie Ross’s tip time is famous among students.

‘As expected, she’s the teacher Marie who has worked the longest in Seorn.’

‘Perhaps there are a lot of students from the New Mage Tower among the students you taught?’

‘Even after graduation, he stays in touch with his students.’

The students were excited about the news that was not yet known.

“There are only Talismans that can actually implement this memory storming phenomenon, even a little bit. An old student of mine sent it as a gift saying it was a success.”

Marie Ross took out several sheets of white amulet-like paper.

That thing with geometric patterns drawn on it must be Talisman, a medium that can cause memory storming.

“It’s a prototype, so the effect isn’t that great, so there’s no risk. Anyone want to try it?”

Are you saying that if you use only that talisman, you can read the memories contained in magic?

When the students puzzled over it, Flora Lumos was the only one whose eyes lit up.

‘that… … Can I use it for someone else?’

Her clever brain was already thinking of another way.

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