I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 14

◈ Episode 14 Source Code (1)

At my words, the students catch their breath.

Because someone doesn’t know what the source code is.

Because someone else was shocked by the appearance of a new magic.


someone else

However, I know that the object they are looking at is the same, and all those emotions are not hostile.

‘but. It must be a real surprise to them.’

No matter how advanced science is, this world is about the 19th century in terms of Earth.

Because magic, not science, was the main focus, it made a much more rapid development than the history I originally thought.

Still, living in the 21st century, there was no choice but to lack a lot.

In particular, the absence of a computer system using a computer was just like that.

‘Source code is a kind of blueprint that outputs a predetermined result immediately by entering input values. I made it by incorporating magic into it.’

Of course, I didn’t do this by myself.

To be precise, I came up with the idea, but the actual composition and completion were only possible thanks to the help of my master who taught me magic.

Still, since I have a stake in what I made, there should be no problem teaching students.

Considering Master’s personality, he’s not the kind of person who would say anything about something like this. Rather, the problem was what I would face once I encountered it.

Back to the point.

This source code technique is a method close to a kind of trick based on the memories of living on Earth.

It would be unbelievable to students who know algorithms but don’t know about computer hardware, software, programs, input and output, and codes.

Above all, the level of wizards was stagnant due to excessive selection and self-confidence, and at the same time, the trend of ridiculing science was widespread.

There is no way they can easily accept the method that emphasizes scientific feeling.

Foaming at the mouth, ‘This is not magic!’ I will shout

Compared to those guys, I still have a free way of thinking.

‘Of course, it’s been a long time since I came up with an idea.’

In order to operate the software called source code, the main body called hardware, programs, and data are required.

Here, hardware means a wand capable of performing magic, or the wizard itself.

A program is a concocted magic formula, and data is the magical power to realize it.

In the end, the source code I used is through biological hardware called human beings.

It consumes data called horsepower

According to the program called the sorcery

It is magic that contains the process of manifesting software called magic all at once.

With this source code, complex magic formulas can be output with just a little bit of mana.

To put it simply, while others carefully draw each stroke of a spell to implement magic, I just stamp it like a stamp.

It is easy to think of the speed difference between handwriting and printing.

No matter how fast a mortal man is, there is no way he can keep up with the speed of a person who prints with metal printing.

Even people make mistakes when they are impatient.

If the spell is out of order, or if the end treatment is wrong, or if the flow of magical power is tangled or out of order.

Of course, magic loses its mysterious power and cannot be used.

Or, there are cases where mana flows backwards and life is in danger.

However, the programmed source code does not even exist.

In any situation, it only puts out a certain value.

That speed is something no other magician dared to match.

‘Of course, a wizard with a 6th rank or higher would be faster than this.’

Those humans are superhumans with super computers in their heads, so except in the first place.

From the point of view of Seorn Academy students who have not matured yet, this source code must be a great revolution.

‘It’s not without flaws. The only thing that can be used is that 3rd tier magic is the limit. Beyond that, it causes overload due to the volume of magical power. And making this source code itself is complicated and difficult to vomit.’

It is not for nothing that computer programmers go through tests while diversifying all kinds of patterns for debugging.

Because I’ve been thinking about making one of these too.

However, once you make it, you can use it over and over again, which is very convenient.

In particular, for magic below the 3rd level, you don’t have to make and use the cumbersome spells one by one.

After all, this source code is a product of invention made to catch up with those who do not have talent as much as possible.

Even if I go this far, my situation of not being able to become first-class is rather sad.

what to do though

In this academy where only geniuses gather, if you want to do well as a teacher for two years, you have to use this money to teach classes.

Well, if you do this much, won’t it stop making fun of you?

By all means, that’s what it should be.

* * *

All the students shut their mouths at the appearance of the epoch-making magic expression technique called source code.

The silence that settled down throughout the lecture hall was even hot.

In particular, the first graders are literally shooting lasers out of their eyes.

Feeling half duped, I chose Ludger Celisch’s class, and then witnessed something like this.

Some students felt a chill run down their spines.

‘If, at that moment, I couldn’t win and made a different choice.’

‘If I didn’t take this class today.’

Spells for spells.

A new way of magic that transcends common sense.

You cannot witness its appearance with your own eyes, and in addition, you are deprived of the opportunity to learn.

It was such a terrible nightmare that, just by imagining it, the cold chilled to the very marrow of the bones and throbbed in the stomach was imagining it for the students who were about to walk the path of wizards.

… … I’m so glad

All the students gathered here had the same idea.

And I got to see Rudger again.

Obviously, his first impression was very serious, deep, and intense, unlike what I thought.

Even so, the most important thing for a magic academy teacher is magic skills after all.

You won’t earn a student’s respect simply by repeating what others have said.

But now.

All the students who saw the new magic had feelings of awe beyond respect for Ludger.

Above all, Ludger’s behavior is also surprising.

Even though he demonstrated a new method in front of everyone, which can be called the discovery of the century, his expression shows no signs of excitement.

Because of its naturalness, students suddenly come up with this idea.

For this man, even the epoch-making magic of this source code was something that could be performed in front of everyone for granted.


Couldn’t there be another trump card besides this groundbreaking magic?

If that level of invention is such an indifferent reaction, there is no way that there isn’t something else great.

That moment.

A spark sparked in the hearts of the 80 magic academy students in the classroom.

If you learn that magic.

If you change his teachings to your own.

‘I can improve further!’

That strong will is revealed in the eyes, and it shoots toward Ludger in a hot atmosphere.

Rudger responded with half-open eyes, but his back was wet with cold sweat under the clothes he was wearing.

‘Why are your eyes like that?’

For Rudger, who expected only opinions that he was moderately great or like a good teacher, the students’ reactions were beyond his imagination.

His eyes were hotter than lava that just burst through the stratum.

Feeling as if he would burn there, Rudger lashed out even more and kept his poker face.

Once we’ve cracked one of our secret cards, it should be fine for a while.

But I thought I couldn’t keep going with just this forever.

If you don’t want the academy to find out you’re an impostor, if you don’t want the secret society to find out you’re a fake.

We had to prepare for more in the future.

‘Let’s go to the end somewhere.’

to survive.

First of all, what to do with the daughter of the duke who was on the podium.

“Flora Lumos.”


Flora, who was distracted by Ludger’s source code magic, finally came to her senses.

Ludger’s cold, sharp eyes contained images of himself.

It felt like those eyes had turned into sharp blades and pierced my heart.

‘This, this person is… … .’

I thought of myself as a genius.

And he has the talent to match.

No one doubted her. For those who had her doubts, she demonstrated her skill in her own person.

Even the teachers at the academy were embarrassed in front of her.

No matter how old you are, no matter how long you learn magic, no matter how hard you try.

Because she was way ahead of her teachers.

But this man is different.

He neither reveals himself nor boasts. And he is not swayed by others.

It is like seeing a steel pillar standing tall, deeply embedded in the ground.

Even in stormy weather, rain and snow, it will not rust or wear out.

No matter what flaws this side tries to pin down, it doesn’t even leave a scar.

‘Where in the world is this person a new teacher? source code? I’ve never heard of such magic.’

That intimidation was enough to make even Flora, who had met the royal family a few times, give up.

Even the noble princess had her eyes wide open at Ludger’s figure.

“A groundbreaking shortening of magic formulas. Has your question finally been answered?”

“… … yes.”

Flora pretended to be calm and answered that.

Keep your posture neat and calm your trembling voice. I told myself not to be shaken.

Was her behavior even funny?

A small smile formed on Rudger’s lips.

As if the desperate strong pretender on this side had already seen through it.

“Flora Lumos.”

“… … yes. teacher.”

“You couldn’t overcome your own intolerance, and you asked questions on your own without my permission. Admit it?”

Flora bit her lip.

It hurt my pride, but there was no room for disagreement.

Flora clenched her fists with fern-like hands and managed to move her lips that would not come off.

“yes… … I admit it.”

A gnawing sense of defeat that I had never felt before.

The envy of the students, which I usually felt, had never been as painful as it is now.

Suddenly, memories of childhood that I wanted to forget came to mind.

The look of his father looking down at him with a cold gaze. She wanted to be recognized as a naughty hit and that was her goal.

I desperately held back because I felt like tears would come out.

Because I couldn’t break down here yet.

“If you know it yourself, I won’t say more than that. However, your actions clearly challenged the authority of the church. As I first warned, I am not going to pass this over.”

“… … yes.”

“Flora Lumos. I give you 10 penalty points.”

award points.

There was nothing so miraculous about it, but if the target was Flora, the story would be different.

The genius of Ceorn who had never made a single flaw until now.

It had nothing to do with penalty points, and since she was a woman who seemed unlikely to exist in the future, even the penalty points, which were only 10 points, were huge.

A flaw, albeit weakly, in a craft that should have been perfect.

That’s why, above all, it comes in a big and painful way.

“Are there any complaints?”

“… … no. I think it is worthy.”

Flora bit her lip.

“oh my god.”

“That Flora… … .”

Even the other students were surprised that Flora was penalized.

What’s more, this was not a forced fault, but a reasonable punishment that even the person himself had to admit.

Flora steps down from the podium and returns to her original position.

At that moment, Rudgar’s voice called her to her feet.

“However, the [Rumbling flame] technique you showed me was more perfect than anything I’ve ever seen.”

I stop and look back at the podium.

Rudger was staring at him. Always with an unchanging, infinitely straight gaze.

“I don’t hate talented students. So Flora Lumos. 10 stores.”

10 stores.

As a result, the 10 penalty points engraved on her are virtually gone.

Some of the students who envied Flora thought it was fortunate, and some of the students who were jealous of her thought it was a pity.

However, the victim, Flora, felt an unprecedented sense of shame.

Even if the penalty points are gone, the memory of receiving the penalty points from her still remains.

It was something I will never forget, even after 10 years or maybe even a lifetime.

But suddenly it’s a store.

Flora interpreted the meaning of the shop Rudger gave her like this.

A winner’s mercy for this foolish student who dared to attack him. Even that praise is just deception.

On the contrary, it left an indelible scar on Flora’s pride.

“thanks… … do.”


All she could say was this.

When she returned to her seat and sat down, Cheryl, who had been watching the whole situation anxiously, asked in a worried voice.

“Flora. are you okay?”

Cheryl knew how strong Flora’s ego was. She said that precisely because of what she went through as a child, she had no choice but to be that way.

It was hard to imagine how humiliated Flora would be to be reprimanded by the new teacher in front of everyone.

“huh. are you okay.”

Flora replied with a smile. Her relaxed appearance was no different from her usual self, and she didn’t look like her wounded person at all.

‘ah. That’s fine. okay. Since it’s Flora, I’ll be able to get rid of this quickly.’

Cheryl was relieved inwardly.

I felt like an idiot for thinking that her friend might stray in the wrong direction.

Even now. Flora was preparing for class, staring at the podium with the same face as usual.

But Cheryl didn’t see it. She knew neither she nor anyone else in her classroom.

The hot fire that burns in Flora’s eyes and burns everything.

* * *

I went back to my seat and checked Flora’s condition.

Belatedly, he remembered that the Rumos family were famous dukes in the empire. That said, that child is the daughter of a duke.

Wouldn’t this use the power of the family to put pressure on something that just happened? Go home and tell your father?

It was said that this place was Seorn, but since the students were still young, the possibility could not be ruled out.

However, Flora’s expression as she sat down was calm. There is nothing strange about her casual conversation with her friend sitting next to her.

hmm. okay.

Apparently, he’s a smart and smart kid, so he probably won’t keep things like this in his heart like a moth.

Giving the shop in the first place was a kind of reconciliation attempt, not to fight and to do well in the future.

I’m really glad you accepted it.

“Then we will begin our first lesson.”

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