I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 139

◈ Episode 139 2nd test (1)

It was called a test, but the process itself was not long.

This is because it was close to the way of coping with exams with assignments.

Because it was notified in advance, each student created his or her own magic square based on the lessons taught by Rudger.

This place was a place to demonstrate it to Rudger and, furthermore, to students in the same class.

“Before we started, everyone would have drawn a sequence table.”

Before entering the courthouse, the students randomly drew a numbered ticket. That was the order of presenting this test.

“Start right away. Come out once.”

“yes yes!”

When Rudger called his name, the first batter, a male student, came forward.

Of course, it was the first time, so my steps were stiff due to the tension.

But no students laughed at him. Because only a madman can laugh at the sight he may soon become.

Most were internally relieved that they were not the first.

‘I thought I was preparing myself.’

‘What if the other kids show me something greater than me?’

‘ah. If I knew it would be like this, I would have paid more attention.’

Students who were not well prepared were nervous with anxiety.

In the meantime, the first student demonstrated the magic square he had prepared.

“I, I mixed elemental elements in the magic square so that I can conveniently manifest the element whenever I want.”

There was parchment next to the student who said that, and a small flame was formed on it.

It is a fire attribute element implemented using a magic square.

The flames did not spread significantly, and the firepower remained very even. In addition, it was possible to adjust the fire power by lowering or increasing it.

It couldn’t raise the firepower beyond the limit, but it seemed to be enough to boil water.

The shape of the magic square is a rectangle. Little has changed from what Rudger taught.

“Looked good. Then let’s score it.”


“Scores range from A+ to F in total. Of those, your score is a D-.”


Did I still think I would get at least a C?

The face of the student who received a result that fell far short of expectations was stained with embarrassment.

“Stop, sir. My score… … Do you mean D-?”

“Looks like you didn’t understand. The magic square you created is definitely useful in real life.”

Boasting a stable appearance, it seemed to be usable as much as a gas stove in terms of Earth.

It will probably become quite popular once it spreads at home.

But in the end that was all.

“The magic square shape was used as a rectangle. And I only saw the number to write inside. Did you choose a stable path without even thinking about changes and challenges?”

Obviously, the detail that puts the function to adjust the firepower deserves praise, but did other people not think of it?

There are no downsides to say, but the problem was that it was too easy.

“To choose a safe path by slightly altering a successful work, rather than trying to make too much change and creating a failure. What do you think I taught you guys about the magic square? Are you dissatisfied with the score now?”

“That is not so.”

“Know that the score I evaluate is based on a logical and reasonable evaluation. And be thankful you didn’t get an E, let alone a D-.”

The student couldn’t even respond to Ludger’s words.

With his head bowed, he stepped back as if he were running away.

The students who watched the scene felt cold sweat running down their backs.

Most of them were students who chose the safe way like the students who heard the bitter voice now.

“next. Come out twice.”

Rudger’s eyes grew sharper.

From the first runner, his mood was more stern than the first, as if he didn’t like the way he joked around.


The second runner muttered to himself and shook his shoulders.

* * *

“The atmosphere is too bloody.”

Watching each one demonstrate his magic square, Leo stuck out his tongue.

In such a suffocating atmosphere, I was worried that I would be able to make a proper presentation even if I was good at drawing magic squares.

At this point, it looked like he was being dragged to the slaughterhouse instead of going to the second test.

“Aidan. Are you well prepared?”

“uh? huh. for now.”

“for now?”

“I did the best I could, but nobody knows what the outcome will be, right? Of course it might work out.”

“Then, if the score comes out low, I don’t know.”

“Then there is nothing you can do. But if you do your best, you will have no regrets.”

Seeing the guy talking with a friendly smile, Leo tried to let out a sigh that had recently diminished.

No regrets, what kind of idealistic answer would that be? It was difficult for Leo, who is an extreme realist, to understand.

Iona, standing next to Leo, nodded as if she had heard good words.

“It’s a great mindset.”

“Ah, thank you.”

As Aidan expressed his gratitude, Tacey, who had been watching quietly, opened her mouth as if being chased, perhaps feeling a sense of danger.

“Huh, heh. Well, if it’s Aidan… … You’ll get a C+ though. Don’t be too discouraged.”

Leo thought that this stupid lady had said something strange again.

Even if you encourage your friend to get an A, you’re telling them to be satisfied with a C+ when it’s not enough?

What’s even funnier is that Tacy herself had a satisfied expression on her face, as if she had done her best to cheer for me.

‘okay. I was originally like this.’

A character who is not honest about his feelings. It was Tacy Freead who was often misunderstood because of her poor way of expressing herself.

Fortunately, I think Aidan is a good-natured guy.

“Thank you for cheering me on too.”

He even smiles at her, perhaps knowing that he has no ill will towards Tacey.

Tacey, who saw that and blushed and averted her gaze, was a bonus.

Play well. Leo tucked a pod behind his head and snorted at him.

“Oh right, Aidan. What is your order of presentation?”

“me? It’s number 13.”

“No. 13?”

The order is faster than expected.

At the same time as he thought so, Ludger’s voice was heard from afar.

“Number 13. come out.”

“… … Isn’t that what you call?”

“uh! Is that so? Same number as mine.”

“What is it! you are calling Get out!”

Leo pushed Aidan on the back and uh huh? Aidan, pushed away, stood in front of Ludger.

“Aidan. Is number 13 right?”


Aidan, who usually has a strong self-paced tendency, was intimidated in front of Ludger’s charisma without even realizing it.

Rudger looked at Aidan with a sharp gaze and then gave a chin.

“Show me the magic square you prepared.”

“Ah yes!”

“FYI, all the guys in front of you showed results that fell short of expectations. I believe you will not.”

Are you going to believe it, or are you going to put a lot of pressure on it?

Aidan swallowed dry saliva and pulled out the parchment he had prepared.


Ludger looked at the magic square Aidan had drawn on the parchment, and for the first time, looked puzzled.


“Ah yes! teacher!”

“you… … Are you really going to take a test with this?”

“Oh, is this? Sure!”

Seeing Aidan readily answering, Ludger narrowed his eyes.

That’s right, because the parchment Aidan brought had a round figure drawn on it.

“What I taught you was not a magic circle, but a magic square.”

A magic circle and a magic circle are different.

It was a magic square that could be drawn in a new way, breaking away from the existing circle.

However, Aidan has been making magic squares based on circles, as if he was proudly insisting on the existing method.

“What are we going to do?”

“I also had a lot of worries at first.”

Aidan took out the parchment and spread it on the ground.

From the day Ludger taught him the exam content until now, Aidan hadn’t thought about it for a single day.

“What kind of outcome would the teacher really want? What should she do to make a good magic square?”

Since the magic square you taught me is a square, shall we try a different shape? A pentagonal shape, a hexagonal shape, or a star shape may be used.

But Aidan immediately shook his head. Such an absurd change was too one-dimensional.

Aidan was well aware of his limitations. No matter what anyone says, he’s still a rookie. It was clear that he could not properly give a one-dimensional change and would roll up the test.

If so, what should I do?

“In the end, I ended up doing what I was good at.”

Aidan laughed awkwardly and poured magic into the magic square.

It was only then that Ludger realized that the circle drawn by Aidan was different from an ordinary magic circle.

It was because what was engraved inside was not a flattened picture of the magic formula, but the letters and numbers he had taught him.

“Being honest, digging only one way like an idiot.”

Soon, light came out of the magic square and scattered warm warmth around.

As if drawing a wave, the warmth spread in an instant and filled the courtroom.

“This is my best. teacher.”

What Aidan brought was the concentric circle magic square.

Aidan stood up straight and looked at Rudger, saying that he had shown all the results.

Rudger stroked his chin with his hand. Aidan swallowed his saliva as he watched the scene.


“Yes, teacher.”

“It’s a B+.”

“yes yes?”

“I said B+.”

Aidan thought he had heard it wrong at first.

Seeing that everyone else couldn’t escape E from D, he was begging himself to get at least a C.

However, Rudger looked at his results and gave them more than that.

“You boldly mixed the old magic circle with the new magic circle. That challenge spirit lives high. In fact, unlike the existing magic circles, the magic square worked by scattering waves in concentric circles. Stability has been raised to a large extent so that the mana does not run out.”

Rudgar knew everything Aidan had in mind while making it.

Aidan listened intently to his advice.

“The magic square I devised has the advantage that it fits neatly and snugly, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have some stuffy parts. It is not flexible because it is fixed. But you compensated for that shortcoming with a flowing circle.”

“Go, thank you.”

Aidan, who had never expected such praise to come out of Ludger’s mouth, still felt like he was dreaming.

“but. Still, there is nothing immature about it.”

also. There’s no way you can just praise me purely.

Aidan laughed bitterly inwardly, but in fact he had been waiting for this moment more than anyone else.

“The reason Magic Square tried to break away from the original circle is because circles are so difficult to draw. But you used it again. Doesn’t this dilute the significance of why magic squares are used?”


It was the part that I missed because I was only immersed in new things.

“I’m sorry.”

“There is nothing to be sorry about. In addition, the flow of numbers used inside is still insufficient. A little more fine tuning would have resulted in a much better result.”

This was a part that I couldn’t help because I was chased by time.

Even taking that into account, Aidan performed much better than the previous 12 students.

“Still, it’s the best thing I’ve seen so far.”

Aidan’s face lit up at the words that were almost praiseworthy, and the students who were expecting Aidan’s failure in their hearts sighed.

‘It’s that guy again.’

‘damn. Like commoners.’

Regardless of the students’ thoughts, Rudger immediately called the next runner.

“No. 14. come out.”

Student number 14, who did not prepare properly, became a face chewing shit.

* * *

All 80 students showed off the magic squares they had prepared.

Among them, there were a few students who stood out by far.

At first, Aidan was one of them, but Aidan’s performance was too weak compared to the results that unfolded later.

“Hoo. Flora Lumos. You used multiple shapes.”

“yes that’s right.”

The magic square created by Flora Lumos was a shape of nine hexagons touching each other.

It was much more complex than the other students and resembled the shape of a turtle’s shell.

‘Index return. I never thought I’d see what I saw on Earth again here.’

I only taught the basics of the magic square, but to draw Jisoogwimundo.

In addition, the calculation formula that exists inside is perfect without any errors.

It was not for nothing that he was given the title of genius in Seorn.

“Flora Lumos. It’s an A+.”


Flora Lumos, who received the highest score, let out a relaxed laugh as she ran her hair through her hands.

The students exclaimed and praised her as Flora Lumos.

“Julia Plumheart. A.”

“oh. I’m sorry.”

Expected up-and-comer Julia Plumhart also made a great magic square and received high marks.

The actual score is 2nd after Flora.

However, it was not a sign of regret at all to say that it was regrettable with words.

“… … Erendir von Exillion. C+.”


Erendir was confident in his practical skills, but making magic squares was actually directly related to writing.

Erendir, who was weak in this way, had no choice but to give up the idea of ​​making up for his failure in the first test.

okay. Where is C anyway? Watching Erendir withdraw with such thoughts, Ludger shook his head.

It was hard to believe that she was of the same bloodline as the woman he knew.

Did they take all the genes?

“Tacey Freeard. It is B.”

“Iona Ovalley. It’s a B+.”

“Leo. It is B.”

Aidan’s friends also scored highly. Ludger was a little curious that Iona, a beastman, had joined Aidan’s party at some point.

And finally, a girl with ash gray hair prepared her own magic circle.


“Yes, teacher.”

“Show off the magic square you have made.”

Linen, who was very nervous, opened his mouth as if he had decided on something.

“I didn’t bring the parchment with the magic square on it.”


Ludger’s eyebrows twitched at the bombshell remark.

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